Pisces New Moon March 2024: 20 Micro Rituals for Rest and Unity

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It’s time to welcome in the very last new year of the astrological year! Right now, both Sun and Moon sit in dreamy, spiritual and cosmically aligned Pisces, where this new cycle begins.

So expect the next 28 days to be awash with insight, intuition, and the deepest of deep feelings. Are you ready to be submerged?

When is the new Moon in Pisces?

The new Moon in Pisces will be exact on Sunday, March 10th, at 10:00 GMT/ 02:00 PST/ 05:00 EST. The new Moon occurs at 20º of Pisces, a mutable water sign.

What is the meaning of the new moon?

The new Moon represents a time of new beginnings and fresh starts in the lunar cycle. It occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, with the illuminated side of the lunar surface facing away from us, making it appear invisible in the sky.

New Moons symbolize a period of introspection, perfect to set intentions and plant the seeds for future growth and manifestation.

As the Moon enters its waxing phase and gradually increases in illumination, a period of growth and development is signified and this can be harnessed through Moon ritual and inspired action!

But here at the very start of a new lunar cycle, it’s important to turn our focus inward, reflect on our desires and aspirations, and align our intentions with the specific energy of the new moon. By laying the groundwork at this time, the manifestation of our goals and dreams will be SO much easier.

The new Moon creates the space for us to embrace our potential for renewal, fresh starts, and the beginning of any number of new cycles in our lives.

New Moon in a blue sky

What the new Moon in Pisces means for you…

The Pisces New Moon opens up a dreamy, introspective, and imaginative lunar cycle. And as the final new Moon of the astrological year, it offers you a wonderful opportunity to look back and reflect. You’ve come a long way!

Of all the lunar phases and all the cycles, THIS is a unique time because Pisces comes last in the mandala of the zodiac. Bringing gentle closure and ushering in natural endings, this can be a Moon of goodbyes. But it’s also a mysterious and otherworldly place, that defies the laws of logic and bends the rules of time… If you know Pisces energy at all, you’ll know it’s an ocean of senses and feelings, of tears and ecstasy.

Pisces’ energy is VAST.

It needs to be, as it contains the sum of all that has come before. In this case, each sign, each cycle, each Moon phase of the last 13 Moons (including this one, in this moment). Pisces New Moons close the circle, bringing us back to the start, where – of course – nothing is the same as it was before.

This new Moon in Pisces means it’s time to look back and let go. We all have an opportunity to ask ourselves what it’s okay to let go of, and what we wish to carry with us, into the brave new world.

Being willing to let go and surrender, is one of the biggest gifts this Pisces lunar cycle has to offer you. We have a profound opportunity for spiritual growth here, because self-reflection comes easy!

Pisces rules the unconscious realms, so it’s easy to drop into the dreamlands and see ourselves lit up in by all possibilities.

Formerly ruled by Jupiter – the solar system’s giant, Pisces is now connected with Neptune. Invisible to the naked eye, this planet was only discovered on a mathematical supposition. Its presence was only proven by the effect it had on surrounding space…Little wonder that Pisces characterizes those parts of life and existence that we cannot touch:

  • Dreams
  • Emotions
  • Intuitions
  • Creativity
  • Inbetweenness
  • Spirit

When the Moon moves through this sign of the zodiac, the lines between logic and make-believe become blurred, and the rules we tend to live by at any other time dissolve.

Meaning, this is a powerful new Moon phase for setting wild intentions that reach sky-high (or ocean-deep). You’re encouraged to dream big and let go of limitations to what’s possible.

Pisces doesn’t need you to know the hows of what you want. It simply needs you to create the vision and fuel it with trust. Can you do that?

hands reaching up into blue sky to reach a new moon

What does the new Moon in Pisces mean spiritually?

The New Moon in Pisces symbolizes a time of deep introspection, emotional healing, and heightened intuition. As the last lunation in the astrological year, the March new Moon invites you to delve into deepest feelings, to touch the truth that lives there.

Feelings don’t lie.

Pisces knows they are a guidance system, and a gateway to healing and wholeness. But all too often, we ignore or deny the emotions that want to move through us.

For the next lunar month, you are invited to drop into the present moment and soak up every sensation that you find there. Not to dwell there, but to FULLY experience yourself… in order to move through it into the new chapter of life that’s waiting.

THIS is how the new Moon in Pisces encourages you to release old patterns. Not by turning away from what’s limiting you, but by experiencing limitation fully, so you can break free.

Alongside deep healing, the new Moon Pisces is a spiritual time for the exploration of mystical realms. Powerful insight, clarity, and the answers to difficult questions can all appear under this new Moon, as it puts you in direct contact with higher wisdom and unity consciousness.

As the sign that encompasses all others, Pisces facilitates a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and the universe, making this new Moon the ideal time to seek spiritual alignment. If you’ve been wanting to create a regular spiritual practice, or seek answers to some of the bigger questions, use the magic of this lunar month to set that in motion.

This new Moon amplifies intuition and sacred knowledge, allowing us to notice the subtle shifts in the world around us, so be on the lookout for guidance from Spirit.

Ask for guidance. As to be shown. Then sit back and receive.

New Moons call for stillness and rest, and the realization that you don’t need to have all the answers at the tip of your fingers! The interconnected nature of all things means that answers come when they need to.

So instead of reaching, rest.

Tap into THIS exact moment, and cultivate stillness so that you’re ready when you need to be.

candle in a dark Moon ritual

10 “Micro” rituals for the Pisces new Moon 

Here are 20 easy “micro” rituals for the Pisces new Moon, to make it just a little easier to tap into the essence of NOW, that this new Moon calls for.

I’ve called them micro rituals because you can do them in a moment, with very little preparation. Yet the impact of ritualizing something so simple can be profound.

  1. Breath into your belly
  2. Nap
  3. Play with children – really play
  4. Dance
  5. Daydream
  6. Write poetry
  7. Read poetry
  8. Turn down the lights
  9. Light candles
  10. Go for a swim, then lie on your back and float in the water
  11. Turn your phone off
  12. Look at the horizon
  13. That to-do list you have? Let one thing go…
  14. Whisper your wishes to the Earth
  15. Forgive yourself
  16. Stand in the rain
  17. Take off your shoes
  18. Massage your toes
  19. Diffuse your favourite oil and inhale its scent…
  20. Be truly grateful

Wishing you beautiful New Moon blessings.


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