Luna is waning on through Virgo today, so we have another strong, earthy energy signature infusing our day, just right for clearing out the excess and making a little space in our lives.

Make the most of this energy of purification.

Put things away their rightful places.

If the things you are surrounded by don’t have a place, then ask yourself why they are with you, what purpose do they serve in your life?  If the answer doesn’t satisfy, then send them away (good practice on all levels of your experience).

Do be careful not to be too critical of yourself and others today.  This Moon can sometimes reveal our disapproving, nit-picking edges, as details normally overlooked can seem enormous and unbearable!

So do remember that there is so much in life we’re unable to control, which means there’s little point in channeling too much precious energy into trying to change it.

So before you begin into any huge and dramatic overhauls today (and before you start trying to convince anyone else they should be drastically re-shaping their surroundings) decide carefully what needs your attention, and what would be better left wild and free and flowing.

Choose wisely.


Sending you a beautiful day