What’s Your Moon & Menstrual Cycle Connection?

How does YOUR Blood Flow?

The Moon has long been associated with the menstrual cycle in cultures all around the world.

From ancient times to the present day, many people have recognized that the phases of the Moon have a powerful influence on the female body and its reproductive system.

How do we know the Moon and the menstrual cycles are really connected?

This connection between the Moon and the menstrual cycle has been the subject of SO much fascination and speculation, with many theories and beliefs about how the two cycles are connected.

And science continues its search and struggle to find definitive evidence that this is really true, even while all the menstruating women out there know their blood cycle is connected to the Moon.

For many, many women, the connection something we experience as a monthly truth.

Yet for each study that finds a link between menstrual patterns and the lunar phases, another finds no relationship at all.

And for many women, there genuinely is no correlation. Which isn’t really that surprising for a number of reasons.

Consider only how detached many women have become from the idea of living cyclically, instead kidnapped by the linear path of progress.

And think about how many disruptive ingredients there are in our daily lives, which impact on our delicate hormonal balance.

Yet despite it all, in my own experience, the more you develop a relationship with the Moon and her phases, the more tuned into her your body becomes.

And before very long at all, the two cycles synchronise.

BUT before we go any further…

This synchronization does NOT necessarily mean woman ovulate at the Full Moon and bleed at the New.


The way that these cycles dance around each other is a creation in and of itself. And it’s this interplay where real magic can occur…

What IS the connection between the menstrual cycle and the Moon cycle?

The phases of your menstrual cycle provide an underlying structure.

They are a kind of blueprint around which you can organize your life, to support and enable your own best performance. And the way in which your personal cycle aligns with the rhythm of the Moon, means that your energetic output throughout the month is influenced by hers. At times, your efforts will be met and charged with her powerful energetic pull.

Some women bleed with the new Moon, and some bleed with the full.

This can vary according to your age, time of life, any preoccupations you have, or whether you are actively participating in any rites of passage (for example for women, or girls who have just started their periods, for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for women approaching menopause).

The most common experience, and that most aligned with what we know of our ancestral grandmothers’ cycles, is to bleed around the time of the new Moon, when her light and energy (and ours) is at its lowest ebb. BUT in today’s world, there is no right and there is no wrong.

Let’s leave any judgments here. Now.

Yet… it can help to have a basic outline of the interconnected phases, and how they influence women.

Menstrual / Bleeding Phase / Waning Crescent / New Moon

Physically, you are bleeding, feeling tired and inactive with possible lower back pain and pelvic cramps. See these as signs and encouragement to rest and retreat!

Emotional strength is at its lowest ebb.

You are likely inwardly focused, preferring quiet and probably solitude.

It’s time for consciously releasing outmoded beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, along with the bodily release of blood. It’s important to do this now, so that anything that no longer serves us is not carried with us over into the next cycle.

Intuition is heightened – the two hemispheres of the brain are most actively communicating at this phase so intuitive insights and messages may be received.

As bleeding slows, it’s time for consciously setting intentions for the new cycle and emerging from this time of retreat.

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Pre-Ovulation / Follicular Phase / Waxing Crescent / First Quarter / Waxing Gibbous Moon

The pituitary glands release follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which is the signal the ovaries need to get ready to ovulate.

Physical and emotional energy is rising.

You likely feel more open to others and to the possibilities around you.

Rising confidence enables you to attract more of what you desire into your life.

You likely feel increasingly creative, enthusiastic and eager to make plans and put them into action.

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Ovulatory Phase / Full / Waning Gibbous Moon

Ovulation occurs.

Physically you’re at your strongest and most alert. Emotionally you are energized and confident.

High, stable estrogen levels mean that you feel open, sociable, and communicative, so the general mood is great!

It’s the best time in the cycle to throw or attend a party, to go on dates and schedule meetings. This is because communication skills are at their sharpest, you’re thinking quickly, calmly and logically, and have the stamina to keep going!

You may be more aware of your appearance and become flirtatious and sexually confident (this is your most fertile phase).

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Luteal / Pre-Menstrual Phase = Waning Gibbous / Last Quarter / Waning Crescent Moon)

You start to experience a decline in physical and emotional energy, and towards the end of the cycle, premenstrual symptoms may appear.

You may become anxious, irritable and defensive in an attempt to push others away, in order to create the space you need to be alone.

You feel the desire to perform self-care rituals, to restore and honor the body and aid in its natural cleansing and repair. Emotionally, these kinds of activities (long hot baths, massage, facials, manicures, etc.) help us to feel soothed and grounded.

You likely begin to seek more comfort and the familiar.

The particular ratio of hormones at this phase increases our attention to detail, and you may become absorbed in domestic chores and feel the urge to take stock and have a good clear out.

Emotionally, it’s also time to take stock and reflect on the cycle, which can result in feeling either proud of what you’ve achieved or disappointed in yourself. This reflection prepares you to strip back and release any aspects of yourself no longer desired or required, as you anticipate the release that comes with your next bleeding phase.

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Ebb and flow is your natural state

The depth you need or wish to dive into any of these phases is up to you, and remember: it will change according to where you are on your own journey. But the basic pattern and rhythm hold true for all women, so it’s important to remember that the ebb and flow is your natural state. Modern society may demand a single, relentless, progressive pace, but that has never been our natural, female way – our bodies tell us so!

Once you have an awareness of this rhythm, it is far easier to start to tune into your body and emotions and then respond in whatever way is needed most.

Honouring the female cycles of fertility and menstruation is the responsibility of each single one of us, and is one of the most vital and practical ways we can keep on encouraging the awakening of the divine feminine energies within.

Now, tell me how this cyclic knowledge is landing for you!

Up until now, has your cycle been a friend, or a foe? Leave me a comment and let me know where you are on your journey!




  1. Jane Reynolds

    I’ve had an interest in the connection between the moon and the female cycle since being aware that I ovulated on a full moon. As I studied natural family planning I had an ongoing record of my cycle. I have found Iit interesting that since having a hysterectomy including removal of ovaries that my moods have fluctuated in exactly the same way as before – ie high almost manic emotions before the full moon and dark reflective uneasy emotion just before the new moon. Proving to me the power of the moon. I would be interested to hear from others if they find once the moon’s stages of full and new have just passed whether their emotions become less intense? Xj

    • Kat

      This is so interesting – that the emotional sways are not fixed so tightly to biology. I am really interested also in the experience of post-menopausal women, and the shamanistic idea of menopause as rebirth. It’s a fascinating realm!

    • Sarah

      Yes! I am in menopause and still clearly have a cycle that corresponds to moon phases. Symptoms include energy fluctuations, pelvic cramps (hello ovaries, I know you’re still there!) moods, bloating, food cravings, etc. It’s all much more muted than while menstruating, but definitely happening. I’d love to find material on this, and even a cycle tracker app for post menopause.

  2. Celeste

    So If I am menstruating on the full moon?

    • Kat

      Hi Celeste, I think each and every woman’s body knows it’s own rhythm and how this dances around the rhythms of the Moon. The combination of energies created is what YOUR body needs, at this time.

      The important thing is to listen to it, and respond to what it’s telling you to do.
      SO if you need to rest up and bleed during the Full Moon, soaking up its light in ways which will illuminate your internal world, then do that!!
      And if that means you are ovulating at the New Moon, then you could attach the release of your egg to the release of an idea or a project and let it grow with the waxing Moon…!

      These are kind of simplistic examples, but I think whatever rhythm you’re on is like that for a reason, you just need to tap in. I hope this helps. Kat x

  3. Tess

    Wow, so many things are making sense to me now reading your words, my cycle is of the new moon and ovulation at the full moon. I have had the signs for years and have had a knowledge of the effects on a full moon, this is when my wild woman appears in the confident and sexual manner, and then my need for space, isolation and self care coming up to the new moon, these pages are helping with my enlightenment of who I really am. Thank you xx

    • Candice

      Wow, I got chills as I read this article. I am as regular as the sun coming up each day, (28 day cycles) I started today on a waxing crescent and its energies are spot on for me. It’s almost overwhelming the connection I’m discovering.

      • Katherine Anne Lee

        That’s amazing to hear Candice! The Moon and the body are SO connected! ♡

  4. Sonja L Bailey

    I haven’t had a period in years and I started my period today and the moon is so full! This is so strange anybody have any ideas? I’m 52 and good health emotionally and mentally stable… I don’t know ? Very strange and out of the blue. Maybe something to do with ascenstion and the return of the feminine?

    • seni

      same thing happened to me 50 years age and not having a period for about a year and just got it now during the blue moon 1 31 2018

    • Ka Smithereens

      I believe you are onto somethingwiyh Ascension and rebalancing of the Divine feminine. I’ve recently started to be in perfect timing with the new moon and full moon cyclic pattern. One day before, for 3 months now. Interesting enough it has occurred after the purchase of a telescope and observing Luna regularly…and it coincided with the new moon in aqaurius, with the sun in it’s home sign of Leo….which happens to be the opposition to my sun sign of Aquarius! And this particular event also marked my ‘half way mark’ into my 37th year, making me approximately 37 years 6 months on that date. Also note I was born on a Monday, the day of the moon….I am fascinated by this. I did not realize that people actually employed methods to get the synchronization with the moon. I did know the timing with the female system is brilliant, yet the lunar goddess wows me yet again!

  5. Candice

    My cycle is the complete same as written, though on feb 10th 2015 at 23.30 in Australia gave birth to a daughter, who’s natal chart is insane, same chart as Venus. What would this mean?

  6. Patricia

    I’m 57 and I haven’t had a period for many years. Out of the blue, I’ve had very light spotting on and off since the first eclipse, last month until now. I’m single, my children are adults. This is very strange. Even when I was menstruating I was always regular. If I was late, I knew I was pregnant. Is this a common occurrence for Post menopausal women? I’ve made a GYN appointment. I just need to know if I should worry!

  7. Pratima

    I have menstruation most often on full moons and believe it is so because of the gravitational pull of the moon being at its highest. I also see a strong connection between PMS and the full moon as emotions run high when the mother moon is actually moaning at the lost opportunity to motherhood.

    • Julia

      I like this thought, Pratima. I also ovulate on the full moon, or just as it starts to wane. I PMS as the moon is getting full, and those are very intense days!

  8. Haley Smith

    So if I’m already ovulating a week before the full moon(a week early) , am I out of sync? If so, what can I be doing to move my period closer to waning crescent moon cycle?

  9. Jackie

    So how does this work if I’m post-menopausal?

  10. Rebecca

    Im trying to understand me and ive been noticing little pains these last weeks related to my peiord and today is the last quater and i got my period. For 3 weeks ive been working non stop no days off. So that would mean. The full moon, 3 weeks ago i was at my best and now i. Low im trying to learn what all these pahases mean you know im still little confused but so far this is what i got.

  11. Savannah

    Lovely article! What does it mean if you ovulate/bleed during the quarter moon phases and have your follicular and luteal phases during the new/full moon phases?

  12. Rose Anna

    Hi guys, I totally love your website. I’m so glad I stumbled across it!

    I loved reading the content on this page, but I’m still looking for some answers.

    I’ve been tracking my cycle for a year now and noticed something really odd. I seem to be doing a full moon cycle every 8 months, meaning that I’m a different moon phase every single month but it’s in order. In January I was a third quarter moon, February I was a waning gibbous moon, March I was full moon, April I was waxing gibbous, May I was a first quarter, June I was a waxing crescent, and July I was a new moon, August I was waning crescent, September I was a third quarter again and so forth. It seems to be going around in a cyclical fashion, but there’s no information anywhere at all about this type of cycle. I’d be interested to know if this actually is a cycle, and whether you have heard of it before. Thanks!


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