It’s the Full Moon, so Charge your Crystals! But How Do Crystals Work?

Full Moon’s Up People… Time to Get Your Crystals Out!

Yep, the Full Moon phase is the time when crystal healers, practitioners, and enthusiasts galore head to the dusty corners of cupboards, shelves, and altars, gathering up their favourite mineral miscellany. To lay them all outside under the moonlight to cleanse and re-charge.

But WHY? And what’s the deal with crystals anyway?

Let’s break it down…

Crystals are one of many expressed forms of consciousness.

Basic in shape, matter, and pattern, yes, but they are, in fact, perfectly balanced forms of consciousness, which just so happen to belong to the mineral ream of the Earth.

Just as we, humans, are expressions of our own human consciousness, and plants and trees are also an expression of a slightly different, but no less living form of consciousness, we’re ALL alive, having an experience here on planet Earth it this very moment.

But these experiences are deeper than just being an expression of something:

We have collectively manifested ourselves.

No one else did it for us. It’s ancestral, it’s genetic, and most of the processes it takes we’re not even controlling. But we are constantly manifesting every single aspect of our bodies, our realities, and ourselves… Through our consciousness.

Plants do the same.

They manifest themselves, from seed to maturity, creating their ‘bodies’ according to their genetics and situational variants.

And so do crystals

We don’t easily perceive crystals as growing: their structure looks pretty sedentary. But it’s only because their timeframe for change is so much more enormous than our own.

But they ARE alive.

And they also contain the power to manifest themselves, through their own expressed form of consciousness.

Ever seen an “imperfect” crystal?

Now consider the imperfections that humans can embody. I don’t mean things to do with beauty and taste, I mean the illness, disease, and imbalance that people go through in their lives. Each of these kinds of incidences happens first on the level of consciousness, before its symptom occurs in the third-dimensional realm, AKA in the human body.

Again, the same is true for plants, and for crystals: “imperfections” manifest first on the energetic planes.

…but how many ‘diseased’ crystals do you come across?!

Maybe there are potential crystals that simply do not come into being: the Amethyst that never was? But the very nature of these minerals IS their uniformity, their clarity, and their perfection. So crystals are, in a sense, a much more evolved forms of life, than we are.

How (and why) do crystals interact with us?

Radiating out of all living things, are their electromagnetic fields (EMF). And the EMF of one living thing interacts with the EMF of another living thing (or non-living things, like electrical appliances). You can feel the power of this when somebody stands too close to you and you get a hit of unwanted energy. But it works the other way too – ever feel inextricably drawn to a person or a place?

It’s the nature of life, as we know it, to expand, grow, and increase its awareness.

So when we’re in the presence of someone or something that’s vibrating on a higher frequency than we are, our EMF wants to ‘catch up’.

Your vibrational frequency will self-adjust, which will then slightly affect your level of consciousness. You may feel better, gain some knowledge, be healthier, or the change may be imperceptible. (You can be ‘slowed down’ too, but it requires more effort, and the introduction of denser, or ‘negative energy’. That explains the huge amounts of time and money spent on fear-inducing tactics in the world at large, but that’s another story…)

When you’re in the presence of a crystal that has formed absolutely, pristinely, intentionally, and perfectly from a consciousness equally as perfect, its EMF emits that vibration.  That is what interact with, and affect your own. Put simply: when you’re around crystals, they lift your vibration.

…When we consciously interact with crystals, they really, really lift our vibration!

Each different type of crystal emits its own frequency and there are countless variants. They can affect different forms of illness within the physical and emotional bodies, energize or soothe specific chakra points and enhance mental and even spiritual understanding.

** Note that sometimes this can feel worse before it feels better. Certain crystals may work to bring to the surface something that is painful to deal with, yet is ready to be cleansed.

What’s with programming crystals?

Another vital quality of certain stones and crystals is their ability to be programmed and store memory.

This was discovered by the incredibly prolific Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marcel Vogel, who spent his career researching for IBM. He discovered the capacity that quartz crystals have for accepting programs and for storing and transmitting information, in the form of silicon chips (molecularly, quartz is silicon dioxide).

Silicon chips are used today in virtually all computing technology. So in this form, we know that quartz is activated when it has electrical energy running through it (when you turn on your computer or phone, it works). But Vogal took this one experiment further. He theorized, and then proved, that quartz can be programmed and will transmit information with conscious intention alone, without the need for electrical circuitry.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that his own scientific community ostracized him on the publication of these discoveries.

When things don’t fit the status quo…. 🙄

This is how people who work with crystals and crystal grids infuse them with certain power and energy: intention.

Human intention is a truly potent force.

Let’s talk about crystal energy and awakening and healing on planet Earth

As well as the massive role that quartz has played in the technological revolution, crystals are playing a much more subtle, but no less significant role in the spiritual awakening occurring on the planet at the moment.

Many healers use the innate, purifying, healing energies of certain crystals to balance, cleanse and re-energize people’s energy fields. Crystal healing is a powerful way to heal many types of sickness, enabling people to get on and grow into their lives.

I know of people who are programming crystals with love and positive energy, and sending them to parts of the Earth that are in desperate need of healing influences: Fukushima, for example. The programmed crystals act like mini transmitters of healing intent, for thousands of people who are not in those places in person, but who’s conscious intent for Earth’s healing is. And radiation is clearing.

Lemurian quartz?

There are crystals that are hundreds of thousands, even millions of years old, formed in times of pre-history, of which we have virtually no relics or knowledge now. These crystals (Atlantean and Lemurian quartz, for example) store ancient coded knowledge from these times that is only now beginning to be accessed by those with the right capabilities.

Crystal protection?

I have gridded pieces of Amazonite around my computer and Internet hub, to transmute the potentially harmful effects of their EMFs (and unknown effects of Wi-Fi) on my own field, and those of the people in my home.

I wear a piece of moldavite around my neck, a crystal that was formed when a giant meteorite struck the Earth around 15 million years ago. This beautiful tiny green mineral still contains the energetic vibration of these extra-terrestrial and transformational energies and I can honestly say that I recognize the shifts that have occurred in my life since I began consciously interacting with it and wearing it every day.

 So why put your crystals outside on a full Moon?

As well as being transmitters, crystals absorb energy.

Like us, they’re affected by negative energy and influences, as well as positive ones. They need cleansing, or more specifically, they need opportunities to re-tune their crystal system vibration back to its essential, unadulterated frequency.

Sustained exposure to Full Moon white light-energy offers an effective way for them to do this.

It’s not necessary to do this very regularly, but just a few hours here and there can be SO cleansing.

Use your intuition to gauge when to cleanse your crystals under the full Moon, or whether to use another method. Try:

  • Cleansing in sea salt (take your crystals for a trip to the beach! They’ll love you forever!)
    *Don’t do this with Selenite – it dissolves in water
  • Smudging with white sage (or another incense)
  • Bury your stones in the soil, underground to be cleansed and re-charged by Mother Earth.
  • Place them in sunlight for a few hours.

There is SO much more to using crystals than I have space to write about here This is a super-brief intro to some of the “whys” of crystals, which are sometimes difficult to find out.

If you are interested, I invite you to go and find a shop or market, or even a museum, and simply spend some time looking at and holding different crystals, to see how they feel to you. Then get a few good books and do some research.

My go-to guide is always ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall, I think there are at least three volumes.

Another thing. Crystals often seem to come and go. You may inexplicably lose a favourite, or discover one you’ve never seen before in your pocket. They have a tendency to do this! (They’re conscious beings, remember?!) It’s almost as though that piece of quartz has a sixth sense, knowing just when you need a particular kind of support, or when somebody else does. So if this happens just go with it, for as is often the case, there is probably more going on than appears on the surface.

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