Leo Full Moon 25 January 2024: Here’s What You Need to Know

Lion and Full Moon with text: Full Moon in Leo Jan 2024

Are you ready to roar?!

This January, we will see the full Moon rise in the sign of the lion, activating courage, bravery, and leadership… but you don’t have to be a typical “leader” for this Full Moon to awaken the qualities that’ll make you shine…

When does the 2024 Leo full Moon occur?

This January’s full Moon rises on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 17:54 GMT/ 12:54 P.M. EST, at 5º of the fire sign of Leo 🦁

Known for its dramatic flair and big-heart energy, the full Moon in Leo will bring a warming influence to this cold January landscape. To find out exactly how it’s likely to impact your life, read on…

What is a full Moon?

A full moon occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, meaning its face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. This happens approximately once a month, when the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously, and it’s the peak in the lunar calendar.

As well as the astrology, full Moons also have traditional names. This one is most well known as the Wolf Moon. Other names for the January Moon emphasize its occurrence in times of fallen snow and barren landscapes. Some other Moon names are described in Old Farmer’s Almanac, and are also listed here –

  • Old Moon
  • Quiet Moon
  • Great Moon
  • Cold Moon
  • Ice Moon
  • Severe Moon
  • Hard Moon
  • Center Moon
  • Frost Exploding Moon
  • Freeze Up Moon
  • Canada goose Moon
  • Spirit Moon
Full Moon in dramatic sky

Spiritually, full Moons bring illumination and realization. They usually indicate that something in your life is reaching a culmination, or reaching fruition.

Yet the full phase can also be a bit intense, as lunar energy is at its peak which can manifest as heightened emotions, exaggerated feelings, and even a manic edge for some. Yet for others, the full Moon may coincide with one of the luckiest periods of the cycle, when the fruits of all your hard-won labours are ripe for the picking!

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Why the next Full Moon could be especially significant for you…

This month’s Leo full Moon is a super significant event in both astrology and spiritual practices.

A fixed fire sign, Leo is ruled by the Sun – the central star of our solar system – the celestial body that represents the self. So this full Moon puts you firmly in the spotlight.

Only one full Moon rises in Leo each year, and it comes with a firm invitation: to call on your personal power, and step into full self responsibioity.

It reminds you that you are a shining beacon, self-sourced and ablaze with love, passion, and creativity.

Despite centuries of conditioning that causes you to question yourself, Leo calls to the depth of your self-worth, and your self-trust. This sign urges you to step forward and be seen for who you really are. Unapologetically.

Will you heed the call?

Will you take away the shutters and LET life flow through you?

This weeks Full Moon rising at 5º of the sign of the lion creates the space for you to consider:

  • How can I be MORE of my bold, creative, authentic self?
  • How can I summon the courage to show up more fully than I ever have?
  • How can I be wholehearted in letting my passion lead my life?

Standing here at the starting line of 2024, the time has come to turn away from passively receiving whatever life has to offer, accepting breadcrumbs and being grateful for the small wins.

That program that has run its course.

The Moon in Leo means it’s time to dream bigger, and ACT bigger – to fan the flames of your inner fire use it to burn what’s no longer needed, down to the ground.

Lion's head with a full wolf Moon overlayed

What’s the spiritual meaning of the Leo full Moon, January 2024?

Spiritually, the Full Moon in Leo is eternally optimistic, inviting us to orient toward self-expression, confidence, and creativity. Its energy encourages us to embrace our authentic selves and summon the courage to turn away from anything lackluster, instead pursuing the hot truth of pleasure.

As the first full Moon of the year, this Moon’s motivating glow helps us to feel energized and rosy about all that’s to come. Listen in close, and you’ll be able to hear that gentle leonine roar, perfectly pitched to activate what’s going to make you feel MOST alive this year!

As a fixed sign, Leo means both initiations and transitions can be hard. Leo likes to bask in the glow of what is and soak up every last drop of the perfect now.

This quality is wonderfully devotional.

Leo gives us focus and invites us to take our time, unfolding the moment so that time and space seem to expand around us. It’s the antidote to the usual frenzy of having to get a hundred things done, simultaneously.

How open can you allow yourself to be? This isn’t a busy sign of flex and change, but an opportunity to drop. What’s here? What wants to rise uo from the depths of your being, if you only sit still long enough to let it?

As well as devotion, this Full Moon brings commitment – here in the very first month of 2024, we have lunar astrology to help us focus and persevere.

Woman in a field

How will the Full Moon in Leo Affect you?

The Full Moon in Leo tends to affect people differently according to personal astrology and birth chart. Yet overall this lunation is likely to ignite a strong sense of personal pride and a desire for recognition.

There’s a childlike quality to this full Moon too. A playfulness and joy hidden just beneath the surface, so if you can focus on pleasure, spontaneity, and enjoyment, this side of Leo may just peak into your gaze, and bring a smile to your lips.

As with any full Moon, expect emotions to be heightened. Yet the Moon in Leo can be the least intense of all – this sign’s ruler the Sun brings balance and warmth to the emotional depths that la Luna tends to call forth.

Here are a few ways the full wolf Moon in Leo could affect you –


  • Amplified sense of personal pride and desire for recognition
  • Heightened self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Increased focus on self-expression and creativity
  • Strong desire for romance and passionate connections
  • Enhanced leadership qualities and a need to shine in social or professional settings
  • Greater emphasis on enjoying life, pleasure, and leisure activities
  • Potential for dramatic expression of emotions
  • Heightened energy and enthusiasm for pursuing personal passions
  • Increased desire for attention and admiration
  • Potential for conflicts related to ego and self-importance
Two women with face paint and feathers expressing their goddess

10 Ways to work with the full wolf Moon in Leo

The way you interact with this January Moon can set the stage for the whole year. With a big dose of “main character energy,” it’s all about taking the lead role in your own life and acting according to YOUR heart’s desires. This doesn’t mean railroading everyone else, but it calls for authenticity and trust. Here are 10 ways to work with this Moon –

1. Get creative

We’ve said it before.. the zodiac sign of the lion brings a HUGE dose of creative energy, so this is your opportunity to harness it. The energy of creativity will pull you from your head, down into your heart and help you to lead from there.

2. Express yourself

Tell the truth. Be tactful, and try not to hurt anyone else in the process.

3. Host a party

Not all zodiac signs love to entertain as much as this one! So use this beautiful, bountiful shift into the sign of celebrations to host some friends or family and have a good time together.

4. Practice self-care rituals

A full Moon is the perfect time for ritual, especially if you’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Under the sign of Leo, there is little better than a devotional self-loving ritual like a ritual Moon bath or a pampering session.

5. Connect with your inner child

What happened to that little girl (or boy) who SO loved to dress up, play games and run around without a care in the world? Who were you before you grew up, focused on “adulting”, intellectual growth, and all those responsibilities that never go away?

Of all the astrological signs, Leo calls us back to our carefree, fun loving child selves… as leaders of the show.

6. Take on a leadership role

How can you be a leader? This doesn’t necessarily mean taking charge of something you don’t feel comfortable with.. but shining as an example, in a way that only YOU can.

What are you absolutely brilliant at BEING? How can BE more of that?

7. Soak up some sunshine

Yes, it may be cold in the northern hemisphere, but the next time the sun peaks out from behind a cloud, can you roll up your sleeves and let a little sunlight in? Under this Moon, sunlight is an activating force – so let it in.

8. Attend (or participate in) a live performance

When was the last time you went to listen to some live music? Stood in a crowd and appreciated somebody putting themselves out there and taking center stage? It needn’t be a major social event – even going to an open mic night in your local village hall can feel soooo good under the Moon in Leo.

9. Explore the things that ignite passion and joy

Love to write? Or salsa dance, cross stitch or paraglide?

Or maybe helping those in need really floats your boat? Or fighting for social justice?

Take some time over this phase of peak illumination to explore what makes you feel you’re living your best life… and how to do more of it.

10. Devote yourself to something

This Full Moon in Leo amplifies fixed energy, which helps us to double down and commit.

What can you devote yourself to?

What cause, endeavor, activity or even whirlwind romance can you comit yourself to, under the gaze of this beautiufl Moon?

Want the perfect ritual for THIS full Moon? 

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Leo burns with a passion rooted FIRMLY in truth and love…

This Moon may not rip us away from our comfort zones like some recent full Moons have. But it will invite you to deepen into what’s true. by stripping away pretenses and anchoring into how your heart really feels.

So trust your heart and the wisdom she pours forth under the gaze of this Moon. She will never lead you astray.

Full Moon blessings.

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