Harness the Power of your Red Moon Cycle (what it means to bleed at the Full Moon)

menstruating woman with a red Moon cycle

Have you been bleeding at the Full Moon? What you’re experiencing is actually a spiritual phenomenon, known as the red Moon cycle.

The red moon cycle describes a menstrual cycle that begins during a full moon. This means that you get your period when the lunar cycle reaches it’s climax, whilst your own ovulation phase coincides with the new Moon.

While there are only snippets of scientific evidence to support the idea that the lunar cycle affects the menstrual cycle, many women know there’s a connection. And if you start tracking your period, your moods and emotions in relation to the lunar cycles, then it’s highly likely you’ll discover a correlation too.

Understanding the Moon Cycle

If you’re interested in learning more about the red moon cycle, it’s important to first understand the Moon cycle as a whole. Our Moon goes through a series of phases, caused by its orbit around the Earth. These phases are a result of the relative positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Phases of the Moon

Moon cycles are often separated up into eight distinct phases, which are:

One lunar cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days. This is the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth.

The Menstrual Cycle and the Moon

Is it a coincidence that a woman’s menstrual cycle also lasts between 25 and 31 days?

If you’re a menstruating woman, you’re likely aware of the changing phases that you go through each month, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. These can be divided into four distinct phases:

  • Bleeding / menstrual phase
  • Pre-ovulation / follicular phase
  • Ovulation phase
  • Pre-menstrual / luteal phase

The eight lunar phases can also be grouped into 4:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning moon

Moon Cycle and Menstruation: The Connection

The lunar cycle with its four phases, and the average menstrual cycle of a woman and its four phases all correlate.

Want to dive a little deeper? 

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Of course not all women have the same cycle length – some have shorter or longer cycles, or even irregular cycles. And there’s a lot of modern day interference with menstruation (which we’ll go into later), yet the connection is undoubtable.

BUT… the distinct phases in each cycle – the lunar cycle and a woman’s menstrual cycle – don’t always align with each other in the same way.

Your menstrual phase may fall on the new Moon, the waxing, waning, or the full Moon. Your luteal phase may fall on the waning Moon or new Moon (or any other lunar phase).

It’s this shifting rhythm that creates the different menstruation moon cycles – the red Moon cycle, and the white Moon cycle are the two most common, but there are others too.

Here’s the basic outline of the two most common menstruation Moon cycles.


White Moon cycle

  • Menstrual / bleeding phase ⎜NEW MOON
  • Pre-ovulation / follicular phase⎜WAXING MOON
  • Ovulation phase⎜FULL MOON
  • Pre-menstrual / luteal phase ⎜WANING MOON PHASE

Red Moon cycle

  • Menstrual / bleeding phase ⎜FULL MOON
  • Pre-ovulation / follicular phase⎜WANING MOON
  • Ovulation phase⎜NEW MOON
  • Pre-menstrual / luteal phase ⎜WAXING MOON PHASE
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Understanding the Red Moon Cycle

If your period coincides with the Full Moon, then you have a red moon cycle.

The term red Moon cycle woman describes a woman who menstruates with the full Moon. If this is you, it means your cycle begins at the Full Moon.

If you know a little about the Moon cycle, you’ll know that energy rises during the waxing lunar phases, climaxes at the full Moon, then retreats and disseminates during the waning lunar phases.

Energetically, this rhythm aligns closely with the white Moon cycle… but not so much with the red moon cycle. In fact, they seem to be opposing. But that’s exactly where the power of the red Moon woman lies.

This cycle is also sometimes referred to as the “Wise Woman” cycle, because in times of old it’s thought it was embodied by the wise women, the medicine women and the healers.

What is the difference between the red and white Moon cycle?

The main difference between the red and the white Moon cycles are that they are mirrors of each other. So it’s important to understand the white Moon cycle, to fully appreciate the significance of the red.

White Moon cycle

During a white Moon cycle, your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy is rising and falling with the flow and ebb of the Moon. This is mirrored in the 4 female archetypes.

At the new Moon, when the lunar cycle is just beginning… so are you.

During the waxing moon phases, light, energy, creativity and strength are all building. And so it is with you, as you move through the follicular phase of your own blood cycle.

At the full Moon, the cycle peaks. And so do you – you’re at your most fertile, ovulating, radient, glowing, and magnetic!

Then during the waning phase, light, energy, creativity and strength are all diminishing. And as you enter the luteal phase of your own body cycle, this same sense of retreat occurs on the inner plains. (This can often manifest in symptoms of PMS – emotional ups and downs, mood swings, physical health issues that tend to flare up during this time).

Red Moon cycle

BUT for women who have a red Moon cycle, this entire process is mirrored.

When YOUR menstrual cycle is beginning (and you’re bleeding) the lunar cycle is at its peak! This means that when lunar energy is at its greatest, you’re being called inwards.

Then during the waning Moon phases, your own light, energy, creativity and strength are building as you move through your follicular phase. At the new Moon – la Luna’s lowest ebb – you are at your peak, as ovulation occurs.

Then as the Moon waxes, building once more, you are retreating into darkness, and your luteal phase.

Because of its alignment with the lunar phases, the white Moon cycle tends to be associated with fertility. Ovulation coincides with the full, round-bellied Moon when life is bright, open, and dynamic. And menstruation occurs when the sky is dark, and the world sleeps.

Yet the red Moon cycle has a very different meaning…

red Moon cycle woman with red veil

What’s the spiritual meaning of the Red Moon Cycle?

The spiritual meaning of the red Moon cycle varies depending on who you ask, and all women will experience it a little differently. Yet one thing is for certain: This cycle isn’t about fertility in the traditional sense. The body of the red Moon woman isn’t preparing to bear a child.

Knowing this, the energy of the red Moon cycle can feel counterintuitive. It can feel like it goes against the grain of what most of us have been taught about cyclical wisdom, especially growing up in a world that favours women who are beautiful, young, fertile and interested in procreating.

But you and I both know that menstruating women are here for far more than making babies.

Spiritually, this cycle tends to arise in a woman’s life when she needs to put her power and focus into building, creating and nurturing her own ideas. She has something to birth – some project, wisdom, manifestation of real value – and it must come from deep within.

Women with a red Moon cycle ovulate – reaching the peak of their personal energetic and creative cycle – under the dark Moon. Meaning, as a red cycle woman, you have an abundance of energy available to you, during the dark Moon and New Moon phases.

It’s unique.

And it means the red Moon cycle woman has the opportunity to dive the deepest.

When she is at her most alive, creative and inspired, the world sleeps. Here, she is able to truly meet herself, diving the depths of her inner world, her inner knowing, her unconscious, her soma.

She is the mystic, the dreamer, the priestess of her own domain.

The red Moon cycle is often experienced by women being called into leadership roles. It may be daunting, uncomfortable or unfamiliar to be called onto this path (and modern female leadership isn’t about “power over” or participating in the dominator paradigm. Red Moon cycles are an invitation to begin moving your spiritual energy outward, into the world.

Red Moon cycles are a sign that your spiritual self actualisation needs completion. People need to hear what you have to say.

What does it mean to bleed at the full Moon?

During red Moon cycles, women bleed during the Full Moon. So instead of this being a bright, dynamic and sociable time, for these red women the peak of the lunar cycle becomes a time of rest and retreat.

When her world is dark, the Full Moon illuminates it for her. This is why women align with red Moon cycles when they are in a process of self-realisation. Women who are discovering, exploring, and becoming their truest, most authentic selves will often experience a full Moon period.

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The bleeding is the most spiritually powerful time in a woman’s cycle. When this coincides with the full Moon, the opportunity for spiritual self growth and actualisation are huge!

These are women who can’t hide who they are any longer. They can’t hide behind the roles that our society expects them to play.

What Red Moon cycles have to do with the dark feminine

When the the red moon woman bleeds, her dark feminine energy is rising into the light of the full Moon.

Her inner world is lit up, and the Goddess is showing the way through her inner realms.

Under the light of the full Moon, the red Moon women can traverse her personal underworld, transmute her shadows, and come back with the gold that the rest of humanity needs.

Women who can call down the potent power of the Full Moon, and combine that with the mysterious, descent of their own bleeding phase were regarded as the witches, healers, shamans, and medicine women of the ancient worlds. 

These were the women chosen by the dark feminine. She moves through their lives and out into the world.

Red Moon Cycles are less common that white Moon cycles, maybe because it takes strength, intelligence, awareness and courage to move with this rhythm.

Can I get pregnant on a red Moon cycle?

Yes, you can get pregnant on a Red Moon Cycle. While some people believe that only the white Moon cycle is associated with fertility, there is no real evidence to support this claim. If you don’t want to conceive you must be careful. Your chances of getting pregnant are the same during a red Moon cycle as they are during any other menstrual cycle.

If you’re trying to conceive, it’s important to track your menstrual cycle and ovulation to determine the best time to have sex. This can be done using a variety of methods, including ovulation predictor kits, basal body temperature tracking, and cervical mucus monitoring.

menstrual cup with rose

5 Tips for getting the most out of your red Moon cycle

Red Moon cycles are still less common that white Moon cycles. So fewer women understand what to do, when their menstruation falls into this pattern.

Here are a few tips so you know how to actually work with this sacred cycle:

1. Don’t fight it

There’s some strange misconception (hello patriarchal conditioning) that the white Moon cycle is the correct way to bleed. So women think that if they start getting a full Moon period, it must be synched back to the dark Moon.

It’s total rubbish!

Embrace the natural flow of your own cycle, exactly as it manifests through your body. Take in her medicine. Receive the gifts she has to offer you.

2. Talk about your red Moon cycle with other women!

Because it’s a more rare cycle, it can be important to share the experience of your Moon time with other women.

For some, discussing menstruation is still taboo! Yet it’s a vital part of the life experience of women, and a huge tool for understanding ourselves. We can all grow so much more if we share the journey.

3. Bleed into the Earth

At the full Moon, the Earth is open and receptive, making it a magical time to offer your sacred blood to Mother Earth. Use a menstrual cup to collect your menstrual blood, then pour it onto the land as an offering. Or if you’re brave, free bleed straight onto the land.

4. Do your shadow work

The pre menstrual phase is one of the best times for doing shadow work. For women with red cycles, this coincides with the waxing phase of the Moon.

You can use the growing lunar light and pure creative energy to of the Moon phase to fuel your exploration, giving this work of personal growth a brave, dynamic edge.

5. Explore the dark feminine mysteries

When your menstruation falls into alignment with the red Moon, it is a sign that the dark feminine is calling. She calls for us to stop masking, self censoring, and dumbing down our raw expressive nature.

This cycle is an invitation to sep into your own power and self-actualization.

The dark feminine is a potent ally in this work.

A couple of other Moon cycles…

Apart from the red and the white Moon cycle, there are a couple of other menstrual cycles to be aware of.

Pink Moon cycle

If you bleed during the waxing Moon phase, then you have what’s known as a pink Moon cycle, or a pink cycle.

This waxing lunar phase is emergent, growing, building, and becoming. Often women who have had a white Moon cycle will transition to this one, as they’re entering a new phase of their own self-realisation.

Purple Moon cycle

If you bleed during the waning Moon phase, then you have what’s known as a purple Moon cycle, or a purple cycle.

This lunar phase is disseminating, it’s about retreat, introspection, and integration. Often women who have had a red Moon cycle will transition to this one, as they’re ready to release aspects of themselves to make space for something new.

Moon woman in a sea of red flowers

How modern life can affect your menstrual cycle

The Moon has been a symbol of femininity and fertility for centuries. However, with modern life, our connection to the moon’s natural rhythms has been disrupted. Many women experience irregular cycles due to various factors, including artificial light and birth control.

Artificial light and menstrual cycles

Artificial light can have a significant impact on your menstrual cycle. Exposure to light at night can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which can affect your sleep patterns and hormone production. This disruption can lead to irregular periods, making it difficult to predict when your next period will occur.

To minimize the impact of artificial light on your menstrual cycle, try to limit your exposure to screens and bright lights at night. You can also invest in blackout curtains to create a darker sleeping environment.

Birth control and menstrual cycles

Birth control will affect your menstrual cycle.

Hormonal birth control methods, such as the pill, patch, or ring, can seem as though they are regulating your cycle, making your periods more predictable. However, what you experience when you bleed, is a false period. Artificial birth control is disrupting your body’s natural rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered any of these?! Here are a few quick-fire questions and answers on all things related to red Moon cycles.

How does the red moon cycle affect fertility?

Whether women’s menstrual cycles synch up to the red moon cycle or the white Moon cycle, both as fertile as each other. Yet the most fertile time of their cycles will be different.

Women experiencing a white moon cycle are more fertile at the full Moon.

Women experiencing a red Moon cycle are more fertile at the new Moon.

It’s important to track your own menstrual cycle and ovulation to determine your most fertile time. It will be unique to you , so don’t take any chances, or make any assumptions.

What are some rituals for the red moon cycle?

There are many rituals associated with the red moon cycle.

New Moon rituals you can try include intention setting and manifestation rituals. As a red Moon woman, you’re ovulating under this phase so you are magnetic, receptive and open, making this an ideal time to draw things into your life.

Full Moon rituals you can try include clearing and release rituals. As you bleed, your body is in a natural process of release, making it an ideal time for letting go of what no longer serves you.

You may also like to try journaling, as the light of the full Moon can serve to illuminate your inner world.

What is the significance of the red moon cycle in witchcraft?

In witchcraft, the red moon cycle is often seen as a cycle offering increased power and magic. Since ancient times, it is believed that women who bleed under the full Moon are more in tune with their intuition and can better connect with the Spirit realms.

Many modern witches align with their red moon cycles to perform spells and rituals related to love, fertility, and abundance.

How does the red moon cycle differ from the white moon cycle?

The red moon cycle is associated with the full moon, while the white moon cycle is associated with the new moon. Women who experience the red moon cycle bleed during the full moon and ovulate during the new moon, while women who experience the white moon cycle bleed during the new moon and ovulate during the full moon.

Can the red moon cycle affect manifestation?

Yes, many people believe that the red moon cycle can have a powerful effect on manifestation. During the full Moon, red cycle women are believed to be more connected to their intuition, and more in touch with the liminal, spiritual plains. So the manifestation of ideas into matter and form can be accelerated, and our personal power to manifest amplified.

This can make it easier to manifest your desires and bring your goals to fruition.

What is the connection between menstruation and full moon magic?

The connection between menstruation and full moon magic is complex and multifaceted. Many people believe that menstruation is a time of heightened spiritual power, during which women are more in tune with their intuition and more able to connect with the divine.

The full Moon is associated with abundance and manifestation, making it a powerful time for magic and ritual. Together, these two forces can create a potent combination that can help you manifest BIG desires and reach your goals more quickly.

Have any more questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to this section!

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