20 Divine Feminine Traits and Qualities

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For millennia, women (and sometimes men!) have embodied the mystical power and gifts of the divine feminine.

This potent force of nature represents the creative, fertile, intuitive, chaotic, wild, and passionate energies that fuel life and sustain the soul. Though our modern culture tends to push many of the qualities of divine feminine energy to the sidelines, honoring the Goddess within, and what she brings is now more important than ever before.

This article explores 20 essential traits and qualities of the divine feminine.

The invitation is to begin cultivating them in your own life. Because through using them as guiding principles in your spiritual journey, you’ll carry the torch of the Goddess forward.

Embodying these divine feminine qualities and traits will create a ripple effect in your life. As you connect deeply with them, you’ll find yourself becoming more present, more authentic, and a clearer channel for the work that needs to pour through you.

But don’t feel you need to attach to every single one. perhaps not all the flavors of sacred feminine energy are for you…. so be discerning, and you will find your path ahead.

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20 Qualities of the Divine Feminine

  • Loving
  • Intuitive
  • Nurturing
  • Community-focused
  • Collaborative
  • Sensual
  • Creative
  • Magnetic
  • Compassionate
  • Healing
  • Destructive
  • Embracing the dark
  • Ability to descend
  • Regenerative
  • Transformation
  • Chaos
  • Accessing the unconscious
  • Mysterious
  • Everlasting
  • Liminality

Online lists and descriptions of divine feminine qualities are often skewed in one direction – clustering around the soft, gentle, receptive end of the spectrum. But this is a tiny fraction of what divine feminine energy has to offer.

Don’t fall into that trap. The divine feminine refers to ALL expressions of holy feminine power, from the raging and the dark to the soft and light.

1. Loving

The divine feminine embodies love. This energy loves unconditionally, without demands or judgment, and her love is healing, comforting, and all-encompassing. Yet the depths of her love may also manifest through fierce boundary-holding, ferocious protection, and even rage.

It’s true that the love of the feminine accepts people and situations as they are, seeking to uplift, support, and care, she’ll lovingly strike out when necessary.

2. Intuitive

Divine feminine energy is highly intuitive, defined by deep inner knowing and wisdom. This intuition comes from being closely attuned to subtle energies, emotions, and the infinite connections found within Mother Nature.

The deep-body-felt intuition offered by the feminine enables a profound understanding of situations and people. Enhanced by spiritual practices, feminine intuition is also present in daily life, used as a guiding force and ever-present inner compass.

Her state of consciousness is open, receptive, and wise, yet this deep feeling state comes without judgment or othering.

3. Nurturing

The Goddess and our great Mother Earth are one and the same. She embodies nurturing through her natural ability to nourish and sustain all living things. She is the provider of care, support, comfort, and shelter, and these are offered unconditionally.

Her nurturing nature ensures the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others are met with love, tenderness and compassion. By nurturing lives with empathy and unconditional care, the divine feminine cultivates growth and well-being in self and others.

4. Community-focused

This sacred energy is community-focused, and when present, will awaken us to the strength and balance found in togetherness. The divine feminine reminds us that individual needs are best met within the context of supportive relationships and networks.

Her nature is to bring people together in harmony and shared well-being through skills of communication, empathy, and relationship-building. The sacred feminine fosters cooperation and inclusion within daily life.

5. Collaborative

The divine feminine embraces collaboration through her innate ability to bring different parties together in a spirit of mutuality, goodwill, and consensus. Rather than holding situations as competitive, her approach is cooperative and supports us in taking action for the collective good.

Through profound active listening, compassionate communication, and emphasizing shared goals, her presence holds men and women in balance and unity.

Woman self hugging

6. Sensual

Sensuality is a divine feminine trait that is emerging through more and more women today. This energy encourages us to embrace and celebrate the beauty, pleasures, and gifts of the physical realm!

Through her receptivity to sensory experiences like touch, taste, smell, and movement with grace, she connects deeply to the present moment, anchoring her divine light into matter and form.

Embracing the divine feminine through sensuality is an act of self-love and self-care that still goes against many societal values of working hard. Yet this is where the sacred power of her yin energy lives.

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7. Creative

The divine feminine embodies creativity as a rich and primary quality. Whether nurturing new life, expressing through art, dance or music, or finding innovative solutions, her creative spirit needs to flow freely.

She sees beauty in ordinary things and finds joy in new ideas.

Creativity allows her to manifest visions, cultivate growth, and bring more passion into the world. 

8. Magnetic

When sacred feminine energy is present, you can feel it through an innate magnetism that draws others to her.

Like the full Moon phase, the Goddess has an allure and an attraction that calls in abundance. SHe radiates truth, presence, and that mystical connection to something otherworldly. A divinity that so many people crave.

9. Compassionate

Compassion defines the divine feminine experience as she embraces all humanity as her kin, guiding with gentle, loving wisdom that uplifts both heart and soul.

She feels deeply for the suffering of others and acts with kindness, mercy, and non-judgment. Her compassionate nature allows her to understand diverse perspectives, forgive shortcomings, and support all people with unconditional care.

10. Healing

The divine feminine leads with healing.

Above all, she seeks balance in the world and will move all matter in the direction of wholeness.

That’s not to say the healing she brings won’t involve mess, chaos, uncertainty, and darkness, as we find ourselves moving through difficult territory. Yet divine feminine energy is deeply motivated by the desire to heal.

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A tree in a field with divine feminine woman jumping up

11. Destructive

While the divine feminine nurtures, she’s also profoundly connected to the destructive forces of the Earth that clear the way for new growth. 

Through Mother Earth, the feminine fearlessly ushers in decay so that richer soil can foster further evolution. So her destructions are purposeful – to restore balance, open doors to change, and ensure renewal.

Her feminine power transcends human constructs of good and bad.

This aspect of sacred feminine energy serves as a reminder that in her wisdom, endings create space for new beginnings. For the feminine, destruction is a transformative power that ultimately sustains what is living, in continually shifting forms. 

12. Embracing the dark

As the embodiment of natural cycles, the divine feminine understands both light and dark as vital to the continuity of life. She willingly ventures into darkness without the conditioned fear of negative energy, that so many modern humans feel.

In the sacred space of darkness, her energy finds power and we are also encouraged to spend time in the sacred dark, to see ourselves more

13. Ability to descend

The divine feminine possesses an innate ability to descend and emerge reborn.

Through women’s monthly menstrual cycles which are mirrored in the Moon, to our personal and collective journeys into the underworld to seek and integrate our shadows, the divine feminine is a mistress of descent.

This modern mantra of “love and light” isn’t an expression of divine feminine power because she knows that descending into the darkness is part of the journey of humanity.

14. Regenerative

The divine feminine embodies qualities of regeneration through her cyclic nature, again, mirrored in menstruation, the Moon, and the seasons. Everchanging, she holds the ability to birth new life from the ashes of the old, and bring renewal.

Through her compassionate acceptance of change, the dark Goddess oversees the constant process of death and rebirth that keeps life perpetually evolving to higher forms.

15. Transformative

The ability to transform is an innate divine feminine quality. Ever changing, morphing, and shape-shifting into new forms, the holy feminine principle invites us to also embrace our ever-changing selves.

Whether through material creativity, inner growth, or nurturing positive change in others, the Goddess knows that evolution happens through gentle yet powerful progression.

With empathy, wisdom, and receptive flow, she helps souls transition by opening them to new perspectives and higher versions of themselves. By embracing both constancy and flux, the divine feminine’s nurturing touch transforms in uplifting ways that allow deeper understanding and liberation.

Two women with face paint and feathers expressing their goddess

16. Chaotic

The divine feminine embodies the untamed wildness of the natural world, in all its unpredictability. She represents those uncontrollable primal forces that cannot be constrained or even fully understood, like raging storms or the vast ocean depths.

Her essence remains elusive and free, embracing chaos as a natural creative energy that gives rise to novel possibilities from the fertile chaos of her wild and mystical feminine power.

 17. Accessing the unconscious

The divine feminine has access to the unconscious through her profoundly intuitive, receptive capacities and her ability to dream. Divine feminine spirituality attunes us to the subtle realms beyond rational thought, helping us tap into deep wells of collective wisdom and buried memories and insights.

Through compassionate presence and gentle reflection, she can help others become conscious of what lies hidden, supporting us to release latent creative energies and heal old wounds.

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women holding hands in sisterhood

18. Mysterious

The divine feminine embraces mystery as part of her nature. She contains depths that cannot be fully fathomed but only experienced with an open heart, and full trust and surrender.

Her connection to subtle realms beyond logic’s grasp imbues her with an enigmatic quality. Rather than demanding answers, this quality of the sacred feminine can awaken us to possibility, possibility, and magic.

19. Everlasting

Embodying qualities of renewal, regeneration, and perpetual change, the feminine and her yin energy are everlasting. While her forms may shift like the phases of the Moon, her true essence perseveres.

Though many of her faces have been hidden suppressed and distorted over centuries, feminine energy drives the perpetual cycles of birth and death within the natural world. She exists in the most simple things and the most profound, and through her nurturing presence, all things find rebirth.

Death is simply a transition as she gracefully guides all toward transformation.

20. Liminal

Connected to natural cycles, phases of the Moon, and the tides of our oceans, the sacred feminine is at one with liminality. She exists in the betwixt and between, at crossing places, of neither here nor there.

She navigates boundaries and thresholds with grace, understanding that growth occurs in between definitions. By embracing ambiguity and welcoming change, she creates fertile ground for new possibilities to emerge.

Living within liminal spaces of not-knowing, this profound energy of the feminine connects all things and guides souls through life’s transformational passages.

How to Connect to Divine Feminine Energy

The divine feminine exists within each of us, regardless of gender.

To activate this healing energy, seek to cultivate her traits. Nurture your intuition, cultivate empathy and compassion, embrace the fullness of your emotional range, and don’t fear the darkness and your unconscious aspects.

Divine feminine energy isn’t contained in the sacred space of ritual, ceremony, and your spiritual practices. She ripples through communities, friendships, and the relationship you have with the people you love. She manifests in everyday life through the care and kindness you offer a stranger, and the boundary you hold with your boss.

Unlike many New Age teachers may lead you to believe, divine feminine energy isn’t submissive or weak. It’s not always soft and isn’t required to surrender to the divine masculine. That’s a lie and a manipulation, so be wary if that’s the message you ever receive.

Practice forgiveness.

This energy flows most freely when stress and rigid thinking fall away, so make room for silence, sensuality, and the mysteries of shadow.

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