Capricorn New Moon January 2024: Here’s What it Means for You!

Capricorn goats on a mountain top with text: Capricorn New Moon Jan 2024

Say hello to the first New Moon of 2024!

It is time to welcome in la Luna, as she becomes new again, in the grounded, earthy, cardinal sign of Capricorn.

After waiting almost two full weeks of Capricorn season for la Luna to cycle into step with her beloved, the Sun, here she comes. Aaaand with all the rootsy, practical, and long-term vision that we SO love about the earth sign of the sea goat.

When is the new Moon in Capricorn?

The new Moon in Capricorn will be exact on Thursday, January 11th, at 11:57 GMT/ 03: 57 PST/ 06:57 EST. The new Moon will rise at 20º of Capricorn.

This will be a cardinal new Moon, perfect to gently kick start the new year into motion with fresh energy, and grounded support, to get those intentions and resolutions off the ground.

What is the meaning of the new moon?

The new Moon represents a time of new beginnings and fresh starts in the lunar cycle. It occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, with the illuminated side facing away from us, making it appear invisible in the sky.

New Moons symbolize a period of introspection, perfect to set intentions and plant the seeds for future growth and manifestation.

As the Moon enters its waxing phase and gradually increases in illumination, a period of growth and development is signified and this can be harnessed through Moon ritual and inspired action!

But here at the very start of a new lunar cycle, it’s important to turn our focus inward, reflect on our desires and aspirations, and align our intentions with the specific energy of the new moon. By laying the groundwork at this time, the manifestation of our goals and dreams will be SO much easier.

The new Moon creates the space for us to embrace our potential for renewal, fresh starts, and the beginning of any number of new cycles in our lives.

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What the new Moon in Capricorn means for you…

The new moon in Capricorn brings especially potent energy for setting intentions related to your long-term goals, career ambitions, and yearnings around personal achievement.

Well known for disciplined and ambitious energy, a lunar cycle beginning in Capricorn will pick you up, and set you firmly on the life path to success.

But it’s not an effortless ride!

The new Moon in Capricorn will encourage you to lay the groundwork for future success by starting off right… This is why this new Moon, at this time of year is always such a gift.

Whenever the Moon moves into this, the 10th sign of the zodiac, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your ambitions and make a plan for moving forward with determination and focus. But of course, post-Christmas, mid-January, when the light is low and energy even lower, nobody feels that motivated.

This is why embracing the energy of the new Moon in Capricorn can give you the edge, and can help you gently align with your highest aspirations.

Capricorn is infused with the frequency of discipline, responsibility, and ambition.

This makes new Moon in Capricorn energy serious, diligent, and mature. It sows the seeds to make things happen when other signs are still sleepy, in the imaginal realms… As a cardinal sign, Capricorn often first off the starting blocks, but also encourages planning and foresight.

The sea goat knows that by working hard, we will reap rewards… But not right away! So Capricorn means spending time being strategic, practical, and methodical. To set our sights not a month, but a year ahead. Or more.

This sign emphasizes the importance of hard work, perseverance, and practicality, as a pathway to material and spiritual fulfillment.

New Moon in Capricorn’s spiritual energy also encourages individuals to strive for personal growth and self-mastery. While it’s a sign that favours collective efforts, it also has a strong individual impulse.

Promoting a deep sense of purpose, Capricorn New Moon energy can helps us to double down on our personal goals and desires. On the legacy we want to create, and the impact that we want to make.

It’s not about being self-centered, but self-led.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and practically, January’s Capricorn Moon can set the stage for the entire year’s personal growth journey. Get the beginning right, and the rest will ripple out from here…

Woman with eyes closed sending out a New Moon Blessing

How will the new Moon in Capricorn affect you?

The influence of this January’s new Moon in Cap is poised to impact us all. How strongly this Capricorn Moon will affect you depends on your personal astrology, and exactly where will fall in your birth chart. But overall, here’s a rundown of what to look out for.. and how to handle it.

Setting long-term goals: The new moon in Capricorn is going to inspire us all to set clear and achievable goals that will need a little effort, whilst guiding us to focus on practical steps for success.

Ambitious energy: You may feel a surge of ambition and determination, motivating you to pursue lifelong career aspirations with renewed vigor, leaving any self doubt behind.

Increased discipline: Ruled by the taskmaster Saturn, this Capricorn Moon will encourage you to embrace discipline and structure in your daily routines, helping you stay focused and committed.

Financial planning: Capricorn’s influence may prompt you to take a more serious approach to financial planning and investment, meaning you’ll (hopefully!) foster a greater sense of responsibility toward your financial well-being.

Professional advancement: The Capricorn new Moon could bring opportunities for professional advancement and recognition. Watch out for new business and employment openings.

Practical decision-making: You may find yourself making practical and strategic decisions with a focus on long-term outcomes, guided by Capricorn’s pragmatic and practical earth energy.

Embracing tradition: This lunar phase may prompt you to reflect on and honor traditional values and wisdom, guiding you to draw strength from timeless principles.

Grounded approach: Capricorn’s influence will encourage you to adopt a grounded and realistic approach to your endeavors, promoting steady progress and sustainable growth.

Self-mastery: The new Moon in Capricorn will inspire you to work on sovereignty and self-mastery, as you’re more able to release outdated patterns limitations of the past.

Building resilience: Capricorn’s energy will supportsyour ability to overcome challenges and setbacks, holding space for you to develop greater resilience and determination.

Divine feminine woman walking with dramatic sky

6 Things to do when the New Moon is in Capricorn…

  1. Practice a mountain meditation
  2. Make a career vision board
  3. Take an earthy ritual bath
  4. Create a structured goal-setting map
  5. Make a mentorship connection
  6. Feed your bones

With all this potential in our midst, it can be a little overwhelming to know what to do, to actually do to harness this abundance of Capricornian goodness?!

So for health, wealth, and the world, here are a few of the things we can all do – as individuals – to anchor the potency of this cardinal earth sign into out lives…

1. Practice a mountain meditation

On the day of the new Moon phase, find a quiet space where you can sit or lie down without distractions, preferably under the open sky. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself and feel rooted to the ground.

Now begin to imagine yourself as a majestic, unyielding mountain, firmly planted on the earth with a strong, unwavering presence.

You’ll need to let go of any judgements or doubt, and really try to emulate the mountain’s stillness and stability, letting your mind empty until it’s as tranquil as the mountain itself.

Next, with intention, draw strength and resilience UP from the earth, feeling yourself grow more solid, stable and unshakable with every breath.

Spend a few more moments in this state or connection with the might and presence of the mountain, reflecting on its enduring nature and using this to help release any tension or uncertainty within yourself.

2. Make a career vision board

Create a vision board specifically focused on your long-term career goals and aspirations.

Use images and words that resonate with Capricorn’s ambitious nature, and as you move through the creative process, visualize your the person you’ll be a year from now, having manifested all that you’re aiming for.

3. Take an earthy ritual bath

Take a ritual bath infused with earthy, grounding elements such as cedarwood, patchouli, or vetiver essential oils.

As you soak, visualize yourself absorbing the steadfast and determined energy of Capricorn, allowing it to fortify your spirit and resolve.

4. Create a structured goal-setting map

New Moons are the ideal time for planning, and Capricorn’s disciplined and methodical approach makes this the ideal moment to get your life organized!

Think carefuly about your long-term objectives, and write them down on a big piece of paper.

Next, break them into actionable steps, and create a detailed plan (with a realistic timeframe) for achieving them. Make it a working document – something you can add to, adapt and change as the Moon cycle progresses, and the year ahead unfurls.

5. Make a mentorship connection

Reach out to a mentor or seek guidance from someone you admire in your field. Capricorn encourages tradition, legacy and wisdom, so your efforts will be supported by this lunar phase and sign.

Seeking advice and insights from those who have walked a similar path. Speak to someone you admire. Form a connection with someone who shares your desire and outlook for the world, and is making a difference already.

6. Feed your bones

Capricorn rules the bones, skeleton and teeth, meaning this is the ideal time to create some healthy habits to nourish this most foundational part of your body.

Ask youself how you can improve your relationship with the structure of your body on a physical level. Do you need to increase your mineral intake? Do some weightbearing exercises? Get more vitamin D?

white witch woman with a scull

A Capricorn new Moon ritual for January 2024

Who doesn’t want to mark the first new Moon of the year with a ritual?! Here’s a super simple to anchor in your intentions for the year.

1. Create a scred space: Create a serene and sacred space for your ritual, using earthy colors, such as brown and green, and incorporating elements like stones, crystals, and plants to evoke Capricorn’s grounded energy.

2. Ground in: Begin with a simple grounding meditation, sitting or standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground, visualizing roots extending down from your body into the ground below.

3. Set your intention: Light a candle or burn some incense to signify the beginning of your ritual. Take a moment to reflect on your long-term goals and aspirations, and write down specific intentions within them.

4. Practical Planning: Start forming practical steps to plan for the realization of your intentions. This could involve creating a detailed action plan, setting deadlines, or organizing your thoughts in a journal, embracing Capricorn’s disciplined and methodical approach.

5. Visualize: As you make your plan, visualize yourself achieving your long-term goals and aspirations. Allow youself yo really embody the feelings of success, acomplishment and positive energy, as a state of presence.

6. Give gratitude and close: Conclude your ritual by expressing gratitude for the power of the Moon, the earth, the universe, and the support of the archetype of Capricorn. Blow out the candle or extinguish the incense to symbolize the completion of your ritual. 

Want to align all your rituals with the Moon?

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Remember that for longer term goals, the intention you set on a new Moon will manifest under the full Moon of that same sign. So if you incorporate a new Moon ritual into your plan, be sure to check in with your goals under the Capricorn full Moon, exact on 22nd June, 2024.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you soul-deep love, joy and satisfaction for the year ahead…


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