What Does Being a White Moon Witch Mean? (+ 19 things a white Moon witch does)

Women temporarily synchronize Menstrual cycles with the cycle length of lunar phase

Not to be confused with the term “white witch”, in the realm of witchcraft, ‘white Moon witch’ refers to how the rhythm of your menstrual cycle synchronizes with the lunar cycle in a particular pattern. If you find that your period aligns with the new moon, you might be considered a white Moon witch. This means that when the Moon reaches its peak, your cycle is also peaking, and your ovulation phase coincides with the full Moon.

Understanding your body’s particular relationship with the lunar cycles can shed light on the rhythm of your energies, as well as indicate the best times to undertake certain spiritual practices, personal development, healing, and even spellwork.

In fact…being in tune with nature’s cycles is a gift that can empower your witchcraft, allowing you to flow with the lunar energies rather than against them.

Embracing the white Moon witch identity is about recognizing and celebrating this special alignment between your menstrual cycle and the waxing and waning of the Moon.

By doing so, you harness a type of synergy that ancient cultures have observed and revered for millennia.

What does getting your period on a new Moon mean?

If your periods start during the new Moon, it can mean you’re a white Moon witch. For white Moon witches (also known as white Moon cycle witches) this can signify a time of renewal and rest, before embarking on a fresh start.

If you bleed when lunar light is low, a great opportunity is being provided to let go of whatever is no longer serving you. This is because the natural energy of this Moon phase creates an empty void – somewhere to send all that is old, stale, outmoded and outgrown, so that you can emerge refreshed.

When your menstrual phase coincides with the new Moon phase, your body is shedding old energetic patterns, along with the loss of blood.

The spiritual meaning of your human biology correlating with this cosmic phase of renewal is profound. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that women’s bodies are working to cleanse the density of our toxic societies through their bodies, each month. Our menstrual blood is so much more than we think it is…

With the help and support of Old Grandmother Moon, the female cycle serves as a tool of energetic and emotional renewal for humanity.

Personally, the white Moon cycle can also be a potent time for sowing the seeds of your desires into the darkness, before your light and energy begin to grow with the waxing Moon phases.

Moon cup

Does the Moon really affect your menstrual cycle?

Whether the Moon cycles and menstrual cycles are connected is a highly contentious issue. Whether lunar phases influence menstruation is even more disputed.

Some scientific studies find correlations, while others don’t. So as a white Moon witch, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and track the menstrual and lunar cycles for yourself.

The average menstrual cycle length is between 27 and 30 days, which is very close to the length of the lunar cycle, which is 29.5 days.

This means that the Moon completes a full cycle from new Moon to full Moon and back to the new Moon again in about the same time the average menstrual cycle lasts. This is why some people refer to the menstrual cycle as the “moon cycle.”

Lunar cycles move through four distinct phases:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Moon.

Human menstrual cycles also move through four phases:

  • Menstruation (bleeding phase)
  • Follicular phase (pre-ovulation)
  • Ovulation phase
  • luteal phase (pre-menstruation)

Can you see how the phases of the Moon cycle and the phases of the menstrual cycle share a similar rhythm? For the white Moon cycle woman, there’s a significant association between these cycles – the menstrual rhythm within alignes exactly with the cosmic rhythm without.

white Moon witch with period on new lunar phase

What is the white Moon Cycle?

The white Moon cycle describes a menstrual cycle that begins around a new Moon. This means that you get your period when the lunar cycle is almost at its end (waning crescent Moon), or just beginning (new Moon, and waxing crescent Moon).

In a white Moon cycle, your ovulation phase coincides with the full Moon, when lunar energy is at its’ peak.

The white Moon cycle indicates that there’s a beautiful correlation between these two natural cycles. Moon energy AND your personal energy are aligned. As the Moon waxes, your energy levels increase, and as the Moon wanes, your energy levels decrease.

Tapping into the ebb and flow can not only offer profound insight into your energetic range, but provide a blueprint for how to best utilize your physical, emotional and creative energy.

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What is a white Moon witch?

The terms white Moon witch and white Moon cycle woman are interchangeable, and tends to describe a woman who engages in magickal workings, and times her spellwork with both the lunar cycle and her menstrual cycle.

Rituals and practices associated with being a white Moon witch

Bleeding with the new Moon and ovulating with the full, the rituals and practices associated with being a white Moon witch are deeply rooted in creativity, fertility, manifestation and healing. She connects her own flow and rhyme with the natural world, embracing divine feminine energy, and harnessing her authentic power to renew and create.

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Because the white witch Moon cycle is often associated with fertility, women with this menstrual cycle are often raising children, intending to become mothers, or in a fertile time of their lives. Stongly connected with the energies of mother earth, their magic is often directed outwards, into their communities, families, and the people they love and serve.

Some women with a white Moon cycle find it useful to relate to the white Moon archetype. The white Moon archetype is very similar to the mother archetype, embodying the nurturing, creative and sustaining energies of motherhood. This archetype needn’t always be focused children, though, but on birthing ideas, projects and manifestations into the world.

So this isn’t to say mothers always have white Moon cycles – many of these women also experience the red moon cycle, purple Moon cycle, or pink Moon cycle).

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The white Moon cycle witch works closely to align her magickal workings alongside the cycles of the earth and the Moon. She performs rituals and ceremonies aligned with lunar phases and seasonal changes. For the white Moon cycle woman, the high days are holy days, and she knows that Mother Earth amplifies her innate abilities to sow seeds, nurture growth and sustain her creations.

Additionally, white Moon witches often incorporate herbalism and natural remedies into their spiritual and magical practices – growing, harvesting, and concocting teas and elixirs in line with the Moon cycle, and her menstrual cycles throughout the year.

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Beautiful black women with white Moon menstrual cycles meditating

19 ways to work with your cycle as a white Moon cycle witch

As a white Moon witch, your menstrual cycle follows the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, at the same time. This means your menstrual phases align with the lunar phases, and both cycles amplify and intensify each other.

Here are some ideas to get the most emotional, mental and spiritual benefits from your cycle –

1. Rest

During your menstrual phase, rest. It’s simple. Yet NOT so simple if you have a busy life with kids, family, work and responsibilities!

So really try to plan ahead, and prepare as much as possible, so that when menstruation starts, you can honour your bleeding phase for the sacred time it is.

Engage in rituals that honor your sacred blood, as well as the potency of the full Moon.

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2. Track your menstrual cycles

Keep a detailed record of your menstrual cycle, incorporating astrological and elemental correspondences, to gain insights into the patterns and rhythms of your body and spirit.

3. Align your month with the Moon’s phases

For the white Moon cycle woman, this is easy – simply follow the lead of Old Grandmother Moon.

Rest when lunar light is low. As the waxing Moon emerges, take inspired action, and make connections in your life. At the full Moon when you’re ovulating, go out socializing and dancing, and maximise on the dynamic, creative energy pouring from the skies. And when the waning Moon phase rolls around and you enter your luteal phase, begin to retreat into contemplation and reflection.

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4. Set an intention

As a white Moon cycle witch, your estrogen levels are low, during the new Moon, so it’s a good time to rest, reflect, and set an intention for the upcoming cycle.

By the time the waxing Moon arrives, you have entered your follicular phase, and likely experience a surge in energy and creativity. Having an intention in place will help you direct your energy.

5. Hold a new Moon ritual

Harness the magic of the first lunar phase with a ritual. Set an intention, commit to a goal, or simply call in the Goddess to hold you over the upcoming Moon cycle.

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6. Harness waxing Moon energy

For the white Moon cycle witch, you can elevate your regular cycle to something immensely potent, by harnessing the waxing energy of the Moon through waxing Moon rituals.

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7. Connect your inner mother archetype

The white Moon witch archetype is virtually the same as the mother archetype. You can understand this cycle in more depth, by connecting to your inner mother, and awakening to her creative, nurturing and sustaining qualities.

Explore your inner mother archetype here.

8. Heal the mother wound

The mother wound is a concept describing the emotional and psychological wounds that have been passed from mother to daughter. In patriarchal societies, it’s usually passed down through many generations of women.

It manifests most clearly when a child experiences negative feelings and patterns, arising from their relationship with their mother. Yet the mother wound can also show up in much more subtle ways such as through dysfunctional relationships and coping mechanisms.

If you have a white Moon cycle, and have a toxic relationship with your mother, feel disconnected from any maternal feelings, or have a lot of resistance to this energy, it may indicate you need to heal the mother wound.

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9. Get creative!

The white Moon cycle is an inherently creative menstrual cycle. During the full Moon, when you are ovulating, be sure to harness the creative, magnetic power of the full Moon to give creative form to your ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

10. Moonbathe

Spend time under the light of the full moon, connecting with its energy beaming down from the night sky. Ground into the bounteous Earth, and connect to Old Grandmother Moon, basking in her illuminating glow.

11. Take a Moon bath

Embrace the restorative power of water by taking ritual baths infused with herbs, essential oils, and crystals, tailored to support the specific energies and needs of each phase of your cycle.

12. Perform a Moon manifestation ritual

Around the full Moon, when the white Moon cycle witch is ovulating, she is at her most magnetic! If this is you, you can’t NOT harness the magnetic, manifestations potency of the full Moon! Super-charge your intentions and desires with a full Moon ritual

13. Explore sacred sexuality

Explore the sacred and spiritual dimensions of sexuality and intimacy. Honor the connection between your cycle, sensuality, the divine feminine, and the lunar cyle, whether through solo practices or with a partner.

14. Declutter and streamline

As the Moon disseminates, ask yourself – what are your priorities? And How much other stuff is going on in your life, drawing your attention away from these?

Women tend to naturally create and nurture, and white Moon cycle witches are even more likely to give their time, effort, energy and spaces to those in need. Her fertile nature means she’s a provider of plenty!

So you need to strip away the excess – to clear the debris, and avoid overwhelm. THe luteal phase is a great time to do this, as your attention to detail is sharp, and discernment is high.

15. Perform letting go rituals

When the Moon cycle begins to wane and your menstrual phase draws close, us the ebbing energy of the Moon to let go. As a white Moon cycle witch, a letting go ritual will help anchor in your intention for release.

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16. Sleep more

The white cycle witch gets plenty of sleep! Your luteal phase is an invitation to slightly increase your sleep duration by turning off any artificial light sources a little earlier, and retreating to bed.

After the high-octane full Moon phase, it’s important to recalibrate your circadian rhythm and prepare your body for the healing process of menstruation.

17. Explore the root of PMS

If your premenstrual phase is one big challenge, then you have some digging to do. As the most healing menstrual cycle, this white Moon cycle can offer an opportunity to explore and heal any serious menstrual cycle issues.

Excess pain, cramping, very heavy bleeding and mental health issues like anxiety or depression may all seem normal PMS symptoms, but they are not normal human responses to the menstrual cycle! So if you regularly suffer with your periods, seek professional help.

18. Do your shadow work

Use the reflective, introspecting energy of menstruation, along with the deepening darkness of the waning Moon and dark Moon phases to delve into shadow work.

Exploring and integrating the aspects of yourself that may be hidden or repressed, to seek healing and empowerment.

19. Find (or create) sisterhood

Since ancient times, menstruating women have gathered together to share their wisdom, visions, dreams and magic. Connect with other white Moon witches under the new Moon to deepen your connection to the divine feminine and the cycles of nature.

Can you temporarily synchronize with the white Moon cycle?

Your menstrual cycle can seem to temporarily synchronize with the white Moon cycle under specific circumstances. If you begin to bleed around the new Moon and it’s unusual for you, this temporary shift could be caused by –

  • A change in lifestyle
  • Entering a new phase of womanhood
  • Emotional and physical stresses caused by modern life
  • Sleep patterns
  • A lunar eclipse (blood Moon)
  • Underlying medical conditions (e.g. PCOS)
  • Medications, including birth control pills
  • Artificial light and exposure to narrow light spectrums (i.e blue light)
  • Pregnancy, postpartum period or breastfeeding
  • Menopause transition
  • Environmental toxins or chemicals

So for some women, the white Moon cycle may be a response to external factors, whilst for others, it may be a manifestation of her entering a new phase of her life.

This new alignment may be temporary, or longer term. But keep in mind that every woman’s body is unique and this synchrony may keep changing as life does. This is normal.

What are the other moon – menstrual cycles?

There are three other menstruation cycles, these are the pink Moon cycle, the red Moon cycle, and the purple Moon cycle.

Pink Moon cycle

The pink Moon cycle describes the menstrual cycle of women who menstruate during the waxing Moon phase, and ovulate under a waning Moon

Red Moon cycle

The red Moon cycle describes the menstrual cycle of women who bleed during a full moon. This means that you get your period when the lunar cycle reaches its climax, whilst your own ovulation phase coincides with the new Moon. It’s the reverse (mirror image) of the white Moon cycle.

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Purple Moon cycle

The purple Moon cycle describes the menstrual cycle of women who menstruate during the waning Moon phase, and ovulate under a waxing Moon

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