Dark Feminine energy is a potent, animating force

…and She is rising on the planet right now.

In the animist world, everything has a Spirit:





The Dark Feminine also has a spirit.

She is an essence, a spiritual energy that weaves its way through our world, present when needed, and ready to be called upon when desired.

Yet the dark feminine hasn’t been desired, for a very, very long time. At least not consciously. Instead, She’s a force that children have been taught to fear. Men told is evil. Women told to reject…

The patriarchy has taught us that the dark Feminine is the witch.

The hag.

The seductress.

The whore.

The death-snatcher.

And whilst many women are re-claiming the title of “witch” how many are also willing to reclaim hag? Temptress? Destroyer? Whore?

If this makes you uneasy, then there’s likely something here for you to explore. 

Like all things in our world that have been pushed away, vilified, and suppressed, the Dark Feminine didn’t really go anywhere. We may try to pretend that’s not us, and we don’t like those things she’s come to represent… BUT in fact, Dark Feminine energy has been here, with us, forever:

Gazing down from the Dark Moon each month.

Rising through our veins when frustration bubbles up.

Whispering forbidden thoughts of sexual fantasy.

Steeling through our nursing homes, where we tidy away the elderly.

Rampaging across countries entering economic recession.

Like the full spectrum of the Divine Feminine, the Dark Femme is not over there, somewhere else. As I always say, she is right here, inside every one of us. She IS our personal inner voice. And she’s our collective experience of this strange, transitional time humanity is moving through.

The dark feminine is you.

And the dark feminine is me.

Are you suppressing your own Dark Feminine?

Because She is a Spiritual force we’ve been taught to dread, most of us have unconsciously suppressed the energy of the dark feminine within ourselves. Meaning: It’s not easy or natural for most folks to know HOW to work with her.

She’s been relegated to the shadowlands – most of us can’t even consciously identify her, let alone welcome her home.

So there is the first task.

Simply identifying her. Inside you AND out there in the world (easier said than done…?)

Once you have begun to identify where Dark Feminine energy is moving through your life, then you can start forming a relationship with her. BUT.. and it’s a big but: Because the Dark Feminine has been suppressed for SO many thousands of years on our planet, when she does appear, she very often shows up as the wounded feminine.

And in this form, She only appears through unconscious outbursts, reactivity, pain…

What does the Wounded Feminine look like?

  • Manipulative behaviour
  • Possessiveness
  • Being over-critical
  • Being controlling
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-sabotage
  • Neediness
  • Rage

Keep this in mind when you’re seeking out the dark feminine, and experimenting with your own dark feminine energy. She is not logical, she’s not rational, and she won’t make her presence known in obvious and straightforward ways. That said, rediscovering her, and beginning to awaken into right relationship with her is important.

Here are 5 ways to seek her out…

1. Identify wounded feminine traits in yourself

By their nature, qualities expressed by the wounded feminine are usually shadow traits. This means they exist in the unconscious – ie. we can’t see them in ourselves. So detecting the feminine shadow (and doing this as a gateway to the Dark Feminine) can be tricky… Head here to find out some side-ways techniques.

2. Identify wounded feminine traits in wider society

Yep, the dark Feminine expresses in her wounded form through the collective too. This happens due to the fact that we all tend to project our shadows, so her traits become external. For example:

  • Governments creating policies that are over-controlling.
  • Organisations manipulating markets or stock for their own gain (as opposed to aiming for wider benefit and sustainability)
  • Broken civil or health systems that cause more harm than they do good

If you can zoom out and identify these manifestations of the wounded feminine (often alongside the wounded masculine) in the wider community, it gives a radically new perspective to what’s actually going on in the world. These are powerful energetic forces manifesting and they’re bigger than each of us. YET we each have the power (and responsibility) to heal and re-direct them.

3. Explore sexual repression and/or misdirected sexual energy

This is a HUGE area and it’s absolutely central to the rising dark feminine.

For millennia, the sexual energy of women has not only been suppressed, but distorted and given new (and inaccurate) meanings. In the matriarchal civilisations of ancient times, sexuality was sacred. Channeling Eros was a healing art. Sex was a mystical and regenerative process. Yet patriarchy destroyed these feminine traditions and holy practices, instead convincing generations of women and men that sex was for procreation only. Any other expressions of this life-force energy were the work of demonic evil. Women who used their bodies in this way were possessed by demonic energy, destructive, dangerous, and labelled as witches.

As we know, Dark Feminine energy didn’t go anywhere.

She instead became caged in our taboos, personified as our sexual enemies and predators, and cloaked in our forbidden and shameful urges. Using others for sex, using sex for manipulation, or being secretive and shameful around your sexuality are all places where the dark Feminine dwells in us, yet she’s still trapped here. This is where you can find her, but it’s not where she belongs.

This is heavy stuff.

So if this is triggering for you, please breathe. Look around the room. Ground into Mother Earth for a moment. Peeling back the layers of the dark feminine through her suppressed sexuality is (I believe) THE. Work. Of. Our. Times.  Rawness around this is a sign that She is close to the surface. There is healing to be done.

4. Make peace with uncertainty

There is a LOT that we’re being asked to let go of right now. Collectively, and personally too. The paradigm shifts that I often read of (it’s a catchy phrase!) are real. The old ways really are crumbling, and as much as we’re being asked to embrace new ways of doing things…

Do we have to embrace them all?

Is it okay to want to reclaim what’s even older?

Can we reject some of the new paradigm, and just pick out the good parts?

The dark feminine lives in the liminal. She dwells in this place between the ending and the beginning. She holds this space where humanity now finds itself, and she holds US here too, in all our confusion, unknowing and indecisiveness.

Whether you have an Inability to let GO, or an impatience for what’s to come… this spectrum of feelings IS the dark feminine.

5. Carve out time at the Dark Moon

The dark Feminine is powerful. …And that makes her daunting: She is a formidable force. So carving out time to connect to her consciously is a must if you’re serious about working with her (and TBH I think it’s something most women should consider).

Without creating dedicated time to get to know her, it’s more likely that her wounded aspect will rise up when you’re least expecting her, perpetuating feelings of harm, shame, and regret.

The dark Moon phase is the three days before New Moon, when la Luna is invisible.

Honour this time, by focusing on yourself and doing some personal inquiry and healing work. Such as:

These kinds of esoteric, ‘witchy’ practices are not only potent acts of self-realisation, they’re also the kinds of spiritual art that were banned and suppressed along with the Divine Feminine. So simply re-engaging with mysticism in an authentic way can serve to reawaken the dark feminine, especially under the dark of the Moon.

I share 5 of my personal dark Moon practices HERE!

Now you tell me: DO you feel the Dark Feminine moving through your life? Do you have your own practices to re-awaken her? Share with me what they are…