What is Unity Consciousness?

The term ‘Unity Consciousness’ is used often and freely, I’ve been reading it for years now (for as long as I’ve been interested in subjects to which it’s relevant) and now I find myself using it too.  So I thought it was worth a deeper inquiry, to figure out what it actually means.

First things first, it’s important to understand that everything, I mean every single thing that we experience is born from consciousness.  One consciousness: one living, aware, conscious state, that many refer to as ‘Source’, God’, ‘the All Knowing’ or ‘the Divine’, to name a few examples.

This Source is infinite, and contains within it (as a beach contains grains of sand, or as an ocean contains drops of water) every permutation of every potential reality, in the form of Universes, dimensions and all other manifestations of life that are beyond my wildest imaginings of what life could be.
Currently, as members of the human race, we are experiencing the third dimension of one expression of a reality, on a planet called Earth.  Earth revolves around the Sun, which is one star amongst many, in a galaxy called the Milky Way.

The dimension that we are currently in, operates through a system of rules called ‘duality’, and within this duality, it appears to each of us that we exist as separate entities.  It appears this way, because we accept that it is, on deep, deep levels that are not only cognitive, but levels embedded within us, from eons of conditioning.  It is this conditioning that hides the biggest truth of our whole existence, which is that we are this infinite Source consciousness.

In order to explain further, here is one of the best illustrations that I have come across, from the ‘Adamu Speaks’ series:

“Everything that you think is real, right from the stars in the sky to your very own body, is all made up of atoms.  This you probably know. You probably also know that these atoms are made up of subatomic particles.  But what you might not have known is that sub-atomic particles are not really particles.  Not in the way you might imagine a particles to be. They are not very small little balls or building blocks.  No, they are, actually nothing more than patterns in the background energy.  You can imagine, if you like that there is a sea of infinite energy and in that sea, a little eddy forms.  The pattern of that eddy becomes stable and does not simply fade away when it interacts with another eddy that has a complementary pattern.  And so the two patterns dance together for a while.  And there you are with your finest scientific equipment, and you look at this dance and instead of seeing a romance between two patterns of energy, you think you are looking at a particle – perhaps a proton – inside an atom.  But I hope you have noticed the important part of this tale.  This was the fact that those particles – in fact all particles in the whole universe – are all composed of patterns in the same one infinite, universal energy field.  You see: ONE energy field makes up everything in your whole universe.  This means that EVERYTHING that you think is real is actually just patterns and variations in the same one energy”.
It is at the macro and the micro levels – at the infinitely large, and the infinitely small places that this truth of oneness is starting to become visible, as this is where the illusion of duality and separation is breaking down.  Incredibly, we are living through the moments on Earth, when this is now being realized by science, through the study of Birkeland currents (at the macro scale), and through quantum theory (at the micro scale).

In the ordinary scale and activity of everyday life, our state of oneness with infinite consciousness seems largely invisible, instead replaced by separation.  But still, we are each made up of a few ripples in that singular blanket of energy, so our feelings, thoughts and actions continue to create patterns, which affect the whole, whether or not we are aware.

Beginning to get a grasp of the concept of  infinite consciousness, and the origin of creation is one thing, and it does take time and adjustment.  But unity consciousness exists a few steps further on.



In one human lifetime, it is beyond average to experience more than three states of consciousness. These states are:

  • Normal waking consciousness
  • Deep sleep
  • Dreaming

Normal waking consciousness can be further split into sub-expressions:

  • The universal subconscious – this is shared by all, and creates the link between an individual and the rest of the species. It is how we can know what each other are feeling, or how our assumptions about things such as aging, or environmental damage, progress.
  • The individual, or genetic subconscious – this contains our inherited belief systems, and is where our shared biological characteristics originate from.
  • The conscious mind – this is our unique and individual perception.

It’s important to separate these out, as they are the specific parts of consciousness that have been targeted and controlled for so many thousands of years, in order to condition us all into believing duality over unity.

This could make it sound like we are victims within our lives, but it is important to realise that we each have been in agreement of this conditioning.  The parts of each of us that are living, as incarnate humans here on Earth came here precisely to experience and continue to co-create this duality.  We aren’t victims; we are willingly playing the game!

But for so many of us, the game has become one of unfurling and awakening to the pretence of duality and separation, and the truth of unity. And once you start figuring this out, it is impossible to go back.
So where do you go instead?

The answer is to lead the mind back through these three conditioned states of consciousness, and to question and re-assess each belief that is held, in order to rediscover its pure, unconditioned state.  From there, once you are free from the anchoring weight of the outmoded mindsets you have been operating from, higher states of consciousness begin to be attainable.

Much has been written about these higher states, especially in Vedanta (ancient Hindu texts about the nature of reality), such as soul, cosmic and unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness comes after understanding the nature of oneness.

It comes after making the small (or huge!) and necessary adjustments to our inner perspective, in order to begin to witness our unconscious beliefs in duality, and rise above them.

It comes after doing this consistently, recognizing the illusion in waking and sleeping life.

Unity consciousness expands this knowing into feeling, and experiences of oneness, in ways that would currently be deemed unbelievable! It is when our single, localized point of perspective ceases to exist and we can experience life from the perspective of another, as limitations of time and place are no longer there.

But unity consciousness does mean continuing to exist here, on Earth. I think some people envisage ‘ascending’ into Unity Consciousness as us somehow leaving this planet, but I believe we will all bring this level of existence here.

So it has to begin here, within each one of us.


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