13 Genuine Signs of HIGH Feminine Energy

woman walking out of pink smoke with high femininity

High feminine energy is often associated with traits of softness, nurturing, compassion, and intuition. But feminine power isn’t always soft and receptive – it is SO much more than this.

Feminine energy is a powerful force that moves through all aspects of our world, and can be harnessed by both women and men. It is an essence, a life orientation that can bring greater depth, meaning, and truth. But not if it’s misunderstood, or only partly explored.

In this article, I’m doing to take you a little deeper and begin to unpack the truth (as I see it) about the authentic feminine side of humanity, nature, energy, and consciousness, and not just the “light” side.

Aesthetic of women with high feminine energy

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy usually refers to the qualities and traits traditionally associated with femininity, such as kindness, empathy, intuition, and creativity. Yet this is just the ‘light’ side of femininity, and leaves out a HUGE spectrum of authentic feminine power and presence. True feminine energy also encompasses passion, sexuality, rage, chaos, darkness, shadow, and SO much more.

Maybe you’re used to seeing masculine and feminine energy in contrast? Masculine energy tends to be associated with strength, assertiveness, and logic, whilst feminine energy is so soft and flowing that it needs guidance and containment.

I find these light-focused definitions pretty restrictive, and not at all accurate when it comes to describing MY experience of the feminine, which is cyclical, flowing, messy, mysterious, dark and really strong and powerful.

Maya Luna describes feminine power as immanence. She exists in the present moment, in every state of BE-ing, and not striving for anything other.

Real, authentic feminine energy isn’t simply waiting for direction and guidance from the masculine. It is sensual, pleasure-full, passionate, devoted, magical and mysterious, angry, fearsome, transformational, chaotic, and destructive… As well as those other traits we’ve already described. She is everything.

Divine feminine woman with eyes closed

13 Signs of high feminine energy

How do you know if you are embracing feminine energy that’s authentic and Goddess-given, and not a distorted, “light feminine” patriarchal, half-truth? Most of us have grown up steeped in SUCH a lot of conditioning around what femininity is, that it’s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction.

Here are 13 signs to indicate you’re embodying HIGH feminine energy.

1. You trust your intuition

A powerful sign I’ve noticed when my feminine energy is high, looks like trusting my intuition.

Our culture doesn’t offer much credence to the gut feelings and inner whispers that offer such profound guidance to so many women. BUT when you hear your intuition speak you you, and trust what it says, it’s a sign you are connecting with your authentic femininity.

2. You prioritize self-care

Like many other women, I’ve been taught to prioritize everyone else’s needs over my own. If you’re a female, you’ve likely been conditioned to put yourself last too, to the point where you may not even be aware of what your needs are.

I’m learning that a BIG part of embracing the feminine means taking care of myself first. You can’t give to others if you are running on empty, right?

But it’s not necessarily easy or straightforward to prioritize self-care. And when women are told to do it, self-care often becomes one more task and responsibility, rather than genuine R&R.

The women with high feminine energy often ensure their physical environment and the structures and systems around them care for them. Self-care is built into life – it’s a non-negotiable that exists as a baseline of normal, not in addition.

3. You hold your boundaries

Being able to say no is a profound example of high feminine energy as it reflects the strength and self-respect needed to fully tap into the feminine.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but I’ve learned how setting boundaries and asserting my needs is a powerful way to take care of my emotional well-being whilst also opening my awareness to more presence.

4. You live an embodied life

The divine feminine LIVES in the body. But centuries of patriarchal influence over women’s bodies have severed this connection.

Through decades of conditioning (and years of deconditioning), I’ve learned how I was taught to trust my mind over my body, which led to a disconnect from my feminine essence.

Yet, I’ve discovered that embracing embodiment and sensuality allows me to tap into the creative beauty and power of the feminine in a deeply authentic way. By honouring and connecting with my body on a deep level, the true wisdom of the feminine has been allowed to emerge.

Reconnecting with my body goes beyond just attending yoga classes!

It’s about tuning into sensation and listening to what the instrument of my body is telling me in each moment.

5. You embrace your cyclical nature

Over the years, embracing my cyclical nature as a woman has become one of the most powerful indicators of my increasing feminine energy.

I’ve come to understand that my energy, emotions, and rhythms ebb and flow in cycles, just like the Moon. Instead of resisting or trying to control this rhythm, I’ve learned to honor and embrace them, recognizing that they are integral to my vitality!

For more guidance and creative ideas on how to track the Moon, and work with lunar energies, download the e-book: How to Get Started with Sacred Cycles

6. You nurture relationships with other women

Women who prioritize building meaningful relationships with other sisters RADIATE high feminine energy! You can feel it.

She knows there is MORE than enough for everyone, so she spends time nurturing connections.

On the flip side, women who compete with other women are operating from the wounded feminine. When relationships with sisters are seen as a threat, there’s unresolved pain and trauma that needs exploring, before healthy, empowered feminine energies can be expressed.

7. You embrace change

A woman is truly in her feminine energy when she embraces change without fear.

This isn’t always easy, but an understanding of nature’s constant shifts can offer great comfort and support, helping you to adapt and bounce back easily when things change.

8. You have capacity for all emotions

A sure sign of high feminine energy is fully embracing all of my emotions. This doesn’t mean my inner landscape is always balanced and regulated. It’s more about allowing the ebb and flow and accepting the entire spectrum of feelings, from joy to despair and even rage.

Try to cultivate the ability to FEEL without judgment. Light and dark, welcome it all as part of the intimacy of the human experience.

9. You’re okay with slowing down

The pace of our modern world is SO unrelenting, isn’t it?

Have you noticed in recent years, the relentless forward march of society, that keeps us from really being in the present?

But feminine energy can’t be rushed, so when you’re in your feminine it’s safe to slow down. In fact, it’s necessary. With more women than ever before experiencing stress and burnout, slowing down is a vital part of this work.

10. You own your sexuality

What IS sexual energy? It’s almost certainly not what you were taught at school! Sexual energy is:

  • Life force
  • Creativity
  • Eros
  • It moves through everybody, and everyone has the right to express it, too.

But sex and what sexual energy actually is has been radically distorted over the centuries, and today most people see sex through a very strange lens that’s clouded in shame, suppression, embarrassment, and taboo; and at the other end of the scale, pornography, abuse and worse.

It’s a mess. It’s so far from the creative, erotic, sensual impulse that sex is really all about.

Embracing the fullness of your sexuality, whatever it looks like, is a sign of being in touch with your feminine energy. And this means doing it for YOU, and not for anybody else.

11. You’re not afraid of shadow work

Everyone has a shadow side – a part of our unconscious mind, where we put all the parts of ourselves we have rejected. This usually happens unconsciously, and we all do it, so there’s nothing strange or wrong with having a shadow side.

Because of the conditioning that pretty much all of us have received around the acceptable expressions of masculine and feminine energies the “unacceptable” parts are what’s in the shadow. For women, these traits may look like:

  • Anger
  • Ugliness
  • Manipulation
  • Assertiveness
  • Being disorganized
  • Having needs
  • … and many, many more personality traits and qualities

BUT when a person does their shadow work and goes through an internal process of integration to recognize and accept those parts, they instead express power, strength, and intelligence.

The woman who does her shadow work, and integrates what she finds there is the woman in touch with her authentic feminine energies.

12. You’re not wasting time “balancing feminine and masculine energies”

OK. There’s a LOT out there about feminine and masculine energies, and how they need to balance. I’ve read articles saying if you embody too much masculine energy then your inner feminine will suffer. That if you express masculine traits, or you’re a woman operating in a masculine mode, no man will find you attractive.

But what does any of this mean? DO these two energies need harmonizing?


This is a conversation of patriarchy.

Trying to figure out whether your “masculine and feminine energies” need balancing is simply creating MORE of a division inside you.

So please take the pressure off trying to balance anything, and instead work on healing for the sake of wholeness.

13. You know that life is sacred

When you know that all of life is sacred, you’re moving into your feminine. Not only does this outlook need you to be in a state of deep compassion and reverence for the world around you, but you’re in contact with the Goddess – the divine feminine face of nature, always in balance, always emerging.

The journey to activate and embody the frequency of the divine feminine is a LONG one. But simply beginning here, with me, means you’re making progress! And the more you work to decondition limiting patterns, and free yourself from assumptions, the faster your own high feminine energies will rise.

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