Natal Libra Moon Sign? Qualities, Traits + Characteristics of your Astrology!

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The gentle Libra Moon Sign is a natural harmonizer…

Libra Moons have a strong sense of fairness and equality, and a taste for the finer things in life.

Wondering if you’ve got a Libra Moon? You can find your natal Moon HERE with this free birth chart calculator.

If you discover you were born with the Moon in the seventh sign of the zodiac, then keep on reading…

What’s so important about your natal Moon?

Most people know their natal Sun sign (or as a lot of people call it, your star sign, or “horoscope”). This describes your personal direction. It’s the parts of you, that you tend to show to the world on a normal day. It’s the “you” that most people know you as.

But your natal Moon sign can actually be a lot more revealing, as it relates to your inner world.

THIS sign of the zodiac is closer to the “you” that only close friends and family see (and that’s why the natal Moon sign is usually much more on display in children).

For this reason, combining knowledge and insight of both your Sun sign AND your Moon sign (plus your rising sign… but that’s for another day) tends to make up a much completer and more in-depth picture of who you really are. TBH, you can’t really understand your astrological personality without it!

The Moon is a powerful symbol of your inner world, your emotional landscape, and your unconscious mind…

Your natal Moon reveals how you connect to the world on an intuitive level.

Her astrological placement in your chart speaks of your sensitivities and instincts, and what lies in the shadows of your unconscious.

Your natal Moon also refers to your maternal relationships – how you find comfort and security, how you were mothered, and how the mother archetype shows up in your life (this relates to men and women).

The astrology of your personal Moon also opens up the world of friendship, love, and romance – how you behave in relationships, what you need, what challenges you, and why.

Quite simply… unlocking the secrets of your natal Moon sign can help you understand what drives you from the deepest layers of your being.

Not your natal Moon? Then find yours by clicking one of these links 👇🏼

The personality traits of your natal Libra Moon (OR Moon in the 7th House)

So, at the exact moment you were born, Old Grandmother Moon was transiting through the Libra Zodiac sign.

This is a peaceful, harmonious, and balanced place for the Moon to be!

With this astrology, you’re likely a person who’s kind, diplomatic, and fair. You live to uphold justice, and seem to naturally see the world from other people’s perspectives… and those perspectives matter to you!

As the zodiac’s only cardinal air sign, Libra brings positive qualities of love, and connection, plus the skills of negotiation to the cosmic cauldron…

The phrase “people person” could be defined by many Libra Moon signs – your inner self usually comes second to the people you surround yourself with.

Libra Moons are fuelled by their deep need for peace and harmony. In fact, your need to avoid conflict and anyone with potentially conflicting agendas is often a priority. You can genuinely feel emotionally disturbed if your natural sense of balance is threatened.

Because of this, your personal value and self-worth tend to come from whether the people around you, are getting along. (And even if their disagreements have very little to do with you, Moon in Libra folks will usually have a strong sense that they do).

For this reason, being able to balance potentially conflicting agendas is a skill the Libra sign excels at. You’re able to objectively assess each side of the story, leaving judgment and criticism at the door.

For Libra Moons, emotional security comes through creating a balance of opposites. This is achieved through constantly seeking out common ground between all parties concerned.

The Natal Libra Moon sign is a born mediator

You know there are two sides to every story (possibly more). And while some people – and their egos – just can’t seem to understand that, Libra Moons lives by it! And, you love nothing more than stretching perspectives and creating that insight for others.

Compromise could be your middle name!

You listen, and act. You act, and listen. This natal Moon sign has an incredible talent for negotiating the best outcomes for all. Because unless a tricky situation results in a win-win for all parties, what is the point?

But the Libra Moon rarely acts with force. You’re an absolute master in winning the trust of others, turning on the (genuine) charm, and creating rapport. You’re respected and reasonable – you manage to validate other people’s positions, whilst also offering new ways of seeing (how DO you do it, Libra Moon?!)

If you haven’t already, realize that these traits and abilities of yours can be exceptionally useful in the professional sphere.

The fair-minded approach you have woven into your being doesn’t come naturally to everyone! It may feel like a common trait, but honestly – it’s not! So honing and cultivating these skills in the workplace could serve you, and the world for years to come.

Libra Moon signs relate to the world by relating to people

More than other Moon signs, this natal Moon thrives in relationships.

Exchanging ideas, perspectives, and points of view keep you feeling alive! So it’s no surprise that the Libra Moon sign tends to be popular, and have an active social life. This comes from an innate need to spend a lot of time around other people. And it’s not just because you like company.

One of the main ways that Libra Moons come to more deeply understand yourself is through the mirror that other people provide you.

The danger comes, though, when you lose your ability to be self-reliant. A constant need to spend time with others may lead you to lose touch with your inner compass.

TBH this is a common trait in Libran astrology, whatever planet, transit or aspect we’re talking about. For this loving, gracious, and generous Moon sign, people-pleasing can often take precedence over self-respect and personal boundaries.

Be warned.

YES… your sense of emotional fulfillment and satisfaction does very often come from how balanced and conflict-free your interactions with others are. But not to the detriment of your personal needs! Holding a boundary even when it feels uncomfortable, and saying “no” a little more often could make the world of difference to this Moon, and crucially, to the quality of your relationships.

And another pitfall to watch out for is the Libran over-dependence on connection and close relationships.

At times, the overwhelming desire to have someone special in your life may mean you smother or obsess over a friend or significant other, to the point where they exit the building.

Be warned. Again.

Libra Moons know how to keep a level-head

More than any other (except maybe the Aquarius or Capricorn Moons) the natal Moon in Libra can keep a level head in even the stormiest of storms!

In any group of friends, the Libra Moon sign is likely well known for its cool, calm, and collected attitude. Adept at keeping the lid on emotions, and offering only objective advice where called for, this Moon is a real balancing influence.

Libra’s air modality tends to keep rational thought up in front, meaning that it’s your head, not your heart, that rules the waves. This can be a real gift in times of change and uncertainty, where being able to restore balance internally as well as on the material planes of reality, is a much-needed trait.

Natal Libra Moons put aesthetics and beauty in the center

Talking of restoring balance, those born with the Moon in Libra are THE most aesthetically minded in the zodiac.

Governing symmetry and pattern, proportion, and shape, the Libra sign has an eye for taste and refinement that’s intuitive and innate. We’re not saying you have exclusively expensive tastes… More of an instinctive desire for quality!

This means those with a natal Libra Moon feel genuinely emotionally soothed and regulated in beautiful, harmonious environments.

If you were born under this astrological transit, there’s a reason your emotions are frayed, and anxiety hits the roof when there’s too much mess and clutter around! Conversely, when your home and/or working environments are clean, tidy, and well-balanced, you feel good.

For Libra Moons, it’s not self-indulgent to need beautiful surroundings. It’s listening to your own needs!

Careers in interior design, fashion, architecture, or even feng shui would all suit the Libra Moon sign personality.

Libra activates the element of air

The Moon in Libra pertains to the air element, and the realm of ideas, inspiration, communication, and socializing!

Meaning: People born under a Libra Moon tend to feel at home when they feel the synergy of togetherness. Many of these friendly folk could be described as social butterflies: A ready go-between in parties or networking events, masters of quick intellectual bonding.

Libra people have natural charisma.

If YOU were born under a Libra Moon, then we’re guessing you enjoy socializing and are easily engaged by new people. You’re also a great friend and dislike being separated from those you already know and love.

A serious smooth talker, you love communicating with a whole range of different folks about their myriad of thoughts and opinions. An excellent negotiator, Moon in Libra women and men tend to be well equipped when it comes to cultivating a business relationship. Agreeing with ALL of them simultaneously can be a typical trait, however!

Sure, disagreements never sit well (even less so with this particular astrology). But the Libra Moon (just like the air-fueled Aquarius and Gemini Moon) simply dislikes being pinned down to any one thing for too long.

Tending to see things from more of an intellectual perspective than a dreamy, emotional one (hello water-sign Moons), the natal Libra Moon sign is analytical and logical when it comes to processing thoughts and emotions. This means you could come across as emotionally cool at times, but your witty nature and top-notch social skills will often override any sense of detachment.

Cardinality: The Libra Moon sign isn’t afraid of taking action!

Libra is a cardinal zodiac sign. So like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, the sign of Libra comes first in a season, bringing the energy of new beginnings and fresh starts.

This means the Libra Moon isn’t afraid of initiating change. That’s right – Libra energy actually enjoys being first to do something. And yes, this does feel a little contradictory, when you consider its dependence on others and its propensity for people-pleasing (sorry!)

But don’t forget this natal Moon is a skilled balancing act. The Libra Moon sign is SO adept at holding two opposing forces and making sense of them both, it’s an integral part of this puzzle. Even on the inside.

The Libra Moon is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure, and value

This extra layer can be a little confusing. So just imagine Venus, the closest planet to Earth in our solar system (though sometimes this is Mercury) as another thread running through the weave of your emotional world…

Venus shows us where we place value in our lives. It governs beauty – and what we find beautiful – as well as pleasure and money. So living life through the lens of your Libra Moon, it may feel like your emotional world needs to feel full up with the beauty and value of connection.

Your social life, and the pleasure it brings you are important. So you use your natural wit, charm, and graciousness to keep people’s love and attention flowing your way. This is a real skill, and it goes both ways – you have an extremely caring personality, and really do value other people more than they may know.

Venus also activates your inner romantic. Falling in love is probably your favourite place to be, and this planetary influence doesn’t help!


The Libra Moon woman (or man!) is a natural partner!

We’ve already mentioned how you thrive on connection, and this goes for romantic connection too.

Charming, engaging, and probably pretty physically alluring to the opposite sex, the Libra Moon sign tends to easily magnetize romantic partners. A good job too, seeing as how essential having a partner is to the Moon in Libra.

You LOVE to connect deeply with people, it’s how you feel secure. So much so, that you may, at times, find yourself falling in and out and back into love without even coming up for air! That said, your level head means that you tend to think carefully about the traits and characteristics of a potential match before going all in.

Considering a close relationship from every angle before jumping in with both feet is a Libra Moon superpower.

Because your significant other means everything to you, over-dependency, as well as co-dependency can be a real complication in matters of the heart. For some, the devotional personality of these Moon signs will be a turn-off from the word go. But for others, it may be a match made in heaven. We’re thinking of the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius (though coupling up with an Aquarius Moon could be a bit too cool for school!)

Whoever does end up in a long-term partnership with a natal Libra Moon sign will be lucky to have you. When the Libra Moon pairing is right and the stars align, romantic gestures and long weekends away are simply part of your love vocabulary, and how you keep a relationship alive.

Best compatibility – The fixed Moon signs of Taurus and Scorpio could give you the commitment you deserve, and return your never-ending adoration.

A Leo Moon could warm up an otherwise cool (but committed) relationship with its BIG heart energy and fire. A Cancer Moon may work out too. Despite seeming an unlikely match, coupling up with a Sagittarius Moon could add the spirit of adventure and spontaneity to relationships that may otherwise be missing.

The Natal Libra Moon Sign Shadow Side…

The shadow is where we put all the parts of our personality and traits + characteristics that we reject, suppress, and disown. But inside the shadow, these disowned parts become distorted and still have control over our lives – though without any conscious awareness.

You can read more about the shadow here.

Knowing your natal Moon sign can be an amazing tool for unpacking the shadow.

This is because the Moon also refers to and activates the realms of the unconscious – this place with SO much power over us yet, that’s usually vastly unknown.

For the Libra sign, the traits that may unlock the door into your shadow include:

• Dependence and co-dependency
• People pleasing
• Superficiality
• Perfectionism + holding unrealistically high standards
• Narcissism
• Avoiding responsibility
• Emotional detachment

Now tell me… are you here because your natal Moon is in Libra?

Leave a comment below and tell me which trait or quality stands out the most for you.

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