Who is the Queen Archetype? (and 12 ways to call her in!)

Black and White photo of Woman in her queen archetype

Queen. It’s a commanding word, isn’t it?

A title of affection for a woman you respect.

The label given to a woman in her power.

A motivational whisper for a girlfriend who needs an extra edge of strength…

But “Queen” is more than a nickname (and SO much more than the title of a monarch!)

Queen is an archetype. And archetypes are what makes the world go round…

What’s an archetype?

Archetypes are essential, ancient, and ageless “streams” of energy that move through every person on the planet. Some people may express much more of one archetype, while others express more of a totally different one. Yet most folks are a mixture of many, and these also change over time, coming and going throughout the course of a single life.

Yet archetypal energies exist beyond people too. Like ideas, they’re not confined to our personalities but live out there, in the world beyond, in the ‘collective unconscious.

It’s why you may meet many different people who all seem to exude the same quality or trait. Or see multiple characters in a book, film, or TV series who also seem to share something.

What you (and authors, writers, directors) are tapping into are archetypal energies. And these even express through the myriad of God and Goddess energies all over the world, just like the archetypal Mother frequency shared by Greek Goddess Demeter, Egyptian Isis, and Irish Danu.

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Who is the Queen archetype?

The Queen archetype is rising.

With the (relatively) recent advance of feminism, and the reawakening of divine feminine frequencies on our planets (not the same thing!) the queen archetype is also going through a resurgence.

But what IS she?

The queen archetype is sovereign

She’s a leader, yet in contrast to some of the more masculine ideals of what leadership entails, the queen attracts. She doesn’t have to go out looking for what she wants… it comes to her.

Yet this isn’t only because of the queen archetype’s commanding and capable qualities. It’s because she is aligned with life itself. Her inner fire and the fire of the world are the same. She knows she’s guided by a greater purpose, she knows she is intrinsically connected to Spirit, and that knowing gives her strength, influence and authority with others.

The queen is a hugely important archetype for our times.

But she’s also been distorted many times over – in films, TV, and the media, in fairy tales and myth. Yet because THIS is what we know – the misrepresentation of the queen archetype – this distorted side tends to manifest through women, and not this archetype’s true nature. 

The shadow of the queen archetype

Think about the way queens have been portrayed in fairy stories you read as a child. Were they all kind, generous and honourable? Or were some of them dark, evil, or wicked?

Powerful, sovereign women have, for years, been synonymous with being:

  • Unloving
  • Controlling
  • Cold
  • Lonely
  • Vengeful
  • Angry
  • Judgemental

… and who wants to be those things?

Is it any wonder that women, in particular, have avoided their inner queen archetype, when calling her in would bring associations with only her most arrogant and destructive qualities?

But this is changing.

There is a rise of feminine power (as opposed to toxic masculine power moving through female bodies). And right now, the world needs embodied queens because we need women (and men) who are sovereign and brave enough to lead and inspire from their hearts, even if that means making some people unhappy.

Want to call in your inner queen archetype? Here are 10 ways…

1. Assert your power

This may seem obvious, but if you want to call in your queen archetype, then get assertive!

Take charge.

Take a leading role

Direct life to YOUR intent.

If doing this feels alien or uncomfortable to you, start small. You don’t have to become the runaway leader of a whole group of people straight away – begin with yourself and your life. In this way, the gradual realisation of your own inner queen will be more authentic and embodied. And you’ll be acting from your heart, and not as a reaction to the outside world.

Begin with intention (alllllways begin with intention!)

Set an intention with purpose and then take a small step in a brave new direction.

2. Know your own thoughts and opinions

Do you have core truths?

Do you have a baseline of what is “right” or “true” for you, in relation to the outside world?

Do you actually know what you think about certain subjects or hot topics in the world today? (And I’m not talking about a mish-mash of other people’s opinions or headlines you read in the paper… what does your inner compass tell you?)

In this fast-paced world, it can be really hard to find the time to sit and work through your own thoughts. And online (or even in-person) debates can quickly turn into a flurry of extremes and unfounded assumptions so if you’re anything like me, you tend to steer well clear!

But avoiding the questions completely can actually distance you from your own opinions and block you from the self-inquiry that leads to self-trust and inner connection. And you know what…? It’s exactly THIS self-assuredness that the queen archetype needs to thrive. It’s where her sense of authority is rooted. But it doesn’t appear out of thin air. So do the work to know yourself, and your queen will rise.

3. Identify your strengths and build on them

What are you really good at?

Many people tend to take themselves for granted, glossing over their best traits and instead fixating on improving what they’re not so great at…

But what if you could celebrate and build on what you’re already incredible at?
Rather than comparing yourself to others, can you OWN your fire and make it burn even brighter?

4. Work on jealousy

This won’t apply to everyone, but jealousy can be a huge shadow aspect of the queen archetype. This means that instead of the more progressed and powerful qualities of the queen emerging, jealousy takes over.

This distorted face of the feminine can be highly destructive and completely block the sovereignty that the queen archetype holds because this feeling totally drains your power.

The good news is, that if you’re prone to jealousy then your inner queen archetype is there waiting to rise (and the more activating the jealousy, the more potential your queen has!). You just need to untangle the threads of what you want, and whether you believe you can have it.

Journaling is a really effective tool for this.

5. Identify and switch oppressive inner scripts

What does your monkey mind tell you?

That you’re strong, powerful, capable, and magnetic?

Or that you’re weak, make mistakes, say the wrong thing, or don’t have as much value as others…?

Whatever your inner script is repeating, begin to notice the stories that run through your mind. If they’re not uplifting and empowering, switch them. Change them. Write yourself a new narrative.

This won’t only serve to actually alter your unconscious beliefs, but by taking charge of your inner world in this way, you ARE becoming a leader of yourself. The queen will rise. 

6. Surround yourself with finery!

SO much of the effort is internal with archetypal work, BUT you can help yourself with switching up your material world too. It’s easy to spot someone with an activated queen archetype because they tend to appreciate the finer things in life.

  • Quality brands
  • Expensive jewellery
  • Opulent surroundings
  • Fine dining

Some of these may seem a little cliched, and you don’t have to indulge in (or spend your hard-earned cash on) any of these to coax your inner queen archetype awake. But playing with them may be exactly what she needs to emerge!

7. Build your court!

In the old stories (and even in the history of our own British monarchy) queens aren’t usually depicted with a loyal, supportive, trustworthy court. Think the evil queen in Snow White, or Jadis the White Witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe who froze Narnia in the Hundred Years Winter.

These queens are suspicious of others. They are wary of rivals, traitors, and conspirators and this makes them cold and untrusting. Yet again, these portrayals are distortions. And despite seeming to prove that without their controlling and calculating personalities, these queens would be toppled, there is another side to this archetype that it’s time to unfold…

True Queens inspire.

They are in positions of power because of their glowing influence, their force for good, and their alignment with Spirit. The people that want to align with them – as friends, followers, or colleagues – sense this connection, and the network they form further strengthens the queen archetype.

It’s really important not to slip into old paradigm assumptions with this archetype. YES, the Queen is a leader… but everyone can hold a flavour of this archetype. Everyone is entitled to lead in their way. Together, we also all form each other’s “courts”. We can be each other’s advisors, critical friends, confidantes, and aides.

And our inner queens must be receptive, willing to listen, adapt, re-align and serve.

8. Cultivate loyalty

A strong part of the queen archetype is the wife. In partnership, the Queen finds stability and realisation. Yet her place isn’t that of the supporting role, it’s in companionship and equality.

Together strong allies, the queen and her partner are more than the sum of their parts.

For some women, this may mean literally coupling up with a powerful man. It may mean marriage. For others, the queen archetype may rise through a business partnership or even a close-knit social grouping.

Whatever form these allegiances take, all require loyalty. Trust. And making the conscious, compassionate choice to root into partnership.

9. Commit

To activate your inner queen archetype, you gotta commit! To people, to projects, to your cause, to your life. The queen will not be able to anchor into your life if you’ve got one foot in and one foot out. She needs a firm foundation and that comes with commitment.

When the going gets tough and challenges arise, breathe this archetype into being and face them. The queen is surprisingly resourceful, and sticking with the trouble rather than turning around and fleeing will strengthen this side of her… and you.

Even “failures” aren’t failures for this archetype. When things don’t work out, channel her by course-correcting and driving forward with purpose.


10. Stop people-pleasing

Those with an active queen archetype know they can’t please everyone! People-pleasing most certainly isn’t the goal here… so what is?

Can you identify what your motivations are in each day, week, month, and year, and work to fulfill those? Your impact and influence will be SO much more if you keep this as your guiding light, rather than simply trying to keep the naysayers quiet.

11. Communicate clearly and be direct

Do you speak directly?

Or are your sentences peppered with “sort-ofs” and “kind ofs” and “maybes” and “likes”?

We all tend to do this – yet these little words serve to de-emphasise and cushion the impact, accuracy, and frankness of what you mean. Using them (too much) does us all disservice, because not only do they dilute meaning, but they make it harder for others to know where your boundaries lie. And this is connected to the point above about people-pleasing.

Queens say what they mean. With kindness, yes, but unapologetically.

Cultivate her in YOU, by communicating with clarity.

12. Take self-responsibility

This is probably the most important thing anyone can do to call in their own queen archetype and start bringing her to life. YET… deflecting responsibility onto other people, your past, or larger society is a sure-fire way to prevent the frequency of the queen rising anywhere near you!

The reason for this is simple: Unless you can take self-responsibility, you’re being a victim.

You’re letting yourself be led by external people or circumstances, and this is the polar opposite of queen energy.

YES, we’re all affected by others. The paradigm we’re living through does direct our individual lives to a certain extent. But how you respond is what dictates your sovereignty, because this is your choice. SO if you want your queen to rein, then choose to be the ruler by taking 100% responsibility.

There are SO many more female archetypes!

Here are just a few for you to explore…

Now, will you leave me a comment below?

Is your inner queen archetype alive and thriving, or does she need a helping hand to emerge? Which tip will you use?

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