All About Today’s Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra

Libra Moon woman finding balance

Today our beloved Moon waxes through Libra, sign of the sacred scales, and bringer of peace, harmony and balance.

Libra Moons are usually gentle days when the air can seem especially still. In fact, this is the lunar transit you are least likely to feel. With nothing tugging at your heartstrings or knocking you off centre, it can feel like you’re floating through life on a cloud…

How might the Libra Moon affect you?

Libra’s super serene influence means that under this lunar transit, we tend to go out LOOKING for harmony. Our natural charisma shines, daily life feels on track, and it’s easy to agree, find common ground, and get along with our friends and loved ones.

When you see the best in people, they will become their best selves, right?

So far, so good.

But there are pitfalls to this unrelenting kindness and the need to feel comfortable in company (any kind of company). If you’re not careful, this gorgeously giving sign of the zodiac may push you into situations where you self-abandon.

It’s very, very easy under a Libra Moon to offer SO much to those we’re in relationships with, that we forget our own needs also need tending to. If your rising sign, sun sign or Moon sign also sits in Libra, then you’ ‘ll know exactly what I mean, and this transit could hit you harder than most. (I say “hard”. There’s really nothing hard about this Moon!)

If this resonates, if you get a sense of recognition reading this, then it could be a pattern you need to look at (and let’s face it, people-pleasing is pretty much a modus operandi for a lot of women today).

If you feel called, I invite you to use the light of this Libra waxing Moon to track your impulses today.

  • Where are you giving beyond your means?
  • Where are you placing the needs of another above your own?
  • Where are you NOT checking in with yourself, about what feels good?
  • Where are you overriding your sense of self?
  • Where are you sensing internal conflict, but not tending to it?

Noticing is the first magic. Becoming aware of what’s here. And sometimes it’s enough to get things moving.

Today’s waxing gibbous Moon in Libra…

Today’s waxing gibbous Moon means la Luna is achingly close to the full Moon phase, but still has a little way to go.

This can feel very much like a pregnant state of near completion, but still not ripeness, so this Moon phase always calls for stamina.

If you are working on projects or ideas which are almost at their point of fruition, Luna’s message now is to keep on going – its too late to turn back so lift yourself UP out of that comfort zone and PUSH. You can do it!

Participate in LIFE!

At its best, this transit will make your hearts swell, and bring out your most joyful, generous and magnetic self!

It’s great astrology to go out, meet people, make connections, and participate in LIFE! As an air sign, Libra will fill you UP with thoughts, ideas, concepts, connections and ways to improve, align and beautify your world.

Expect meetings to go well, negotiations to flow and social events to make you happy! Be sure to have any tricky conversations now under the Libra Moon, while diplomacy is at a natural high. There’s more chance of you making decisions that conjure up a win-win for all involved.

(When Luna enters Scorpio in a couple of days time, any emotions you’ve been suppressing are likely to flare. They’ll be a whole lot easier to process now, under this supportive, balanced Moon sign).

Sending you Libra Moon blessings for your day 💙

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