10 Ways the Full Moon in Scorpio Will Illuminate Your Dark Side (April 2024)

Scorpio Full Moon in dark sky

What’s your first thought when you hear there’s a full Moon in Scorpio coming up?!

Or does her Luna gaze – reaching forward through space and time – bypass your mental body altogether, and hit you in the heart, womb, or soft tissues of your soma?

Well there’s no escaping it. April’s Scorpio Full Moon is landing.

When is the Full Moon in Scorpio 2024?

This month’s full Moon rises on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 23:50 BST/ 18:50 EDT/ 15:50 PDT.

Full moons occur roughly once in a calendar month, when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. This is the only time the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously.

Scorpio Full Moon: Here’s what to expect

All full Moons are intense.

They are times of peak energy, peak power, and peak illumination.

Full Moons are times when our ancient feminine mistress – the Goddess, embodied in the skies above our heads – is fully lit up, and there is nowhere to hide. In Scorpio, there are usually no places left to hide, so the starkness, the stripping back of this astrology can feel pretty vulnerable.

But let’s backtrack a little… what is all the fuss about, when it comes to Scorpio?

Scorpio Moon meaning

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and symbolises the big-hitting axes around which our lives spin: money, sex, power, death, rebirth and transformation. They’re subjects that typically, people don’t love to talk about, at their edges they can feel tricky, uncomfortable, and triggering. Home of almost all the taboos humans have, Scorpio energy extends its tendrils into those places we should not go.

And aren’t these also the places where we tend to judge other people? Casting projections, and revealing glimmers of our own unconscious shadows…

OK. I’m not painting the brightest picture of the Moon in Scorpio, which also has SO many strong, powerful, devotional qualities! And one of those qualities is the gift of deep, intuitive knowing.

This sign can give you access to your inner world, and when combined with the light of the full Moon, that inner world, your subconscious world, can be seen. Really seen. And felt too – this full Moon may make you feel things you have been avoiding for a while.

April’s Scorpio full Moon will illuminate your shadows

This week’s full Moon is one big cosmic invitation to look right into your shadow.

Coming hot on the heels of the Solar Eclipse in Aries, where darkness was made visible, you should be getting good at this by now. But the energy of Scorpio calls for a little more devotion to discomfort. A little more time spent seeping in what may not feel like sunshine and roses.

During the Scorpio Full Moon, expect your attention to be drawn to your relationships with:

  • Power (yours and other people’s)
  • Money (yours and other people’s)
  • Sex and your sexuality
  • Death (ego and actual)
  • Obsession
  • Possession

For clarity: The reality of this full Moon is that She will command your attention.

Full Moons are spotlights, and the place in your life that MOST need attention is where the spotlight will land (yes, Grandmother Moon has a knack for this).

But she won’t hand it to you on a plate. The shadow doesn’t show up like that, and even under the light of the full Moon, you’ll need to do a little digging.

What this Moon wants you to see will likely show up in sideways, sneaky ways.

The truth will stay just below the surface, with only clues popping up for air. So you’ll need to catch yourself when this happens.

In practical terms, here are 10 ways the Scorpio Full Moon could illuminate your dark side (read on to number 10 where it gets REAL 😳).

1. Exaggerated feelings (about other people)

Yes, emotions DO tend to rise under Full Moons. But here, if you feel your emotions RISE in relation to something you hear or see, (for eg. if you’re shocked or outraged) then this is likely your shadow, and it’s a portal for exploration.

2. Negative mirrors from others

This Moon could trigger mirrors you receive from other people. Do folks ever say things like:

  • “you always do that!”
  • “You’re late every single day”
  • “You often criticise me!”

Our relationships are our best friends when it comes to showing up the shadow.

If you get comments like this over Scorpio Moon, listen to them, they have something to teach you… SO long as these mirrors are not abusive or derogatory.

3. Obsessions

OH hey, Scorpio IS in town!

If you don’t have any obvious obsessions, then one may just form under this Full Moon, even fleetingly!

What’s interesting about obsessions, is that they can blind us to alternatives. They funnel us into one way of seeing, or behaving at the expense of free-er and more balanced alternatives. And it’s here, in the blind spots caused by the Scorpionic depths of your obsession, where your shadow twin may reside.

4. Aversions

Almost the opposite to obsessions, aversions may show up for you under this Moon.
Be ready for Scorpio to use these to reveal your shadow to you. Where you fear to look could be exactly where she is.

5. Repeating patterns in relationships

We all have them, don’t we? But if there was ever a time for relationship patterns to show up.. its now.

Under the illuminating glare of this Full Moon, it may feel very much like negative patterns are caused by the other person, or even your environment (hello blame game!) But in fact, even if the environment IS your container, YOU are the one playing this out repeatedly.. and this Full Moon is shining her light on YOU, for your benefit.

6. Impulses

Watch yourself this Moon. What are your impulses?

Maybe you’ll nearly say something hurtful or harmful. OR worse, actually lash out in the moment, exploding with anger/frustration/upset?

These impulses are incredibly useful for pinpointing where the shadow is, and what she needs. See them as your meeting point.

7. Judgements

Not pretty, but also not unusual. We all judge other people… and under this Scorpio Moon, you may find you’re doing it more than normal, especially when it comes to those areas where Scorpio rules supreme.

What you judge others for can be incredibly revealing when it comes to shadow.

8. Dreams

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and water signs (Cancer and Pisces being the others) are strongly connected to the sea of the unconscious, and dreams.

Notice your dreams over this Full Moon.

Sleep may come sparingly… so keep a notebook by your pillow and write down what comes to you, both in the dreamscapes and in the liminal spaces, as you drift in and out.

Look for themes, patterns, symbols, and meanings. If you can’t

Notice what keeps coming up, and what desires your further attention.

9. Habits.. and their triggers

As a fixed sign, this Moon in Scorpio may just lock you into OLD habits and rigid behaviours.

What are they?

And what are the triggers that push you in the direction of an old pattern, and not a new future?

A little like impulses, these triggers are your meeting point with the shadow.

10. Feelings of shame

This one is HUGE.

The rise of the feminine on our planet goes hand in hand with feelings of shame, which is SO hard, but also so necessary because without a real sense of where shame lives, it can’t be seen, and healed.

And guess what, these feelings can be amplified under a Scorpio Moon.

Shame is complex and deep, it has roots in the past and conditioning still present in the here and now. It encompasses negative self-conscious feelings, which cause emotional distress, powerlessness, and lack of self-worth. Shame paints an all-round on-the-floor self-picture, and it can be intense, dark and crippling.

If shame creeps up on you under this full Moon, try to reorient yourself to it, as a portal to the shadow. As a first step to the transformation that this Scorpio Moon wants to catalyse.

Curious about unshaming? I recommend David Bedrick’s Work.

Scorpio full Moon Shadow Work Prompts

Journaling is a great way to dig a little deeper into what you’re feeling below the surface. It’s a tool to focus on certain aspects, old patterns, thoughts and beliefs, and bring any shadowy areas to the light, before they takes over when you least expect it.

Under the gaze of this powerful full Moon in Scorpio, pre-empting any of that nitty gritty STUFF can help clear the way, so it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Here are some journal prompts you may find useful:

1. Think about a moment when you felt empowered and FULLY in control of your life. What were the circumstances? What did you do? How did you affect those around you?

2. Are there any patterns of behaviour or beliefs about money that you’ve inherited from others? How do these influence your financial decisions?

3. How do you express your sexuality, and how does it impact your relationships and sense of self?

4. Contemplate the concept of death, both metaphorically (ego death) and literally. What aspects of your ego are holding you back from growth and transformation?

5. List any obsessions or fixations you have. What drives these obsessions, and how do they impact your mental and emotional well-being?

6. Do you cling to material possessions or relationships out of fear or insecurity? How does this affect your sense of self-worth?

7. Describe a time when you felt disempowered or manipulated by others. How did you respond, and what lessons did you learn about asserting your boundaries?

8. How would you describe your relationship with wealth and abundance? Are there any beliefs or attitudes about money that limit your financial potential?

9. How have your sexual experiences shaped your understanding of intimacy and connection? Are there any patterns or behaviours you want to change?

10. How have experiences of loss and grief shaped your perspective on mortality and the impermanence of life?

11. Are there any compulsive behaviours or habits you struggle with? How do they impact your sense of control and autonomy?

12. Are there aspects of your life or identity that you cling to possessively? How does this affect your relationships with others?

13. Reflect on power dynamics in your most intimate relationships. Do you tend to dominate or submit in certain dynamics? How does this impact the balance of power?

14. Consider how your financial situation influences your sense of security and self-worth. Are there any fears or insecurities you need to address regarding money?

15. Explore your deepest desires and fears surrounding intimacy and vulnerability. How do these emotions influence your relationships and interactions with others?

      Try to write my hand. Embrace automatic writing – try not to self censor or edit as you write, and just let it all out. You’ll never show this to a soul!

      Scorpio Supermoon blessings, friend. GO well.

      List of Journal Prompts for the Scorpio Moon
      Journalling Prompts for Full Moon in Scorpio

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