A Leo Moon Ritual to Open Your Heart

2024 Leo full Moon ritual

This week the full moon will rise in the big, bold fixed sign of Leo.

I always LOVE this lunation – here in the northern hemisphere, it arrives in the depths of winter, when the heat and warmth of the Sun feel a long way off. Yet here it is – a regal rising full of pride and celebration, with a gentleness too.

A softness.

A welcoming feeling of coming home.

Once a year, the full Moon in Leo is a cosmic invitation to embrace your self-expression and step into the spotlight of your life. In astrological terms, the majesty of the Leo full moon is all about returning to your heart, calling your passions into their fullness, and radiating your true essence for all to see.

With the Sun in Aquarius, Leo’s opposite sign, this astrological axis is lit up. It’s a time when the forces of the universe are mobilizing you to acknowledge your soul’s song and celebrate your uniqueness.

Rituals performed during this potent lunar phase often focus on gratitude and harnessing the peak in Moon light and energy. Here in Leo, the full Moon offers an opportunity for opening your heart, to deepen even further into love and appreciation.

Tapping into Leo’s fiery energy is also a fab way to foster even more self-confidence and creativity… and who doesn’t want more of that?!

What does Leo full moon mean?

In astrology, Leo is a sign that symbolizes leadership, creativity, and expressiveness. Ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, Leo’s energy radiates, offering warmth, generosity and love.

Men and women with their natal Moon in Leo tend to have certain innate traits, like being affectionate and playful, loyal and self-assured.

These characteristics can be amplified during a Leo Full Moon, presenting through all of us, not only those with a Leo Moon.

But, some of the shadows of the leonine sign may also manifest under this lunar peak. These are qualities such as arrogance and being self-centered, ego driven and vain.

A ritual for the Leo full Moon to open the heart

Now let’s take a look at one of the many rituals you could do for the full Moon in Leo.

This gorgeous ritual helps to open the heart, softening you into greater self-love, which in turn, will make you available to receive more love from others.

An open heart also vibrates at the same frequency as creativity – Leo’s specialty. This is an expansive, potential-filled place to be, far away from the feelings of constriction, smallness, and lack mentality that it’s SO easy to slip into.

Ritual steps:

  • Sit down comfortably on a chair, close your eyes, and connect to your breath.
  • Take a few breaths in, and extend your exhale. This will help to soothe and settle your nervous system.
  • Next, close your eyes, and visualize a place in nature that you love. This could be somewhere you love to go often, somewhere you’ve visited only once, or somewhere you’ve seen in a photograph or movie.
    Imagine all the details you can. Listen closely to the sounds, feel the air on your skin, smell the aromas… really immerse yourself in this beautiful place.
  • Now, from the center of your heart feel the love you have for this place. Let this love grow and grow until it glows like a fire within you.
  • When your love feels strong, imagine it becoming a ball of fire in your heart.
  • Then with your intention, push this ball of fire down from your heart through your belly, and out between your legs, into the Earth below.
  • Keep directing it down, seeing it descend as far towards her center of the Earth, as you can. 
  • See, feel, and sense the fire of your love reach all the way down, until it meets with the fiery core of the Mother. 
  • Now, wait.
  • Wait for Mother Earth to send her love back to you.
  • Open up your senses to how this love feels, rising up from below. Allow it to fill your body.
  • You may feel your own love for Earth grow again, so gently direct it back down as before, offering it back to the Mother so that a circuit is formed between you and the planet, with love flowing freely between you both.
  • Sit in this feeling for as long as you like.

This is an ancient ritual, that is especially powerful under the light of the full Moon, and even more so when Leo energy is strong.

Connecting your inner fire to the fiery core of the great Mother can give you infinite strength, whilst also holding you in the frequency of pure love. It’s an incredibly special and sacred place to be.

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