10 Ways to Tap into Full Moon Energy and Exponentially Increase Your Spiritual Power!

Spiritual woman in the ocean gazing at a full Moon in the night sky

The energy of the full Moon is exactly what you need for a manifestation ritual… and who doesn’t want to manifest more of what they want?

But you can tap into the energy of the full Moon for SO much more than this. I’ve been working with the Moon for over a decade, and I use its transformative power to elevate and amplify many more areas of my life, not least my spiritual practices.

So if you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your lunar cycle connection, or feel like you need a bit of inspiration to make the most of this potent time, read on. 

From ancient rituals to esoteric practices, let’s take a look at 10 of my favourite, slightly unusual methods to embrace the energies available to us at the peak of the lunar cycle…

What energy does a full Moon bring?

The full Moon is a powerful Moon phase occurring when Sun and Moon are opposing, which creates heightened energy that can influence emotions, intuition, and spiritual connections. Many people feel a surge in creativity and inspiration during this time, as a sense of excitement and vibrancy moves through the collective.

The full moon is also associated with the release of negative energy, as from this point onward light and power decrease in alignment with the waning Moon.

Woman moonbathing

Why do I feel energized during a full moon?

During a full moon, you’ll likely notice feeling energized, and this is likely due to the Moon’s influence on the Earth’s energy field and consequently, on human energy levels.  The increased brightness of the Moon’s full phase can impact melatonin production and I notice this can disrupt my sleep patterns. In others, this may lead to heightened alertness and energy levels.

As the peak of the 29-day lunar cycle, the full Moon offers a natural high point in the lunar month, imbued with positivity, openness and inspiration, which likely contributes to feeling of being energized. And the full Moon’s pinnacle is also mirrored in the menstrual cycles of women, coinciding with ovulation.

It’s also widely recognized that the Moon’s gravitational pull exerts an influence on the bodies of ocean water, and therefore the water within every human body too – we are around 60% H20, after all! So in contrast, you may feel bloated or sluggish, and this is most strongly felt around supermoons.

What is the spiritual power of the full Moon?

The spiritual power of the full Moon is revered across cultures for its ability to enhance intuition, amplify manifestations, and cleanse energy. Believed to symbolize completion and illumination, the full Moon is associated with heightened spiritual awareness, making it an auspicious time for meditation, intention setting, and connecting with higher consciousness.

I love to harness full Moon energy for spiritual growth, healing rituals, and manifestation practices.

Full Moon rise over Ocean with pink sky

10 Ways to tap into the BIG energy of the full Moon

Now let’s take a look at a few ways of the best ways I’ve discovered over the years, to harness the spiritual energy and power we’ve been exploring…

1. Try moonlight scrying

Moonlight scrying under the light of the full Moon offers a powerful method for divination and gaining insight. I utilise this ancient practice by gazing into reflective surfaces, such as water, or black mirrors (an ordinary mirror would work, as would a crystal ball) under the Moon’s luminous glow to access deeper spiritual knowledge.

As the Moon’s energy is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, scrying during this phase can amplify the connection to the subconscious mind and spiritual realms. Here’s how –

  • Find a quiet outdoor space or a room with a clear view of the Moon.
  • Set up a reflective surface, such as a bowl of water or a mirror, and position it to capture the moon’s reflection.
  • Relax your mind and allow your gaze to soften and your thoughts to flow freely.
  • Notice any images, symbols, or intuitive feelings that arise, as they may hold significant messages or insights related to your current path, questions, or concerns.

2. Explore lucid dreaming

The heightened lunar energy can influence dream states, making it an optimal time to cultivate lucidity and control within your dreams.

Real lucid dreaming is an advanced technique, but you can begin exploring this practice by setting the intention before you fall asleep, to become aware within the dream state.

I always keep a dream journal nearby to record my experiences upon awakening (you could also speak your memory aloud by creating an audio recording).

3. Create a full Moon crystal grid

Creating crystal grids is a powerful way to amplify conscious manifestation, and this is one of my favourite practices to do under the light of full Moons.

Select crystals aligned with your desires and arrange them in a geometric pattern, such as a flower of life or sacred geometry design, on a sacred space under the Moon. To activate my grids, I infuse the crystals with intentions as I arrange them, and visualize the energy of the full moon charging and magnifying their properties. 

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4. Craft a gorgeous Moon bath ritual

Moon rituals involving water are always potent, as la Luna is so intimately connected with this element. Full Moon bath rituals with herbs, salts and essential oils offer a deeply rejuvenating and spiritually enriching experience.

5. Hold a full Moon fire ceremony

Full Moons are the ideal time for a fire ceremony. It’s a transformative and ancient practice that harnesses both the celebratory quality of the full Moon and its capacity for facilitating inner purification and renewal.

  • Find a safe outdoor space, build and light your ceremonial fire.
  • As the Moon rises, gather together with friends, with intention and reverence.
  • Write down what you wish to release or transform on a piece of paper.
  • One by one, approach the fire, offering your written intentions to the flames, allowing the fire to symbolically burn away that which no longer serves you.
  • As the flames consume the paper, trust that old patterns are being released, and new opportunities will emerge in their place.
  • After the ceremony, take time for reflection and gratitude, embracing the transformative power of the full moon’s energy in your life.

6. Explore lunar astrology

During the full Moon, delve into your birth chart, noting your natal moon sign and its aspects. Paying attention to how the current full Moon aligns with your birth Moon, and any other planets or points.

Personally, the full Moon affects my capacity to see clearly and truthfully, which is why analyzing your chart at this bright lunar phase can offer SO much insight, especially into emotional needs, spirituality and areas for shadow work.

Look at the astrological house that the full Moon illuminates in your birth chart, as this will likely reveal specific areas of life where spiritual insights and emotional fulfillment can be found.

(Read this if you discover you were born on a Full Moon!)

7. Try Moon bathing

When the Moon appears full in the night sky, a profound and luxurious way to take in her frequency is to Moon bathe. Not quite the same as bathing in a tub of water, Moon bathing involves laying down for a few moments, or a few hours (make sure you stay warm!) under the full Moon, to absorb moonlight through your skin.

You can get a lot of spiritual power from Moon in this way. Other benefits include deep relaxation, emotional calm, peace and balance, and improved sleep patterns, as well as facilitating a more profound connection to the great mystery of nature and the divine feminine.

8. Create full Moon elixirs

A Full Moon elixir is a kind of Moon water blended with herbs, crystals, and other essential essences to form a magickal liquid. I often use mine in spellwork for manifestation, protection, or any other use that aligns with my intention for that lunar phase.

  • Begin by placing a glass jar filled with purified water in a moonlit area before the full Moon reaches its peak.
  • Add healing herbs, flowers, water-safe crystals, and any other ingredients (that you have researched thoroughly!) such as lavender, chamomile, or rose petals.
  • As the water absorbs the Moon’s energy, it will also become charged with the vibrations and vitality of your magical additions.
  • After the elixir has been infused overnight, strain out the herbs and flowers, and the elixir is ready for use.

9. Perform a Moon dance ritual

A full Moon ritual doesn’t have to be all serious! I often make sure I add in movement and dance, because it’s a great way to shake up stagnant energy, so the body, mind and spirit are all ready to welcome in something new.

This Moon ritual is one of my simplest, yet has the potential to really transform your life. On the full Moon day or night, I put on some of my favorite high-energy music and get moving!

You could even invite friends over and share the love!

10. Call in lunar deities

Many lunar deities are associated with full Moons, so this is the ideal time to call them into your life, petitioning them for guidance and support.

Feel into who you may want to work with – here’s a list of Moon goddesses from around the world.

Selene, Artemis, and Rhiannon are popular Goddesses, but it’s important to trust your instincts, and if you’re not sure then ask the deity you most need in your life, to step forward.

Woman holding a full Moon

More full Moon rituals…

If you LOVE the energy of the Moon, there are so many more full Moon rituals you can practice, from magnetism to release.

Here are a few more –

The important thing when it comes to working with full Moons, is to understand your own motivation and set the right intention.

Knowing this from the offset will help you determine if full Moon power is really what you need, or whether another lunar phase – the waxing Moon or even waning Moon – could be better suited to your needs.

Some manifestation ritual practices are much more effective at the new Moon. For example, for new projects or long term-goals, setting a new Moon intention will likely serve you much better. The new Moon brings the new energy of new beginnings that is slow burning and gains momentum over time. Whereas the intense, dynamic burst of full Moon energy will begin to decrease mere days after the peak.

Now let me know what YOU love to do at the full Moon phase! Leave a comment below and share your favourite lunar prctice on the list… 

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