On Wednesday 16th February 2022, at the peak of this POTENT Aquarian lunar cycle, the Full Moon will rise at 27º of Leo

Sign of the lion, this Leo Full Moon activates courage, bravery, and leadership… but you don’t have to be a typical “leader” for this Full Moon to conjure the qualities that make you shine…

You are being encouraged to rise into your own fullness.

To expand, and enliven your sense of what’s possible for you (and the world). But the vast expanse of possibilities that lives in the mind isn’t what we’re after here. No. Drop down into your heart. Down through your body and into your inner cave of unity. This is where dreaming really begins…

Our Sun rules this Leo Full Moon

Transiting through the domain of the solar king, her lunar essence is warmed, and directed outwards.

Lunar energy tends to be receptive… We talk of her shifting, changing energy as she moves through signs and phases, picking up energy here and there on her path. And yes, the Moon IS a receiver. As you are too. But not always…

In Leo, the Full Moon calls you back into your power as an EMITTER of energy.

Just like la Luna in this hot and glowing sign of the zodiac, you are a beacon – a source of light and life. Despite centuries of conditioning to teach you the opposite, every human on this planet is a channel – a beautiful and perfect chink on the surface of matter, for Source energy to flow through and become manifest in the world.

…So what will you do with yours?

What will you do with your unique access to the life source flowing through you? The Leo Full Moon holds the space for you to consider these questions –

  • What will you do with your light?
  • What will you do with your life?
  • What will you do with the stream of creative power placed in your hands?

The time has come to turn away from merely consuming, acquiring, absorbing, and taking in more…

This is a program that has run its course. A program that’s been running for so long through the human race now, convincing us we are never enough that it’s ceasing to make any sense.

You are enough, you have always been enough… SO let that enough-ness begin to rise, to increase, and to overflow until it becomes unavoidable.

This is how the Leo Full Moon weaves her magic. There’s nothing to go out looking for, no breadcrumbs to follow or clues to decipher – she exists right here. Within.

Give more than you take at this Leo Full Moon

Be generous of yourself, but as soon as that balance tips and the fire burns low, retreat.

Your inner lion/ess may feel like anything’s possible under this Full Moon, and there aren’t any boundaries to be drawn. But this Moon (and YOU, at the center of it) runs a risk of burning OUT if not tended to…

SO remember to nurture your inner flame. Do not let the hearth run low.

Drop into devotion

This Full Moon in Leo amplifies fixed energy, with both Sun and Moon anchored into signs of this quality. Moon in Leo opposing Sun in Aquarius are joined by the North and South Nodes in fixed signs too – in Taurus and Scorpio.

And while stubbornness and inflexibility may make their appearances over this lunar phase (you’re gonna have to try really hard to change some people’s minds…) the energy to harness is devotion.

Devotion to a cause.

Devotion to something (or someone) you love, that you really care about. A lot.

This is the moment to devote yourself to that… To harness the gaze of the Leo Full Moon and channel it right there.

For you this may be an effort you’re not used to making. Not because you’re not a fighter, but because standing still and being exquisitely present as an act of resistance, rather than fighting back isn’t how most humans are taught to get what they want.

Leo burns with a passion that is rooted FIRMLY in truth and love… this goes beyond ideology or opinion

Deepening in from the thinking and rationalising that this cycle began with (in Aquarius) our Full Moon in Leo strips away questions and doubts. She rises at a time when we must not get complacent.

So trust your heart and the wisdom she pours forth under the gaze of this Moon. She will never lead you astray.

Encompass UNITY

YET there is a playfulness that comes with this Full Moon!

A levity that doesn’t create conflict or put up a fight, because living from the heart means living in unity. This can be a hard concept to grasp… because tiring to grasp anything with the mind creates polarity. So feel into this, instead. Let your heart “understand” what unity really means for humanity.

This is time to drop the division. This Full Moon invites us to re-group and realise that we all want the same things…!

Surrender your separation

Full Moons teach us to let go of things that stand in the way of self-realisation.

For many months now, we have been driven hard into a program of division from our fellow humans. But true self-realisation won’t come like this. We need our points of connection to be LOVE and not fear. This Full Moon in Leo arrives now, at this point in the story to shine a light on where you are still resisting this truth, and letting fear direct your actions:

It’s time to drop the fear.

It’s time to drop the division.

Allow the light of this Full Moon into your heart and re-call the power that belongs to you.

Leo Full Moon blessings.

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