Moon Phase Magic: Spells, and Rituals for the Lunar Witch

Witchy woman asking is the Moon related to magic?

As a witchy woman (or wannabe witch?) you probably already know that the Moon plays a significant role in your craft. Each phase of the Moon has its own unique energy that can enhance your rituals and spells, making them much more effective.

By understanding the different Moon phases and their magical correspondences, you can streamline your magickal workings, using lunar energy to amplify your intent.

What is Moon magic?

Moon magic, also known as ‘Moon magick’ is a practice that involves using the energy of the entire Moon cycle, to amplify your intentions, spellwork, manifestations, and release or banishment rituals.

The Moon has been revered by witches and magical practitioners for centuries, and for good reason.

We all know how its gravitational pull affects the tides. She also influences the growth of plants, and even our own emotions, creative capabilities, and unconscious patterning.

Whether you’re looking to attract love, abundance, or protection, our beautiful, compassionate Old Grandmother Moon can help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll explore the different Moon phases and their magical correspondences so you can take your initial steps into the world of Moon rituals, and start using them to amplify your magic!

Phases of the Moon you need to know about…

Moon cycles are often separated up into eight distinct phases, which are:

One lunar cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days. This is the time it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth.

Mystical woman under New Moon in Scorpio 2023

Now let’s look at the Moon phases in turn, and see how you can begin to harness the unique energies of each one to amplify your magick.

New Moon Magic

The New Moon phase is an extremely powerful and important time for performing magic. During a New Moon phase, the Moon isn’t visible in the night sky, as the side facing Earth is not illuminated by the Sun. Very soon after, la Luna becomes visible as an emerging crescent.

Witches know this as the perfect time to set intentions for new beginnings and fresh starts. Just as we plant actual seeds in the deep, dark soil of winter, spells cast during this phase grow deep roots, as they are sown in the inky darkness when the Moon’s energies are directed inwards.

These intentions will come to fruition over the coming lunar cycle as the moon waxes fuller each night, helping to draw in the energy needed to fulfill one’s goals.

Common types of magic practiced at new Moons include manifestation work, spells for new opportunities, rituals for motivation, inspiration, and new direction.

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New Moon spells

New Moon manifestation rituals: Write down your goals, desires, or intentions for the coming lunar cycle and burn or bury them outside, to harness and grow with new Moon energy.

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Fertility Spell: Plant seeds or bulbs outside under the new moon to promote fertility, new beginnings, growth, and abundance in your life

Love Spell: Write the name of someone you have feelings for on a red paper heart and float it in a body of water under the moonlight to enhance romance and open their heart.

Waxing gibbous Moon in dark blue sky

Waxing Moon Magic

In spellwork the waxing Moon phase is all about constructive magick, where focus is given to building, creating, and gaining momentum.

Spells cast during the waxing crescent Moon are intended to help strengthen the intentions set during the new Moon. The waxing crescent Moon provides the gentle light and energy required for manifestations to take root and begin to grow.

The first quarter moon is often a time of choice when witches are required to push beyond their comfort zones, and take risks. At this phase, the Moon appears half-lit so sympathetic magickal rituals involving light and dark are popular.

As the Moon grows even bigger, yet isn’t yet full, she moves through her waxing gibbous Moon phase. Common types of magic practiced during the waxing gibbous phase involve spells for increasing, such as prosperity rituals to increase wealth and abundance, or healing magic aimed at improving health and wellness.

Waxing crescent Moon spells

Prosperity spell: Place a bowl of coins beside the front door of your house or office, to attract wealth and abundance.

Luck spell: Carry a charm like a four-leaf clover or horseshoe for good fortune.

Knowledge spell: Study or read under the light of the waxing crescent phase to enhance retention and wisdom.

First-quarter Moon spells

Confidence spell: Write positive affirmations on pieces of paper and place them in a jar filled with moon water to drink.

Career success spell: At the first quarter Moon, anoint a yellow candle with cinnamon oil and chant affirmations relating to your career goals while it burns.

Decision-making spell: Annoint a blue candle with rosemary or mint essential oils. Light the candle and stare at the flame, focusing on a decision that needs to be made. Run through each option in your mind, and notice how the flame flickers in response. (Adapted from Everyday Magic by Semra Haksever)

Waxing gibbous Moon spells

Health and healing spell: Charge a green or white candle with your healing intentions and let it burn for positive energy.

Love spell: Infuse rose petals with the light of the waxing gibbous Moon, and place them under your pillow to bring more love and romance into your life.

Money Spell: Burn a green candle with your name carved into it under the waxing Moon to draw money and prosperity towards you.

Goddess Selene of the Oceans with Full Moon

Full Moon Magic

The full moon is the most popular and well-known moon phase in witchcraft. It is a time of heightened energy and power, and many witches use this time to perform spells and rituals that require a lot of energy.

During the full moon, the moon is at its brightest and fullest, and its energy is at its peak. This makes it an ideal time for manifestation, completion, and attraction spells.

Full Moons are also when magical folk commonly perform rituals for letting go. This is to take advantage of the ‘tipping point’ when lunar energy changes from waxing to waning.

Full Moon spells

Create a vision board: Create a vision board from inspirational images and words, describing the life you dream of. Place it outside (or on a window sill) under the light of the full moon (bring it in before the Sun rises in the morning).

Full Moon bathing: Take a full moon bath by soaking in a tub or water with salt, herbs, and candles, to harness full Moon energy and amplify an intention of your choice. More than simple self-care, Full Moon bathing can be a magickal act!

Full Moon release spell: Write what you want to release on paper and burn it in full moon fire or flame, to fully let go.

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Emotional release spell: Create a firm container for yourself, with a soft comforting environment and a timer. Then engage in a cathartic ritual like crying, screaming, or journaling under the gaze of the full Moon, to release pent-up feelings in your own life.

hands reaching up to waning crescent Moon

Waning Moon Magic

The waning Moon phase occurs after the full Moon, as illumination decreases and the Moon moves back towards her new phase. This phase is used by witches, for sympathetic magic that centers around release and diminishment.

The decreasing light of the waning gibbous moon phase (right after the full Moon) is ideal for clarity spells, and magickal workings to get to the root of problems.

The last quarter moon (like any astrological square) is often a time of personal inquiry, when witches need to dig deep, seek answers, and integrate them. This makes the last quarter Moon phase ideal for all kinds of divination, including Tarot, tunes, and oracular work.

As the Moon decreases further, she enters her waning crescent Moon phase, which is the ideal time for banishment spells, cord-cutting, and rituals for letting go and inviting closure.

Waning gibbous Moon spell

Reflection spell: Journal under the light of the waning gibbous Moon, to gain clarity and insight on cycles that are ending in your life.

Cleansing ritual: Cleanse your space and yourself with sage, or some other local herbs such as mugwort of cedar. Set the intention to remove any lingering negative energy, and ask for clarity on the path ahead.

Wisdom tea ritual: Add dried sage, mint, and raspberry leaves to a jar of water and leave it to infuse under the light of the waning gibbous Moon. Drink slowly, tune into the question or situation you need wisdom around, and see what arises from the depths of your being.

Last quarter Moon spell

Transition spell: Under the waning half-moon, craft an amulet from a piece of jasper, with the intention of making a smooth transition from your current situation to the next.

Releasing ties spell: Write down a tie or attachment you wish to be free from on a piece of paper (this could involve a person, situation, habit or thought pattern) Sprinkle a pinch of black salt on it and fold it up completely. Burn the paper in a fireproof dish, and scatter the ashes somewhere far away.

Waning crescent Moon spell

Banishing spell: Perform one of the many Moon rituals for banishing negative energies, hexes, or curses that may have come your way and attached (see example below). For many witches, this is a matter of monthly Moon cycle energetic hygiene.

Cord-cutting spell: Visualize yourself cutting energetic cords that are tethering you to relationships, habits, or situations you need closure from. Releasing these will allow a fresh start with the next new Moon.

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Banishment jar: The banishment jar is a simple spell that can be done on the waning crescent Moon, with items you likely already have in your home.

To create a banishing jar, you will need:

  • A small jar with a lid
  • Black salt
  • Bay leaves
  • A piece of paper and a pen

Begin by writing down what you want to banish or release on the piece of paper. This can be negative thoughts, habits, or people in your life. Be specific and clear about what you want to let go of.

Next, add the black salt and bay leaves to the jar. These items are known for their protective and banishing properties.

Fold the paper and add it to the jar. Close the lid and shake the jar, visualizing the negative energy leaving your life.

Place the jar somewhere safe and out of sight. You can bury it in the ground or throw it away when you feel ready to release the negative energy.

Hand releasing butterflies

Dark Moon Magic

The dark Moon phase is a time of deep introspection, reflection, and inner work. This is the only time the Moon is invisible in the sky, so the night is completely dark. This is the perfect time to focus on your inner self and work on personal growth.

Dark Moon spell

One powerful way to harness the energy of the dark Moon is to perform a banishing ritual. This ritual can help you release negative energy, thoughts, and emotions that are holding you back.

To perform this ritual, you will need:

  • A black candle
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A fireproof bowl

Begin by lighting the black candle and sitting in front of it. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Then, write down on the piece of paper everything that you want to release. This could be negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, or anything else that is weighing you down.

Once you have written down everything, hold the paper over the candle flame and say, “I release these negative energies and thoughts from my life. I let go of what no longer serves me.”

As the paper burns, visualize the negative energy and thoughts dissipating into the smoke. Once the paper has completely burned, place the ashes in the fireproof bowl.

Finally, extinguish the candle and bury the ashes outside.

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Moon chart with Moon phases for manifesting through the lunar cycle

What are the benefits of Moon magic?

There are many benefits to practicing Moon phase rituals and magic, including:


  • Amplified intentions: The energy of the Moon can help amplify your intentions and make your manifestations faster and more aligned.
  • Connection to divine feminine energy: Strongly associated with divine feminine energy, the Moon can help you harness your own feminine power. This is how we create with the powers of nature, enhancing our own potential for magic.
  • Increased intuition: Working with the various phases of the Moon can help increase your intuition and psychic abilities. By tuning into how the subtle energies that surround you change over the lunar cycle, your ‘seeing’ becomes stronger.
  • Greater sense of peace: Many witches find that practicing moon magic helps them feel more grounded and centered. The Moon rules the home, and by connecting with the Moon’s different phases, you can bring more security, self-care, peace, and harmony into your life.

Do Moon phases really affect anything?

Once you begin practicing lunar magic, you will have no doubt that the Moon’s phases directly impact the efficacy of spellwork!

Spells cast at the new Moon to set new intentions almost always manifest smoothly over the following cycle… and if they don’t, then the full Moon will usually offer up clarity around the blocks and challenges that made it so.

Release spells cast under the waning Moon can bring considerable extra power to any efforts you make in letting go, seeking closure, and even bringing justice.

Trust the Moon to to shine her light into the darkest recesses of shadow, and show you the path you need to take to reach your deepest desires. Let her phases be your compass, and you will not get lost.

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