Can You Charge Crystals at the New Moon? Finally – the real answer!

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Let’s talk about crystals – those shimmering, mystical rocks that SO many of us love, that seem to hold the secrets of the universe… (they do).

These incredible shards of light-made-manifest are more than just beautiful. They also have the incredible power to store and amplify energy. This is why people use them for setting intentions and holding a stable frequency. But if you want your crystals to keep working their magic for you, you need to give back – crystals need a little boost now and then, to keep to their full potential.

That’s where crystal charging comes in.

There’s a lot of information out there about charging crystals, but there’s one aspect that not everyone agrees on. This is: Whether you can charge crystals on a new Moon. So let’s break it down and answer this question once and for all…

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Can I charge crystals under a new Moon?

To answer this question, you need a basic understanding of the lunar cycle, and how the Sun, Moon, and Earth all interact.

At the new Moon phase, the Moon rises with the Sun, so both luminaries are in the sky at the same time. You can’t see the Moon because sunlight is shining onto the back – the side we can’t see.

At the full Moon phase, the Moon rises when the Sun is setting, so each luminary is on the opposite side of Earth to the other. This is why you can see la Luna’s face fully illuminated – the side facing us is completely lit up.

Think about this. Think about the kind of light that is reaching the Earth at the new Moon. It’s not Moonlight, is it? It’s sunlight.

So the answer to the question – can you charge crystals under a new Moon is pretty obvious. You can… but you’re actually charging them under sunlight. Because new Moon light doesn’t exist.

Charging crystals under a new Moon means they will be absorbing sunlight, not Moonlight.

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What do you do with crystals on the new moon?

You may not be able to charge your crystals under a new Moon, but there are plenty of things you can do with them under this lunar phase.

Use crystals at the new Moon phase by setting your intentions into them, meditating with them, or creating a crystal grid with them. The new Moon is also a great time for cleansing crystals of any old and stagnant energy, so that they can better support you during the upcoming lunar cycle.

Here’s a little more detail on what new Moon energy means for crystals and how you can utilize this energy of lunar new beginnings –

1. Cleanse your crystals 

Crystals are a bit like memory storage banks – they absorb thought forms and feelings from people and spaces, and will hold stagnant energy indefinitely. So it’s vital to cleanse them – crystals like fresh starts too!

At the start of the lunar cycle when light and energy are low, the New Moon is the ideal time to put your crystals through a cleansing process.

There are many different methods for cleansing your crystals at the new Moon. Here are some to choose from:

Sunlight: Place your crystal outside or on a window sill under the bright light of the sun. Check first that they won’t get damaged or fade.

Starlight: The new Moon is the ideal time to cleanse your crystals under starlight as there is no Moonlight at all. Place your crystals outside overnight, and be sure to collect them before sunrise.

Candlelight: Some crystals enjoy being placed in candlelight, while others can be charged by safely passing them through the flame of a candle.

Saltwater: Placing some stones in saltwater will cleanse them of stagnant energy. Be sure they are water and salt safe, and won’t be damaged by the salt water.

Running water: Many crystals can be cleaned by placing them in running water, like a stream, river, or even the sea. Again, be sure that your crystals are water-safe.

Salt: Place your crystal in a bowl of salt overnight. The salt will absorb negative energy, returning your rock to its’ pure state. Remove all the salt afterward, leaving no residue.

Smudging: Burning white sage, Palo Santo, sweetgrass, cedar or another local herb such as mugwort and holding your stones in the smoke is a great way to cleanse your crystals.

Incense: Similarly, burning incense and holding your crystal in the smoke will serve to cleanse and purify it of any stagnant energy.

Sound bowls: Use sound vibrations from a singing bowl or a tuning fork to clear your crystal’s energy. Take your stones with you when you go for a healing session.

Cleansing spray with essential oils: It’s possible to buy all sorts of commercial cleansing sprays, which are ideal for new Moon cleansing. Or make your own using a combination of appropriate essential oils.

Placing with other cleansing crystals: Certain crystals have a cleansing effect on others, simply by being nearby. Carnelian, citrine, and selenite all have this ability.

Burying in the ground: Dig a little hole in the dark earth and return your crystals to the Mother for a few hours. This will cleanse your crystals of negative energy and help them renew.

Intention: Intention is a vital component in every cleansing process above. But it can also be used independently, by sitting with your crystal in quiet contemplation and using the power of your will and intent that it be cleansed.

List of ways to cleanse crystals

2. Meditate with your crystals

The New Moon is one of the best times for meditation with crystals. Before the waxing Moon phases gain momentum, this quiet, dark lunar phase offers a window of stillness and contemplation which is ideal for connecting with the wisdom of your crystal friend.

First, figure out the purpose of your meditation.

Do you want to tap into the energy of the new cycle? Gain clarity on an issue in your life? Forge a deeper connection with a new crystal and learn the gifts it has to offer?

Next, holding your crystal in your hand, sit down in quiet stillness for between 10 and 20 minutes (depending on your experience with meditation) and tune in closely to any messages, symbols, words, phrases, or sensations that arise.

Setting a time frame will help you get the most out of the meditation – often it can be the moment you want to give up, that the breakthrough comes! So if you’re new to this work, stick with it.

There are many other techniques for meditating with crystals, and of course, some people prefer other methods. So if you find this fruitful, you can explore further.

3. Set an intention with crystals

It’s well known that the New Moon is the best time to set intentions for what you want to manifest in your life.

Crystals can both store energy and amplify it. This makes them an incredible tool when setting new Moon intentions because they’ll continue to hold the same resonance for the coming weeks, months, and even years, serving as a kind of magnet for your desire.

To set an intention with a crystal, simply hold it in your hand and speak your intention aloud, filling yourself up with the feeling you’ll have when you achieve it. Visualize this feeling transferring into the crystal, and intend for it to be held with the deeply satisfying and positive vibes.

Carry your crystal with you over the coming weeks, or place it on your altar.

When your intention has manifested, be sure to cleanse your crystal or it will keep on working with the exact same intention.

4. Create a crystal grid

One step up from intentions, creating a crystal grid is a really powerful way to amplify conscious manifestation.

Select crystals aligned with your desires, and before you begin, I recommend cleansing each one of them thoroughly.

On a flat surface, place a central crystal, and then arrange all remaining crystals in a geometric pattern, such as a flower of life or sacred geometry design.

As you arrange them infuse them with your loving, intentional vibraton and visualize their collective energy magnifying and amplifying the magic surrounding this desire.

Rattle, chime, or use a tuning fork to activate your grid, and drawing a path through all of the crystals with a finger to tune into the energy it holds.

Over the next few days, visit your grid and re-activate it, spend time with it, and imbue it with your love and gratitude.

Creating a geometric crystal design at the new moon

When should I charge my crystals?

OK.. so if the new Moon is NOT the best time to charge your crystals, then when can you give those stones a boost of energy?!

Full Moon is the perfect time to charge your crystals. The vibration and frequency of Moonlight have a fine, clear quality that’s ideal for energizing almost every crystal, from quartz to tourmaline.

If you’re using any of the other techniques to charge your crystals, of course, you can do this at any time of the lunar month, at any time of the day or night. But to take full advantage of the specific energy that the Moon offers, charge your crystals under the light of the full Moon.

On the night of the full Moon, place your crystals outside after the sun has set. Then make sure you bring them in before sunrise, so that they will have absorbed only the Moon’s light, and not received the glare of the Sun.

How do you know if your crystal is charged?

There are various ways to know whether your crystal is charged. One indicator is a heightened energy or vibrational frequency when you hold or interact with the crystal. Some people may experience a physical sensation, such as tingling or warmth, emanating from the crystal. If you listen very closely, you may even hear a high-pitched sound.

Trust your intuition – if the crystal feels vibrant and clear, it’s likely charged and ready for use.

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Is it better to charge crystals in moonlight or sunlight? 

The choice between charging crystals in moonlight or sunlight depends on your intention, and on the crystal itself.

Moonlight tends to be associated with gentle, intuitive, and feminine energy, making it most suitable for healing crystals that soothe and harmonize such as rose quartz, amethyst, or fluorite.

Sunlight has a more vibrant, energizing, and masculine energy, so charging crystals with it during the day may be more suitable for revitalizing and empowering crystals, such as jasper, black tourmaline, or orange calcite.

When considering whether to use the energy of the Sun or the Moon, think about the specific properties you want to imbue your crystals with. Also, try to tune into what the crystal itself wants – can you tune into the vibration of your quartz, obsidian, or tiger’s eye, and ask what it needs?

Do I have to wait for a full moon to charge my crystals?

Missed the full Moon, and wondering whether you need to wait an entire lunar cycle for your next chance?

You can charge your crystals any number of ways, and under other lunar phases too.

YES, the full Moon is associated with maximum lunar energy, but crystals can be charged during any phase of the Moon. Each lunar phase carries unique energy, so it’s possible that the perfect time to charge your crystals isn’t the full Moon, at all.

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Over the next few months, experiment with using the waxing Moon to build momentum, and the waning Moon to release.

Trust your intuition and trust your crystals – let them be your ultimate guide.

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