The Moon is the Mistress of the emotional realms of life.

Her movements through the sky affect us on the deepest layers of our being – the feeling layers – that so often we modern humans are not very well trained in navigating.

In the birth chart, it’s said that the natal Moon sign is much more revealing than the natal Sun. This means that the zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born, has more of an effect on who you truly are, than the zodiac sign of the Sun. (So if you’re into astrology… that’s a BIG deal!)

It’s just that for most folks, this lunar side is a side that you likely keep hidden. (Well, the Moon does that too…😉 )

Were you born with an Aries Moon?

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The natal Moon is often more expressed in children

And in lovers, close friends, and people who show up with you vulnerably.

My youngest son has a Sagittarius Sun (like me). But it’s his Scorpio Moon that I see shaping him more in his days of boyhood. I expect this will change as he grows up, and his exterior toughens (I hope it doesn’t toughen too much!)

Your natal Moon will also often, uncannily reflect how you were mothered and how this has gone on to shape who you are (and how you, in turn, mother).

So, the Moon represents our emotions, sensitivities, instincts, and maternal stories. She informs our intuitive reactions and our subconscious leanings.

As an ancient Goddess of the feminine mysteries, the Moon also influences the body. As she circles the Earth, the tides within our own bodies tend to rise and fall. So parts of you will feel enlivened or dulled, soothed or enflamed, depending on how her energies land in your own miraculous physicality.

As the Moon spins hew way around the Earth, she spends between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

Some people are super-tuned into her celestial shifts, and people hardly feel her influence at all. It depends on you, your make-up, your attention, and on SO many internal and external factors. But as a collective, the Moon sign has a definite, though sometimes subtle overriding effect on the energetic “weather” of each day. This means that if you know what today’s Moon sign is, you have a better chance of navigating her emotional waves.

What is the Moon in Aries?

The energy of the Zodiac sign Aries is strong, brave, wilful, pioneering, spontaneous, and juuust a little bit childlike at times!

This is a powerful lunar transit.

When the Moon moves through the sign of the ram, it will often activate the more independent, forceful, and decisive sides of our personalities. This can be a great thing if you want to tick tasks off your to-do list!

Because it contains the energy of initiation, the Moon in Aries is a great time to take action on a new project. So if you’ve been procrastinating, and finding reasons NOT to begin, then this zodiac sign can bring a big boost.

As well as bringing physical and emotional energy to the fore, the Moon in Aries tends to rustle up excitement too! Meaning that you’ll feel eager, enthusiastic, and fired up about whatever challenges are coming your way!

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries often embodies the child, and the young, fresh, innocent, and even naïve energy of this archetype. Often likened to the Fool in Tarot, this can make us feel spontaneous, and potentially a little impetuous, so beware of rushing into rash decisions under this Moon. You’ll likely feel tempted to take risks, push boundaries or make leaps of faith that would seem ridiculous under another sign.

On the shadow side, Aries can be competitive, pushy, and dismissive of others.

Tunnel vision can take over at the start of a new venture, yet momentum can be hard to come by. So if this is a day that you’re halfway through a long, and tedious task Aries’ restive energy is unlikely to help you stay committed.

The Moon in Aries Body

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Aries, then there will be no mistaking it. When the Moon makes the shift from dreamy Pisces back round to the zodiac’s beginning the “Head” of the heavens) this is felt like a move from feet to head.

Symptoms can include: Headaches, sinus problems, earache, and dental issues. Any latent pain or discomfort may flare. BUT on the plus side, any healing work you can do for this part of your body will have the tide of the Moon’s momentum to draw upon.

So double down of the good stuff, and the Moon will have your back.


Now it’s your turn…

What’s YOUR natal Moon? Let me know in the comments below how it’s energy moves through you…