Dark feminine energy is a potent, animating force…

And she’s always been here on our planet.

The dark feminine isn’t separate, but intrinsically part of the Divine Feminine: She IS the sacred essence of creation and destruction that ripples across (and deep within) the Earth.

In the animist world, everything is Spirit:


The Dark feminine is also Spirit.

She’s a stream of spiritual energy that weaves its way through our world… Hard to define, but always present. Mystical in nature but ready to be called upon in real, concrete ways by those who feel her pull…

Here’s what’s in this article…

What is dark feminine energy?

Why does the dark feminine matter?

7 Ways to work with dark feminine energy

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What is dark feminine energy?

She is…

  • The Dark Moon
  • The deep, black soil
  • Decay and death
  • Regeneration
  • Transformation
  • Chaos
  • The unconscious
  • The mystery
  • The unknowable
  • The void
  • The liminal

…And like the full spectrum of the Divine FeminineDark Feminine energy is not over there, somewhere else. She is right here, inside every one of us.

WHY does the Dark Feminine matter?

Dark feminine energy is an intrinsic part of the new era that humanity is moving through…

Her distinctive flavours, and her mysterious but formidable qualities are exactly what we need to make the transition from the old world, into New Earth.


This rise of the dark feminine (as opposed to the lighter aspects of the sacred feminine) is a new thing for most people.

… Because dark feminine energy hasn’t been allowed into our culture for a very, very long time

The colonial, patriarchal + capitalist structures of our modern world have taught us that the dark feminine is synonymous with “bad” or negative.

Our children have been taught to fear the dark, as over centuries our cultural narrative worked to conflate the concepts of dark and “negative”.

We’ve been told that there is something wrong with the dark – that the darkness needs to be avoided.

Instead of the life-giving and regenerative power of the dark (and the dark feminine energy that is found there), men believe she’s evil, and women are told to reject her…

Humanity has accepted this!

…And we shun, suppress, and vilify the dark face of the Goddess, without really knowing what she is.

We’ve been led to believe She the dark feminine represents all those things we don’t want around, all those things that for so long, humans have collectively tried to push away and hide…

  • Unrestricted sexual expression + fantasies
  • Wild, un-domestication
  • Violence
  • Chaos
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Taboos
  • The unknown
  • The unknowable
  • The Occult

And YES. There are glimmers of dark feminine expresson in those things… But by stuffing her into these tiny boxes, her real essence has been radically distorted in the collective mind. The truth of the Dark feminine has been lost.

This distortion began when the Divine Feminine fell: when the matriarchal civilisations were overrun and the empire took hold.

**You can read more about what happened to make the Divine feminine fall HERE.

But the tide IS turning. The dark feminine is rising into consciousness… yet to reclaim her, give her space and taste her medicine, we need to look beyond the distortion. We need to look beyond the lies, deprogram our old belief systems around what Dark feminine energy is, and let her back in unrestricted.

Here are 7 ways to work with dark feminine energy…

There are many, many ways in. A thousand ways to invite the dark feminine into your world, and cultivate a relationship with her.

But here are just 7 for starters (because 7 is a magical number 😉 )

1. Do your shadow work

Because she’s a spiritual force we’ve been taught to dread, most women (and men) are unconsciously suppressing the energy of the dark feminine. Meaning: It’s not easy or natural for most folks to recognise dark feminine energy, or know how to channel it.

She’s been relegated to the shadowlands – most of us can’t even consciously identify her, let alone welcome her home.

So there is the first task: Do your shadow work.

The dark feminine lives in the unconscious worlds of the psyche. She lives in the unknown places, in the hidden corners you’ve been taught to fear…

Doing your shadow work is a journey of befriending your shadow – not because the Dark Feminine IS shadow, this is a huge misconception. But because the dark feminine is the animating force that transmutes shadow into gold. To regenerate fragments of a broken soul into something extraordinary, is pure dark feminine magic.

2. Put your hands in the soil

Dark Feminine energy lives deep in the rich black soil of our Earth.

She is the decay and dissolution of matter.

She is the fertile void of potential.

She is that mysterious space between death and rebirth where something miraculous happens.

In the alchemical mysteries, this unknowable, liminal place is the crucible for spiritual transformation. In nature, this is what our good Earth is doing all the time: through the endless cycle of life, death, and re-birth.

Something happens when you literally plunge your fingers into the Earth. Forget gardening gloves – when you let the soil touch your skin a connection occurs to the Feminine, that’s not only physical. She will awaken something deep within you, as you participate in the mystery…

3. Make peace with a thousand little deaths (and BE in the unknowing)

There is a LOT that humanity is being asked to let go of right now, collectively, and personally too.

The paradigm shifts are real.

The old ways really are crumbling, and as much as we’re being asked to embrace new ways of doing things…

But do we have to embrace them all?

Is it okay to say no?

Can we let parts of the old paradigm die…

Whilst reclaiming something even older?

NOTHING is fixed right now. Nothing is decided… and this liminality can be an incredibly destablising place to inhabit!

… But the dark feminine lives in the liminal.

She dwells in this place between the ending and the beginning. She holds this space where humanity now finds itself, and she holds US here too, in all our confusion, unknowing, and indecisiveness.

In this place, the dark feminine holds us firmly. Her formidable strength allows us to BE here and actually not need to know all the answers.

Whether you have an inability to let GO, or an impatience for what’s to come… this spectrum of feelings in this place,  IS the dark feminine frequency.

4. Rest

Rest is a sacred act.

A mini death, it’s when the regenerative power of the dark Goddess comes into play. If you’re all “go, go, go” all of the time, then the sacred pause in the cycle of the feminine will not come. (Or rather, it will… either through overwhelm, burnout, or illness, you’ll be forced to stop).

Making time for rest as a conscious act is a MUST if dark feminine energy is going to rise through you.

5. Explore blood mysteries

If you are a menstruating woman, what is your relationship with your blood?

How do you greet your flow?

What do you do with the red nectar your body produces each month?

Most women are taught that their monthly moon blood is a waste product, and something dirty to throw away. But your blood has incredible regenerative, healing, and protective qualities!

Many ancient cultures practiced blood rites. Many indigenous people still do. From simply saving moon blood and using it as a healing elixir on wounds (yes, this works), to spiritually charging it for magical purposes including ceremony.

You could give your blood back to the Earth, or even try re-imbibing it as an extremely potent medicine.

The feminine exists in the materiality of our bodies… and the mysterious power of our Moon-thly blood is dark feminine magic.

And if this feels totally taboo to you, then ask yourself why.

6. Explore esoterica

From magical work to astrology, sigils to shapeshifting…

The dark feminine weaves her thread through many of the more esoteric practices that humans do.

The mainstream doesn’t tend to accept them (though astrology is being embraced more and more…) Most of the time, the intangible, non-logical, and more mysterious sides of life are shunned and ridiculed by those still deep in a left-brained operating system.

…And hidden by those who do practice.

It’s been this way for centuries, and for many people today, this pattern of non-acceptance is rooted in the European witch hunts of the middle ages. So the sense that practicing anything occult is dangerous is a very real and deep-seated fear. It’s a huge part of the witch wound.

Yet exploring esoterica (and other things you may think are ‘witchy’ practices), are not only potent acts of self-realisation, they’re also the kinds of spiritual activity that were banned and suppressed along with the Divine Feminine.

7. Carve out time at the Dark Moon

The dark Moon phase is two-three days before New Moon, when la Luna is invisible in the sky.

Ancient cultures revered the Moon as a manifestation of the Goddess, and this dark phase is, of course, when the dark feminine rose.

It’s her time.

Her space.

You can honour her at the Dark Moon, by going inwards, doing deep personal inquiry and healing work. Such as:

I share 5 of my personal dark Moon practices HERE

DO you feel the Dark Feminine moving through your life? Do you have your own practices to re-awaken her? Share with me what they are…

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