Taurus New Moon: 5 Tiny Rituals to Tap Into Abundance (May 7th, 2024)

Time to ROOT down! The New Moon will rise in Taurus on May 7th, 2024

This New Moon comes at a time of great change on the planet (is that ever *not* the case?!)

Yet unlike most Moons, Taurus brings in the anchor of deep stability. This is the rock around which all that wonderful and messy life is spinning….

Every month, the New Moons carry us over the threshold of a new beginning. They offer the gentle spark, from which our cyclical creations are born. But in Taurus, the New Moon can feel like it’s more about securing the womb, than the baby it holds (as every mother knows, the fertile field is everything…)

This new Moon amplifies the need to dig down to the bedrock of life

… To re-discover what’s lost, what’s buried, and what’s forgotten. And bring those submerged pieces back to life.

Taurus as an archetype is earthy, solid, and sensory.

It often points straight to the body and to the tangible parts of our life experience. But before we get there… I sense this month, this cycle, this time: Taurus is asking us to backtrack. With seeds still yet to be sown and ideas yet to be truly idealised, before setting and intentions for change, this Moon wants us to first look to our core truths, values, and motivations.

This slow and beautiful Taurean Moon is pressing pause.

Taurus is a fixed sign. It roots into presence, and sustains what’s here. Now.

At the time of this new Moon, there’s a LOT of forward motion in the cosmos, but there’s an unavoidable stillness that comes with the lunation. And in this stolen arc of time, la Luna is encouraging you to reach back into the reassuring earthiness of your values, to your raisons d’etre, and remind yourself of what they actually are. Then when you find them…to realign.

Only then, once you’ve re-discovered, and re-saturated yourself in what you know you really believe in, will it be time to start building again.

La Luna is offering you a divine stillness right now, if you are willing to feel it.

No doubt life has been spinning SO fast around you recently? But by standing still at the centre of it all under this New Moon, presence will form. And in that presence – you’ll find what matters. Some questions to ponder…

  • What are the core beliefs that you are working from and for?
  • What do you want your life to be about?
  • What experiences do you want your life – your days, your weeks, your months and years – to be a container for?

These are BIG questions to ask yourself (and the perfect time to ask them)….As Taurus has all the time in the world. Not to mention the tenacity to stick with the search to firstly find out the answers, and secondly, figure out how to bring them to life.

Writing prompts for the Taurus New Moon

Bringing things to life is a Taurus Moon speciality

The Moon is, as we know, magnetic.

Taurus has a reputation for abundance, in all its earthly delights. So when the two combine – the New Moon’s allure, and the sacred Bull’s plenty – it’s a supernatural mix. La Luna is exalted here, drawing out all of the feminine, Venusian goodness that this sign has to offer.

The symbol of the sacred bull is an ancient symbol of the Goddess

Pre-dating the European pantheon of Olympian Gods (which replaced almost all of the original stories and myths of the Goddess) the Bull was held high as both a sacred feminine motif and her manifestation.

The horns represented crescent Moons. And the milk of the cow savoured as the nurturing, life-giving and abundant elixir that it still is today (yet today it’s less savoured, and more factory-farmed. Abundant… yet for whom? Not to the calf. And not to the Earth anymore…)

What does this concept of abundance mean to you?

  • Is it a plentiful (and excessive?) amount of what you most desire?
  • Is it the energy of overflow?
  • Is it an absence of lack?

“Abundance” means different things to different people

… Yet it’s become a bit of a buzzword, hasn’t it? Something we’re all supposed to want? To aim for? To live in? This Moon is inviting a reframe… by offering the pause, and the opportunity to define abundance for yourself.

Abundance doesn’t (have to) mean having lots of material possessions. In fact, for me, too many possessions around and I feel anxious and strung out. Less is most definitely more… Fewer things actually create opportunities for the kinds of abundance I really enjoy, such as time and space. Yet for others, this emptiness may feel like a lack – like something it missing.

What about you? What is your definition of abundance?

Here are 5 ways to tap into the abundant NOW of this Taurus New Moon (and figure out your own definitions):

1. Breathe in Earth energy

One of my favourite descriptions of the zodiac comes from the Akkadian Empire where the zodiac was known as Innum: the Furrow of Heaven.⁠ The Furrow of Heaven was ploughed by the heavenly bull (the God El) as he travelled, slowly through the year. ⁠

This always makes me think of Taurus pulling the plough, turning the rich, dark soil of Mother Earth, as though awakening her with soft caresses.

Her energy yearns to be sipped. Drawn up like liquid breath, from the so below, into our bodies. This starts with imagination, visualisation, meditation… and very quickly becomes real.

Try it. See how it lands for you.

2. Be present and stretch time

You have an abundance of time. It is right here, right now.

The slow, sensual, presence of Taurus makes this ‘abundantly’ clear! By releasing the thoughts that are pulling you into the future, or drawing you into the past, the NOW becomes larger, wider, deeper.

3. Go outside

There’s an innate balance in the abundance levels in nature. She blooms. And she decays. And very often there are signs of both simultaneously.

Spending time outside, in nature’s multidimensional field where abundance is perpetually flowing and retreating does something to our own nervous systems – it soothes feelings of lack, scarcity, and not enough-ness. Nature models the flux, the constantly shifting sands, and on a very deep level, reassures us that ‘enough’ is a fluid, yet constant state.

4. Drop into your heart

The heart is so very different from the brains in our heads, for one, because it operates from a place of unity, and not polarity (the brain even has two halves).

When consciously living from the heart – and this means actually, literally moving your conscious awareness down from the head (where it usually sits) and into the heart – it’s really hard to not feel the abundance of the present moment, and tap into your genuine needs, as opposed to ego desires.

5. Thank the Goddess

The Earth. The Great Mother. The rising Feminine.

She’s always there… Some people find gratitude an abstract concept, making it tricky to stick to gratitude practices. But as an act of devotion to the Goddes, gratitude becomes grounded. And real.

And abundant.

New Moon blessings for yours.

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