33 BEST Spring Equinox Rituals to Celebrate New Beginnings!

Sun rising over azure blue sea and yellow flowers

The arrival of spring, the season of renewal and growth, offers a wonderful opportunity to try out some meaningful rituals to honor the changing of the seasons.

From planting seeds of intention to cleansing rituals for purification, there are SO many so many spring equinox traditions to choose from… or why not design your own celebrations, to fit in with the life you lead?

Whatever you feel called to do, we’ve put together 33 inspiring spring equinox rituals to choose from, to infuse your life with positivity and embrace the magic of new beginnings.

But first of all…

What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, marks the astronomical beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs around March 20th or 21st and marks the moment when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, resulting in day and night being of equal length.

The vernal equinox is one of only two days in the year, when a perfectly equal 12 hours of daylight, and 12 hours of night occurs. The other day is the Autumn Equinox.

Symbolizing balance and renewal, the Spring Equinox holds cultural and spiritual significance across various traditions. It heralds the awakening of nature, the return of longer days, and the promise of new life.

Many people celebrate this time in the Spring season with rituals, festivals, and activities that honor the lengthening days, and the themes of rebirth, growth, and fertility.

Equinox Sunrise

What is the spiritual meaning of the spring equinox?

The spiritual meaning of the spring equinox is often associated with themes of renewal, balance, and the awakening of life. It symbolizes a time of equilibrium, where the energies of light and darkness are in harmony, reflecting the interconnectedness of all things.

For modern Pagans, Wiccans, and people who follow other earth-based spiritual practices, Spring Equinox is also known as Ostara, and it offers an opportunity to celebrate inner balance too – a moment to pause and acknowledge the light and dark we all carry within.

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Many spiritual traditions view the spring equinox as a powerful moment for setting intentions and embracing new beginnings. It’s a time to celebrate the Earth’s rejuvenation, honor the cycles of growth and transformation, and cultivate a sense of hope, gratitude, and spiritual awakening.

This period also offers an opportunity for introspection, cleansing rituals, and aligning with the energies of the season to promote personal and collective growth.

When is Spring Equinox 2024?

The precise date of Spring Equinox can change from year to year, as the exact astrological equinox can vary. It can arrive from March 19 – 23.

This year, Spring Equinox happens on Tuesday, March 20th, 2024

The Spring Equinox is also marked by the astrological passage of the Sun into Aries, the very first sign of the zodiac.

On the wheel of the year, the Spring Equinox comes between Imbolc and Beltane, and sits opposite the Autumn Equinox.

Green aventurine crystal on spring equinox

Spring equinox traditions, ceremonies, rituals, and practices

You can honor the spring equinox in SO many different ways, from simply bearing witness to the Sunrise, to celebrating the Germanic goddess of Spring, to shaking off stagnant energy with somatic movement.

After the dark months of winter, THIS is your opportunity for a fresh start! So here are some spring equinox celebration ideas to inspire…

1. Create a spring equinox altar

Craft a sacred altar adorned with symbols of renewal and fertility, in honor of the spring equinox.

Decorate your altar with fresh flowers, and representations of new life, fertility, and the Goddess.

As you arrange these symbolic representations, awaken your altar with a drum, rattle or by singing over it, and infuse the space with intentions of gratitude and optimism.

Here are some suggestions for your spring equinox altar:

  • Fresh spring flowers – daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and other seasonal bulbs
  • White, yellow, green, and gold candles (traditional Ostara colors)
  • Colourful eggs (pre-decorated)
  • Seeds and/or seedlings
  • Frankincense resin or oil
  • Crystals, such as rose quartz and green aventurine
  • Images, carvings, or statues of baby animals, rabbits, hares, bees, butterflies, and ladybirds (all symbols of Ostara)
  • Bells – ceremonial tools for driving out negativity and clearing space
  • Representations of balance
  • Depictions of the horned god, and the the maiden goddess

2. Watch the sunrise

Probably the simplest way to celebrate the spring equinox is to wake up at dawn and welcome in the new season by watching the sunrise.

3.  Light a candle

Light candles to symbolically welcome the return of warmth and light.

Why not see if you can avoid switching on the electric lights completely, and live by candlelight all day long? yum!

4. Plant seeds and summer bulbs

Spring equinox is when the earth awakens after the winter months, warming up and welcoming seeds of potential!

Harness the fertile energy of the natural world, by aligning your seed planting with the wheel of the year. Starting to plan your year ahead in the garden will infuse you with the optimism that spring equinox rituals is all about!

What do you want to grow in your vegetable, flower, or herb garden this year?

5. Decorate eggs

Many cultures decorate eggs at this time of year, with the earliest Easter eggs thought to come from central Asia, where they were left in cemeteries to symbolize rebirth.

The egg is a literal symbol of new life, fertility, and hope. Eggs represent luck, as well as the Sun – the bright yellow/orange yolk wrapped in the white fabric of the Goddess.

Boil your eggs with natural dyes such as onion skins or simply use colored powder or food dye. For extra decoration, wrap your egg with string or rubber bands, or create patterns with pieces of tape or stickers before dyeing them. You could also use a pencil crayon to write your intentions and wishes for the season, or any symbols, runes, or sigils that mean something to you.

6. Do a medicine walk

Set an intention to receive the answer to a question you have in your life. Then go out into nature for a walk, stepping consciously and with full attention on your surroundings. Be open and receptive to what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Receive any and all information coming to you, as a response to your intention

A medicine walk is a profound spiritual practice, working in partnership with Mother Earth.

Tabletop flower decoration for equinox celebrations

7. Decorate your home (or tabletop)

Using Spring flowers, decorate your home to welcome Mother Earth and her energy of fertility inside your home.

Short on time, make a simple centerpiece for your table instead, using scented flowers and fresh herbs for added gorgeousness.

8. Hold a feast!

Many seasonal celebrations revolve around feasting and spring equinox is no different!

Hold a spring feast with seasonal foods to celebrate the abundance of the season.

9. Turn spring cleaning into a purification ritual

Turn spring cleaning into a spring equinox ritual by calling in the Goddess, and honoring the Spirits of home and hearth. Ask them to aid you as you banish negative energy and call in new life!

  • Clear away clutter and tidy up
  • Sweep, dust, and vacuum (play music and dance it out at the same time)
  • Use sound to energetically clear your spaces – band a drum, rattle, ring bells, or simply clap your hands to move and disperse stagnant and stuck energy.
  • Burn incense, essential oils, or dried herbs to clear the air. I use bundles prepared the previous summer from yarrow, rosemary, and mugwort growing close to my home. Be sure to open a window, so the negativity has somewhere to go…

10. Fly a kite

Flying kites is such a fun way to celebrate the spring equinox, especially with kids.

Make your own kite (here are some great instructions) then take it outside and have a wonderful time outdoors harnessing the power of the wind, and feeling the freedom and joy of the season!

11. Hang strips of ribbon on trees (clooties)

Since ancient times, celts have hung strips of cloth or ribbon to trees near to sacred wells, known as “clootie wells“. Adorning tree branches like, this was believed to bring good luck and healing, whilst offering blessings to the land.

Creating your own clootie tree can be a fun spring equinox tradition to start. You could even add more ribbons to it at each of the eight festivals and who knows, other Spirit seekers may join in with your Spring celebrations and you’ll create a movement!

12. Create a spring wreath

Harness the seasonal energy of spring by crafting a stunning spring wreath to adorn your home.

Gather an assortment of flowers, along with fresh greenery like eucalyptus or ivy. Select a wreath base and arrange the blooms and foliage in groups of three.

Embrace the opportunity to infuse the process with intention, welcoming the energy of renewal and growth into your space. As you create, visualize the wreath as a symbol of the season’s beauty and the abundant possibilities that come with new beginnings.

13. Make seed bombs

Combine clay, compost, and wildflower seeds to scatter in outdoor spaces. Return at the summer solstice to admire the results of your guerilla gardening!

14.  Craft a sun catcher

Honour and celebrate the light as the sun crosses the sky by ‘catching’ it in a brautiful decoration.

Use colorful beads, crystals, and translucent paper in a unique design, ans display it in your window.

15.  Create a gratitude jar

Making a gratitude jar is one of those spring equinox rituals that keeps giving!

Begin by selecting a glass jar or container and decorate it with symbols of spring, such as flowers, butterflies, or uplifting quotes. Throughout the season, take moments to reflect on the blessings in your life and write them on small, colorful pieces of paper. Place these gratitude notes into the jar, infusing it with positive energy.

At the summer solstice, you can open up the jar and read all the notes with appreciation.

16.  Bake bread

Today, Christians bake hot cross buns at Easter to symbolize the end of Lent, and the cross on which Jesus was crucified. But the origins of baking have much deeper roots. It has always been a deeply feminine craft. Early ovens signified the round, pregnant belly of the Goddess, and the mysterious alchemy that occurred within.

So baked goods are the perfect alchemical symbols of transformation, rebirth, and renewal – a combination of the four elements (water, air, fire, and earth).

As you add each ingredient, send a wish or intention into the bowl with it. As you mix, knead, and bake, know that you are co-creating an alchemical spell.

A yellow cake to celebrate the Sun

17.  Bake a sunshine cake

Another way to use the ancient art of kitchen witchery to summon the influence of the Goddess, is to bake a sunshine cake.

Choose a recipe with citrus to enliven the Spirit, like an orange polenta or lemon drizzle cake. Decorate with edible flowers, and even gold flakes if you’re feeling decadent. I love this Citrus Olive Oil Cake from Urban Moonshine.

Be sure to cut a slice and place it on your altar for the Goddess.

18.  Make a herbal infusion

Fill a large glass jar with a lid (like a mason jar) with clean fresh water and a few handfuls of whichever edible herbs and flowers you would like to infuse. Here are some suggestions: mint, lemon verbena, chamomile, or hibiscus flowers.  Add tea leaves or bags if you like too.

Screw on the lid, and leave in the direct sunlight for 3 -5 hours, or until your infusion has reached the right strength for you. Your tea will contain wonderfully invigorating light codes, absorbed directly from the equinox Sun.

Many herbs also release their vital minerals and nutrients over a longer time period (such as raspberry leaves) so you’ll bet extra goodness with a longer steep. Add a little honey or slices of lemon, or ice if you prefer a cooler infusion, and enjoy!

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19.  Try egg divination (oomancy)

A super-fun and off-the-wall spring equinox ritual you can try that’s especially good with kids, is egg divination, also known as oomancy.

It’s a little like reading tea leaves and relies on the interpretation skills (and imagination!) of the practitioner.

Practice oomancy yourself by cracking an egg, separating the yolk and the white, and then dropping the white into hot water. The shapes formed in the water can then be “read” to foretell the future and receive guidance to a question.

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20.  Set an intention

The spring equinox marks the tipping point in the year. It’s when light, heat, and warmth prevail, making it one of the BEST days to set new intentions for what you want to manifest because, for the next six months, nature’s creative momentum is there to support you.

Sit down with a pen and your journal, to think carefully about these questions –


  • What do you want to call into your life over the next few months?
  • What has been going well for you over the past six weeks?
  • What didn’t go so well?
  • What would you love to do differently?
  • What project/idea/task/area of life could do with some momentum to GROW through the coming year?
  • What can you do to make that happen?

21.  Practice somatic experiencing

Explore the energy of the Spring equinox through somatic movement. There are many different methods, but at its core, somatic practice involves allowing your physical self to move according to its own impulses.

Play music to help relax your nervous system and drop into your body, allowing movement and music to become a form of ritual, celebration, and honouring of this profound moment in the year.

22.  Perform a ritual for letting go

As we let go of the darker part of the year, perform your own spring equinox ritual to ritually let go of any darkness, density or negative energy you are holding onto.

23.  Fast

Many people practice seasonal fasting, which involves limiting your intake of food for a set period of time. It’s believed fasting has many health benefits, from reducing inflammation to improved clarity of mind.

If the idea of a spring equinox fast calls to you, be sure to do your research to ensure you’re doing it safely for your body.

24.  Try a herbal detox

An alternative to fasting is to try a herbal detox. This refers to the use of natural herbs and plants to support the body’s natural detoxification processes and may involve consuming herbal teas, supplements, or tinctures that are believed to aid in cleansing the body of toxins and promoting overall health.

Again, if this idea calls to you, consult with a healthcare professional before starting any detox program to ensure it aligns with your individual health needs.

25.  Make art

Creativity has the same vibration as love. Channel your love by making art.

26.  Host a dance party

Elevate the energy of the spring equinox by hosting a vibrant dance party! Movement, joy, and laughter with friends will all serve to amplify the powerful energy of the season.

Invite friends and loved ones to gather, for no other reason, than to elevate and celebrate! 27.  Do nothing (rest)

28.  Connect to your inner maiden

There are many different female archetypes, but it’s the maiden who comes to life at this time of year. The spring equinox is a wonderful time to connect to your inner maiden and learn more about how you can embody her playful, exuberant, curious spirit.

29.  Journal

Journaling can be a beautiful and powerful ritual for the spring equinox, providing a space to reflect on the season’s themes of renewal and growth.

You can journal to clarify your goals, release stagnant energy, explore your thoughts and feelings, or simply cultivate a sense of clarity and purpose.

Close up of ritual moon bath with orange slices in water

30.  Take a ritual bath

Celebrate spring equinox in one of the most luxurious ways – by taking a ritual bath. It’s worth noting that the energies of March equinox can be overwhelming for some people.

Lighting candles and adding essential oils and herbs to your bath water to create a ritual bathing experience can be a profoundly healing antidote to any destabilizing emotions.

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31.  Forgive

Whether through an elaborate ritual or simply uttering the words under your breath, offering forgiveness can be one of the most powerful spring equinox rituals there are.

The equinox is a powerful astrological event! Meaning that in THIS moment, any intention you throw out to the Universe has a lot of charge.

Only you need to know the nature of this ritual.

But from the first day after you commit to letting go of resentments, I promise it will have a profound effect on the rest of your life.

32.  Make a vision board

Use images and words from magazines, newspapers, and journals that represent your spiritual and personal aspirations for the lighter half of the year.

Making a vision board, and ritually placing it on an altar is one of my favorite spring equinox traditions. Try it and you will be amazed at how it all comes to life!

33.  Have a sound healing

As a day of external balance, why not seek internal balance with sound and vibration?

Use singing bowls, tuning forks, or other vibrational instruments to infuse your whole body with healing tones. As the Sun emerges, align your energy and release any density that no longer serves you.

Now it’s your turn!

Tell me, what will YOU be doing to celebrate the arrival of Spring? Leave a comment below…

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