Virgo Moon in the sky? Means it’s time to get busy…!

The astrology of the Moon is SO much more than just cycling through the lunar phases. The zodiac sign that old Grandmother Moon transits on any particular day affects everyone, whether you realise it or not. And under a Virgo Moon, you’ll feel her influence more than most other signs!

As the Moon spins hew way around the Earth, she spends between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

The Moon represents our emotions, sensitivities, instincts, and unconscious desires + dislikes

SO when she transits between signs of the zodiac, these subtle levels of your being are affected.

As above so below – we are mirrors for the cosmos. We are mirrors for the Moon.

Some people are highly atuned to her celestial shifts, and people hardly feel her influence at all.

It depends on you, your make-up, your attention, and on SO many internal and external factors. But as a collective, the Moon sign has a definite, though sometimes subtle overriding effect on the energetic “weather” of each day.

You could think of this as a kind of collective horoscope.

And it means  that if you know what today’s Moon sign is, you have a better chance of navigating her emotional waves.

What happens under a Virgo Moon transit?

Under the sign of the Maiden (Virgin**), the Moon expresses as flexible, organized, methodical, and meticulous

As a mutable earth sign, Virgo is action-oriented.

It brings a lunar frequency of change and betterment, encouraging us all to seek refinement and purification.

Mutability brings the power to actually make positive changes, to manipulate your reality and ACT. And the element of earth brings this change-making potential, well, down to earth!

In everyday terms, this astrology often looks like the urge to clean!!

Plus, Virgo Moons also tend to bring meticulous attention to detail.

So it comes as no surprise that it’s a lunar transit favoured by bookkeepers and editors – under a Virgo Moon sign, every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed.

  • That pile of clean laundry still in the basket? Folded in minutes.
  • Stack of old paperwork on the side? Sorted and filed.

A Virgo Moon sign has the potential to turn us all into domestic Goddesses of the highest order!

And with this Moon’s attention to detail, also comes the ability to plan like a queen!

So when the Moon moves through this clarifying corner of the skies, make the most of it. This is your moment to strategize and diarise the next few weeks/months of your life.

Moon in Virgo energy loves to see things neatly lined up ahead. And when this energy is moving through the collective it can be a good time to pin other people down. So grab a calendar (or your iPhone) and start plugging in dates.

You’re far more likely to get done what you need to later on if it’s written down in plain sight.

As the sign of service, a Virgo Moon can inspire generosity

…And the desire to give your time, energy, and expertise to others. But this rarely manifests as sitting around listening to the woes and warbles of your friend in need!

Under a Virgo Moon, you’ll feel a restless drive for taking action.

It’s a transit you’ll recognize for your need to DO something to tackle whatever the root of the problem is. Buuuutttt… Under the gaze of ruling planet Mercury, be wary of the high-speed stream of nervous energy that may also hit.

Beware: Virgo Moons can bring out your worst inner critic

Despite urging the best for everyone else (Virgo’s mothering comes second only to Cancer) this Moon rarely encourages us to take care of ourselves.

So beware bouts of self-deprecating behaviour and mean self-talk.

With the potential for nit-picking, it’s important not to spiral into negativity, especially if you over-exert and tire yourself out.

The Moon in Virgo Body

Many folks can be physically affected by the Moon’s transit.

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Virgo, then your digestive system is likely to be where it’s at.

Our bodies tend to move through natural cycles of purification and release under a Virgo Moon. So take care of your gut health. Eating gentle, clean foods will help reduce the risk of any digestive troubles.

If you are extra sensitive, any allergies may flare. So detoxing your spaces and letting fresh air breeze through your home may also be of benefit under this Moon.

The old adage that Your Body is a Temple really rings true under this lunar transit.

So extra self-care is advised – anything you can do to really nourish and nurture your physicality will be doubly effective.

And remember: you can’t give from an empty cup, so love yourself first.

The Virgo Moon shadow

Every Moon has her shadow.

Shadows are rejected, hidden, suppressed, distorted, misunderstood, (or all of those!) aspects of self. These rise to the surface, often unconsciously in response to triggers or under emotional strain.

Under a Virgo Moon, the shadow can look like:

  • Criticism + self-criticism
  • Perfectionism
  • Obsession
  • Worry / Overwork + Burnout
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Paralysis + procrastination

Do the Moon transits really affect how you feel?

In your astrological birth chart, it’s said that the natal Moon sign is actually more revealing than the natal Sun!

Translated, this means that whatever zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born, may have more of an effect on who you truly are, than the zodiac sign that the Sun was in!

Astrologically, the Moon affects your feelings, sensitivities, and intuitions, plus your unconscious leanings, too. So when we’re talking about the Moon and her transits, we’re talking about the deeper layers of our being: those you may not be wearing on a badge on your chests, for all the world to see!

This is why both the daily Moon transits and your natal Moon are usually felt (and expressed) more freely by children.

…Kids tend not to have learned to hide pieces of themselves away (yet!) so their lunar qualities are on show.

You’re also more likely to see the giveaway traits of a natal Moon sign in lovers, close friends, and people who show up with you vulnerably.

Here’s an example:

At work, your freedom-seeking Sagittarius Sun partner may show all the signs of being an adventurous, inspirational leader… Yet at home when the working day is done, the dreamy center of their Pisces Moon may escape from its mask.

How does your natal Moon influence your intuitive and empathetic qualities?

  • Water sign Moons (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to naturally feel more spiritually connected, or spent their childhood being told they were “too emotional” (sound familiar?!)
  • Air sign Moons (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are also likely to be receptive to intuitive guidance, yet it may come through thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.
  • Fire sign Moons (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) tend to be passionate and creative, with warm personalities.
  • Earth sign Moons (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are hardworking, practical and enjoy the sensations of materiality.

These are generalisations, yes! Yet whilst this astrology manifests differently for us all, patterns do exist.

As an ancient Goddess of the feminine mysteries, the Moon also influences the body

As she circles the Earth, the tides within our own bodies tend to rise and fall. This happens energetically, BUT ripples down into the physical too.

So parts of you will feel enlivened or dulled, soothed or enflamed, depending on how her energies land in your own miraculous physicality!

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How does the Moon in Virgo leave you feeling?

Let me know in the comments below…!

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