50 Potent New Moon Affirmations for 2024!

dark blue sky with new Moon and text: 50 Potent New Moon Affirmations

Hello, new Moon energy!

If you’re feeling like you need a new beginning then the new Moon is your friend.

Every year we move through 13 lunar cycles – la Luna spirals her way around Earth, and we experience a cyclic wave of creation and dissolution. This means every year offers us 13 new Moons, each with the gift of a fresh start.

There are many ways to harness the powerful energy of this monthly rebirth, from new Moon rituals to elaborate ceremonies, from burning fires to new Moon bathing.

One of the simplest ways to align yourself with the burgeoning energy of the new Moon, is by using affirmations.

Affirmations can help you consciously create positive change and manifest your goals and dreams. Used consistently around each new Moon, affirmations are a potent tool for personal transformation and can help you to realize your highest potential.

In this article, you’ll find 50 uplifting new Moon affirmations designed to light UP your path. My intention is for them to help gently cultivate a healthier, more positive mindset, enabling you  to call in new opportunities, improved health, deeper relationships and whatever it it that your soul desires.

Take a look at the list. Choose a few affirmations that resonate, and repeat them aloud or in writing on the day of the new Moon, and for at least the next week after. As la Luna moves into the waxing phases of her cycle, you will be able to harness some of her building, growing, brightening energy and their meaning and potency will amplify too.

Have fun!

Woman saying new Moon affirmations

New Moon affirmations for love

Here are 10 new moon affirmations for attracting love:

1. I open my heart to receiving new love during this lunar cycle

2. The new Moon brings me fresh opportunities for romance and connection

3. My faith in love is renewed and I see its possibility everywhere

4. As the Moon waxes so does my ability to attract a loving partner into my life

5. I am empowered me to let go of past hurts and fully embrace new love

6. I am magnetically drawing my ideal partner to me with each passing day

7. My heart is open and receptive, the perfect love is now being manifested for me

8. This new Moon fills me with hope, optimism and expectation for romantic fulfillment

9. As the Moon cycle begins again, so does the romantic chapter of my life

10. Every day I am moving closer to lasting love

List of new Moon affirmations for love

New Moon affirmations for money

Here are 10 new moon affirmations for attracting money:

1. The new Moon renews my financial abundance and prosperity

2. This lunar phase empowers me to manifest increasing wealth and prosperity

3. Money flows freely to me now, as I see new opportunities for increased income everywhere I look

4. I am open fully to receiving abundant financial blessings during the next lunar cycle

5. The new Moon brings me inspiration for lucrative business ideas and money-making ventures

6. I am a money magnet and attract wealth with ease, and grace

7. My financial situation is blossoming

8. This new Moon fills me with optimism and confidence in all areas of my finances

9. I release all lack and limitations around money, making way for increased wealth

10. Prosperity is my natural state of being and it increases with every passing day

new Moon affirmations to call in money

New Moon affirmations for happiness

Here are 10 new moon affirmations for happiness:

1. The new Moon fills my heart with joy, optimism and delight

2. I am overflowing with happiness during this, and every, lunar phase

3. This new Moon empowers me to let go of negativity and embrace a positive outlook in every moment

4. I deeply appreciate all of life’s blessings

5. Happiness radiates from my being and attracts more experiences of delight into my world

6. I am grateful for the simple pleasures in my life, and the joy they bring me each day

7. I am inspired to nurture the aspects of my life that uplift me

8. Laughter and levity are my natural state

9. I am attracting more fun, enjoyment, people and opportunities into my life

10. My life blossoms with happiness, and fulfilment with each passing day

List of new Moon affirmations to attract more happiness

New Moon affirmations for success

Here are 10 new moon affirmations for success:

1. The new Moon fills me with motivation and inspiration to achieve my goals

2. My drive for success is constantly renewing, I will achieve all I desire

3. I am empowered to manifest everything I desire to accomplish and achieve

4. I am ambitious, focused and determined; success is naturally drawn to me

5. There are so many opportunities for professional growth and advancement, constantly finding their way to me

6. As the moon waxes, so does my ability to take action steps towards success

7. I am a success magnet; attracting prosperity, influence and impact in all I do

8. This new moon renews my self-belief and confidence in my talents and abilities

9. I am grateful for all my past wins, and they fuel me to reach even greater heights

10. Success fills my life and increases with every progressive day

new Moon affirmations to call in greater success

New Moon affirmations for a fresh start

Here are 10 new moon affirmations for a fresh start:

1. The new Moon empowers me to release the past and begin anew

2. I am open fully to all new possibilities, opportunities and adventures this lunar phase brings

3. My sense of self is renewed, I am ready to begin again

4. This new Moon inspires me to clear out what is no longer serving me to make way for positive change

5. I let go of old habits, beliefs and behaviors to step into a more empowered present

6. Fresh energy, enthusiasm and motivation course through my veins

7. I greet this lunar reset with optimism, curiosity and excitement for what’s to come

8. This new Moon ignites my inspiration and rekindles my passion for life.

9. I am not limited by my history; my future is unwritten and filled with promise

10. Each new day brings the chance to re-create myself anew

List of affirmations to attract a fresh start

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