How to Awaken Divine Feminine Energy: 13 Authentic Ways (2024 Update)

Woman of colour, her eyes closed with words 13 Ways to Awaken Divine Feminine Energy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll be well aware that the divine feminine is taking center stage (especially in Spiritual and New Age circles).

The truth is, she never really went away.

You could say she went into hiding. She escaped the last few centuries of oppression by laying low, staying just out of the reach of human consciousness until the perfect moment to re-emerge.

That moment is now.

What is the divine feminine?

The divine feminine is a spiritual concept that represents the feminine aspects of the divine or the universe. It encompasses qualities such as creativity, intuition, power, and passion. The divine feminine is often associated with goddesses from various cultures and is usually seen as a counterbalance to the masculine energy in the world.

For many women and men seeking to connect with their spiritual side, it’s a source of empowerment and inspiration, as well as a fundamental force of nature, and a wellspring of creation and destruction.

It’s almost impossible to actually define divine feminine energy. It encompasses a whole spectrum of archetypal feminine energy, that exists way beyond humanity.

It ripples and surges across our entire planet, through the soil and sea, and beyond it too, into the infinite realms of the Universe. Divine (or sacred) feminine energy can be found in –

  • Dark, tangled forests teeming with life
  • Honeycomb dripping with golden nectar

  • The schoolteacher with endless patience for her class of 7-year-olds.

  • The activist rallying with his banner for eco-justice

  • Every New Moon ritual that keeps you grounded.

  • The Moon, as She spirals around our home: planet Earth, every month.

…She is SO many things!

But describing her qualities in words can help give a clearer sense of what this sacred energy feels like. Here are some traits and qualities generally attributed to the divine feminine.

Divine feminine woman with eyes closed

Divine feminine qualities and traits:

  • Love

  • Intuition

  • Nurturing

  • Community

  • Collaboration

  • Sensuality

  • Creation

  • Attraction

  • Compassion

  • Healing

  • Depth

  • Darkness

  • Death

  • Regeneration

  • Transformation

  • Chaos

  • The unconscious

  • The mystery

  • The void

  • The liminal

List of divine feminine traits and qualities

Balancing divine masculine and feminine energies

Balancing divine masculine and feminine energy refers to the idea of integrating the sacred aspects of both the masculine and feminine, in order to achieve balance and harmony in one’s everyday life.

Some believe that when these energies are out of balance, it can lead to a range of issues, such as feeling disconnected from your emotions, struggling to take action, or feeling overwhelmed by life. By balancing these energies, individuals can tap into a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and fulfillment.

Balancing these energies involves recognizing and honoring both the masculine and feminine qualities within oneself and others. It is not about gender, and it’s not about replacing one energy with the other but rather integrating both energies in a way that feels authentic and balanced.

Overall, balancing divine masculine and divine feminine energy can lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious life, as well as a more peaceful and just world.

Divine masculine qualities and traits:

  • Strength

  • Taking action

  • Power

  • Rational and logical thought

  • Strategy

  • Assertion

  • Boldness

  • Courage

  • Outward, social motivation

  • Leadership

  • Protectiveness

  • Decisiveness

  • Independence

  • Individualism

It’s important to realize that divine masculine and divine feminine qualities aren’t opposing. They overlap, complement, balance, blur and merge with one another. AND men and women can embody both masculine and feminine principles – this is not about gender.

Reading through the list above, you can probably sense the radical imbalance of divine masculine principles in our world today: It’s a lack of balance that has turned these beautiful qualities away from the sacred, into a much more toxic state.

Patriarchy is an expression of this.

Capitalism, unhealthy competition, greed, and possession, dominance, and oppression are all the result of the radially skewed and distorted divine masculine principles, that have slowly grown over the past 13,000 years (alongside the suppression of the sacred feminine).

The feminine principle is alive. She won’t be silenced any longer and humanity needs her more than ever…

But what can YOU do to bring her back into power?

Black and white goddess archetype woman with crown

How do you awaken the divine feminine?

Here’s a list of 13 things you need to do, to awaken diving feminine energy in your life…

1. Connect to Mother Nature

Connecting to the natural world helps us to tap into our intuition, creativity, and intrinsic connection to the cycles of life. By spending time in nature, we can cultivate a deeper sense of reverence for Mother Earth, which may help us embody the nurturing, compassionate and destructive, dark, and chaotic qualities of the divine feminine.

2. Connect to your body

Spend time tuning into your senses. Notice how your body is feeling in each moment – the messages your sacred form offers, and the pleasure it yearns for.

So many of us ignore these instruments of sensitivity that we’re walking around in, or even worse we berate and judge our bodies – telling ourselves we’re too fat, too thin, too hairy, too something…

Reconnecting to your body means connecting to her AS she is. At each moment. Without judgment, criticism, berating, or denying. This is SO hard to do, but as an act of self love, it’s absolutely liberating if you can… Liberating for you, and for the divine feminine essence you hold within.

3. Examine your conditioning around femininity

Explore and examine your beliefs and opinions around femininity.

Use journal prompts, do research and have conversations about what it is to be a feminine woman. Consider whether the differences between the feminine and masculine are real, or are simply stories you’ve been told, and accepted?

So many of our beliefs and attitudes about femininity are shaped by societal values and expectations. Yet these norms can be limiting and oppressive, and prevent us from fully embodying our wholeness and our potential as women.

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4. Dismantle internal systems of oppression

Embracing authentic divine feminine energy must include the work of dismantling systems of oppression from the inside.

Oppression is something we do to each other personally, in groups within society, AND it’s something we do to ourselves. It’s the result of centuries of false beliefs repeated over and over again until they become the systems that hold us. And we perpetuate those systems by feeding them, through our reliance on them.

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It’s the work of everyone on the planet, but especially white men and women, as so much of the internalized oppression in these groups is unconscious, which makes it even more damaging.

The divine feminine sits at the intersection of countless vital issues in today’s world, from racism to sexism to climate change to ecocide.

5. Slow down

Awaken authentic feminine power by slowing down and allowing it to emerge. The spiritual journey or embracing the divine feminine requires depth and presence, not ecape. She will apear more and more in your daily life, if oyu simply slow down, rest, and make space.

6. Do your shadow work

The feminine has many faces. Not all of them are light – some are dark, and some are wounded. BUT collectively, we DO need to meet all of them on this journey.

Through doing your shadow work, you’ll likely first come across aspects of dark feminine energy that you don’t like. Because of personal and collective beliefs that certain dark feminine traits contain negative energy, they get suppressed, and become shadow feminine traits.

Society has spent so long rejecting and ridiculing, vilifying, and shaming aspects of the dark feminine, that there’s simply been nowhere for her to BE in the open.

But through shadow work, women (and men) are working to witness her, heal her, and reclaim her.

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7. Embrace your menstrual cycle

One of the simplest ways to activate the raw yin energy of the divine feminine is by working with your menstrual cycle.

As a menstruating woman, your entire body moves through a sacred cycle of growth, climax, descent, and death every single month. Your emotions, sensations, and bodily functions mirror this incredible blueprint, offering gifts of divine wisdom.

Instead of rejecting your cyclic nature, embrace it! Create sacred space to celebrate it and let your menstrual cycle guide your life.

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9. Explore (and liberate) your sexuaity

Societal norms, expectations and conditioning around female sexuality can be limiting and oppressive.

But sex and what sexual energy actually is has been radically distorted over the centuries, yet our sexual expression is an integral part of our identities as human beings, and it’s how we connect to the world around us!

You can begin embracing the divine feminine by exploring your own sexuality. Doing this requires peeling back the layers of conditioning that we have all been fed since childhood. AND resisting the societal stereotypes and assumptions that are still rampant.

Begin with your sensuality.

What feels good to you?

10. Learn to trust your intuition

Learning to trust your intuition is essential for awakening the divine feminine within.

Over many, many geerations we have been taught to trust reason and logic, and look for proof before trusting anything.

Yet intuition is the voice of the divine feminine, speaking through each and every one of us, and her wisdom lives in the body, heart and womb.

The divine feminine reminds us that we are held and guided. Nurturing and trusting that inner whisper of knowing is an act of self love because you are self-sourcing trust. You’ll become more confident in your decisions, knowing they bring more balance and beauty not just to your life, but to the world at large.

11. Create ritual every day

Ritual is an antidote to the capitalist model.

Rituals are a way to connect back to the Earth, to ourselves, and to the sacredness of life itself.

Gentle daily spiritual practices in the form of rituals will activate the divine feminine because rituals ARE the technology of the Goddess!

Whether you create a daily ritual out of self care, intention setting, even drinking a cup of tea, when you ritualise the simple things in everyday life, you are awakening the divine light of the Feminine.

12. Free your voice and speak up!

Women have been silenced for centuries.

This goes back to the burning times (and beyond) when women were called out as witches for not only their magic, but their daily work and practices.

So women learned not to share themselves openly. They learned it was safer to keep quiet, hide in the shadows and slip out of view.

The pain and repercussions of this are still alive today, as the witch wound travels down the ancestral lines affecting modern women, even though most have NO idea why they just can’t seem to do certain things. Like:

  • Speaking up when it matters
  • Talking openly about their spirituality
  • Voicing their hunches, intuitions, and feelings
  • Putting a point across in front of others
  • Defending themselves when threatened

Working with the throat chakra can help immensely. As can doing the deep ancestral healing work to uncover the root of your own witch wound stories.

13. Nurture relationships

The divine feminine is relational.

Her energy manifests through her relationships to other people and other animate beings, whether they’re rocks, trees and flowers, or man-made buildings and structures.

For the feminine, relationships are everything.

But most modern folks aren’t taught how to relate intelligently or in healthy ways – instead, we tend to pick up the “how to-s” of relationships unconsciously, though what’s modeled to us (often not the best examples!)

So learning to nurture your relationship is one of the BEST ways to activate the divine feminine.

Portrait of Dark feminine woman with eyes above water

How do you know if you are divine feminine?

Determining if you are divine feminine involves recognizing, embracing, and embodying the qualities associated with the divine feminine. It refers to a state of being, not something you have to go and search for, outside of yourself. The divine feminine isn’t knowledge to preach about, to teach others.

This sacred feminine energy lives in each of us, and works through each of us.

Your task is to listen to it.

…And because YOU are here, reading these words (and it is resonating with you-?) then you’re already tuning in – you are one of the Divine Feminine torchbearers! Your soul has likely chosen the assignment of manifesting this energy into the world, and to encourage and enhance its rise for others.

I don’t believe that we can honestly, confidently place our trust in our external societal structures anymore (perhaps that day will come again). But the strength of the connections we create between ourselves, will be the building blocks for whatever our changing Earth requires of us.

And the time for this change has come.

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