Virgo Full Moon 25 February 2024: Here’s What You Need to Know

Full Moon in Virgo brings new opportunities

There is SO much to mend…

So much broken.

So much not working, must be improved, could do better…

But this world of very human flaws is a set of beliefs that sits like a veil over our lives…

It’s fuelled by a media that only shows us what’s wrong. It hones in on pain, discomfort, and the actions of people so clearly rooted in trauma. That, and a barrage of messages that we are not perfect. That we need to be fixed, made better, and made different from how we are in these moments…

And ALL this compounds to cloud our lenses. So that as we gaze out into the world, we see only work to be done, actions to take, brokenness to fix.

But you are not broken…

You never were! That is somebody else’s idea – a ruse to make you be and do and act in certain, specific ways. Ways that profit somebody else. Don’t fall into that trap under this full Virgo Moon…

When does the 2024 Virgo full Moon occur?

This February’s full Moon rises on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at 12:30 GMT/ 07:30 P.M. EST.T, at 5º of the earth sign of Virgo

Full moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun so that its face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. This happens approximately once a month, when the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously, and it’s the peak in the lunar calendar.

The February Full Moon in Virgo, also known as the “Snow Moon,” is profoundly clarifying celestial moment that sits at the mutable edge between winter and Spring (in the northern hemisphere).

The next snow Moon rising over a mountain into a purple sky

What’s the meaning of the full Moon in Virgo?

The full moon in Virgo rises just once a year, and brings with it a sense of practicality, drawing our attention to detail. Virgo Full Moons activate our need to DO, fix, change, clear, tidy, and cleanse.

Because this Moon takes place SO close to the end of winter, it often galvanizes us into action after many months of slumber. It spotlights where work needs to be done, it helps us tend to those things looong overdue in our lives.

But this Full Moon doesn’t just illuminate the messy parts of life, where you “should” be taking action. All of life is messy…and it’s doesn’t all need cleaning up. This Moon means something else…

This Virgo Full Moon comes to shine her light on where the illusion of brokenness is a siphon for your energy.

This beautiful Moon comes to show you where your preoccupation with “fixing” the problem is keeping you small.

So listen in close… Virgo means paying attention!

Embracing chaos under the Full Moon in Virgo

At its core, Virgo is a deeply rooted earth sign. So the Full Moon here brings the wisdom of nature, in all her chaotic, sprawling beauty. Nature doesn’t create or grow (or decay) in orderly ways, packed up in perfect boxes and straight lines.

Nature sprawls and blooms…

She emerges through chaos. (And in case you hadn’t noticed, chaos is what’s fueling the regeneration of our planet right now). And, chaos is the language of the Dark Feminine.

One of the biggest lessons the full moon in Virgo offers us, is the value of our connection with the Earth, especially her messy, untidy and chaotic parts. Virgo reminds us to ground ourselves in the present moment, in amongst the mess and fray, and to cultivate a connection with the changeable state of the natural world.

There is HUGE potential for growth under this Moon.

By aligning ourselves with the earth element, we can set intentions for new skills, personal development, and the manifestation of our aspirations, whilst releasing all the judgement and perfectionism standing in out way.

Full Moons illuminate the past 6 months…

With the rich sense of reality and practicality that the full Moon in Virgo Moon brings, this is an ideal moment to bridge the past, present and future.

Full Moons always offer a point of completion for any intentions set on the new Moon of the same zodiac sign. Can you cast your mind back to the Virgo new Moon on September 14th 2023. Can you remember the bright new beginning that Virgo’s energy promised you then?

This full Moon is encouraging us to reflect on the past six months and consider how the energy of the new moon in Virgo has rippled through our lives, how we’ve all harnessed the potential of mutable earth to build, flex, adjust, clear and make good what’s important to us.

What’s being illuminated in your life right now?

What issues are arising that want your attention?

What feels unsteady, out of place, and in need of some love?

THOSE are the places this Virgo Moon will work her mutable magic on… if you’re game?

What is the spiritual meaning of the Virgo Full Moon 2024?

The spiritual significance of the Virgo Full Moon lies within Virgo’s mutable energy, and this sign’s ability to regenerate and adapt. The Virgo Moon encourages introspection, self-examination, and with that, the transmutation of old patterns, shadowy traits and rejected parts.

But this astrology isn’t about further rejection. Virgo comes to show us how to embrace the gifts in the messy, untidy, unruliest parts of ourselves (and the world).

Virgo’s mutability gives us the capacity to BE in those difficult places – to be present with the parts of ourselves the world tells us to reject.

Virgo is okay with chaos, and this full Moon will teach you how to stand inside the turmoil and disarray, to somehow find balance within it, and not make it all about you.

Resist the urge to turn on yourself.

In our tired, overworked, misunderstood, and wounded state, Virgo can tend to self-criticize and berate, find fault and mistakes, to run around in a self-deprecating haze… Virgo can, at times, pull the focus onto what is wrong, letting go of any balance with what’s right/so that all else dissolves, ceasing to be there as contrast (and truth).

But that’s NOT what this Full Moon (or these times) are calling for.

This Virgo Full Moon (in her exalted form) is purifying, clarifying, and unifying…

Virgo knows that perfection exists inside the illusion of a broken exterior.

So the work of this Moon isn’t to fix and mend. It’s to strip back your need to fix and mend. And instead, greet the chaos around you with open arms!

This doesn’t mean condoning what is wrong. It doesn’t mean turning away from real human need, caused by the thrashing wings of systems that are crumbling…

But it doesn’t mean learning how to soothe and regulate your response.

Healing and integration occur in the spaces of stillness, not in the frenetic activity of “doing”.

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So this Virgo Full Moon holds a fast energy. It’s not slow and meticulous like a Taurus Moon, but changeable, excited, obsessive, and mercurial.

Unless you have your own nervous system in check, this Full Moon may tip you over the edge of where you want to be emotionally…. and what good is that to anybody?

So the challenge then, is to not get carried away in a storm that wants to take you

But challenges aren’t meant to be easy!

So instead of taking on MORE at this Full Moon, realize that this Virgo Full Moon is asking you to take a different approach.

To do less.

To take on less

This Full Moon in Virgo offers us the discernment to see where the paths of service and sacrifice are no longer the same… Can you sense the difference?

Full Moon blessings to you

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