3 Essential Full Moon Spells for Love, Money and Protection

Full Moon ritual for money and protection with candles

As the peak in the lunar cycle, the full Moon phase is brimming with potent, magnetic, manifestational energy. Full moon spells have been used for centuries to harness this deeply feminine power, attracting love, money, and protection for those able (and willing) to tap into her magic.

There are SO many spells that can be performed on the night of the full Moon. Yet three powerful spells stand out – spells to attract love, money, and protection. These spells are simple to perform and require only a few basic ingredients, making them perfect for beginners (yet they’re favoured by seasoned spellcasters too!)

So give them a try. And see what kind of magic the full moon can bring into your life…

What is the energy of a full Moon?

The full Moon is a lunar phase occurring at the peak of the lunar cycle when the Sun and Moon are opposing. This creates heightened energy that can influence emotions, intuition, and spiritual connections. People often feel a surge in creativity and inspiration during this time, as a sense of excitement and vibrancy moves through the collective.

The full moon is also associated with the release of negative energy, as from this point onward light and power decrease in alignment with the waning Moon.

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Why the Full Moon is a great time for ritual

As the peak in a 28.5-day cycle, the full Moon phase offers a powerful time for ritual and magic. When fully illuminated, the full Moon rises over the eastern horizon, as the Sun sets, casting a captivating glow across the night sky.

Full Moons have long been revered as a symbol of feminine energy, fertility, and magnetism, along with insight and intuition.

Some cultures believed the Moon was an embodiment of the Goddess herself, and could grant wishes and desires for her devotees.

Today, full Moons are appreciated by many modern Spirit seekers who recognize it as the peak in the lunar cycle, and an illuminating and celebratory presence in times of darkness.

Magickal Spell jar

A Full Moon Spell for Love

The full moon is a powerful time for love spells and rituals. This is because the Moon is at its brightest and most powerful, and the magnetism of full Moon energy can help you to attract love, and strengthen existing relationships.

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Here’s a simple full Moon love ritual you can try. For best results, use when the full Moon falls in Taurus, or Libra, or on a Friday.

You will need:

  • 2 pink or red candles
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • 100ml almond oil
  • Few drops jasmine or rose essential oil
  • Pinch cardamom seeds
  • Dried rose petals
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Glass jar
  • A quiet, private outdoor space, and the full Moon overhead

Steps to perform the full Moon love spell:

Begin by cleansing your space and yourself. You can do this by smudging with sage, sweetgrass or cedar, or with a cleansing visualization technique.

  1. Sit in contemplation for a few moments to connect with your inner self and open your energy centers to the light of the full Moon.
  2. Blend all the herbs, spices and rose petals together using the mortar and pestle.
  3. Pour the almond oil into the glass container, then add the essential oils and herb mixture. Last add the rose quartz, setting the intention to attract (or strengthen) love.
  4. Place the the candles on either side of the jar, in fireproof holders. As you light them, spend a few moments sending out your wishes and desires for love, then feel the love from Old Grandmother Moon beaming down at you, infusing you with warmth and light.
  5. Once the candle has burned out, bury the remnants of the spell in the Earth.

Remember to always approach full Moon rituals for love with respect and mindfulness, and never attempt to interfere with anyone’s free will.

Manifestation of money with rituals at full Moons

A Full Moon Spell for Money

Performing a full Moon ritual for money can give your finances a welcome boost!

The Moon is a receiver – She receives light and energy from all other celestial bodies, and transmits it to Earth, so la Luna has a lot to teach us about receptivity and allowing abundance to FLOW. On the full Moon night, the Moon is in peak – she is bursting, ripe and overflowing with golden light.

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Performing a full Moon manifestation ritual will help you harness the Moon’s energy, and direct it into your money containers – be that your bank account, your savings or your business.

Here, I’m sharing one of my favourite full Moon money spells. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Green candle
  • Citrine crystal
  • Patchouli or cinnamon essential oil
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen or marker
  • A quiet, private outdoor space, and the full Moon overhead

Steps to perform the full Moon money spell:

  1. To start, create a sacred space. Burn some cleansing herbs or insence such as sweetgrass or mugwort, or ringing a bell or rattling.
  2. Anoint the green candle with patchouli or cinnamon essential oil while visualizing abundance and prosperity flowing into your life. Really try to FEEL the positive vibration of money.
  3. Take the paper and write down your financial goals or the specific amount of money you wish to attract. Be clear and specific about your intentions.
  4. Place the candle in a safe, fireproof holder, place this over your paper, and light it while you continue to focus on your intentions.
  5. Hold the citrine crystal in your hands and focus on the feelings of wealth and success. Visualize your desired outcome as if it has already manifested. When you feel complete, place it next to the candle.
  6. Once the candle has burned out, bury whatever is left of the spell in the earth, or dispose of it in your rubbish bin.

As always, when performing any full Moon rituals and spells for money, be sure to direct your intentions for the highest good of all.

A Full Moon Spell for Protection

The full moon is a really powerful time for protection and cleansing spells because this lunar phase amplifies whatever intentions and energy you’re sending out into the Universe.

Also, because the full Moon begins the waning Moon phases, there is a naturally disseminating energy that can be utilised, to let go of things that are no longer serving you, and form protective barriers against them re-entering your life.

Here’s a great ritual you can use for protection, on the upcoming full Moon.

You will need:

  • White candle
  • Black tourmaline crystal
  • Frankincense or sandalwood essential oil
  • A quiet, private outdoor space and the full Moon overhead

Steps to perform the full Moon protection spell:

  1. On the night of the full Moon, take the black tourmaline crystal and visualize the Moon’s energy infusing the crystal with protective power. With the black tourmaline in your hands, focus on feelings of safety and security, and feel a strong barrier of protection forming around you.
  2. Take your candle, and anoint it with frankincense or sandalwood essential oil. As you do, visualize a protective shield surrounding you.
  3. Place the candle in a fireproof holder, and place the black tourmaline somewhere close by. Then as you light it, visualise a connection being made between the candle and the crystal.
  4. Sit quietly in your outdoor space, basking in the moonlight, and continue to focus on your intentions for protection.
  5. Once you feel the energy has been set, extinguish the candle, and place the crystal somewhere safe, in the moonlight to charge overnight.
  6. Collect the crystal in the morning, before the sun rises. Over the next month, keep the black tourmaline with you or in your home to maintain the protective energy.

More things to do on a full Moon for luck and manifestation…

From holding the most complex full Moon ceremony, to simply lighting candles and whispering a wish into the night sky, full Moon ritual and spellcasting can look a hundred different ways.

The Moon represents different things to different people, and the Moon affects us all differently too. So it makes sense that the way we honour and mark this monthly Moon phase should vary. It’s also important to allow your own relationship to full Moon rituals and spells, to change.

Here are some ideas of other rituals and practices to draw in good luck and manifest your desires, at the full Moon:

Make Moon water by leaving spring water outside to infuse overnight

Host a Moon circle with your favourite group of soul sisters

Take a full Moon bath to cleanse and refresh

Try a full Moon meditation to gain clarity

Try divination with runes, tea leaves or oracle cards

Give gratitude for all the blessings in your life

Perform a full Moon ritual to let go of limiting beliefs and self-doubt

Moon bathe under the night sky to increase self-love

Experiment with setting intentions to manifest BIG changes

Light a full Moon fire and burn away whatever no longer serve you

Light a full Moon fire and dance around it with your friends

Go to sleep early and work with your dreams for guidance

Light candles for everyone you love

Create a crystal grid to harness the natural energies of the full Moon

Start a Moon journal to track changes in your energy and feelings through the lunar cycle


Whether you are looking to find love, protect yourself from negative energy, or create a more healthy bank balance, there are many full moon spells that you can try, this is just a selection. Remember to always use your intentions for good and harm none.

And TRUST your intuition.

If you’re drawn to a particular practice, it’s likely something that could benefit you. If not, it’s okay to pass.

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