Ever tried setting an intention with a New Moon ritual?

It’s a growing trend. Have you noticed how at the start of every lunar cycle, social media fires up with a thousand New Age Spirit Seekers all Instagramming their latest New Moon ritual?!

But it’s not all glitter and crystal grids. Over the past few years, I’ve seen more people than ever before wanting to consciously create and participate in their lives, instead of cruising through them like passengers.

And many of these “abundance” queens + kings are turning to the Moon and her rhythms, to help manifest their desires.

Makes sense!

New Moon rituals and ceremonies are powerful ways to anchor in intention.

… To make a commitment to something new.

… To declare your desire for a different path. And then gradually work towards making it so.

Almost everyone recognizes the Full Moon as She rises in the night sky…

The peak of the cycle is amazing for both magnetizing a BIG desire, and letting go of heavier energy. Yet the New Moon ushers in the dark beginnings of the lunar cycle, and here She holds a very different quality.

One lunar cycle lasts around 29.5 days.

We move through 13 of these Moon cycles in a calendar year.

New Moons offer us all the opportunity to make a change, re-orient, or conjure a new aspect of ourselves into being. That’s 13 fresh starts. 13 invitations to be reborn. 13 monthly reminders every year, from a Universe that is consistently holding us through cycles of personal and collective growth.

… And aligning with these reminders, through a New Moon ritual is a powerful (and effective) way to maximize, and align with your own potential for manifestation.

The New Moon is a spiritual time (you can find out more HERE). But even if you don’t really follow the lunar phases, or know much about astrology it’s likely you’ll feel at a lower ebb as the dark Moon rises, and enters her new phase. At that point energy lifts, and you may feel more optimistic and emergent.

Do the Moon phases really affect us?

Think about how the Moon affects the water on planet Earth – how she tugs at the tides, moving the great oceanic bodies of water. Your body is over 80% water so it’s no real surprise that the Moon also affects us. Physically, yes. But also emotionally, spiritually, creatively, shamanically…

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions

So when the Moon is dark, you’re invited to go inward – to listen to the whispers of your emotional body and use those inner nudges as guidance. From this place of inner knowing, you can choose the next steps on your path with more clarity and confidence, being less easily swayed by the outside world.

Astrologers know that the Moon represents our unconscious

The unconscious is the part of your psyche that you’re unaware of. It exists, and it’s there soaking up information, creating patterns and habits, and associations all the time! But you don’t know it’s happening.

SO… even when you’re not consciously interacting with the Moon and her phases, your unconscious is STILL being activated by her.

At the New Moon, new beginnings are stirring within. She is tugging at your psycheand your psyche IS responding in ways you may not even recognise…

BUT just imagine the leaps and bounds that can happen, if your conscious psyche IS responding!

Setting intentions and creating new Moon rituals is how we can bridge the unconscious and conscious minds to manifest real, tangible changes in the world.

Why set intentions at the New Moon?

The lunar cycle is a continual rhythm.

There are SO many of these cyclical rhythms ebbing and flowing around us, all the time! It’s how Mother nature operates – it’s how she creates, grows, and consolidates, in stages… without burning herself out!

Just think of the seasons. Each year, nature moves from the emerging growth of Spring, to the height of Summer. Then through the harvest and dissolution of Autumb, before and decay and rest at Winter.

Then the cycle begins again…

This is our natural template for growth and change too, even though most humans try to override it, working at a constant, linear pace…

YOU too are nature. So any conscious change that YOU desire to make, will be far more effective if you work for it using this same rhythm.

Using intention means that your consciousness is in charge, rather than your subconscious (as we all know, the subconscious can tend to sabotage…)

Plus, harnessing the lunar rhythms of flowing and ebbing, of enabling and working with the natural rises in energy, means you’ll be working WITH the creative forces already in motion. Both in you, and on the Planet.

This enables more effective change. And it stops you from exhausting yourself in the process.

Intimidated by the idea of a new Moon ritual?

… Don’t be!

The idea of a ritual or ceremony can be scary for some people, as it may conjure up visions of the occult, scenes of witchcraft, and even potential danger if done incorrectly.

But in this context, the ritual comprises of simply sitting down in a quiet space and spending a little time in deep thought and intent.

The New Moon Ritual

There are so many variations on the theme of a new moon ritual! All around the world, people hold monthly New Moon rituals – from the super simple whisper of an intention to the elaborate gathering and ceremony of a coven of witchy women.

Your Moon ritual will depend on what you want to achieve or manifest. Also on the current astrology, the zodiac sign of the New Moon, or even the personal astrological house she’s in.

But the basic blueprint is the same. So I’ve put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step method for you to use as your guide. Use this, and you’ll be able to create a short, yet effective new Moon ritual.

… And, you’ll also receive an added step! This is a practice for really supercharging your new moon ritual to bring about some pretty intense results!

But first…

How to prepare for your New Moon ritual

During the last phase of the previous lunar cycle (leading up to this point), you’re invited to spend time in self-reflection.

It’s good to use this dark Moon time to assess where you are in your life, and where you’d like to go from here. This isn’t about judging or criticising yourself, but about rooting into where you are now, and calling in visions of what you’d love your life to be.

  • What isn’t working for you anymore?
  • What is a drain on your energy?
  • What visions and possibilities light you up inside?

You can journal with these questions, or just ponder them in the days approaching the New Moon.

Step 1. Think about + journal your intentions for the lunar cycle

So, you may have already formulated your intentions – great. If not, spend a little time now digging deep, and see if you can uncover what you truly want. Journaling is great for this – writing by hand in response to a set of prompts can really let your inner voice out.

Try these journal prompts for starters:
  • This cycle I desire to…
  • Four weeks from now I will be…
  • It’s my dream to start…
  • If I do … it will take me to the next stage in…

From your journal prompts, make a list of your desires and/or intentions and write them out on a piece of paper.

NEED MORE HELP? Read this article about how to set intentions

Step 2. Create sacred space

New Moon cleansing is a must. But it can be a simple process – don’t let this stop you from getting stuck into your ritual!

Maybe you need literally create space around you (i.e. tidy up!?) You may also light a little incense, a candle, gather some flowers and/or crystals and create an altar. Or whatever else you feel you want, to create sacred space for your New Moon ritual. 

ALSO READ: Simple Altar Building

I love to burn a little dried yarrow or mugwort from my garden, to clear the energy in the room I’ll be practicingin. Sweetgrass is also great for clearing space, as is Palo Santo and white sage.

**BUT please, if you’re using these sacred herbs then source them responsibly. And if you can’t, then what about using some native plants instead? These are likely to have a closer energetic resonance to you anyway.

Consider making an offering too – something like frankincense or another holy oil. The power of scent and aromatherapy never fails to move me to a place of deep spirituality.

A sacred space is a metaphysical place away from the activity and concerns of normal life

It’s somewhere you can go internally that is safe and peaceful, and where your thoughts and intention carry with them the purpose held in your heart.

There are so many ways to do this, but for now, being still, centering, and focusing on your heart is just perfect.

Step 3. Ground yourself

It is really important to connect with the energy of Mother Earth when performing a new Moon ritual.

If you’re going to channel and/or harness the frequency of the Moon (see the next point) then grounding is vital to keep you embodied. Grounding also helps to anchor lunar energy into the 3D realm. And this is exactly what you want for an intention setting/ manifestation ritual

Doing this new moon ritual outside is a good place to start! But not essential.

** Also, don’t forget that the New Moon can occur at any point during the day or night! So there’s no need to wait until the sun goes down to perform your New Moon ritual

Here’s how I like to get grounded:
  • Sit still and take a few deep breaths.
  • Then I generate a deep love and affection in my heart, for the Earth.
  • Next, with intent, I send this love deep into Earth’s core.
  • Then I wait, and before long, I feel this love come back and a grounded connection is formed.

Step 4. (bonus New Moon ritual step!) Open your crown to lunar energy

When you feel grounded, close your eyes and visualize your crown chakra /star opening up like a flower.

(This is the energy center that sits right at the top of your head. It’s ‘facing’ upwards, unlike the other stars – or chakras – which are facing forwards).

You may feel this as a tingling sensation, or not, both are perfectly fine.

Then, with this star open, see, sense, or feel lunar energy streaming down from above, entering right into it, and flowing into your body. You may imagine this as a flow of silvery light. Or perhaps streams of invisible energy that you can only feel.

Really connect with Grandmother Moon and know that you’re absorbing this energy into your physical, emotional, mental and all etheric bodies.

This step is often omitted or overlooked. But it’s exactly what takes your New Moon ritual from being effective to supercharged!


Because it allows you to embody the fundamental power of this whole process. I’ll explain:

The vibrational codes of the Moon include magnetism and attraction. This is because lunar energy is fundamentally feminine, yin or Shakti energy, as opposed to solar energy, which is masculine, yang or Shiva energy. (This partly explains why in general, women are more affected by Moon phases than men).

Think about the differences between masculine and feminine power. Masculine power is initiating, penetrating, controlling, and competitive. Whereas feminine power is alluring, immanent, receptive, and erotic.

** Let’s just clarify that both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies – this is not something based on gender.

Now think about the Law of Attraction (which is a part of what comes into play when setting intentions through your New Moon ritual). This Law doesn’t require you to work like crazy, chasing your dreams. This would only lead to more of the same.

What it does require is for you to open up to the interconnected flow of life, to nurture and nudge it in the direction of your desires, by knowing what you want, loving it, delighting in it, and being a magnet to it. Then… BEING there, open-hearted to fully receive what enters into your field.

So the Law of Attraction operates on what are essentially feminine qualities.

You KNOW that lunar energy also contains these feminine qualities. So when you intentionally receive and absorb lunar energy into your body, you’re assimilating exactly the vibration needed to activate the Law of Attraction.

That’s why step four of this ritual is so powerful!

 Step 5. Read or speak aloud your New Moon intentions

When you speak your intentions out loud, THIS is the first step in manifesting them into being.

Things become different when you say them out loud: They go from being ideas that only exist in the realm of your thoughts, to potential realities outside of your own body.

You’re also releasing your claim over your intentions, allowing them to be formed and supported by forces beyond you.

Step 6. Give gratitude + close your New Moon ritual

By closing the ceremony with thanks, you enter into an agreement that your desires are manifesting!

Remember the L O A – gratitude brings more to be grateful for!

So give thanks to Grandmother Moon, and the land you performed your New Moon ritual on. Also to any Spirit Guides or lunar deities that have been supporting you. And give gratitude to yourself for participating in the work of your self-realisation!!

Blow out your candle, gather up your lists, and place them on your altar if that feels right.

Other things to add into your New Moon ritual

A New Moon ritual really can be as simple as the 6 steps described above! 

But honestly, that’s a starting point. So use it as a springboard to create your own ritual – adding your own elements is what will make it resonate to your own field, and truly manifest the things YOU desire.

Here are a few more ideas to inspire your ritual…

Add body movement

Rituals don’t have to be rigid, solemn ceremonies where you’re stuck to the spot!

Don’t be afraid to add in movement – i.e. dancing, swaying, shaking, stretching, and any kind of embodiment practice that feels good.

In fact, movement can make your ritual all the more effective!

Movement also helps to get out of your head, and connect to your body’s wisdom. It can be both a tool for clearing (step 2), grounding (step 3) AND it can help you to surrender to the moment and receive!

Play music

Maybe this is part of your protocol for creating sacred space? Or maybe you have certain songs that make you feel at ease, relaxed, or make you feel abundant?

Play these in your new moon ritual.

Pull an oracle card

For many women and men, pulling cards from an oracle or tarot deck is an intrinsic part of their New Moon rituals. For others, it’s even a daily practice.

If you need guidance around your new moon intention, OR if part of your intention is to receive, then try using a deck of oracle cards.

  • Shuffle your cards – this isn’t to mix them, it’s to spread your energy throughout the deck so ensure you touch every card.
  • While doing this, ask for the guidance you wish to receive. Do this silently, or aloud.
  • Then either choose the top card, or spread them and pick whichever card calls you.
  • Ponder the meaning. You could also place this card on your altar for the duration of the lunar cycle.

Make a vision board

If you’re a visual person, then vision-boarding is a brilliant way to anchor in your new Moon intentions. Grab a pile of old magazines and cut out words and pictures that encapsulate your dreams and wished for this lunar cycle (and beyond!). Then stick them onto a bigger piece of paper, and place this somewhere prominent.

There are SO many, many variations on this New Moon ritual!

… But the most important aspect to every step you take, is enjoyment. Ritual doesn’t need to be stiff and stern. So gather in your circle of friends, and have fun!

Tried it…?

Leave me a comment below👇🏼 and tell me what you’re manifesting… 

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