Spiritual Meaning of the First Quarter Moon in 2024

First quarter Moon in purple sky with stars

The first quarter Moon is a powerful phase! Representing a time of decision-making and dynamic change, this Moon encourages us all to moving beyond our comfort zones…

Are you curious about the spiritual meaning of the first quarter Moon? As the Moon completes its first quarter, many spiritual seekers and Moon mavens believe that THIS is the perfect time to make decisions and take action towards your goals.

The lunar cycle is divided into eight primary phases, each with its own spiritual significance. The first quarter moon is the third primary Moon phase and is a beautiful time of growth and manifestation! Under this powerful Moon, we’re being encouraged to focus on our goals and take action towards manifesting our desires. As more of the Moon’s surface becomes slowly visible each night, it represents expansion and growth energy.

What is the First Quarter Phase?

The first quarter moon phase occurs about seven to eight days after the new moon. During this phase, the Moon appears from Earth to be half-illuminated. And because it’s the halfway point between the New moon and the Full Moon, it’s also sometimes known as the “waxing half Moon”.

When viewed from Earth, the first quarter moon appears at a 90º angle, with the Sun positioned 90° from the Moon’s illuminated side. From Earth’s perspective, the right side of the Moon surface is lit, while the other half appears dark.

There is a duality being symbolised – the balance between light and dark, and the knowledge that balance doesn’t last, and it’s okay!

Astrologically, the first quarter moon forms a square. This aspect is known to bring the energy of tension, and the need for something to change.

What are the 8 phases of the Moon?

There are 8 (well actually 9!) phases that make up the lunar cycle. Here's a breakdown -

New Moon

The new Moon phase arrives when old Grandmother Moon has just become visible. She is a sliver of light, emerging into the daytime sky.

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Waxing Crescent Moon

The waxing crescent Moon has a more obvious crescent shape, rising during the daytime and setting in the western evening sky.

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First-quarter Moon

The first quarter Moon forms an astrological square with the Sun, this phase is revealed as a clear “half Moon” shape. Light will expand, overtaking the dark quarter.

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Waxing gibbous Moon

The waxing gibbous Moon is closer to the full Moon phase than to the new. This appears as a blossoming disc of light, illuminated from the right in the northern hemisphere, and the left in the south.

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Full moon

At the Full Moon phase, la Luna rises with the Sunset, and sets when the Sun rises. She’s fully illuminated and present in the sky all night long.

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Waning gibbous Moon

Past the cycle’s climax, the waning gibbous Moon phase is almost a mirror image of the waxing gibbous – a swollen round disc ebbing away from one edge.

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Last-quarter Moon

The last quarter Moon (also known as the third quarter) forms another astrological square with the Sun and appears as a clear “half Moon” shape. This time, though, dark will overtake the light.

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Waning crescent Moon (or balsamic Moon)

The waning crescent Moon is closer to the next new Moon, than to this cycle’s full Moon phase. It appears as an ebbing, almost disappearing arc in the daytime sky.

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Dark Moon

The dark Moon appears between one and three days before the new Moon, and is invisible. During the dark Moon, la Luna rises with the Sun, but is bleached out by sunlight, and absent completely from the night sky.

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What’s the spiritual significance of the first quarter Moon?


At the first quarter Moon phase, the Sun and Moon are forming an astrological square. Light and dark are cast equally over opposite sides of the Moon, and so it is with us.

As the Moon phases progress from the waxing crescent phase through their cycle, the light you’re being called to share with the world is emerging. Yet the darkness of the ebbing times is still lingering.

There is tension

Yet it’s important to see this tension as an opportunity for growth!

At the first quarter Moon, something’s got to give, and you’re being invited to change something, to make this happen.

But here’s the kicker: at the phase of the moon, a challenge will usually show up. Maybe it’s a problem you need to face head-on, or an old pattern that needs to be seen.

Spiritually, at this primary phase of the Moon, something STUCK is asking to be moved.

First quarter Moon phases are calls to action – because the waxing phases are all about expansion and growth – you need to DO something in the world, to make a real, tangible change.

The first quarter moon also represents a time of illumination and clarity. Light is building, the darkness covering the left side of the Moon is retreating. You may understand this as an invitation to focus on the positive aspects of your life and to let go of negativity and the grip of your shadow.

By harnessing the spiritual energy of this powerful phase, it’s possible to move through the blocks and challenges that come up. The Moon is modelling growth! See this as encouragement to focus your energy on your goals and intentions, and take action towards achieving them.

Remember, this phase is also a time of choice, and much like the waning quarter Moon – – brings an opportunity to look within for insight and wisdom. Spiritually, you can use this Moon phase to evaluate your life and make decisions that will lead you towards your desired path.


8 Things to do under the first quarter Moon phase

When the first quarter Moon rises, a certain kind of energy fills the air. It’s optimistic, expansive and productive. But we are also being called to step up, to become a newer, bolder, more courageous version of ourselves, before the waxing gibbous Moon arrives with its’ own challenges…

Here’s a list of 8 things to do, to harness the powerful influence of this primary moon phase, while it lasts –

Take inspired actions on your goals!

As mentioned, much of the spiritual energy offered under this Moon phase is to do with action, even when it feels uncomfortable

Create and hold strong boundaries

You need strong boundaries to achieve what YOU need to while the Moon is waxing. This doesn’t mean not helping others, but be aware that the needs of others may overspill into your zone. So if faced with a choice about where to spend your precious energy, choose intentionally.


However, working with other people to achieve common goals is a fantastic way to harness the energy of amplification that the lunar cycle provides at this time!

Perform a manifestation ritual

Ritual is powerful at any stage of the primary Moon phases. Yet holding a ritual for manifesting is a great way to tap into the spiritual energy of this phase, to tap into that snowball effect that’s been rolling since new Moon.

Get the 5 BEST rituals for waxing Moon manifestation!

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Tip the balance

You’re probably used to hearing how you need to find more balance in life. And yes, balance is great! But honestly, this phase is all about tipping it. Just a little. Just enough for you to find that edge of discomfort, so you can lean into it and activate change.

Half of the Moon is about to be overtaken by the light, and this phase is a cosmic invitation to you, to also stretch yourself in that same direction…

Set an intention

If you skipped your intention setting at the new Moon, it’s not too late! In fact, this can be a great time in the lunar month to either set or revisit your intentions, to see them through fresh eyes or even make adjustments.


Exercising your body is a great way to move stagnant energy and help to shift the mood. This phase is calling us all to step up – so give yourself a head start.

Ask for divine guidance

Maybe you know you need to shake things up, but you’re not sure how?

Or maybe you’re facing a tricky situation that needs a new approach, but you don’t know what that is?

This critical period in the lunar cycle is a powerful time to ask for spiritual guidance. It’a important to realise that you don’t have to have all the answers!

Use divination tools such as oracle cards, runes or shamanic journeying. Or simply meditate on your question, and trust what rises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered any of these…?

What is the significance of the first quarter Moon?

The first quarter moon is a significant phase in the lunar cycle! It occurs about a week after the new moon and is characterized by a half-moon shape. During this phase, the moon is in the process of waxing, or growing brighter, until it reaches the full moon phase. The first quarter moon is associated with taking action and making decisions towards your intentions.

How does the first quarter Moon affect us spiritually?

The first quarter moon is a powerful time for spiritual growth and development. It is a time to evaluate your life, face obstacles head on, and look within for insight and wisdom. This phase is associated with change, progress, and new ways of doing things . The first quarter moon is a time to take action towards your spiritual goals and intentions.

What are some rituals associated with the first quarter Moon?

There are many rituals associated with the first quarter moon. Some people use this phase to set new intentions or renew intentions set during the new moon phase. Others use this time to perform a spiritual cleansing or create a vision board. Some people meditate or perform a gratitude ritual during this phase.

What is the personality of someone born under the first quarter Moon?

If you were born under the first quarter moon, you are likely a natural leader who is decisive and action-oriented. You are not afraid to take risks and are highly motivated to achieve your goals. You are also intuitive and have a strong sense of balance and fairness.

How does the first quarter Moon impact love and relationships?

The first quarter moon is a time to take action towards your relationship goals. It is a time to evaluate your current relationship and make decisions about its future. This phase is associated with passion and intensity, so it is a good time to express your feelings and desires to your partner.

What is the astrological meaning of the first quarter Moon?

In astrology, the first quarter moon is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries and Cancer. Aries is a fire sign that is associated with action, while Cancer is a water sign that is associated with emotions. The first quarter moon is a time to take action towards your emotional goals and to balance your emotions with your actions.

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