What’s the Meaning of a Sagittarius Moon Transit?

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A Sagittarius Moon is a beautiful, adventurous, freedom-loving thing…

On her journey through the skies, Old Grandmother Moon spends between 1-4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign. Each of these astrological signs carries a different flavour, texture, and area of power, and a Sagittarius Moon is no exception!

The 9th sign, (where the Sun transits between around November 23 and December 21), Sag brings mutable fire to the cosmic cauldron.

But as the Moon (and not her twin luminary, the Sun) spins her way through the sky mandala, She influences different pieces of our human make-up. 

La Luna tugs at your feelings, sensitivities, and instinctive reactions to the world around you. She powers up your intuition, forming a pathway through the veils of knowing and understanding.

The Moon can show us who people “really” are: Who their instinctive, emotional selves are, behind the ego mask.

The Moon also encourages embodiment, and authentic connection to the physical realms of experience. The Moon in Sagittarius (as you’ll read in a moment) invites this more than many others…

Her cycles through phases and zodiac signs often make the subtle landscape of our physical bodies rise and fall, feel soothed or inflamed. (How much you feel this depends on your own chart and any physical challenges you may be moving through).

Some people are highly attuned to the la Luna’s celestial shifts, while some rarely feel them at all (and this can vary from month to month, season to season, year to year). But as a collective, the current Moon sign has a strong, but subtle influence on the energetic climate of our days. A “collective horoscope” of sorts…

So, if you feel her calling, it’s wise to keep track of her astrology. Just a little. This will help you navigate her waters SO much more smoothly…

What does a Sagittarius Moon feel like?

Who doesn’t  LOVE a Sagittarius Moon?!

This is an expansive, optimistic and free-spirited lunar transit. Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the giant of the skies. This planet expands what it touches, sprinkling it with luck and positivity.

Under the Moon in Sagittarius, the world feels like home.

Which of course, it is… but somehow under this sky, it’s more exciting, more intriguing and more open to adventure. Horizons are stretched and anything feels possible.

This Moon can bring out people’s charisma and charm, encourage storytelling and a social buzz. If you want to throw a party, do it under a Sagittarius Moon! The cosmic wind will be blowing in your favour…

Sagittarius Moons always makes me think of Artemis

Ancient Greek Moon Goddess of forests and the wilderness, she was adventurous, brave and fiercely independent. Born as the first twin – her brother Apollo followed her from the womb – she begged her father Zeus to allow her never to marry. So great was her yearning for freedom. He agreed, and Artemis lived out her life as a huntress, her bow aimed with an exactitude that was unmatched.

Paradoxically, this lunar Goddess of the hunt was a dear friend and ally of the animals. A Sagittarius Moon can bring out this same love of the creatures of the wild.

Like Artemis in the wilds of her forest, a Sagittarius Moon reminds us that the wilderness IS our home.

Risks exist, yes. But the Moon in Sagittarius makes them feel like leaps of faith… and they are!

This Moon encourages us all to trust in life.

In fact, this lunar transit can kick up a yearning for exploration and all the wildly unfamiliar things you’d normally turn away from… with the courage and pioneering poise of the Moon Goddess herself!

The risks creep in if you ignore this Moons energy.

Too little adventure and not enough variety may lead to impulsive action and that old friend: self-sabotage. Too little freedom under this Moon, and we all want to escape!

SO before you get to this point, let yourself break out of routine.

  • Get dinner in a new restaurant
  • Plan a weekend away
  • Scour the internet for last-minute summer getaway deals…
  • Give yourself new things to do, new things to look forward to, and a genuine change of scenery.

A Sagittarius Moon can activate your inner philosopher

…So if geographical travel isn’t on the cards, intellectual travel comes a very close second under this Moon. The quest for wisdom is strong, and you may feel your sense of open-minded wonder expand.

Above all, Sagittarius seeks the truth

So whether you’re asking Grandmother Google, visiting the library, or musing with a mentor, this Moon is an invitation to answers the BIG questions…

Symbolised by the centaur – this mythical figure who’s half man, half horse – Sagittarius can bring a dualistic energy to the table. Not wholly one thing. And not wholly another… there can be a sense of being torn, undecided, or two things simultaneously under this lunar energy.

The truth-seeker and the fool.

The teacher and the student.

The mystic and the ordinary Jo (or Josephine!)

This zodiac sign has a mutable quality (alongside signs Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) which makes it fexible and undaunted by change. Expect to be okay with switching up plans… and expect others to be accommodating too. YET on the other hand, this astrology is notorious for its inability to commit.  Draw the line.

The Sagittarius Moon body

Some folks find they are physically affected by the Moon’s transit through Sagittarius.

This astrological sign rules the hips, thighs and legs. Any issues you have in this part of the body may seem to flare up under a Sagittarius Moon. So take care. Anything extra you can do to support yourself will be of double benefit, so bare this in mind if you have stiff hips, varicose veins or even achy shins…

Otherwise, go for a walk!

Embody Artemis and get out somewhere wild. You may find that by running and walking under this transit, the ideas flow SO much better than if you were sitting stationary at a desk all day.

The Sagittarius Moon shadow

Every Moon has her shadow.

Shadows are rejected, distorted, misunderstood, or suppressed (or all of those!) aspects of self.  Under a Sagittarius Moon, the shadow can look like:

  • Restlessness
  • Impatience
  • Being detached
  • Being careless
  • Superficiality
  • Being judgemental
  • Being tactless

New to shadow work?

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Ancient cultures all across the Globe have always honoured lunar Goddesses…

From Artemis to Diana, Cerridwen to Khons, Chang Zi to Soma… Goddesses of the Moon and their stories are steeped in magic, mystery and power.

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