You can create a life that’s mystical and aligned…

Let me show you how to find your rhythm and thrive.

(I’ve made it super-simple!)

Life IS a beautiful, spiralling journey of becoming. Yes, it really is!

…But that’s hard to hold onto when modern life (western) life makes it SO easy to slip away from the wisdom of nature’s blueprint.

And instead the demands of work and kids and home life and all of the “shoulds” take over.

Where’s the magic then, eh?!

The truth is, my friend, that it’s right here. It’s inside YOU – it’s within the rhythm that your body already knows. She likely just needs to be reminded.

And the method to magical flow and alignment?

It’s the Lunar Cycle!

In this time of global change, our work is to connect deeply to the sacred cycles of the Moon, the seasons, and the planet.

It is time to understand, harness, and actually embody the sheer creative, cyclical might of nature that is YOURS to claim.

The lunar cycle isn’t some airy-fairy passing trend.


The Medicine of the Moon can (and does) shift worlds, and it’s not difficult to call her in. In fact, I’ve made it really, really simple. It’s what works for me. And it’s what works for the thousands of people I’ve served on this path.

This e-book contains the honey of my heart. I’ve poured into it many, many techniques, time-sensitive strategies, useful tools and irresistible tips for aligning your life gently and potently with the most ancient, sacred feminine cycle of all.

For aligning with Grandmother Moon.

In this 28 page guide I’ll reveal to you:

  • How many phases you really need to keep track of (and why it has little to do with astrology).
  • The most important three days in the cycle, and why you need to be mirroring them in your own life.
  • The biggest misconception of the dark Moon phase (and why it’s been sabotaging you this far…) 
  • The Moon cycle’s hidden miracle, and how YOU get to experience it too.
  • The sacred feminine archetypes expressed through each lunar phase, and how to connect to them with ease.
  • The only 2 methods you actually need to begin a regular lunar practice.
  • Essential astronomy to understand what the Moon is actually doing in the sky.
  • How to stop feeling like you’re ‘missing the moment’ with your New Moon rituals.
  • Phase-specific lunar practices galore for growing, nurturing and increasing your intimacy with the cycles of the Moon
  • How to NOT get overwhelmed with lunar practices by incorporating them into your daily life.
  • Tracking suggestions for recording your personal cyclic connection to the Moon
  • And SO much more!

Find your rhythm and thrive…

Get the e-book today!


Instantly download your own copy for £22 only £11!


Hey, I’m Kat!

It’s really good to meet you.

I’m a long time Moon Maven, Mistress of her mysteries, and never-ending student of her ways. But my obsession goes waaaaay further than simple adoration.

I’ve spent over a decade watching, learning, exploring, experimenting, living, and dreaming the Moon. 

Offering daily lunar readings and personal guidance to a global following of tens of thousands, I’m highly skilled in reading the Moon’s energetic influence on both the collective, and on individuals. 

My work crosses over the threasholds of female shamanism, myth and folklore, astrology, and spiritual development.

And I’d LOVE to share it with you!

But let me guess… You’re one of those super-busy people, without the time to learn a whole bunch of new stuff, right…?

…This needn’t take a lot of work, friend!

…In fact, it’s designed to be easy!

Just a few small tweaks and a handful of adjustments to your daily routines, and you’ll feel the rise of the Sacred Feminine in your everyday life.

Let me show you exactly what to do…

In this brand new e-book, I will take you through the exact methods and rituals I practice every lunar cycle, the very same ones I’ve taught to thousands of people across the world.

Here are what people are saying…

Find your rhythm and thrive…

Get the e-book today!


Instantly download your own copy for £22 only £11!

What you will get:

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to the e-book. Click on the link, and you’ll be able to download, print, and enjoy this valuable resource again and again and again!

And if you have any questions, just shoot me a message!

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