Aries Moon Sign? Qualities, Traits + Characteristics of your fiery 🔥 Astrology!

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Do YOU have an Aries Moon Sign in your natal chart?

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…If you discover that the Moon was moving through the very FIRST zodiac sign at the moment of your birth, then yep, you have a natal Aries Moon sign! 

Lunar astrology is really fascinating…

Knowing your natal Moon sign can actually be a lot more revealing than just knowing your Sun sign (or star sign, or “horoscope” as most people call it). And in combination, your Sun + Moon signs make up a much more complete and in-depth picture of who you really are.

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The Moon relates to your inner world, your emotional landscape, and unconscious mind…

 The Moon reveals how you connect to the world on more sensitive layers of your being. Her astrological placement in the skies says a lot about your intuition and instincts, and what lies in the shadows of your unconscious.

Your natal Moon can say a lot about your maternal relationships – how you were mothered, and how the mother archetype shows up in your life (this relates to men and women).

The astrology of your personal Moon also opens up the world of friendship, love, and romance – how you behave in relationships, what you need, what challenges you, and why.

Quite simply… unlocking the secrets of your natal Moon sign can help you understand what drives you from the deep. She’ll take you far beyond surface-level personality…

The personality traits of your Natal Aries Moon sign (OR Moon in the 1st House)

 So… at the moment you were born, Old Grandmother Moon was moving through the Aries Zodiac sign.

You came first!

So it’s no surprise, that this Moon creates a personality that’s red-hot, fiery, courageous, and QUICK off the starting blocks.

As the zodiac’s only cardinal Fire sign, Aries brings impulsive, action-oriented energy to the cosmic cauldron.

Folks with this natal Moon are often forerunners in their field. They’re assertive and pioneering, facing challenging situations and tricky obstacles head-on. This is because your sense of emotional well-being comes from breaking new ground…

And not only that – Aries Moons LOVE to win!

This Moon is probably the most competitive of all… And you get a real buzz from not only coming first, but also running the race.

You’re passionate about self-improvement and there’s no better way than passionately pitting yourself against another awesome human.

Aries Moon signs love a challenge

But unless the challenge stays interesting, your emotional investment may begin to wane pretty quickly!

…And this is a direct line to DISTRACTION.

Which is why so many people with this natal Moon tend to switch around from one thing to the next, in an attempt to keep life exciting.

Simply: Aries Moon signs get bored easily!

So seeking out situations that will keep your attention long-term is the real goal. Not the short-term thrill of the chase (though that IS a lot of fun…)

That said, this natal Moon sign will never back away from a challenge. You have huge reserves of emotional strength and self-motivation is a prime characteristic (or should we say superpower?)

Aries: The child of the Zodiac

Known as the child, or infant of the zodiac, the Aries Moon sign possesses an almost childlike innocence that’s akin to the Fool in Tarot.

Highly spontaneous, these folks often enjoy taking risks, without knowing that’s what they’re doing. In fact, the leaps of faith you take are rarely fueled by courage…. More like sheer naivety!

Meaning, that what may appear risky business to others is simply a walk in the park for the Aries Moon sign. Because THIS is what life feels like for you!

It’s exhilarating.

And this impulsive streak does usually work out for the best – these Moon signs learn from experience that s/he who dares wins!

But, like the proverbial child who leaves a trail of chaos behind him, the Aries Moon should beware of the potential destruction you leave in your wake. With your eyes firmly on the road ahead, you may miss the pieces that need picking up behind you, as you boldly blaze your trail.

Natal Aries Moons – Independent to a fault?

Are you someone whose independence was encouraged as a child?

Often people with their natal Moon in Aries have been used to “going it alone” for pretty much most of their lives. Sure, you have friends (heaps!) and no problems socially at all. But emotionally, an Aries Moon sign does NOT need anybody else propping them up!

You may even be a little detached from your emotions. Ever cringe when other folks get sentimental, express “neediness”, or make grand emotional displays?!

Of course, there’s no need for the Aries Moon to do any of this, right?

But it’s an important practice to allow others ( especially the water Moon folks) the grace to share their inner worlds with you, ok.

Can the natal Aries Moon be a team player?

It comes as no surprise that the natal Aries Moon may not be a dedicated team player (remember that competitive streak?). YET occasionally calling in support, delegating tasks, and actually relying on your friends, family + colleagues some of the time can be a faster route to the top.

And that may even mean compromise on occasion… There, we said it.

The Aries natal Aries Moon sign is ruled by Mars, planet of war

This can be a little confusing. So just imagine this red planet as another ingredient in the mix, a thread running through your emotional world…

Meaning: your Aries Moon can sometimes add an extra sprinkle of fiery fight and a touch of hostility to your emotional realms. You may get a little argumentative once in a while (hello cardinal quality). And it’s not too far from the truth to say that Aries Moon signs even enjoy a little light sparring at times.

In their worst moments, Aries Moons can get angry. And it’s important to realise that if your temper is a little on the short side, it’s YOUR responsibility to tame it. 

You don’t need to dampen your fire completely (that spark is in this Moon sign’s nature, after all) but channeling that passion will serve you well long term.

Are you a woman with her natal Moon in Aries?

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All fire Moon signs LOVE to love!

But it’s an Aries Moon that gets truly ignited by that first spark of attraction. Emotionally, you likely love the thrill of the chase, and enjoy the initial attraction. Not to mention that dreamy honeymoon period of a new relationship…

Longer-term, though, it’s vital for this natal Moon to keep that spark alive. Or eyes (and hearts) may start to wander…

To avoid all your relationship being short-lived, a partner who can match your desire for excitement is a must. But beware: Anyone with a too-hot personality could incite sparks of drama. And nobody needs any more of that…

The Natal Aries Moon Sign Shadow Side…

The shadow is where we put all the parts of our personality and traits + characteristics that we reject, suppress and disown. But inside the shadow, these disowned parts become distorted and still have control over our lives – though without any conscious awareness.

You can read more about the shadow here.

Knowing your natal Moon sign can be an amazing tool for unpacking the shadow.

This is because the Moon also refers to and activates the realms of the unconscious – this place with SO much power over us yet, that’s usually vastly unknown.

For an Aries Moon sign, the traits that may unlock the door into your shadow include:


  • Selfishness + arrogance
  • Egotism
  • Argumentativeness + hostility
  • Hyper-competitiveness / being unable to give in
  • Being unable to commit.

Now tell me… are you here because your natal Moon is in Aries?

Leave a comment below and tell me which trait or quality stands out the most for you.

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