11 Truth-Seeking Journal Prompts for the Libra New Moon (6th October, 2021)

If you want to, scroll down for the Libra New Moon journalling prompts now…

Or first, let’s talk about the Libra New Moon.

Libra Moons always make me think of the summer breeze.

Not too strong.

Not too much.

Juuuust the right amount of pressure. Like a balanced set of scales, which of course, is this Moon’s totem and symbol. An ancient motif, the scales are still used to affirm meaning today, in our courts of law, legal offices, and places of legal education.

The ancient Greek Goddess Maat was keeper of the scales.

Maat was also known as “Mother of the Truth”.

Yet the truth can be hard to pin down under a Libra Moon.

…And judging by the number of court cases being carried out in our world, it’s never been harder. But of course, opinions differ SO much, because we’re each living out different lives from each other. And try as we might, the details don’t always transfer.

We believe in different things.

Yet under a Libra New Moon, when all is dark and lunar (emotional) energy is at its lowest ebb, it’s even harder to keep hold of your own thread.

Libra is a notoriously changeable sign.

Unlike Gemini, which darts from place to place, leapfrogging from one new idea to the next, Libra is simply, easily swayed by its opposite. YES, Libra carries the energy of fairness, equality and justice… but unless you’re careful, this beautiful, gentle, generous archetype will swing your attention away from what you actually believe to be true.

So eager to keep the scales balanced, you end up tipping them entirely away from the center.

This Libra New Moon cycle is the container for our collective explorations into the lessons this zodiac sign holds

As la Luna waxes her way to fullness in Aries in two weeks’ time, She will invite us to search the depts of our own truths, and balance this against the prevailing wind.

There are no right answers.

Only yours matters.

BUT. Libra loves sitting pretty inside the status quo, and dislikes the confrontation that comes with disagreement … Making this a place you may try to avoid over the next lunar month.

Your loyalty to your own truth could be tested.

This makes it the duty of each of us to keep re-aligning, to keep asking our hearts, our wombs, our inner voices what feels good and what doesn’t.

Self-inquiry is an ongoing practice. And as much as it’s SO much easier to out-source the truth, doing this is ultimately self-destructive… and keeps us locked in spirals of growth that keep on repeating.

By the time the next Libra New Moon arrives in 12 months’ time, you could be in a completely new place, in a completely new relationship to a collective that has grown SO much! Or we could all still be here, in the same reality full of half-truths and fragmented souls…

You get to choose, my friend. Will you claim your power for yourself?

Libra Moons are unique, in that they help us to peel back our attachment to the world BECAUSE it’s so hard. Because it’s so confronting under this lunar gaze.

You may think at first that the mirror this New Moon offers is turned away from you, showing you the world. But the braver task is to turn it back. You can use this Libra New Moon to look within, to really look within. When all the world seems to be looking the other way, this New Moon will show you your truth, if you look for it.

A black mirror of all and everything…

One of the most accessible and profound practices I know, to keep sovereignty at the TOP of all my efforts is journaling. Deceptively simple, writing in response to specific prompts unlocks the unconscious, joining the dots of personal realization you didn’t even know had got lost.

Here are 11 journalling prompts designed specifically to reconnect you to your truth under this New Moon in Libra.

Let me know how you go with these in the comments below!

New Moon blessings

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