Is the Moon in Cancer today?

Read on to find out what this means for you… first, let me tell you why the Moon sign of any given day matters.

The Moon is the Mistress of the emotional realms of life.

How she moves through the sky affects our feeling bodies. This is one of the deepest bodies, one that many of us modern humans are not very well trained in navigating!

In the birth chart, it’s said that the natal Moon sign is much more revealing than the natal Sun.

This means that the zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born, influences you MORE than your zodiac sign of the Sun. (Take note astrology buffs!)

But for most folks, this lunar side is a side that you likely keep hidden. (Well, the Moon does that too…😉 )

The natal Moon is often more expressed in children

…And in lovers, close friends, and people who show up with you vulnerably.

My eldest son has a Virgo Sun. But it’s his Sagittarius Moon that I see shaping him more in his days of boyhood. His yearning to explore – this world and the imaginary, literary worlds that live in the books he devours.

Your natal Moon will also often, uncannily, reflect how you were mothered.

Unravel this a little further, and you may discover more about how this has gone on to shape who you are today, and how you, in turn, mother. (A fun game – ask your own mother what her natal Sun and Moon are – or ask her for her date and time of birth and find out. Then cross-reference these with your own. Are there any overlaps?)

So, the Moon represents our emotions, sensitivities, instincts, and maternal stories. She informs our intuitive reactions and our subconscious leanings.

As an ancient Goddess of the feminine mysteries, the Moon also influences the body. As she circles the Earth, the tides within our own bodies tend to rise and fall. So parts of you will feel enlivened or dulled, soothed or enflamed, depending on how her energies land in your own miraculous physicality.

As the Moon spins hew way around the Earth, she spends between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

Some people are super-tuned into her celestial shifts, and people hardly feel her influence at all. It depends on you, your make-up, your attention, and on SO many internal and external factors. But as a collective, the Moon sign has a definite, though sometimes subtle overriding effect on the energetic “weather” of each day. This means that if you know what today’s Moon sign is, you have a better chance of navigating her emotional waves.

What does the Moon in Cancer mean for YOU?

Cancer is the Moon’s ruling planet. Here she is at home.

This zodiac sign and the Moon share so many qualities, allowing them to enhance each other and amplify the energy they reflect onto us.

Cancer is maternal, sensitive, intuitive, and protective. As a water sign, it’s governed by the emotions more than any other aspect. This means OUR emotions are activated under this transit, so expect to feel deeply. Realise too, that it’s not only your emotions that are tugged upon – like the tides, the emotions of others will also be ebbing and flowing like crazy!

It’s best not to try and make “rational” sense of what’s going on around you under a Cancer Moon.

Trust your feelings.

Trust your intuition.

Trust that inner knowing that sits just below the surface.

Like the archetypal mother, Cancer holds us just as we are, allowing the truth to rise up to be witnessed. It’s often best to follow the Moon’s lead and take this stance around others during this astrological transit – especially when facing with other folks’ stormy moods!

As the sign of home and hearth, a Cancer Moon also brings the focus to the family, and all of the sacred duties and domestic arts that this part of life entails. The kitchen table may feel like the very best place to be (well, second only to snuggling under a feather duvet!) as this Moon usually brings a time for sharing and tending to the most primary of needs. People who keep their door wide open to those in need may feel like theirs is a revolving door, as the need to be nurtured (as well as to nurture) is strong.

Remember to tend to your needs first. Even though the urge to protect and provide may be strong, Cancer teaches us that you cannot give from an empty cup. So fill yourself up.

The Moon in Cancer Body

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Cancer, then you may feel pain or discomfort in the chest, breasts, diaphragm, and stomach. Any latent or chronic conditions in these areas may flare up, or become extra tender. Women who are breastfeeding should take extra care under this lunar transit.

But on the other hand, any healing work you can do in these areas will be of extra benefit to you under this Cancer Moon.

Let me know how YOU feel when the Moon moves through the zodiac sign of Cancer…. leave me a comment below!

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