What does it mean when the Moon is in Capricorn?

The Moon in Capricorn is the most misunderstood of lunar transits…

Even if you’re brand new to lunar astrology (Hello!) the Moon in Capricorn is one transit you really need to know about!

But first – When you think of the astrology of the old and weary sea goat, what usually springs to mind?



Hard work and responsibility?

Yup – this archetype usually comes wrapped up in some quite limiting and negative associations…

And ruled by Saturn, the father of time, it’s NO wonder that Capricorn Moons have you reaching for the rulebook, and listening out for that ticking clock, telling you its’ time to leave the party and get to bed. 😩

But Capricorn (and the Moon in Capricorn) is SO much more than the kinds of blocks + limiting qualities that tend to get bundled together with this ancient and powerful sign.

In fact, the Moon in Capricorn is a potent change-maker, and an architect for the future.

But you need to be aware that in Capricorn, the Moon is in her detriment

This means that under the Moon in Capricorn, it can be really difficult to express our lunar qualities.

Emotional flow doesn’t come easy (and as you know, emotions are what make the world go round…(and you thought it was money?! 🤑)

THIS provides all the more incentive for knowing when this transit it’s coming, so you know what to expect….

What happens when the Moon is in Capricorn?

This is a hard-working lunar transit. This Moon here is tenacious and strong, has stamina and dedication (and this in turn, is mirrored in you.)

Yet if you think it’s all about hard work and practical action, you’re missing something big.

In its highest expression, the sign of the sea goat is about manifesting spirituality.

It’s about creating the structures, the containers, and the architecture for spiritual truth, so that it has roots in the world.

You can get wrapped up in the ‘doing’ under this Moon sign. Capricorn is a cardinal sign – it inspires action and wants to move. But its strength comes in directing that effort for long term, lasting results. This energy is about commitment. About ambition, and about legacy.

A Capricorn Moon can bring powerful invitations to ask some of the bigger personal questions about what you want for the future, and what your motivations really are. It’s great to have ambitions, and to have plans to get there. But why?

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Where do you want to be in 10 years time?
  • WHY?
  • Who will benefit from this?
  • Who may lose out? And is it worth the sacrifice?

These may not be the most glamorous of questions (hello adulting 😉) but a Capricorn Moon bring the state of mind (and heart) to answer them… and then to plot a course forward.

As a cardinal sign (like Aries, Cancer and Libra) Capricorn is determined and resolute. Infusing through our emotional bodies, when activated by the Moon, we’re able to feel our way forward, and it’s this combination that’s so potent.

Yet it’s true that Capricorn is not the most emotionally expressive of signs, so the intellect will usually win out under this Moon.

It’s not uncommon for the weight of responsibility to hang heavy under a Capricorn Moon – your duties and the expectations other folks have of may loom large. Perspective is everything.

    So what of Capricorn’s complexity?

    Like Sagittarius (though SO unlike Sagittarius!) this sign is inherently dualistic.

    A sea goat:

    Of the oceans and of the land.
    Feminine in nature, yet ruled by an ancient patriarch.
    A rooted earth sign, yet somehow driven by a higher, spiritual power…
    Even the curved horns of the goat are reminiscent of crescent Moons, yet we’ve already been through the “detriment” this sign holds for the Moon. OH what a fluid and unclear map this is…!

    The Sea goats first appeared in ancient Sumerian astrology.

    They called this constellation Suhur-Maš-Ku, which means ‘the crested goat-fish.’ Gavin White follow the threads deeper into the past, drawing parallels with the stag – its antlers not dissimilar to the horns of a wild goat, and symbolic of the rays of the Sun. This becomes especially exiting when you realise that Capricorn as an astrological season straddles the winter equinox – the metaphorical death and rebirth of the Sun. (Check out his work if you’re interested… OH my it’s fascinating, if you’re a bit of a geek like me!)

    But back to what the Moon in Capricorn means for you…

    Resist moving too far into your masculine under this Moon.

    It can be the default position. But there is an ancient feminine that lives in the mythology and spirit of Capricorn, and la Luna can help her to emerge…

    As an earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo) the clear route in is through the body, and through nature, and her wisdom.

    Re-ask yourself those quaetions with HER in mind – frme the viewpoint of the Great Mother.

    • What are your long-term goals for the Earth?
    • Where do you want HER to be in 10 years time?
    • WHY?
    • Who will benefit from this?
    • Who may lose out? And is it worth the sacrifice?

    Go walking in the wild and ask her.

    And listen.

    This Moon brings an ancient connection, if you make it.

    The Capricorn Moon Body

    Many folks can be physically affected by the Moon’s transit.

    If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Capricorn, then your skeletal system is likely to be activated.

    This means the bones and teeth, so this lunar transit is one of the very best times to think about the health and strength of your body’s own architecture. Have you considered re-mineralization and the various ways you can support your hard-working skeletal system? If you suffer from stiff joints, taking the right supplements and therapies will be especially beneficial today.

    The Capricorn Moon shadow

    Every Moon has her shadow.

    Shadows are rejected, hidden, suppressed, distorted, misunderstood, (or all of those!) aspects of self. These rise to the surface, often unconsciously in response to triggers or under emotional strain.

    Under a Capricorn Moon, the shadow can look like:

    • Over-control
    • Rigidity + inflexibility
    • Pre-occupation with status
    • High mindedness + superiority
    • Suppression of emotions
    • Stubbornness
    • Cynicism + pessimism

    BUT do the Moon’s transits really affect life on Earth?!

    The Moon moves through every zodiac sign in her monthly cycle around Earth

    She spends roughly 1-4 days in each sign, at a time, and the archetypal influence of each sign affects the way HER energy is received down here on Earth. By you. And me. It’s a beautiful shifting pattern of experiences that the whole collective moves through… certain signs (hello Cancer, Pisces and Virgo…!) may have a stronger effect, whilst others (Libra and Leo, perhaps?) you’ll likely feel less.

    Tapping into the lunar signs is a really fun to exercise your sensitivity muscles, and tap into your intuitive nudges.

    But not only that – the Moon sign can affect your body too. As an ancient Goddess of the feminine mysteries, the Moon also influences the physical planes.

    As she circles the Earth, the tides within our own bodies rise and fall, mirroring the tides and the tectonic plates of the Great mother, and her body. So expect parts of you to feel enlivened or weakened, soothed or enflamed, depending on how her energies land in your own miraculous physicality.

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    Now it’s YOUR turn

    Tell me how the Moon feels for you in Capricorn – how does this ancient energy manifest through your life?

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