Blocked feminine energy will show up differently for everyone, so different people will manifest different signs. In truth, a lot of modern women and men have blocked feminine energy. If it were flowing freely and without distortions, our society wouldn’t look the way it does! The fear, lack mentality, and state of disconnection that most people live in, simply wouldn’t be here.

Before we look at the signs of blocked feminine energy, let’s look at the positive qualities of the creative expression of the feminine…

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is life force energy. It is raw, creative, and primal. It is fierce and loving, compassionate, and destructive. It’s So much more than the list of traits and qualities you normally come across on the internet. (This is one of the reasons so many people have blocked feminine energy – they simply don’t realize the vast and incredible scope of their own feminine energy).

YES, feminine energy is soft, nurturing, receptive, kind, and gentle. But it’s also a LOT more that normally gets totally ignored (or worse – suppressed).

Feminine energy ALSO encompasses qualities and expressions such as:

  • Sensuality
  • Pleasure
  • Passion
  • Devotion
  • Magic
  • Anger
  • Fearsomness
  • Transformation
  • Chaos
  • Decay and death

You can dive deeper into the real meaning and flavor of feminine energy HERE – What is Feminine Energy?

What is blocked feminine energy?

Blocked feminine energy occurs when the true expression of feminine energy is suppressed. This could mean that your feminine and masculine energies aren’t in balance. Or it could mean that your female energy has become distorted, and is emerging through your shadow.

Everyone has a shadow. This is the part of your unconscious mind, where you put all the parts of yourself that you’ve rejected. This usually happens totally unconsciously, and we all do it, so there’s nothing strange or wrong with having a shadow.

Here in the West, because we’ve been conditioned to reject so many parts of the feminine that are deemed unacceptable (unfeminine!) our shadows contain a LOT of blocked feminine energy.

We’ll talk about this a little later, but if you’re already curious to dive into your own shadow you can start here: The Honeyed Shadow.

This is a guided 13-day journey into the sweetness of your personal shadow. The Honeyed Shadow is how you can begin peeling back the layers of your unconscious, in a gentle and supportive way.

25 significant signs your feminine energy is blocked

OK, let’s return to the signs of blocked feminine energy. (Because to unblock it, you’ve gotta recognize when it’s blocked!) How do you actually know there’s something in the way of your natural, Goddess-given tide of feminine energy?

Read on to discover 25 signs of a blocked feminine flow…

1. Lack of creativity and inspiration

Creativity and authentic self-expression are essential for feminine energy to flow. If you feel disconnected from your raw creativity, it’s a number one sign that there’s something up with your connection to this stream of life force energy.

2. Feeling stuck

Do you feel like your life is at a standstill?

Feminine energy is all about flow and movement, and allowing the current of life to move through you. That’s not to say you need to be always on the move, doing one thing or another! It’s really important to stand still and be in presence. But it’s not okay if your life feels stagnant. If the natural flow of energy has dried up, this could be a sign that your feminine energy is blocked.

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3. Difficulty finding your purpose

We all have purpose. Not necessarily a purpose – I believe it changes as we journey through life. But if you can’t fully embrace life, if you have lost your passion and motivation, and often feel empty, and lost as you walk your sacred path, then maybe your feminine energy is blocked.

4. Low self-esteem and self-worth

Many women struggle with a low sense of self-worth. This can be caused by a combination of SO many different factors, such as conditioning, upbringing, unhealthy relationships, lack of opportunities, and repressed and blocked feminine energy.

In women, disconnection from your true feminine nature can quickly lead and a lack of self-acceptance and low self-worth.

5. Lack of self-care and self-nurturing practices

Connected to the previous point, feminine energy needs to be nurtured. And this means self-care. So if you aren’t spending time on self-care rituals or practices (or you feel uncomfortable doing any kind of self-care or nurturing) then these are signs you have blocked feminine energy.

6. Struggling to express your needs (people pleasing)

Many people believe that expressing your feminine side is to surrender and receive.

But this goes hand in hand with people pleasing, also known as “fawning”. And THIS is a trauma response. So if this sounds like you – if you’d rather keep the peace, and do what keeps other people happy, rather than express your needs and desires (and ensure they are met) -then take note. This is one of the biggest signs of blocked feminine energy and likely indicates you have shadow work to do.

7. Feeling disconnected from your emotions

It’s not that people who are in contact with their feminine energy are emotional. It’s that they have the capacity to feel and hold their own emotions. The feminine self is a strong vessel for her emotional body, she doesn’t shy away from, or avoid embodying how she feels. If you do, take this as one of the signs of blocked feminine energy.

8. Suppressing your feelings

Maybe you can identify what you’re feeling, but you still don’t allow yourself to express it. Maybe you hold yourself back from crying, stifling your tears. Or hold in anger when it rises up, biting your tongue and swallowing your rage?

It’s vital to realize that divine feminine energy is also intense, passionate, rageful, and loud! The feminine isn’t all meek and gentle, kind and comforting (and if this is your idea of feminine energy, then it’s likely become pretty distorted).

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9. Feeling unfulfilled in your relationships

Whether it’s friendships with female friends, male friends, or romantic relationships, if you aren’t quite getting what you need, then obstructed feminine energy could be the cause.

When exploring this, it’s important to bring self-awareness into this – and not simply blame the other person for not living up to your expectations. You can’t control life, and you can’t control other people. But you can control how you show up, so do the work.

10. Difficulty setting boundaries and saying no

If you often find yourself saying “yes” to things that you really don’t want to, then you may have an issue with setting – and holding – boundaries. This goes hand in hand with low self-worth, and not expressing your needs.

11. Difficulty receiving love from others

It’s ironic, considering that compared with masculine energy, the feminine is more receptive. But many people still believe, that to embody your feminine side you have to give, give, give.

For this reason, even a lot of new-age devotees of the divine feminine find it really difficult to receive love and support from other people. Especially other women.

If this sounds familiar, it could be one of your signs of blocked feminine energy.

12. Feeling disconnected from your body

This one is HUGE because the feminine lives in your physical body. She is matter – the matrix from which we all come. To feel connected to life in a real and healthy way, it’s vital to consciously inhabit your physical body.

If you experience life through your mind, habitually explaining, critiquing, judging and making your mind up about the world around you, rather than BE-ing in an embodied state, then you may well have blocked feminine energy.

13. Reproductive health issues and physical symptoms

One of the main signs of blocked feminine energy is manifestations of disease and imbalance in the physical body. From irregular or painful periods to hormonal imbalances and more serious issues like endometriosis and infertility, or female bodies let us know when something’s not right.

But it’s important not to judge, criticize or berate your body if something’s out of balance. Try to see it as communication – a valuable set of physical signs of blocked feminine energy.


14. Inability to experience pleasure and joy

One of the main signs of blocked feminine energy is disconnection from pleasure.

To experience pleasure you need to embrace sensuality, yet a lot of women don’t know how to do this. We’ve been conditioned to believe our sensuality is somehow dirty or shameful, and over many generations, we have learned to reject sensation, cutting ourselves off from the pleasure and joy that is our birthright.

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15. Disconnection from your intuition and inner wisdom

Intuition is your direct line to the Goddess.

But if your feminine energy is blocked, you likely can’t access this sixth sense – the whisper of truth that comes from your true self. But it’s not your fault! This has happened, because our society favors rational thought and logic (ie masculine energy) so most people have totally cut off from their inner wisdom.

(But not the feminine mystics of the world..! Head here to activate this highly intuitive inner archetype)

16. Lack of connection to nature and the natural world

Divine feminine energy is found in abundance out in nature. She is Mother Earth! But if your feminine energy is blocked, then you probably have no desire to be in the natural world, and don’t really sense a connection with nature.

17. Find it difficult to connect with other women (the sisterhood wound)

A lot of women find it incredibly difficult to relate to women without judging, criticizing, shaming, gossiping, or competing with them. We don’t see other women as allies, but as someone to compare ourselves with, or pit ourselves against.

If you can’t connect to other women on an emotional level without these kinds of wounds being triggered, you likely have blocked feminine energy around sisterhood.

19. Masculine energy is dominant

Do you feel more empowered, stronger, and more capable when you’re expressing masculine energies? Maybe the world responds to you differently – more favorably – when you exhibit more “masculine behavior”?

It is okay to express BOTH feminine and masculine energies, but when you allow masculine traits to dominate to an unhealthy degree, it’s a problem.

Denying your natural feminine energy may push it into the shadow, where it gets distorted and then emerges in strange and unhealthy ways (such as judging or shaming other women or yourself).

20. Feelings of overwhelm or burnout

If you have blocked feminine energy due to the dominance of the masculine, then you may also experience feelings of overwhelm and even burnout.

Our capitalist, consumerist, patriarchal world was NOT designed for the flow of feminine energy. We cannot thrive in this system. If you’re overwhelmed, exhausted or burned out with trying to make it work, take these as signs of blocked feminine energy.

21. Focusing on negative thoughts

Do you ever find yourself stuck in spirals of negative self-talk? Selfdoubt, and feeling like you’re never good enough are typical signs of blocked feminine energy.

Feminine energy needs to flow freely and be moved through the body. Yet many modern women get stuck in the mind, and their mental health really suffers. The most empowered women are often the ones who realize life is a fully embodied experience! Once this is embraced, the negative thoughts have no place.

22. Perfectionism

The deep feminine IS the energy of chaos.

In nature (and in birth) life emerges from raw, messy, wildness. Yet a lot of people feel the urge to control life, to tame it into submission. But true feminine energy can’t be tamed.

If you’re someone who strives to curate an Instagram-worthy home, needs everything in its place, and can’t bear imperfection, ask yourself, are you living a fulfilling life? Or is this one of your signs of blocked feminine energy?

23. Attracting feminine men

OK, this is contentious because men contain feminine energy and women contain masculine energy – this isn’t about gender. But this article IS aimed at women, and if you tend to exclusively attract feminine men on a regular basis, there’s a chance your feminine energy is blocked.

24. Feeling averse to womanhood and/or motherhood

Again, this won’t apply to everyone – you can be a totally embodied woman with her feminine energy and creative juices flowing, and have ZERO interest in becoming a mother.

But if you feel a real aversion to womanhood and you reject many aspects of the feminine, these may be signs of blocked feminine energy. Spend time doing some shadow work around it. See if you can uncover any limiting beliefs or conditioning that’s preventing you from coming home to your full femininity.

25. Envy of other feminine energies

If you’re envious of other women, take note of exactly what you’re jealous of. This can be a great indicator of the kind of feminine energies that are blocked in you. It maybe a quality or trait that you believe you don’t have access to. When in truth, you DO, but it just needs to be allowed to flow.

SO there you have it – 25 signs of blocked feminine energy. These aren’t definitive, and they may not all apply to you. They may also not indicate blocked feminine energy, but be a sign of something else.

So it’s vital – as always, when you’re doing spiritual work – to trust your own authority.

How to release blocked feminine energy?

There are many, many ways to begin to unblock feminine energy, from journaling and positive affirmations to embodiment practices to radical self-care.

Here’s a quick list of suggestions to unblock feminine energy:

  • Spend time in nature
  • Move, dance, and become more embodied
  • Explore your sensual side
  • Explore your sexuality
  • Create daily rituals
  • Release perfection
  • Explore (and dismantle) internal systems of oppression
  • Work at cultivating beauty – inside and out
  • Work to restore the balance between feminine and masculine energies
  • Practice deep self-love and self-compassion

To dive in much deeper, read this: How to Tap into Feminine Energy – 25 Unconventional Tips

Unblocking feminine energy can be a long journey!

… But it’s one that you’re not alone in. And what the world needs so much right now, is more people who are aligned and in touch with the true nature of the deep feminine.

This is such important work.

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