The Universe is giving us space for a lot of dreaming to happen right now.

The barriers standing between our own, individual, compartmentalised lives, are dissolving.

The field that spans the space between us is becoming stronger: it’s easier now to connect, to imagine, to empathize, to belong, than ever before. *

With so many planets in Pisces at the time of this Full Moon (Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, the South Node and the Sun are all currently in the sign of the dreamer), this field has become an endless sea of water containing, connecting and buoying all facets of our lives, personal and collective.  We can’t pretend any more that what one person does, wants, thinks, says, doesn’t affect us all.

The ego is starting to sink.

But on Sunday 12th March, at 14:53 GMT, we have a Full Moon at 22º of earthy, active and logical Virgo.

Virgo opposes and abruptly interrupts this collective dreaming, grounding and anchoring us with its powerful mutability, and its need to work on the the self and the world around it, using practical, targeted action.

This Moon is here to show us all what can be refined, removed, streamlined and clarified into completion in our own lives.  And anything which needs this Virgo touch, which needs to be attended to in a practical, hands on, grounded way, will no doubt be illuminated by the glare of this Full Moon.

You won’t need to seek out the chaos, it will find you!

This is a wonderful time, a strong lunation, in which to bring a little of your attention BACK to the self, back to your body, your health, your home, your work: to the physical space you take up in the world.

Ask yourself if you are making the most of it.

This Moon invites us to honour the gift of physicality that we have been given.

It may highlight blocks: physical interruptions in the flow of chi through our bodies may rise up to be noticed more fully, and chronic sensitivities or allergies may flare.  So look deeply into the causes (go deep: Full Moons offer incredible illuminating windows for self-knowledge) examining not just the physical, but the emotional, spiritual and energetic roots of any hypersensitivity.

Use this Virgo Moon to look to your unthinking activities too – to the patterns and rhythms you are aligning yourself with.

Are your routines serving you?

Is your diet serving you?

Is the way you have chosen (either consciously at some point in your history, or through months or years of gentle sliding) to carve out the shape of your niche of life allowing you join the divine dream that all this Pisces energy so wants us to join, or keeping you chained to a past that no longer fits?

Pause and reflect for just a moment of this Full Moon phase.

The frequency of Virgo (which is so hard to resist!) is active and busy and efficient, but do not fritter and squander this energy away.

Seek to use it instead, to identify where you are interrupted, where you are holding old stories, where you are standing in the way of your own flow.

Focussing on yourself at this time, calling back in YOUR power to stand up and take up space will bring the same unity that so much of the Cosmos is currently vying for.  But this way, you get to choose what new waves you will be making.

Full Moon blessings,




*(And if the media paints a different picture … think about it, its owners & financers are designing it to convince us to create a different reality with our responses to what they publish.  We hold the power here!)