10 Things You Should NOT do During a Full Moon (what to avoid!)

What not to do during a Full Moon what to avoid

During a full moon, the lunar energy is at its peak.

More than an urban myth, this energy can have a powerful impact on our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. While many people feel a surge of inspiration and motivation during this time, it’s important to be mindful of certain things that you should avoid doing during the full Moon phase.

What kind of energy does a full Moon bring?

A full Moon brings heightened and intense energy that can stir emotions and influence moods. For many people, it amplifies whatever they’re already feeling, for others it offers new insights, realizations, and emotional release.

As the peak of the lunar cycle, the full Moon brings climactic energy. Here, the lunar cycle is reaching fullness in the night sky, as she directly opposes the Sun.

The brightness of the full Moon phase can potentially disrupt normal sleep patterns, and increase feelings of stress, anxiety, or restlessness. But bear in mind that this may be a personal reaction to the intensity of the Moon’s influence, rather than lunar energy itself.

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Depending on your own constitution, you may feel more sensitive than usual, at the full Moon. It is important to be mindful of how you are feeling, and to try not to overreact, falling into blame or shame patterns of behavior.

Woman holding a full Moon

How many full Moons are there in a year?

There are typically 12 full moons in a calendar year. But since the lunar cycle is not exactly 28 days, an extra full moon can occasionally occur, making 13 full Moons. This happens approximately only once every 2-3 years, and when it does, the second full Moon in a calendar month is known as a blue Moon.

During a full moon, la Luna is directly opposite the Sun, with the Earth in between. The visible face of the Moon (from Earth) is fully illuminated and appears as a bright, round circle in the sky.

Full Moons are often associated with mystical and spiritual practices. Some people believe that the full Moon is a time of increased psychic ability and intuition, while others believe it’s a time of powerful manifestation, where your intentions and desires are more likely to come to fruition.

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Lunar Goddess Selene embracing a Full Moon

10 Things NOT to do during the Full Moon

  1. Overreact
  2. Engage win conflicts or have arguments
  3. Make major life changes or big decisions
  4. Overexert 
  5. Have major surgery or invasive medical procedures
  6. Take intoxicants
  7. Start new projects
  8. Overspend
  9. Get into stressful situations
  10. Travel long distances

1. Don’t overreact

During the full Moon, it’s easy to overreact to situations. Your emotions will likely be heightened, and you may feel more sensitive than usual.

This makes it even more important than usual, to take a step back and evaluate the situation before reacting. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

2. Don’t engage in conflicts or have arguments

Conflicts or arguments should definitely be avoided during the full Moon. IN some cases, negative energy may be amplified during this lunar phase, making it, easy for small disagreements to turn into full-blown arguments.

Do your absolute best to stay calm and avoid conflicts as much as possible.

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3. Don’t make any major life changes or BIG decisions

The full moon is rarely a good time to make major life changes or big decisions that will affect your future. Not only are your emotions at their peak, meaning you may not be thinking clearly, but the illumination offered by this peak in lunar light can reveal hidden information.

It is pretty much always best to wait until after the full Moon to make any major decisions, as letting the dust settle will allow a natural realignment to occur. Then the outcome of decisions will be clearer.

4. Don’t overexert yourself

For some, the energy of a full moon can leave them feeling more fatigued than usual. Overexerting yourself physically or mentally during this time could lead to exhaustion, stress on the body and mind, and slower recovery from strenuous activity.

Despite the dynamic energy of the full Moon, your body is more sensitive during this time, and it is easy to push yourself too hard. Be sure to tune in closely to what your body is telling you, and give yourself time to rest when needed.

5. Don’t have major surgery or invasive medical procedures

It is generally advised to avoid having major surgery or invasive medical procedures during the full Moon. The reason for this is that the Moon affects blood flow (as it affects the flow of all fluids on Earth).

It’s much better to schedule surgery when the Moon is waning, as this is when bruising, swelling, and excessive blood flow will all be reduced.

The full Moon phase also tends to be a time of heightened emotion and internal tension, making medical procedures more risky and prone to things going wrong.

But, if a medical emergency arises during the full Moon phase, it’s really important to follow the advice of medical professionals and do what’s necessary to avoid further damage. So if a procedure is unavoidable, make sure you don’t avoid it!

If this makes you curious or concerned, consult a medical astrologer.

6. Don’t take intoxicants

Full Moon is the time to party…! But taking intoxicants under this bright lunar phase is not recommended, as our bodies are more sensitive during this time, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Want an alternative?!

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7. Don’t start new projects

Starting new projects under a full moon is thought by some to potentially lead to delays, obstacles, or lack of forward momentum in the initial stages.

The full Moon phase offers the energy of climax and completion, while the New Moon is more suited to new beginnings and fresh starts. By waiting for a new moon phase to launch something major, you’ll be able to harness the building momentum of the whole lunar cycle, to support your ideas!

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8. Don’t overspend

During the full moon, when emotions and excitement levels are heightened, it is easy to make rash decisions.

We can react quickly, and act impulsively, especially where finances are involved. But it is honestly best to wait until after the full moon to make any major purchases. 

9. Don’t get yourself into stressful situations

The full moon’s amplified energetic influence can exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety. This means being in high-pressure environments during this peak lunar phase can magnify existing tensions, making it harder to manage stress levels and remain calm.

Do what you can to sidestep drama and avoid putting yourself in overstimulating situations. When this is unavoidable, breathe deeply, and create as much space as you can, in your internal landscape.

10. Don’t travel long distances

During the full moon, try not to travel long distances, especially if it involves driving.

As a phase of high energy and heightened emotions, travel can be much more stressful and exhausting during the full Moon.

You may also find it harder to navigate unfamiliar places, and get easily frustrated with delays, wrong turns and unexpected detours.

Traveling long distances over this lunar phase can also disrupt your sleep patterns and leave you feeling much more drained than usual.

However, if travel is absolutely necessary during the full moon, it’s important to plan ahead, stay organized, and take steps to mitigate stress and exhaustion.

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