50 Best Journal Prompts for Healing Feminine Energy

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Healing feminine energy is a powerful and necessary journey that requires intentional effort and deep self-reflection. There are countless ways to start this journey, and many more methods and practices you’re likely to pick up along the way (we’ll go into some of these later).

A really great tool for healing feminine energy is journaling, because as well as serving as a catalyst for the healing process, journaling provides a safe space to explore and express any difficult thoughts and emotions that arise.

… And believe me, if you’re serious about engaging in healing the feminine, you’re going to have to face up to a lot of discomfort.

Does my inner feminine need healing?

Before we dive into the journal prompts, how do you know actually know if you the feminine energy manifesting through you NEEDS healing?

Well to be frank, if you’re alive today, living under the current paradigm of patriarchy then your inner feminine needs attention.

This is because over many, many centuries, our society has created such systems and conditions that require the true feminine to hide, distort, and suppress herself to simply survive.

I go into this in more detail HERE in this article about feminine energy.

In many of the modern New Age “Divine Feminine” and polarity teachings on the feminine, most of the qualities, traits and characteristics that tend to be associated with the feminine are in fact, patriarchal femininity.

  • Softness
  • Receptivity
  • Intuition
  • Ability (and willingness) to Surrender
  • Love
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Co-operation
  • Submission
  • Fragility

These qualities encompass a very narrow, very one dimensional and diminishing perspective of femininity.

Yet when these are all women feel they’re able to express, what happens to her other expressions? The passion, the anger, the intensity, and the strength, for example?

Black and white portrait of Fierce woman in her power looking to camera

What is wounded feminine energy?

Wounded feminine energy is a state where innate feminine qualities are suppressed or distorted.

Innate, or raw feminine qualities may be –

  • Passion
  • Sensuality
  • Sexuality
  • Anger
  • Assertiveness
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Chaos
  • Wildness
  • Fury

Yet a combination of social conditioning, historical trauma and the current partiarchal system all contrive to suppress, silence, ridicule and shame these kinds of raw feminine qualities into sumbission.

And in their place, the wounded feminine emerges instead.

How to heal feminine energy

Can you see why starting the journey of healing feminine energy requires you to dig a little deeper? And start with what the raw, deep feminine really is?

Here are a few places to begin –

Want to explore more on healing the feminine?

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Journal Prompts for Healing Feminine Energy

But you’re here to find out how to use journal prompts for healing feminine energy, right?!

As I mentioned above, the benefits of using writing prompts when you’re looking at distorted and wounded femininity, are twofold.

Firstly, the right prompts will serve to open up lines of inquiry for healing to happen. The right prompts will ask you to look deeply at your inner world, at your thoughts, beliefs and assumptions about femininity and yourself.

You’ll be asked to get really curious about WHY these thoughts, beliefs and assumptions exist, and whether they’re true for you.

And you’ll be encouraged to examine the effect of them on your everyday life, and your goals, desires, and aspirations.

Secondly, journal prompts for healing the feminine will enable you to process the emotions that arise as you do the work of self inquiry.

This part is so, so important. Because unless you have somewhere safe and suitable to land, express, and integrate the healing, you may end up rejecting or retraumatizing yourself with what you discover.

And I know that sounds pretty full on.

It’s supposed to.

This healing work isn’t a walk in the park!

Dark feminine woman with black paint on her fingers

How to use feminine energy journal prompts

We know that using prompts can be an excellent starting point for self-reflection, when it comes to the feminine. And the journal prompts in this article are designed to help you confront your conditioning around the feminine and femininity, with a sense of curiosity and compassion.

Here are 6 tips to ensure you get the best out of your writing and reflection –

1. Buy yourself a feminine energy healing journal, specifically for this work.

If you end up writing on scraps of notepaper or the back of old envelopes (I’m speaking from experience here!) then they will end up in all sorts of odd places and you won’t have a coherent record of your journey.

2. Write by hand

Something magical happens when you put pen to paper (as opposed to fingertips to keypad). A connection is formed between the unconscious and the words that flow onto the page.

The overcritical, self-censoring monkey mind tends to slip into the background, letting the truth emerge. This is the point.

3. Schedule in days and times to write

It sounds obvious, but with all the best intentions, its very easy to NOT do this work. So plan the day and time – Sunday night at 8pm? Or Tuesday morning at 9?

I’d suggest starting by writing for 20 minutes per week, at first.

Or if this is too much, try 10 minutes.

The key is to find a routine that works for you (and won’t overwhelm you, or create avoidance) then stick to it.

4. Be kind to yourself

It may seem obvious, but make sure that whatever the contents of the words flow from your pen, be kind and compassionate with yourself.

No judgement.

No criticism.

No “shoulds”

5. Meet your edge

The aim of journaling is to meet your edge.

This means that you want to challenge yourself – to dig deep and excavate some uncomfortable areas. To go to places that you may not normally venture.

BUT you must not fall over your edge.

That means – be careful not to go into territory that may activate trauma or trigger you beyond what you have the capacity to hold.

This takes practice – I call it edge walking.

6. Trust yourself

Some prompts may resonate deeply with you, while others may not. Trust your intuition and take the time to engage with the prompts that feel most relevant and challenging to you. Doing this will mean you make the most of this powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

Woman on the beach with sunset writing with shadow work prompts

Feminine energy journal prompts focusing on self-reflection

Here is a list of journal prompts to encourage self-reflection around your beliefs, thoughts and conditioning when it comes to feminine energy and femininity. Start here.


  • What does femininity mean to me? How do I express my femininity in my daily life?
  • What are some qualities or traits that I associate with femininity? How did I come to develop these associations? Are they true?
  • What are some negative beliefs or stereotypes I have internalized about being a woman? Are they true? What else could be true?
  • Do I ever express certain traditional notions of ‘femininity’ to receive validation and approval from others, even when it feels inauthentic? What may happen if I refused to express these, and instead expressed my truth?
  • What are some of my own qualities that I feel are “unfeminine”? Why? Is this true?
  • How do I feel about expressing anger? Who am I when I am angry? Is this true?
  • What are some beliefs I have around femininity, that affect my relationships with others, both men and women?
  • Think of a time when I felt most powerful and connected to my pure feminine energy. What was happening in that moment? How can I recreate that feeling in my life now?
  • In what ways have I suppressed or ignored my raw feminine energy in the past? How can I begin to embrace and honor it now?
  • Describe a woman who embodies traits or qualities that I admire. What are some of these qualities, and how can I cultivate them within myself?
List of Journal Prompts to Explore Femininity

Feminine energy journal prompts focusing on healing

Here’s a list of journal prompts that focus on uncovering any negative experiences or past trauma, that maybe affecting your relationship with feminine energy.

These prompts will also help you to process any emotions that arise. (But if you feel you need more help with this, then please do seek out a professional).


  • What are some memories from my childhood that come to mind when I think about my relationship with femininity? How have these memories influenced my beliefs and emotions around feminine energy?
  • Have I ever experienced any trauma or negative experiences that have affected how I perceive being a woman? How have these experiences affected me emotionally and mentally?
  • What are the pressures I’ve faced, to conform to traditional gender roles or expectations? How has this affected my relationship with my feminine energy
  • How do I feel about expressing traditionally feminine qualities (such as vulnerability, gentleness, or nurturing?) Have I ever been shamed or discouraged from expressing these qualities?
  • How do I feel about expressing traditionally “unfeminine” qualities, such as anger, assertiveness or wildness? Have I ever been shamed or discouraged from expressing these qualities?
  • What is standing in the way of me expressing my authentic feminine qualities?
  • In what ways do I internalise the suppression of my authentic feminine qualities? How can I show myself more compassion for who I am in each moment?
  • Have I ever been in a relationship where my authentic female expression was devalued or dismisssed? How did this affect me emotionally and mentally? What could I have done or said differently?
  • How do I feel about my body and physical appearance? Why? Where have my ideas come from?
  • Have I ever experienced negativity or trauma related to my body or appearance? How has this affected my relationship with my feminine energy?
List of Journal Prompts for healing feminine energy

Feminine energy journal prompts focusing on self-care

Here’s a list of journal prompts designed to explore into your attitude to self-care.

For some, self care is a necessity, whilst for others it’s an indulgence. But unless you create time for yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to prioritize the practices required to heal your inner feminine.

Here are 10 journal prompts exploring attitude to self-care in relation to feminine energy:

  • How do I feel about taking time for myself and practicing self-care? Do I ever feel guilty or selfish for doing so? Why or why not?
  • What are some self-care practices that could help me to feel more connected to my innate feminine energy? How can I prioritize these practices in my daily life.
  • List 5 self-care practices that I’m hesitant to try, but feel drawn to? What might be holding me back from trying them?
  • Are there any situations in life where I’m unkind to myself? What are some ways I can bring more kindness and compassion to myself in these moments?
  • How can I cultivate a more positive and loving relationship with myself?
  • Are there any situations in life when I don’t hold firm enough boundaries with others? Why not?
  • What are some ways that I can set boundaries and prioritize my own needs and well-being? What are some examples of kickback I may receive, and how can I deal with those if/when they arise?
  • What are some ways that I can incorporate more pleasure and enjoyment into my life?
  • How can I practice gratitude and appreciation for my own body, mind, and spirit? What are some ways that I can honor and celebrate my own unique strengths and qualities?
  • Complete this sentence: “I feel present, empowered and relaxed when I…”
List of free Journal Prompts for Self Care

Feminine energy journal prompts focusing on sisterhood, community and connection

One of the biggest feminine wounds is the one that affects community and sisterhood. Internalised patriarchy is at its most divisive when women pit themselves against one another, rather than coming together in unified strength.

For this reasons, a huge part of healing feminine energy, needs to be healing this specific wound – the sisterhood wound.

Here are 10 journal prompts focused on exploring feminine wounds and trauma around community and connection with other women.

  • What does sisterhood mean to me? How have I experienced sisterhood in my life so far?
  • What are some qualities or traits that I admire in other women? How can I cultivate these qualities within myself?
  • Describe a woman who triggers me. What are some of the qualities she embodies, that I find challenging? Why?
  • How do I compete with other women in my life? How does this affect my relationships with them? How does this affect the way I feel about myself?
  • Are there any patterns in how I relate to the other women in my life? Do I take on a particular role or tend to attract certain types of women as friends? Why is this?
  • Considering my closest female relationship. What are the best aspects of it? What are the most challenging aspects of it? Why?
  • What would a deeply supportive community of women look and feel like? How can I build this around me?
  • Describe my resistance around building a community of women around me. What are the potential negative consequences? Are they true?
  • What are some ways that I can use my own experiences and strengths to support and uplift other women in my community?
  • What are some ways that I can incorporate more joy and playfulness into my relationships with other women?
List of Journal Prompts to explore sisterhood

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