The beautiful, intricate, interconnected nature of humankind is all encompassing.
It permeates and infiltrates through our experiences daily, hourly, moment by moment. It can sometimes feel impossible to be alone, to be singular, to be unaffected.

We know now (or at least, we are learning) that what we focus on and feel in our hearts and in our bodies affects the collective consciousness, affects the Earth herself – she is a spinning jewel of quartz, collecting and holding vibrational frequencies just like the piece of quartz that you wear around your neck.

Our communion is unavoidable.
But does that then mean, that what we feel is also the fault of somebody, anybody, everybody else? Do their actions, their imprint on the world we share go on to affect the inner workings of our personal worlds?

Emotions flow at the Full Moon.
It’s a time of swelling ripeness, of lusciousness and intensity: the high container for the cycle’s quota of creative juice.
Wednesday’s Full Moon lies at 20º of Scorpio, the deepest and most vividly intense of all signs, so this is a Moon which may overflow.
You may overflow.

SO it is very important over this particularly potent lunation, to ensure that you are owning your OWN emotions, recognizing and understanding that they flow from you, they don’t flow to you.
It may seem tempting to apportion blame, to look outward and around you, to take in what doesn’t look or feel in alignment with what you want, and think that THAT is why you don’t feel so great.  The energy of Scorpio, held and intensified by this Full Moon, is very very good at clinging on hard onto old emotions, established beliefs and ancient patternings, to those impressions of realness so established in our minds, that they prevent the truth of our hearts from being heard at all.
And so the mind looks outward, and says that its all somebody elses fault.

Resist this urge.
Think over your initial reactions.
And then think over your thoughts, they don’t always tell us the whole truth straight away, especially when high emotions are involved.

Slow down over this phase, be mindful of your self-talk, be mindful of the stories you are running. Because a lot of the time, these can be the thing preventing us from feeling authentically: like Pavlov’s dog, the unconscious narrative stirs the emotion it fits, whether or not it matches the reality of our world.

There is an art to transmuting difficult emotions, to consciously directing the overflow of feeling into something that may actually benefit you, and not rince you of your life-force.
Exercise is one such thing to try, another is laughter!

And flipped on its tail, Scorpio brings the incredible gift of devotion, of supreme focus and a thirst so strong for its golden elixir of the moment, that it has the potential to decimate patterns of the past.

This may also be a Moon of transformation.

And because of all these things, offer yourself compassion over this Full Moon, in a deeply honouring way. The energies of these times are testing, they are extreme in their rhythmic dance yet the lulls don’t make the peaks feel any less perilous. So if you roll against the rules this Full Moon, if you do scream and shout and hurt and tell everyone else that it’s all their fault … forgive.
Forgive them all.
And then forgive yourself.

SO much Full Moon love!