The BEST Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting Anything in 2024

Candle held in hands for full moon manifesting ritual

Our Moon has always been a powerful symbol of magnetism and creativity. Creating a full Moon ritual for manifestation is one of the BEST ways you can connect to the Moon’s energy, and use it for positive transformation.

Since ancient times, the Moon has been revered as a symbol of the cycles of life.

She shows us the different phases of growth, creativity, and climax. Then dissolution, death, and rebirth. Every lunar month, she models these phases through her shifting shape and natural rhythm. And this allows and invites us to do the same, as we weave our paths through life.

The Moon shows us that there are times for action, and times for rest. Times to get up and try and times to strip back, and let go of what’s no longer needed. 

What is a Full Moon Ritual?

A full moon ritual is a set of very intentional, symbolic actions that are performed together at the time of the Full Moon. These can range from writing, singing, and movement, to burning or burying something…. and everything in between! But what’s most important – the golden thread that runs through all rituals – is to set intentions.

Intention is like the driving force around which all the other elements of your ritual revolve.

… And intention gives the ritual purpose. Usually, this is to meet a goal, like manifesting something, or releasing something.

HOW the ritual gets you from intention setting to goal achievement is kind of a mystery at this point. So you don’t have to figure out all of the next steps. The purpose of your full moon manifestation ritual is simply to call in power and set the ball rolling.

Why do we do full moon rituals?

Moon rituals are a powerful way for humans to participate in the flow of the rhythm of the lunar cycle. Rituals enable us to co-create with Spirit (the Universe, God, One-ness… whatever you want to call it), applying a little cosmic momentum to our own goals and desires.

Creating a Full Moon ritual is a brilliant place to start because la Luna’s energy is so strong at this phase. You don’t need experience of ritual or ceremony to have a go.

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You don’t need to belong to any tradition or be doing any earth-based spiritual practices already. You simply need the intention, and motivation to have a go… Plus a few tools to make the manifestation process easier, and more fun, if you want!

Does the full Moon manifest or release?

The energy of the full Moon is ideal for BOTH manifesting and releasing!

Because the Full Moon is a time of peak energy, it’s an incredible source of power. So it’s great for magnetizing and amplifying whatever you set intentions on.

Yet because the Full Moon is the start of the waning phases of the lunar cycle, it’s also a great time for release. That’s because this momentum of letting go and disseminating can also be utilized.

Which Moon is best for manifesting?

What are you trying to manifest, and how quickly? The Full Moon is generally best for fast, magnetic, magickal manifestation because its energy is potent and intense. 

At the New Moon, we usually sow seeds of intent for the upcoming lunar cycle. These refer to things you want to steadily build over the upcoming four weeks (and beyond). The New Moon is a natural starting point for the gradual work we do during each of the moon phases, in turn.

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Decided you need to harness full Moon energy? Then before you begin, you’ll need to find out when the next Full Moon is.

The internet has plenty of sources, and you may even want to install a moon app on your phone to keep up to date. Full Moons arrive roughly every 29.5 days, and each one lands in a different sign of the zodiac. To supercharge your efforts, align the intention of your ritual with the current Moon sign.

How do you do a full Moon ritual for manifesting?

  1.  Think about your full Moon intentions
  2. Create sacred space
  3. Prepare sacred objects or tools
  4. Gorund yourself
  5. Speak your intentions aloud
  6. Perform your ritual act
  7. Give gratitude and close

The number one thing to remember when creating your Full Moon ritual is to make it YOURS. It must feel natural and instinctive, and fit into your belief system, and spiritual capacities, as well as your schedule, your timeframe, and the space you have around you!

There’s no point expecting yourself to hold a full moon manifestation circle with twenty other women if you can only just squeeze into your own living room! (Rent a room, and hosting Moon circles is something you can work up to!)

Remember – you don’t have to impress anyone, and your set-up needn’t look like anybody else’s. It can be easy in this time of Instagram and Pinterest to think you need the perfect Moon altar cloth, and an exquisite crystal grid made of selenite wands.

But seriously, put your electronic devices away, avoid comparing yourself with a thousand perfectly curated and filtered photographs, and focus on harnessing the Moon’s power in your own authentic way.

Person born on new moon standing outside under huge sky

Step 1. Think about your full Moon intentions

Most people are used to only setting intentions during the New Moon phase.

… which is fine! At the New Moon, we usually sow seeds of intent for the upcoming lunar cycle. These refer to things you want to steadily build over the upcoming four weeks (and beyond). The New Moon is a natural starting point for the gradual work we do during each of the moon phases, in turn.

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But Full Moon rituals are all about BIG attraction. They amplify energy – they enhance, expand, and illuminate. So the intention you set under the light of the full Moon must align in these directions. So the orientation of your full Moon intentions will be slightly different from what you maybe used to.

Try these journal prompts for starters:
  • The skills, talents, and abilities that I want to improve/enhance are…
  • I need to become stronger/more proficient in…
  • The area of my life that I desire to grow and expand is…
  • The new projects/new ideas that need amplification are…
  • I need clarity around…
  • I wish to track and illuminate my shadows around…
  • It’s my dream to start…

From your journal prompts, make a list of your desires and/or intentions and write them out on a piece of paper. Try to ensure your statements are positive affirmations.

Step 2. Create sacred space

Cleansing and clearing your space is a must. But it can be a really simple process! So don’t let this stop you from starting your ritual.

Maybe you need to spend time literally making space around you (i.e. tidy up!?) Once that’s done, try lighting candles, as well as burning incense, or some essential oils.

Some people have a dedicated Moon altar. You may like to create a temporary one for this ritual with flowers, or crystals such as rose quartz or moonstone.

The most important thing is to tap into the Full Moon energy and ensure you’re creating space that feels right for you.

I love to light candles and burn a little dried yarrow or mugwort from my garden, for energy cleansing. Sweetgrass is also great for clearing any negative or stagnant energy out of your space, or use a spray bottle containing a special blend of essential oils.

Consider making an offering too – something like frankincense or another holy oil. The power of scent and aromatherapy can be a potent cosmic reset.

Sacred space is a metaphysical place away from the activity and concerns of normal life.

It’s somewhere you can go internally that is safe and peaceful, and where your thoughts and intention carry with them the purpose held in your heart.

There are so many ways to do this, but being still, centering, taking a few deep breaths and focusing on your heart is just perfect.

Step 3. Prepare sacred objects or tools

What is the goal of your ritual?

Selecting one or two symbolic objects that represent your desire, or goal can be a powerful addition to the ritual. Depending on the purpose (you can read more ritual suggestions below) and the ritual act that you’ll be performing, you may need objects such as –

  • Different cloured candles
  • Crystals
  • Oracle cards or images
  • A figurine or small statue
  • Thread or string
  • Honey, an elixir or Moon water
  • dried or fresh herbs for mixing or burning (plus vessels/heatproof dishes, etc.)

Step 4. Ground yourself

It is really important to connect with the energy of Mother Earth when performing Full Moon rituals.

If you’re going to channel and/or harness the frequency of the Moon, then grounding is vital to keep you embodied. Grounding also helps to anchor lunar energy into the material realms. And this is exactly what you want for a manifestation ritual

Holding full moon rituals outside is a good place to start! But not essential.

** Also, don’t forget that the very moment of the Full Moon can occur anytime during the day or night! So there’s no need to wait until the sun goes down to perform full Moon rituals. But there is something extra magical about performing under a clear night sky, bathing under the glowing lunar light of the full moon.

Step 5. Speak your intentions aloud

When you speak your intentions out loud, THIS is the first step in manifesting them into being.

Things become different when you say them out loud: They go from being ideas that only exist in the realm of your thoughts, to potential realities outside of your own body.

You’re also releasing your claim over your intentions, allowing them to be formed and supported by forces beyond you.

Step 6. Perform your ritual act

This is where you DO the work. Are you –

  • Burning something?
  • Burying something?
  • Drawing a sigil?
  • Singing your intention into being?
  • Tying knots?
  • Mixing herbs?
  • Creating a spell jar?
  • Taking a Full Moon bath?

So spend time planning this part. You can see below for some suggestions.

Your lunar ritual needn’t be long and laborious – many rituals can be short and to the point, and this can be a real benefit as you’ll be able to keep your focus on the present moment, the entire way through.

Remember – trust your intuition, and choose the ritual elements that instinctively feel good, and feel powerful. And you don’t always need to understand WHY you’re doing something either. If guidance comes in from Spirit, don’t question it. Trust the knowing from within.

Step 7. Give gratitude + close your ritual

By closing the ceremony with thanks, you enter into an agreement that your desires are manifesting!

So give thanks to Grandmother Moon, and the land you performed your Full Moon ritual on. Also to any Spirit Guides, allies or lunar deities that have been supporting you. And give gratitude to yourself for participating in the work of your self-realization!!

Blow out your candle, gather up your list, crystals, and any other significant objects, and place them on your altar if that feels right.

What rituals should be done on a full moon?

Okay, step 6. Perform your ritual act may have seemed a little vague! But this really is where you get to lead with your own intuition and insight.

But I get it, that knowing what to do can be super daunting at first. So here are some suggestions and examples of time-tested Full Moon rituals for manifestation, to get you started.

1. Self-love ritual

You will need:

  • A pinch of dried rose petals
  • A pinch each of dried lavender, rosemary and yarrow
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon
  • A pinch of frankincense resin
  • Pestle and mortar
  • charcoal disc, matches, and a fireproof container

If you can, perform this ritual under the light of the full Moon. Using the pestle and mortar, blend everything together in a clockwise direction, feeling a sense of love. Gently work to cultivate this feeling within your heart.

Light the charcoal disc and add a pinch of the herbal mix. As it burns, inhale the scent and say the words “I am loved, I am worthy, I am enough”.

2. Self-love mirror gazing ritual

You will need:

  • A mirror

Under the light of the full Moon, do some stretching, shaking, dancing, or deep breathing, to bring your awareness into the fullness of your body.

Place the mirror beneath the Full Moon in the night sky, so that you can sit looking at your own reflection AND have moonlight falling on your face.

Look into the mirror at your own reflection. See, sense and feel the light of the Full Moon fall onto your face, and feel yourself soaking up her rays.

Now gaze into your eyes, holding the intention to both give receive more love. Say the words: “I am loved, I am held, I am whole” aloud.

3. The simplest Full Moon manifestation ritual

The manifestation of anything can be expedited by simply visualizing your desire under the light of the Full Moon.

Gathering inspiring images, photographs, or objects can help anchor in your desire.

Simply go outside under the Moon when she is waxing towards her Full phase, taking any of your images with you.

Relax your mind and let go of any stray thoughts for a few moments as you get clear on what you’re calling in. Now imagine your desire has already manifested, and really try to embody how it feels.

Let go of any judgment, questions or doubt.

After about 10 minutes, give gratitude and know your desires are taking form in the world.

4. Positive affirmation ritual

Speaking affirmations aloud works SO well under the light of the full Moon. Remember, this phase amplifies! Choose affirmations (or mantras, or power words) that align with your intentions, to anchor in specific energies. Here are a few examples:

  • I am surrounded by love
  • I am completely capable of…
  • I attract exactly what I need
  • I am healthy, wealthy and wise

5. Full Moon bath ritual

Taking a full moon bath is an extremely soothing way to harness the power of this moon phase.

A Moon bath can be an especially powerful practice when the Moon is transiting the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. This is because the element of water is activated, i.e charged up – like a crystal, it has more potential to HOLD intention and frequency.

READ THIS POST for detailed instructions on how to create your own Moon bath ritual (especially if you don’t want to end up with a mass of leaves and petals strewn all over the bathtub when you’re done!)

Top tip: Using Moon water in your ritual bath will take it to the next level!

6. Make Full Moon water

You will need:

  • Mason jar, or another glass jar, bowl, or jug
  • Spring, filtered or distilled water

Fill the jar or container you’re using with water. It’s a good idea to cover it, using a proper lid if you have one, or a muslin cloth secured with an elastic band.

Bless your water by sending love into it. You could also set an intention into it (remember to make it a positive statement).

Place the water under the full moon for the whole night. If you can, put it outside, but oif not then a window sill is also fine.

Early next morning before the Sun rises, collect your full Moon water.

Store it somewhere safe and dark, or place it on your altar. If you’re planning on ingesting it then drink it within a week of harvesting.

Ways to use your Full Moon Water:
  • Add some to your bath for ritual bathing.
  • Water your house plants, or your herb garden especially if you use them in ritual or magic.
  • Use it to make a cleansing spray for either your own energy field, or your environment.
  • Sprinkle some along the boundary of your home for blessings, and protection against negative energy.
  • Boil up for a ritual Moon tea blend using your favourite herbs.

7. Full Moon meditation

The full moon is a great time for meditating, especially if you have specific intentions around gaining clarity, illuminating your shadow, and any unconscious patterns, or activating your intuitive gifts.

Doing a moon meditation is also a really great way to prepare yourself for any other Full Moon ritual, especially one that involves manifesting.

If you have a regular meditation practice, then try doing what you normally do, but under the light of the full Moon. But if meditating is new territory for you, try this simple (yet extremely potent) Full Moon meditation –

Find somewhere comfortable to sit, under the moonlight.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Settle your mind and relax.

Now feel, sense, and know that la Luna’s rays of ancient, silvery light are entering into your body.

Really try to visualize moonlight filling your whole body – the bright light of Grandmother Moon is feeding you, nourishing you, and purifying you, on all levels of your being.

Allow yourself to sit in this state of being held, for as long as you want.

When you’re ready, very slowly open up your eyes, and bring your attention back to your physical body, and to the space you are in.

Go very gently on – it can be overwhelming for the energy centers if you move too quickly out of this very connected state.

The Full Moon is a time for celebration!

Remember – the Full Moon represents a climactic time of joy and celebration! So really try to imbue your ritual with this frequency.

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