Period on New Moon: Spiritual Meaning and 10 Ways to Harness Your Magic

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Do you bleed during the new Moon? This pattern of menstruation is known as a white Moon cycle, and for spiritual women, your new Moon period is a beautiful and profound alignment with the lunar cycles.

The white Moon cycle describes a menstrual cycle that begins around a new Moon. This means that you get your period when the lunar cycle is either at its very end (waning crescent Moon), or just beginning (new Moon, and waxing crescent Moon) Then your ovulation phase coincides with the full Moon, when lunar energy is at its’ peak.

Whether menstrual cycles and lunar cycles correlate remains a disputed subject. A lot of scientific evidence says no. Yet the average menstrual cycle lasts the same time as one lunar cycle! Ans lot of women experience there being a strong connection between the Moon phases and their periods.

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If you’re curious, then do your own research. Track your period, alongside the changing Moon phases, and you’ll soon find out…

Eight Moon phases in the sky for manifesting

Phases of the Moon

Every lunar month, our Moon goes through a series of phases, caused by its orbit around the Earth. These phases are a result of the relative positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Moon cycles are often separated into eight distinct phases, which are:

One lunar cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days. This is the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth, and is also the length of most human menstrual cycles.

Woman holding her womb space with period on new moon

What does it mean when your period is on a new Moon?

When your menstrual phase occurs during the new Moon it can signify a time of new beginnings and fresh starts on multiple levels. When your body and period cycles align with the cycles of Grandmother Moon, it’s known as a white Moon cycle, and is especially auspicious for personal and spiritual rebirth.

Physically, you are bleeding, likely feeling tired, and pretty slow and inactive. you may have lower back pain and pelvic cramps. It’s normal to feel your emotional strength is at its lowest ebb, which mirrors the energy of the Moon at this phase.

Your hormonal levels mean you are likely inwardly focused, preferring quiet time alone, to socializing with other people, and this is also encouraged by the low energy levels of the new Moon phase.

Energetically, this is a time for consciously releasing old, outmoded beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, along with the bodily release of blood. It’s important to do this work of letting go now, so that anything that no longer serves you, is not carried over into the next cycle. The dark and waning crescent Moon phases support this.

When you are bleeding, your intuition is heightened – the two hemispheres of the brain are most actively communicating at this phase so intuitive insights and messages may be received. When the night sky is dark, this low point in the luminance cycle also enables intuitive awareness and inner sight.

As bleeding slows, it’s time to consciously set intentions for the new cycle, as you emerge from this time of retreat.

new moon and period

What’s the spiritual meaning of having a period on the new Moon?

Having a period on the new Moon often signifies that you’re experiencing a time of release and renewal.

Because the new Moon is associated with new beginnings, and setting intentions, bleeding at this time can indicate you have an opportunity to release old energy and make space for new growth.

Spiritually, women who menstruate during the new Moon phase may be perceived as being aligned with the natural rhythms of the Earth and the Moon. This is because when the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle correlate exactly, their energies can enhance and amplify each other.

Another perspective is that women who bleed during the new Moon are at the peak of their most maternal time of life. The archetype of the mother moves strongly through white Moon cycle women, so they are likely fertile, perhaps thinking about starting a family, or in the early stages of motherhood. This means they often take the roles of nurturer or caregiver, spending a lot of their time and energy supporting others.

But the creative capabilities of the white Moon cycle may not only center around children. Often, women who bleed during the new Moon are conceiving ideas, generating work, building businesses and setting up all sorts of new ventures in other areas of life.

Women who experience this menstrual cycle are mirroring the creative, life-giving power of Mother Nature herself.

What does it mean when you ovulate on a full Moon?

Bleeding around the new Moon means your menstrual periods happen during the full Moon. This lunar phase moon is associated with abundance, manifestation, and fertility. Women who ovulate at the full moon tend to embody these qualities – their bodies are ripe, open, and fertile, so they’re more expressive, dynamic, and sociable.

The white Moon cycle woman is also more loving, affectionate, and sexually turned on at the full Moon phase – mirroring the climactic energy of this phase.

After the full Moon, when lunar light is waning, white Moon women enter into their luteal phase. Because they tend to nurture and offer a lot of care and support to those around them they need this time to rest and retreat, and this gently withdrawing energy is, again, mirrored in the lunar cycle.

Spiritually, this offers them the opportunity to rest more deeply at the waning Moon, before menstruation starts again.

Meaning of your period on a waning crescent Moon

If you menstruate during the waning crescent Moon (or balsamic Moon) you are entering a time of retreat, introspection and rest. Spiritually, it’s experienced by women almost ready to birth new creations into the world, yet they still some more time, reflection and insight first.

Although this menstruation pattern is generally regarded as a purple Moon cycle, this cycle comes close to the white Moon cycle.

If your menstrual cycle aligns with the very end of the waning cycle, you may be transitioning into a new, more maternal phase of life.

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Meaning of your period is on a dark Moon

If you menstruate during the dark Moon (between 1 and 3 days before the new Moon) it signifies a mystical time of profound introspection and transformation.

Spiritually, the dark Moon period is experienced by women who need to rest and retreat from the outside world, as they are going through a time of self-actualization that needs time to settle and stabilize.

Women who bleed under a dark Moon fall into the category of white Moon cycle women, but it’s especially important for them to honor their menstruation and offer more energy and time to their own personal growth and evolution.

They may be experiencing physical stresses or even some mental health issues, so their dark Moon cycle period is a sign to take their spiritual self-care seriously.

If your menstrual cycle aligns with the very end of the waning cycle, you may be transitioning into a new, more maternal phase of life.

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Meaning of your period on a waxing crescent Moon

If you menstruate during the waxing crescent Moon, you get your period when the lunar cycle has already begun and is waxing.

Spiritually, it’s experienced by women who are entering a curious and playful time in life, where things may be changing, and they’re emerging into greater truth and authenticity.

Women who bleed during the waxing crescent Moon are known as white Moon women, yet because the waxing lunar phases are emergent, it’s experienced by women transitioning into the pink Moon cycle.

Women who are used to giving, providing, and nurturing others, and are moving away from this stage of life (even momentarily) may find themselves in a pink Moon cycle.

Woman's body affected by the Moon transits

10 Ways to Harness your white Moon cycle magic

So your periods are falling on the new Moon? Identifying your white Moon cycle is the first step.. but how can you begin to work with this deeply nourishing and healing menstrual cycle?

We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 ways to harness the magic of your white Moon cycle…

1. Set an intention

During the new moon, when estrogen levels are low, it is a good time to rest, reflect, and set an intention for the upcoming cycle.

As estrogen levels increase during the waxing moon, and YOU enter your follicular phase, you’ll likely experience a surge in energy and creativity. So when this strikes, make sure you have an intention in place, to direct all that juicy power towards.

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2. Embrace your creativity

The white Moon cycle is all about creativity! You have the opportunity to harness all the waxing, creative, and imaginative energy of the full Moon cycle, alongside your internal flowering.

This is likely a time in your life for creative inspiration and new ideas. Engage in creative activities such as writing, painting, or crafting to tap into this energy. And bring it into your other daily activities too.

3. Mother yourself

As the most maternal menstrual cycle (it’s a physiological and hormonal response!) white Moon cycle women tend to give, give, give. But it’s important to channel some of that beautiful caring attention inwards.

Explore your inner mother archetype to find ways to nurture yourself.

4. Create connections

When your period aligns with the Moon’s phases in this way, it can create opportunities for building meaningful connections with other people. Increased estrogen during your follicular phase increases serotonin and can even result in more endorphins being released (the “feel-good” chemicals).

This coincides with the waxing Moon, which means other women and men are likely to respond and want to have fun with you!

So invite some friends over and take the time to prepare and savor delicious food in company. Don’t worry about perfection – instead, focus on the simple delight and pleasure of what is happening around you.

5. Find your pleasure

As the full moon approaches and estrogen levels peak, you’ll likely feel more sensual and passionate and pleasure-focused. It’s biology – human reproduction depends on it!

But it needn’t be all about making babies – energetically, the full Moon’s influence also means this is a good time to connect with your partner and explore your sexuality.

6. Set boundaries

If you’re a mother or primary caregiver, setting boundaries is one of the best ways you can harness the power of your white Moon cycle.

It’s not always easy. But try to ensure your “no” means no, and that you set aside enough time and energy for the different needs you have at each stage of your cycle.

7. Rest

It’s not always easy to rest during menstruation, as our busy modern lifestyles keep us on the go 24/7. But your body doesn’t roll with a 24/7 cycle. You have four phases spanning an entire month for a reason – you need each one.

So embrace those natural cycles by resting when you bleed.

8. Journal

Journaling with a pen and paper will help you to access parts of the unconscious that hold the keys to many of your hidden beliefs, conditioning, and patterns.

9. Do your shadow work

Under the waning lunar phases, shadow work is always a potent practice, more so if your luteal phase aligns with the waning Moon.

Shadow work can support both your mind and body to let go, so you can truly feel inspired by new projects and potentials, and embrace creative energies under the new Moon phase.

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10. Heal your womb 

The womb holds so much pain, trauma and memory. Practicing womb healing (either on your own, in the safe space of home, or with a womb healing practitioner) can be a profound way to help move stagnant energy, along with the blood also leaving your body.

What are the other menstruation cycles?

There are three other menstruation cycles, these are the pink Moon cycle, the red Moon cycle, and the purple Moon cycle.

Pink Moon cycle

The pink Moon cycle describes women who menstruate during the waxing Moon phase, and ovulate under a waning Moon

Red Moon cycle

The red Moon cycle describes a menstrual cycle that begins during a full moon. This means that you get your period when the lunar cycle reaches its climax, whilst your own ovulation phase coincides with the new Moon. It’s the reverse (mirror image) of the white Moon cycle.

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Purple Moon cycle

The purple Moon cycle describes women who menstruate during the waning Moon phase, and ovulate under a waxing Moon

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