Each New Moon is a brand new beginning

Every 29.5-ish days, the New Moon offers us all the opportunity to make a change, re-orient, or to conjure a new aspect of yourself into being.

Whilst the Full Mon (the one you can see so clearly in the night sky) is the climax of the lunar cycle, the New Moon is the beginning.

but New Moon is more than just a temporal marker! The New Moon phase of the cycle is the turning point, the point – the which Luna’s energy begins to grow. At this moment, the light energy she receives from the Sun and reflects to Earth begins to steadily increase.

And this affects your emotional, mental and physical energy, too.

Why set intentions for change with the new Moon?

This lunar cycle is one of many continual rhythms of high – low – high – low energy, that are constantly flowing around and through us. Nature knows this, it’s how it builds itself up and consolidates, in stages, and doesn’t burn itself out.

Just think of the seasons. Each year moves from growth, to dissolution and decay, before attempting to grow and create anew.

This is our natural template for growth and change too, even though most humans try to override it, working at a constant, linear pace.

Simply put: any conscious change you desire will be far more effective if you work towards it using this same rhythm.

Using intention means that your consciousness is in charge, rather than your subconscious (as we all know, the subconscious tends to sabotage…)

Plus, harnessing the lunar rhythms of flowing and ebbing, of enabling and working with the natural rises in energy, means you’ll be working WITH the creative forces already in motion. Both in you, and on the Planet.

This enables more effective change. And it stops you from exhausting yourself in the process.

These are the roots upon which many people hold New Moon rituals: To make the most of these points in time, when Luna energy begins to move from a low to a high level, so that whatever desires and intentions are set can also make the transition from low energy, or thought form, into their higher energy state, and real-life manifestation.

Scared of ritual?

The idea of a ritual can be scary for some people, as for them it may conjure up the (devilishly untrue) scenes of witchcraft, and the occult, not to mention potential danger if done incorrectly.

But in this context, the ritual comprises of simply sitting down in a quiet space and spending a little time in deep thought and intent.

The New Moon Ritual

There are so many variations on this theme, but I’ve put together a super simple list of steps to follow to create a short, yet effective New Moon Ritual.

I’ve also included a method for really supercharging your ritual to bring about some pretty intense results!

1. Think about (and write down) your intentions for the lunar month

During the last phase of the previous lunar cycle (leading up to this point), the invitation is always to spend time in self-reflection.

It’s good to use this dark Moon time to assess where you are in your life, and where you’d like to go from here.

So, you may have already formulated your intentions – great. If not, spend a little time now digging deep, and see if you can uncover what it is that you want, what will take you to the next stages in your life.

Make a list of your desires and intentions and write them on a piece of paper.

2. Create sacred space

This may mean literally creating space in 3D, with incense, a candle, flowers or whatever else you feel you want to make it work for you.

I love to burn a little sweetgrass to cleanse the space, and then some frankincense as an offering. These scents combined never fail to move me to a place of deep spiritual power.

Sacred space really is a metaphysical place away from the activity and concerns of normal life.

It’s somewhere you can go internally that is safe and peaceful and where your thoughts and intention carry with them the purpose held in your heart.

There are so many ways to do this, but for now, being still, centering and focusing on your heart are just perfect.

3. Ground yourself

It is really important to connect with Earth and her energies, particularly when performing a New Moon ritual.

If you’re going to channel, or harness universal or Luna energies (see the next point) then grounding will help it to become effective in the realm of 3D.

Doing this ritual outside is a good place to start, but not essential.

Don’t forget that the New Moon can occur at any point during the day or night, so there’s no need to wait until the sun goes down to perform this ritual!

The way I like to ground is by sitting and generating a deep love and affection for the Earth in my heart. Then with intent I send this love deep into Earth’s core. Before long, you can feel this love come back and a connection is formed (or remembered).

4. Open your crown to Luna energy

Do this by feeling or visualizing your crown star (the energy center that lies right at the top of your head, and is ‘facing’ upwards, unlike the other stars – or chakras – which are facing forwards) open up like a flower.

You may feel this as a tingling sensation, or not, both are perfectly fine.

Then with this star open, see, sense or feel lunar energy streaming down from above, entering right into it, and flowing into your body.

Really connect with the Moon and know that you are absorbing this energy into your physical, and etheric bodies.

This step is often omitted or overlooked, but it’s exactly what takes your ritual from being effective to being supercharged! 

This is because it embodies the power that actually goes to the root of this whole process. I’ll explain:

The vibrational codes that lunar energy contains include magnetism and attraction. This is because lunar energy is fundamentally feminine, yin or Shakti energy, as opposed to solar energy, which is masculine, yang or Shiva energy (which is also why generally, women are affected by Moon phases more than men are).

Think about the differences between masculine and feminine power. Masculine power is initiating, active, controlling and competitive, whereas feminine power is more alluring, nurturing, yielding and graceful.

**I want to clarify that both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies – this is not something based on gender.

Now think about the Law of Attraction (which is partly what you’re utilizing when setting intentions through a New Moon ritual). This Law doesn’t require you to work like crazy, chasing your dreams. This would only lead to more of the same.

What it does require is for you to open up to the interconnected flow of life, to nurture and nudge it in the direction of your desires, by knowing what you want, loving it, delighting in it and being a magnet to it. Then… you must be there, open-hearted to fully receive what is offers to you.

So the Law of Attraction operates on what are essentially feminine qualities.

We already know that lunar energy also contains these feminine qualities, so it follows that when you intentionally accept and absorb lunar energy into your body, we are assimilating exactly the vibration needed to activate the Law of Attraction.

This is why step four of this ritual is so powerful!

5. Read or speak aloud your New Moon intentions

When you speak your intentions out loud, it is the first step in conjuring them into being.

Things become different when you say them out loud: They go from being ideas existing only in the realm of thought, to potential realities outside of your own body.

You are also releasing your claim over these intentions, and allowing them to be formed and supported by forces beyond you.

6. Give Gratitude

By closing the ceremony with thanks, you enter into an agreement that your desires are manifesting!

Remember the Law of Attraction – gratitude brings more to be grateful for!

There are many, many variations on this ritual, but the most important aspect to every step you take, is enjoyment. It is not meant to be a solemn affair, so have fun!

Tried it…?

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re manifesting… ♡