Libra Full Moon March 2024: Bring Back Balance

Discover what the Moon in Libra means

And breathe…! It’s time to stablize the scales with this month’s full Moon in Libra

This week we usher in the peak of the first (fiery) lunar cycle of the astrological year! A cool and soothing Libra Full Moon brings a renewed sense of harmony and balance

This full Moon comes as SUCH a welcome antidote to the blaze of Aries season energy we’ve all been navigating these past weeks. So if you’ve been feeling like I have – that time’s speeding up and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done… then take a breath! You deserve it.

When is the Full Moon in Libra 2024?

This month’s full Moon rises on Monday, March 25, 2024, at 07:00 GMT/ 03:00 eastern time (and 11pm PST on Sunday March 24th).

Full moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun, meaning its face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. This happens approximately once a month, when the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously.

What does it mean if the full moon is in Libra?

The full Moon in Libra means one thing: It’s time to focus on your relationships and create more balance in your life. As the sign of harmony, cooperation and understanding, this full Moon always illuminates these qualities in my life and yours, and shows us where they’re lacking.

Libra energy loves to create peace. Yet to find this at a fundamental level, it forces an understanding that other people’s perspectives matter as much as our own. Here in the sign of the scales, the middle ground becomes a real place and this full Moon in Libra promises to help us work on any relationship issues by leading with love.

For the Moon Mavens I know well, mutual care and consideration are always a focus under Libra energy. It’s easy to lead with this idea, as a concept (hello air sign energy) but practice can be harder, especially when surrender and compromise fall into those areas of life that are non-negotiable.

So while many people think a full Moon in this air sign is all easy breezy, in actual fact I know it’s going to highlight some of your most trigger-worthy and sensitive spots – those exactly places you are unwilling to move an inch.

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Full Moon in Libra meaning

What energy does the March full moon bring?

All Full Moons illuminate. They come to highlight areas of your life that have been cast into shadow, or clouded by conditioning that no longer serves you.

The energy this Libra Full Moon brings feels like gentle adjustment.

We’re being called into exploration of the self, in relation to ALL that sits around us – from personal and professional relationships to the wider world. The energy of this Moon helps to anchor us at the centrepoint, and take in a 360º view all around to see where the imbalances lie.

This full Moon always occurs in Aries season, with the Sun in fiery Aries pushing every available boundary and competing to get ahead. Right now, the Libra/Aries axis is highlighted with a penumbral eclipse ringing in the changes too. Meaning these two energies are at loggerheads… OR are they poised for a breakthrough?

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This intellectual air sign is known for its love of balance, harmony, and justice, so during this time, you may feel a strong desire for peace in your life. BUT this desire will be born out of all the places it’s missing. So whilst all those delicious qualities DO fall under this full Moon’s domain… you’re still going to have to work for them.

What’s the spiritual meaning of the full Moon in Libra?

The full Moon in Libra highlights the need for spiritual healing in the realm of interpersonal connections. With the Sun in headstrong Aries, self-expression is important right now… as is cooperation and partnership in our most important relationships.

Spiritually, this full Moon can test us as we’re being pulled in two directions (yes, every FM can feel like this, but this astrological axis seems to amplify the split).

Dig deep, and you’ll discover that this celestial event encourages inner work focused on resolving conflicts in win-win ways. 

Finding equilibrium isn’t only about give and take. It’s about fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and others and this can involve stretching beyond our comfort zone, letting go of past assumptions and opening up to new possibilities.

Full Moon rise over Ocean with pink sky

What to do during the Libra full moon?

The full Moon in Libra is a time to focus on finding balance in your life. The full Moon in this sign usually guides this work by showing you where you’re OUT of balance! And yes, this often shows up in our relationships first.

So one of the most important things to do under this Moon is to slow down and listen, before you go out and set intentions, direct energy or make drastic changes.

Also, March’s full Moon in Libra is a penumbral eclipse. Eclipse energy can be erratic and unpredictable so avoid any manifestation rituals for now – save those for another time.

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Here are some ideas for what to focus on under this Libra Moon:


Journaling can be a powerful practice for harnessing the energy of this celestial event. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions, worries and fears.

As an air sign, Libra activates the mind, making this a potent tool for learning and growth. Drop the limitations and dream of your ideal future, the person you’ll become, and the world you want to create through the relationships you make.

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Focusing on self-care can be SO beneficial under this Moon, given that Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. Embrace activities that offer inner peace, if only for a moment. A luxurious bath, meditation or yoga, spending time in nature, or simply finding a quiet 5 minutes alone time with your favourite novel, can all offer ways to soothe frayed emotions and let go of worry.

Don’t be afraid to rest.

Prioritizing self-care in daily life is one of the best ways to align with the energies of Libra, counterbalancing and harmonizing the Sun in zodiac sign Aries.

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Nurture relationships

During the Libra full moon, nurture your most important relationships. Take this time to focus on your love life and the connections that matter most. This means healing together – so focus on kindness and compassion, and take the lead when it comes to repair.

With the Sun in Aries, it’s likely your inner child will rise up to be seen, so use this opportunity to heal your own wounds and foster healthy relationships by leading with a sense of love and understanding.


The zodiac sign of Libra lives in the tide of your breath, streaming in and out of your body, in every moment of your existence.

She is ever-changing, yet constant. A rhythm of eternal re-balance that is always with you… And always available to you as an ally: a guide into your own stable center.

Can you notice that place, that pause between breaths?

THIS is the home of the Libra Full Moon. She sails high in the sky above your head, but she’s inside you too – as above, so below. This Moon (as all Moons do) lives in you.

Seek joy

Seeking more joy under this generous Moon by embracing the spirit of fun and connection. Just past Spring Equinox, the sap is rising so this is a great time to focus on the joy that can be found in our relationships.

Plan a date night with your beloved under the open sky, reflecting on the past and envisioning a bright future. Keep it light! The planet Venus is strong under this sign, encouraging love, appreciation and fulfilment through lighthearted experiences.

There is a depth that comes with this Moon, that’s often overlooked. Libra calls in the shadow AND the light and invites us to flex our muscles holding both.

This month’s full Moon offers us the ability to make great strides on our healing journeys – as individuals AND as a collective. Are you willing to stand under that spotlight and be seen, as the Moon illuminates your darkness… AND your light?

I hope so.

Full Moon blessings



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