Moon Signs in Bed – What Your Natal Moon Says about Sex

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In relationships, love, and sex, the Moon sign plays a significant role in how we express ourselves and connect with others. The Moon represents our emotional nature, our sensitivities, instincts, and unconscious (and deepest) desires.

It’s no secret that astrology has been used for centuries, as a way to more deeply understand ourselves and the world around us. Yet aspect of astrology that has gained popularity in recent years is the Moon sign.

… And it’s about time!

These days, it’s said by some that in the birth chart, their natal Moon sign is much more revealing of a person’s character, than their natal Sun.

What does your Moon sign have to do with sex?

When it comes to sex, an emotional connection with our partner is crucial in building intimacy and creating fulfilling sexual experiences. Yet there’s a lot more involved too…

The Moon sign can influence our sexual desires, fantasies, and preferences, as well as how we express ourselves sexually.

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In astrology, the Moon is associated with the unconscious mind, which holds our deepest desires, fears, and emotions. Our sexual preferences are often shaped by our unconscious mind, which can be influenced by our natal Moon sign.

For example, someone with a Moon in Scorpio, a sign associated with intensity and passion, may have a strong desire for sexual exploration and experimentation. Alternatively, someone with a Moon in Taurus, a sign associated with sensuality and pleasure, may prefer more traditional and sensual sexual experiences.

The Moon also plays a role in our emotional connection to our partner during sex. Our emotional needs and desires are often unconscious, but they can strongly influence our sexual experiences.

And don’t forget the Moon’s status in many cultures, as a Goddess of the feminine. The feminine IS the body – this sensual, erotic energy emerges through presence and movement. So your capacity to hold the energy of the feminine (lunar energy) is also affected by your natal Moon.

Whether you’re a believer in astrology or not, understanding the influence of the Moon sign can provide valuable insight into your romantic partnerships and help you navigate the complexities of love and intimacy.

The Moon signs in bed

Do you know your natal Moon sign? If not, follow this link to find yours out.

Now let’s take a look at each zodiac sign in turn and how the Moon affects them between the sheets…

Moon in Aries in bed

Men and women with their natal Moon in Aries tend to be passionate and adventurous in bed. They’re not afraid to take the lead and really enjoy being in control.

Aries Moons are deliciously impulsive and love to try new things, making them open to experimentation. The more different sexual positions and techniques, the better for these red-hot lovers!

Coming first in the zodiac, Moon in Aries men and women tend to prefer fast-paced and intense sexual experiences. Their competitive Spirit means they really enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Aries Moons can find real pleasure in the challenge of satisfying their partner.

However, they can be impatient and may struggle with taking their time. Their innate sense of urgency (when it comes to pretty much anything) has the potential to cause a lack of emotional connection with their partner. Yet they more than make up for it with excitement, appetite and drive!

To attract an Aries Moon woman or man and keep them interested in bed, it’s important to be confident and spontaneous.  These lovers need excitement and adventure, so surprise them with spontaneous sex, or try something new without warning!

It’s worth noting that despite their high sex drive and overflowing confidence between the sheets, Aries Moons appreciate a little affirmation. So be sure to express your desire for them in the bedroom – it’s a turn-on. Yet they also value honesty and directness, so be open and honest about your desires and needs in the bedroom.

Overall, Moon in Aries individuals bring a fiery, passionate and exciting energy to the bedroom, making for a thrilling sexual experience. Lucky you!

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Taurus woman and man with face paint embracing

Moon in Taurus in bed

Men and women with their Moon in Taurus tend to be sensual and deeply pleasure-seeking in bed. They enjoy taking their time and savoring every moment of the sexual experience.

Taurus Moons have a strong appreciation for physical touch and enjoy indulging in luxurious and sensual experiences. These lovers likely prefer traditional and romantic sex, focussing on intimacy and emotional connection with their partner.

Yet for the Taurus Moon, pleasure has to be at the center of it all.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus – meaning it’s her easiest and best astrological placement. Feeling good is a priority, so it’s vital for foreplay and sex itself to engage all of the 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and hearing. To attract a Moon in Taurus mate, be sure to seduce him or her with the whole shebang of romantic gestures!

… And don’t rush it either. As a fixed sign, Taurus loves to take things slow. So your Taurean lover will expect to be held in the throes of passion all. Night. Long. A quickie probably won’t hold much appeal.

Moon in Taurus men and women value stability and security in their relationships. They know this leads to a strong sense of trust and comfort in the bedroom – something that goes hand in hand with pleasure for this zodiac sign.

However, they can also be stubborn and resistant to change. This can result in a lack of experimentation and variety in their sex, so this sign may need a little gentle encouragement to break out of that sexual comfort zone every now and then.

Overall, Moon in Taurus individuals bring a truly sensual and romantic energy to the bedroom. Their focus on sensory pleasure and slowing things down can make for deeply satisfying sex for all involved.

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Gemini moon woman and man intimate in the shower

Moon in Gemini in bed

Men and women with their natal Moon in Gemini tend to be playful and curious in bed. They enjoy exploring and experimenting with different sexual techniques and positions.

Because they need a strong mental connection with their partner, you’ll find Gemini Moon signs engaging in witty banter and even intellectual conversation during sex. So don’t be shy in sharing your erotic fantasies and dreams – for the Gemini Moon, it’s an added turn-on.

Yet with such strong value placed on communication and honesty in their relationships, their need for openness really can lead to a deeper understanding of their partner’s sexual desires and preferences. It’s how they develop closeness and trust.

However, Moon in Gemini men and women can also be easily distracted and may struggle with staying focused during sex. Used to mental stimulation, they may not be able to stay embodied enough to be really present with their partners.

To attract a Gemini moon and keep them interested in bed,  you may like to keep things spicy with enough variety – sex al fresco, or even somewhere a little risqué will keep their interest piqued!

Also, be spontaneous and playful. At their core, Gemini Moon men and women have a lighthearted nature, so keep things fun and playful in the bedroom.

Moon and Gemini lovers are also some of the most open-minded in the zodiac. They enjoy exploring new ideas and having new experiences, so be open to experimentation, and keep changing things up, to keep them on their toes!

Overall, Moon in Gemini individuals bring a playful and intellectual energy to the bedroom. Love and sex with this air sign makes for fun and intellectually stimulating sex!

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Cancer Moon woman and man in bed cuddling

Moon in Cancer in bed

Moon in Cancer people tend to be highly emotional and exceptionally nurturing in bed. This Moon sign values emotional connection and intimacy with their partner and needs a safe and comfortable environment in which to love.

In the bedroom, Cancer Moons are expressions of the “cosmic parent” and have a beautiful, caring, spiritual, sexual expression. They are highly intuitive and can easily sense their partner’s needs and desires, which can translate into exquisite mastery of romantic love.

Moon in Cancer lovers enjoy physical touch and affection and tend to prefer more traditional and romantic gestures, to get them into the mood for sex. A delicious candlelit dinner, rose petals on the pillows and a sensual massage are necessary foreplay ingredients, so don’t try to skip them…

Due to their highly sensitive nature, Moon in Cancer women and men may struggle if there’s even a hint of criticism or rejection from their partner. To attract a Cancer Moon mate, be sure to focus on creating a deep and caring emotional connection. Alos, spend time on the kisses and cuddles as intimacy must be earned. So if the bond between you isn’t genuine, the sex will fall flat.

Whilst this Moon sign may have an initial shyness or reserve, once the heat is on, they’re yours. This means sex toys and other creative, imaginative, and playful sex games aren’t out of the picture…

However, their emotional depth and nurturing nature can lead to a highly satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience for both partners.

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Moon in Leo woman laughing in bed

Moon in Leo in bed

Lovers with their natal Moon in Leo tend to be some of the most confident and passionate in bed. They enjoy being the center of attention and love to perform for their partner!

Leo Moons are affectionate creatures, have a strong desire for physical touch, and enjoy being admired and appreciated for their sexual prowess. These big cats often prefer bold and dramatic encounters and aren’t averse to taking risks and trying new things.

For this Moon sign, sex is certainly a foray into the wildest sensual and emotional pleasure they can find!

Their biggest turn-ons tend to involve grand gestures and lots of glitz. At times, they can be highly demanding and may struggle to share the spotlight with their partner.

As a creative sign, imagination is also one of the Leo Moon sign’s greatest tools in the bedroom. Their lovemaking tends to be playful, and there’s nothing that’s out of bounds, whether it’s role-play, sex toys, kink, or something just a little bit deviant…

However, women and men with their Moon in Leo have some of the biggest hearts in the zodiac –  it’s all about LOVE. So a genuine connection needs to be at the center of everything for this sign.

The Moon in Leo’s innate confidence, passion and pleasure-seeking can lead to exciting and exhilarating sex for both partners.

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Virgo Moon Women in bed with tatoos

Moon in Virgo in bed

Moon in Virgo lovers tend to be practical, respectful, and detail-oriented in bed. These gentle women and men enjoy taking their time in bed, and pay close attention to every last detail of the sexual experience.

This can mean the room, the light, and the thread count of the sheets. OR the sensation, the thrust, and the speed of every move… (and everything in between!)

Yet because Moon in Virgo people can be critical at times, of themselves and their partner, this outlook may result in a lack of confidence and spontaneity in the bedroom.

However, as an earth sign, the Virgo Moon’s practical and “hands-on” nature can also lead to highly satisfying and fulfilling sex for both partners. And since pleasing their lover comes as a high priority, the Virgo Moon can be an exceptionally considerate and generous mate.

 When you find a new way to gratify your lover, you hone the technique until it approaches perfection. While not the most exciting lover, you’re definitely one of the most considerate and obliging. 

They also value communication and honesty in their relationships, which can lead to a deeper connection with their partner overall.

With their strong desire for cleanliness and efficiency (ahem) Virgo Moons may prefer more structured and organized sex, so they know what to expect, and when. Yet their dedication means that when they get good at something, they get really good. So you can expect this earth-sign lover to have a pretty awesome sexual skill honed!

At the end of the day, Moon in Virgo individuals bring practical and attentive energy to the bedroom, making for satisfying sex all round!

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Moon in Libra woman and man in bed

Moon in Libra in bed

People with a natal Moon in Libra tend to be romantic, affectionate and artistic in bed. These balanced individuals value the finer things in life, such as beauty, aesthetics, taste and a touch of glamour… and sex is no different!

Libra Moons love to be seduced with a touch of romance. This means they’ll appreciate their significant other going to quite a bit of effort to set the scene. Sex for this sign, is not a rushed affair. If you want to seduce a Libra Moon sign woman or man, ensure the erotic environment is clear of clutter, smelling sweet and candle lit.

Moon in Libra people place a lot of value on communication in their relationships as a whole. They know this can lead to a deeper understanding of their partner’s sexual desires and preferences.

Despite being an air sign, Libra Moons craves emotional connection and intimacy in their relationships, so they’ll work to prioritize this in their sexual expression.

Yet it’s important for thse individuals not to loose their sense of self. So keen to please (and avoid any sticky misundersandings) they’re more likely to focus on pleasing their partner, than ensuring their own needs are met between the sheets.

For this reason, it’s important for the Libra Moon to balance giving and receiving. Pleasure is not a one way street.

Overall, Moon in Libra individuals bring a romantic and harmonious energy to the bedroom, making for a highly sensual and balanced sexual experience.

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Scorpio Moon woman in underwear and pink light

Moon in Scorpio in bed

Moon in Scorpio women and men are well known to be intense and passionate in bed. This zodiac sign tends to have a strong sexual desire, and crave intimacy with others. Scorpio Moons tend to enjoy pushing boundaries and taking risks in the bedroom, physically as much as emotionally.

Scorpio Moons truly value emotional depth in their relationships. They need trust and connection, and will give their lover all of themselves.

They’re fascinated with the depth and range of all things sex-related. Whether it’s eroticism, BDSM, role playing or fetishism, Scorpio Moons aren’t afraid of the darker, more taboo areas of love and sex.

They also tend to be highly intuitive, and like the other water signs, are able to sense their partner’s needs and desires. They’re genuinely curious in what turns their lover on, and will enjoy acting out their partners lusty desires as much as their partner enjoys receiving them!

As well as having a high sex drive, the Moon in Scorpio woman or man is often naturally seductive, having the ability to magnetize and fascinate in equal measure. They make loyal and devoted partners. Yet these fixed Moon signs can be possessive and jealous of their partners, which may lead to issues in their relationships.

For the Scorpio Moon, sex is power, so there is the potential for manipulation and control in (and out of) the bedroom.

But the intense and passionate nature of this deeply loving Moon sign can equal a highly satisfying and fulfilling sex life for all involved.

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Sagittarius Moon woman and man embracing out of doors under a bridge

Moon in Sagittarius in bed

Individuals with Moon in Sagittarius tend to be adventurous and free-spirited in bed. They have a strong desire for exploration and enjoy trying new things and taking risks.

They value independence and freedom in their relationships. This means they may struggle with commitment and emotional attachment, prefering more casual and lighthearted sex that is focused on fun and enjoyment rather than emotional connection.

To please a Sagittarius Moon woman or man in bed, it’s important to be open-minded and willing to try new things and take a few risks now and then! As the most adventurous of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius likes to feel they’ve been taken on a journey, so for them, lovemaking is a wild ride to new territories! 

(Alternatively, literally take them somewhere new and try a little sex al fresco 😉)

Because of their highly spontaneous natures, Moon in Sagittarius people can struggle with too much routine in the bedroom. So it’s vital to keep things both interesting and light hearted – lunar Sagittarians often prefer a more casual and sexual encounters. So if you’re coupled up withone of these firey folks, don’t take things too seriously and focus on having fun!

Overall, Moon in Sagittarius individuals bring a playful and adventurous energy to the bedroom. This makes for a stimulating and pleausre-filled ride!

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Moon in Capricorn woman and man in bed

Moon in Capricorn in bed

People with their Moon in Capricorn tend to be reserved and practical in bed. They value structure and routine in their sexual experiences and need to take their time to build a strong physical and emotional connection with their lover.

Capricorn Moons have a super-strong desire for stability and security in their relationships overall. They may prefer more traditional and conservative sex, that’s focused on physical satisfaction, rather than experimentation.

But that’s not to say Capricorn Moon signs don’t have skills in the bedroom! As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn has a profound body connection, and the desire to share it with their lover.

They’re also well known the zodiac over for their  stamina levels.

So when the sea goat finds something that works, they’re not afraid to go slow and offer you their undivided attention all night long.

With Saturn as their planetary ruler, Capricorn Moons aren’t afraid to take control (hello Daddy!) yet their sometimes critical nature – of themselves and their partner – may lead to a lack of confidence and spontaneity in the bedroom.

To please a Capricorn woman in bed, it is important to be patient and attentive to her physical needs and desires. She may prefer more traditional sex, that focuses on respect and consideration, rather than anything too off piste. 

It’s also important to be honest and direct with a Capricorn woman, as she values authenticity and will be put off by anyone insincere or unreliable.

Overall, Moon in Capricorn lovers bring a practical and stable energy to the bedroom, making for a sex life that will go the distance!

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white aquarius Moon woman with boyfriend

Moon in Aquarius in bed

Lovers with a natal Moon in Aquarius tend to be unconventional, experimental and a little bit risqué in bed.

As an air sign, Aries Moons have a strong desire for intellectual stimulation love to discuss, conceptualise and wax lyrical about all the potentials of any situation!

So you may find these Moon signs love to engage in deep conversations with their partner during sex. This is because their mind needs as much stimulation as their bodies, ahem, to feel truly satisfied.

This can mean the Aquarius Moon woman or man struggles to really let go during love making. Or on the other hand, their attachment to words and ideas could be an added turn on… In fact, Aquarius Moon lovers are the most likely to come up with far-out and eccentric things to try. So if you’re coupled up with a water bearer, you’re unlikely to get bored between the sheets!

With such value placed on independence and freedom in their relationships, Moon in Aqaurius people can struggle with emotional commitment. They may prefer a more casual and detached sexual experience, focusing on exploration and experimentation rather than emotional connection.

Their erratic nature means they can be unpredictable in the bedroom. However, their unconventional and experimental nature can lead to exciting and innovative sex for both partners.

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spiritual pisces Moon woman and man in nature

Moon in Pisces in bed

Beautiful, spiritual Moon in Pisces people tend to be highly emotional and intuitive in bed. They have a super-strong desire for intimacy and emotional connection with their partner, and crave sensual and romantic experiences.

The sign of the fishes loves all of their senses to be alive and dripping with desire. Meaning candlelit dinners, bouquets of fresh roses, and gifts of lace underwear are all part of the art of seduction.  

Yet it’s not all about the accouterments!

Pisces Moons truly value empathy and compassion in their relationships. They feel emotionally stable when they know they’re deeply understood. It is important to be honest and open with a Pisces woman, as she values authenticity and may be put off by those who are insincere or superficial.

To please a Pisces woman in bed, it’s important to be highly attentive and empathetic to her needs and desires… but don’t fake it. You need to be the real deal – this Moon wants your heart and your soul.

Moon in Pisces people are some of the zodiac’s most intuitive individuals. Able to sense their partner’s needs and desires – even before they know themselves – offering sensual and sexual satisfaction could be their second nature.

Yet Pisces Moons will always focus on emotional and spiritual connection, above physical pleasure. They prefer sex to be a spiritual, mystical experience, that takes them and their partner to new levels of reality.

Because of the Pisces Moon signs’ highly sensitive and enigmatic nature, they may struggle with boundaries in the bedroom. However, their emotional and intuitive nature will more often than not, lead to a highly satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience for both partners.

Overall, Moon in Pisces peeps bring a deeply emotional and spiritual energy to the bedroom, making for highly intimate and transformative sex. Yum.

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So what are the most seductive Moon signs?!

The most seductive Moon sign is the Moon sign YOU are magnetized by,  and that depends on your astrology, your upbringing, your personality, and a whole lot of other variables.

Discovering someone’s likes and dislikes between the sheets based on their Moon sign is fun. It’s a gateway into more intimacy and understanding. BUT it’s only a tiny piece of the puzzle – so remember that. There are exceptions to the rule and every human is a unique individual.

So take this article with a pinch of salt, and go fall in love…!

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