Aquarius New Moon February 2024 Forecast (plus 5 intentions you need to set)

Meaning of the New Moon in Aquarius February 2024

New Moons occur when both the Sun and Moon sit together, snuggled up in the exact same section of the sky. Right now they’re both in the sign of the water bearer: Aquarius, along with deep-diving Pluto, which entered this sign on January 20th. Meaning there is a lot of celestial energy currently streaming down on us from this same sign of forward-facing, collaborative, and progressive thought.

When is the new Moon in Aquarius?

The new Moon in Aquarius will be exact on Thursday, February 9th, at 22:58 GMT/ 14: 58 PST/ 17:58 EST. The new Moon occurs at 20º of Aquarius, a fixed air sign.

New Moon in a blue sky

What is the meaning of the new moon?

The new Moon represents a time of new beginnings and fresh starts in the lunar cycle. It occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, with the illuminated side of the lunar surface facing away from us, making it appear invisible in the sky.

New Moons symbolize a period of introspection, perfect to set intentions and plant the seeds for future growth and manifestation.

As the Moon enters its waxing phase and gradually increases in illumination, a period of growth and development is signified and this can be harnessed through Moon ritual and inspired action!

But here at the very start of a new lunar cycle, it’s important to turn our focus inward, reflect on our desires and aspirations, and align our intentions with the specific energy of the new moon. By laying the groundwork at this time, the manifestation of our goals and dreams will be SO much easier.

The new Moon creates the space for us to embrace our potential for renewal, fresh starts, and the beginning of any number of new cycles in our lives.

Figure giving gratitude to the New Moon

What the new Moon in Aquarius means for you…

The new Moon in Aquarius brings an opportunity to expand your perspectives.

A highly future-focused and optimistic new Moon, this is a time for breaking down the boundaries of what you believe is possible for your life! Steeped in dynamic, optimistic and revolutionary energy, this lunation adds another level of momentum to the new year, so you better be ready to channel it through your life.

As the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius brings a sense of innovation, progress, and individuality, whenever it shows up.

When the Sun and Moon come together here in Aquarius Season, we all get a big cosmic push to embrace our uniqueness, and consider how to expand it out into the world with more authenticity, truth, and resolve.

As an air sign, Aquarius energy brings inspiration, and ideas to the surface of our perception. When the new Moon rises in this enlivening zodiac sign, as it does each February (or sometimes January) it can feel as though the skies become awash with new possibilities. Even in its darkness, this new Moon will bring hope, possibility, and even probability… if you let it in.

But it’s not all plain sailing.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquariuan energy can disrupt and subvert.

Embracing your uniqueness, and chasing a dream that feels just a little too far off for comfort can feel edgy, risky, even a little dangerous.

Rebels may all seem like they’re having a great time, but it’s hard work swimming against the current.

Going your own way can feel attractive in theory, but when you’re faced with a world that may not understand you, it’s often easier to stay firmly in vanilla.

But Aquarius and comfort zone don’t belong in the same sentence.

This new Moon reminds us that it’s only through our differences – the qualities, beliefs and yearnings that make us extraordinary, can we make a real impace on the world around us.

It’s not selfish to follow your own truth. It’s not selfish to get really present with your own needs, wants, desires AND pain… and use this as your launch pad. As sun and Moon come together, you are being invited to be a little braver. Stand out a little further. Speak with a little more certainty.

Woman releasing old habits at new Moon phases

What does the new Moon in Aquarius mean spiritually?

Spiritually, the new Moon in Aquarius signifies a time for introspection, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening. All new Moons carry the energy of new beginnings, offering a time to sow seeds for the upcoming lunar cycle (and beyond).

Here in Aquarius, the spiritual focus is on breaking free from the confines of tradition, and forging an unconventional path ahead!

Associated with innovation, progress, and alternative ways of seeing, Aquarius activates the mind, opening us up mentally (and spiritually) to a whole plethora of new ways of being in the world.

Yet despite its independent nature, the pulse of this energy sits firmly in the collective good. Every advancement, improvement, or upgrade that this Moon initiates, has a humanitarian goal at its core.

Aquarius Moons emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration in our spiritual work. What good is it to sit on a mountaintop in meditation, when the world is craving spiritual warriors who will anchor their visions into this plain of reality?

Strongly connected to the outcome of the collective, this new Moon brings an acute awareness of how our actions impact the whole… and not in a negative sense. This energy is all about nurturing the desire to raise up the whole of humanity on its highest path, not just the individual.

Person born on new moon standing outside under huge sky

5 Intentions to set for the new Moon in Aquarius, Feb 2024

At the new Moon phase, most people start to think about what they want.

What they want to manifest, have, gain or materialize in their lives between now and the next full Moon. But as this Moon moves through an air sign, its nerve center is less about stuff and more about ideas. This makes intention setting a little different – air sign Moons wants us to consider the motivating force, the conceptual drive, the essence that sits at the core of what we desire.

So here are 5 intentions to set at the new Moon in Aquarius, to take you through the lunar month.

1. To break down your own limiting beliefs

 Aquarian energy is progressive. As an air sign, it likes movement, and breathing space.

Look at where in your life you have walls in your thinking, especially in how you perceive the world to be.

  • What are the limits of what you think is possible?
  • Are there any plans you would love to lay down, but seem beyond your capabilities?
  • Do you believe your circumstances are limiting you?

Maybe you don’t even let yourself entertain certain wants or desires, for fear of realising you COULD actually be going somewhere or doing something wildly different from the here and now. (Hello Aquarius!)

Notice these limiting beliefs, and consider shaking them up a little.

2. To cultivate a deeper sense of compassion towards others

As the zodiac sign of the humanitarian, Aquarius deeply loves people.

You may recognize this energy as somewhat emotionally detached, which is true. But this sign possesses a real sense of unity, and an intrinsic understanding of our interconnectedness as a species.

Compassion is something you can cultivate. It’s a practice, something to tap into in each moment.

  • Speak kindly
  • Encourage others
  • Say sorry when you’ve hurt someone
  • Don’t judge
  • Accept
  • Forgive

2. Embrace opportunities to contribute to a cause or community project that aligns with progressive and humanitarian values.

3. Explore and implement innovative solutions to address social or environmental issues within your sphere of influence.

3. To be more open-minded and receptive to new ideas

Over the coming lunar phases, invite the expansive energy of this new Moon to move through your inner world.

Seek out more diverse perspectives than your own, by reading and engaging with people from totally different spheres of life.

Work to challenge your assumptions. Reflect on your personal biases and get curious about other viewpoints.

Crucially, be open to change and recognize that open-mindedness involves a willingness to adapt and evolve. Try to remain receptive to the possibilities ushered in by the simple act of shifting your perspective with new information and experiences.

4. To cultivate a sense of curiosity

As a fixed sign, Aquarius is really good at doubling down on the details of any situation. You can harness this fixed energy, which strives to know more, by committing to curiosity.

5. To focus on service and the genuine progress of the collective

Here at the start of what is already a fast-paced year of change, everybody must keep up. Set intentions that always have the highest good of everybody at their core.

You don’t have to know what that highest good looks like. You don’t have to do the work for other people (you can’t). But you can hold the dreams, power, and potential of all people as sacred – and continually create the space for them to be realized.

Think outside the box. Aquarian energy is revolutionary. It breaks the rules.

So this New Moon, try dropping your ego, relinquishing your demands, and instead open your heart to what the flow of the Universe requires of you this cycle.

I invite you to see what happens.

New Moon blessings

More Moon phases you need to know about…

Love the new Moon? Here you can read up on the other Moon phases and the meaning they bring…

New moon: The new Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. At this phase, the Moon rises and sets with the Sun, making the new Moon invisible in the sky.

Waxing crescent: The waxing crescent Moon has a very thin crescent shape, rising during the daytime and setting in the western evening sky.

First quarter: The first quarter Moon forms an astrological square with the Sun, this phase is revealed as a clear “half Moon” shape. Light will expand, overtaking the dark quarter.

Waxing gibbous: When the waxing gibbous Moon occurs, she is closer to the full Moon phase than to the new. This waxing Moon appears as a blossoming disc of light, illuminated from the right in the northern hemisphere, and the left in the south.

Full moon: At the Full Moon phase, the Moon and Sun sit on opposite sides of Earth. Halfway through the Moon’s orbit, she’s fully illuminated and present in the sky all night long.

Waning gibbous: Past the cycle’s climax, the waning gibbous Moon phase is almost a mirror image of the waxing gibbous – a swollen round disc ebbing away from one edge.

Last quarter: The last quarter Moon (also known as the third quarter) forms another astrological square with the Sun and appears as a clear “half Moon” shape. This time, though, dark will overtake the light.

Waning crescent: The waning crescent Moon (or balsamic Moon) is closer to the next new Moon, than to this cycle’s full Moon phase. It appears as an ebbing, almost disappearing arc in the western sky.

Dark Moon: The dark Moon appears between one and three days before the new Moon, and is invisible. During the dark Moon, la Luna rises with the Sun, but is bleached out by sunlight, and absent completely from the night sky.

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