Shadow Work Journal Prompts (plus FREE Download!)

Shadow work journal prompts are like the gateway drug for shadow work…

I joke.  But it’s kinda true 😉 I resisted journaling for a long, long time. I write a TON. And I’d like to use that as an excuse for why I didn’t do this work for so long. But the truth is that writing in response to shadow work journal prompts as a method for meeting your shadow can be uncomfortable.

Let’s be honest: Shadow work can be uncomfortable.

By its very nature, it’s not an easy path – the shadow contains parts of ourselves that we pushed away. So trying to find our way back to them, to create some kind of meeting point is not only counterintuitive but emotional. And lordy, pushing yourself into emotional spaces when you don’t actually need to isn’t what any of us want to be doing right now!

BUT, my friend… I urge you to try this. 

Yes, I’m pushing you into it.

Make yourself a cup of tea. Sit down in the garden if it’s sunny, if not then smooch up into a comfortable place where you can both feel at ease and write comfortably. Journaling like this, using these shadow work journal prompts needs to be done by hand. The reason for this, is that it activates your right brain – the part of your brain that is non-rational, non-linear, and connected to mythic times and places.

SHadow work journaling is a process of tapping into the unconscious

… And She is slippery, irrational (in all the best ways), and not entirely of his world. Let her flow.

*** I have purposely made this into a downloadable document (hurrah!) Print out your PDF HERE. Make copies. Share them… (but don’t let that distract you from the all-important work of writing in response to these shadow work journal prompts …)

Do write… do the work.


If you want to take your shadow work journey a little further, check out this downloadable guide and workbook, guaranteed to take your shadow work to the next level!

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