Pink Moon Spiritual Meaning (April 2024) Here’s What You Need to Know!

spiritual Pink Moon rising through clouds

Gaze up at the night sky this April, you might catch a glimpse of something beautiful: the Pink Moon. Even though the Moon itself doesn’t actually turn pink, the name for the stunning April full Moon comes from the pink wildflowers that bloom early in spring across some parts of America. 

This full moon holds a special significance, symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.

Spiritually, the Pink Moon encourages us to reflect on our lives and consider where we might need a fresh start. As the first full moon of spring, it’s a time to let go of what no longer serves us, and embrace the new growth happening all around us.

For people all over the world, this full Moon as a powerful moment for transformation and positivity – it can be this for you too.

The pink Moon is an ideal time to perform rituals that focus on renewal. From cutting cords and forgiveness, to Moon gazing and magnetism, April’s full Moon offers a deeply healing quality.

When is the full pink Moon 2024?

This April’s pink Moon rises on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 11:48 pmUTC/ 7:49 pm EDT/3:49 pm PST

Full moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun, meaning its face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. This happens approximately once a month, when the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously, and it’s the peak in the lunar cycle.

Why is the April full Moon called a pink Moon?

The Pink Moon doesn’t refer to the colour of the Moon; instead, it’s a name for the full Moon in April, that’s rooted in cultural and spiritual contexts.

In Native American Tribes, the Pink Moon was a marker of the spring season. It’s traditionally called the pink Moon because of the flowering of the moss pink plant, or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers which blooms in spring. This full Moon was used by tribes to track the changing seasons and was integral in planning agricultural activities.

Early American colonists learned the Moon names from the Native Americans and integrated these terms into their own calendar system. The Pink Moon thus became a part of the colonial American vernacular to signify the arrival of spring.

What is the spiritual meaning of the pink Moon 2024?

The Pink Moon carries deep spiritual significance, marking a period of seasonal transformation that encourages us to embrace change by identifying the things that longer serve us, and letting them go.

Occurring in the sign of Scorpio the pink Moon resonates with themes of death and rebirth, and people in many spiritual communities use it’s energy to consciously release old patterns in their lives.

Like the blossoming pink flowers of spring, April’s Moon invites you to bloom in your own fullness. In the northern hemisphere we are now past the Spring equinox so it’s time to expand into the warmth of Spring, and harness the building momentum of the year.

Spiritually, the Moon in April can be an exciting time to be courageous and step boldly into a new possibility for yourself. Often the only way to do this is to release the identities keeping you small, and this Moon’s energy of rebirth can support this powerful work.

All full Moons are moments of peak illumination in the lunar cycle, so this is a great time to seek greater clarity and insight, into any spiritual sticky spots you’ve been facing or struggling with.

The spiritual significance of the colour pink

In many cultures, pink represents compassion, nurturing, and love. The Pink Moon doesn’t take on this hue literally, but its name offers a reminder to cultivate these qualities in ourselves, especially when cultivating greater inner awareness and spiritual growth.

Pink is also a colour that promotes a sense of calmness and inner peace, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices. Moon gazing and Moon bathing under April’s full Moon can help harness this frequency (and no, it’s not because la Luna is literally pink! This is more about an energetic resonance).

In some spiritual traditions, pink is linked to the heart chakra, which is the seat of our emotions and the source of self-love. Pink is often used to symbolize universal love and understanding, as well as the interconnectedness of all living beings. It can serve to prompt a softening in your approach to yourself and your relationships with loved ones.

Full Moon Aesthetic image of a Couple in love under a full Moon

Is the pink Moon a Paschal Moon?

You may have heard the term Paschal Moon, which refers to the first full moon after the Spring equinox, with the date Easter occurring on the first sunday after it.

In 2024 the full Moon occuring on Monday, March 25 was the Paschal moon, and by now Easter has come and gone. So the April pink Moon is NOT a Paschal Moon.

How does the pink Moon affect us?

As a powerful lunar peak, the Pink Moon can influence your emotions and behaviors. You might feel a call to reflect on your life, welcome personal growth, and embrace change. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Emotional Release: The full Moon in April can serve as a powerful catalyst for releasing emotions. If there are feelings you’ve been holding onto, the pink Moon can motivate you to let go and move forward with a lighter heart.

  • Spiritual Connection: Many people feel a deeper connection to their spiritual practices during the full moon, using its energy to enhance meditation, reflection, and intention-setting.

  • Self-Reflection: Full Moons can encourage us to look inward. If you feel called, this may be an ideal moment for meditation as the moon’s energy can help you focus on your inner world.

  • Increased Energy: For some individuals, the pink moon is associated with a surge in energy and motivation, leading to a sense of empowerment and a renewed focus on goals and aspirations.

  • Dream Intensity: During full Moons, I often experience more vivid and memorable dreams containing messages, insight and guidance.

  • Creative Inspiration: The pink moon can stimulate creativity and artistic expression, leading to bursts of inspiration and a heightened ability to channel imaginative energies.

  • Synchronicities and Serendipity: If you’re on a spiritual path, you may expect an increase in synchronicities and serendipitous events, under the influence of the pink Moon.

Other April Moon Names

Although most commonly known as the Pink Moon, the April Full Moon is also associated with various other names that reflect the spirit of the season. Many of these have native American origins, though some have Celtic or European roots.


  • Egg Moon (Anglo-Saxon)

  • Sprouting Grass Moon

  • New Shoots Moon

  • Fish Moon

  • Budding Moon (Celtic)

  • Seed Moon

  • Awakening Moon (neo-Pagan)

  • Frog Moon

  • Sucker Moon

  • Growing Moon

  • Moon of the Red Grass Appearing

  • Breaking ice Moon

Infographic with traditional names for all the full Moons in April

Spiritual things to do on a pink Moon

Wherever you are in the world, the Pink Moon offers a profound opportunity to spiritually connect with yourself, nature and the beauty of life.

Here are some spiritual things you can do during this phase:

  • Meditate under the moonlight: Find a quiet space where you can sit and absorb the full Moon’s energy. Focus on your breathing and set intentions that align with rebirth and transformation.
  • Write in your journal: Reflect on your journey, pen down your thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge what you wish to release and what you aim to attract as the seasons change.
  • Create a vision board: Use this time to visualize your goals and dreams. Making a vision board during the Pink Moon is a powerful way to manifest your aspirations.
  • Perform a cleansing ritual: You might cleanse your space with sage or other herbs, intending to clear out old energies and welcome fresh, positive vibes.
  • Set out crystals: Certain crystals, like rose quartz or moonstone, can be charged under the full Moon. Place them outside or on a windowsill where the moonlight can reach them.
  • Practice gratitude: The pink Moon is a reminder of nature’s renewal. Reflect on what you’re thankful for and write a gratitude list to focus on the positives in your life.

Remember, full Moon rituals are personal and you should only do what resonates and feels right for you. 

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