The Essential Guide to Cutting your Hair by the Moon Phase + Zodiac sign

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Lunar Cycle Hair Care? Here’s how cutting your Hair by the Moon could give you the hair of your dreams!

Have you always wanted thicker, fuller hair? Or maybe you’re desperate to tame an unruly mane?! Well, according to Moon mavens, cutting your hair by the Moon can affect how it grows…

In basic terms, it’s said that if you get that trim when the Moon is waxing, your hair will do one thing. But wait until la Luna is waning, and it’ll do another thing entirely…

And the transiting Moon (i.e. the astrological sign she’s currently in) can also have a BIG impact on hair health and wellness.

Intrigued?! Let’s take a closer look, and see whether tuning into the lunar cycle, and cutting your hair by the Moon really can give you hair to swoon over!

Does the Moon affect hair growth… really?!

Astrologers have long known that the Moon affects life here on Earth. Every planet is an archetype, and these energies weave their way through our lives every day, some subtle and some not so subtle.

As the closest celestial body to our home planet, we have a special relationship with the Moon. Our constant companion, the Moon orbits Earth with a rhythm that is dependable and life-affirming, not to mention life-giving! She tugs on the tides of the great oceans, as well as on the tides of women’s sacred blood cycles. She rules menstruation and teaches us to navigate our own inner landscapes.

La Luna also holds the resonance of our archetypal Grandmother – she’s a vessel for the sacred mysteries of the Feminine, and a guide for many seekers on their path.

So far, so good. But what about the Moon affecting hair?! At what point does cutting your hair by the Moon become a thing?!

Pause for a moment, and think about the huge pull the Moon has on the oceans. How these huge bodies of water are shifted around the globe by the movements of Grandmother Moon. Now consider the water content of your own body, and how this water too, is subject to the same lunar, tidal pull. Our bodies are around 60% water, and in hair, this is around 15%. But it’s not just about quantities of water, it’s about the concentration and bio-availability of essential minerals IN that water. Minerals like calcium, cadmium, chromium, copper, zinc, iron and silicon, which are brought to the base of the hair follicle by blood circulation, and then make up the hair shaft itself.

Here’s where it gets interesting, if a little metaphysical (my favourite way to be!) The Moon, and all other planets (and zodiac signs) have mineral correspondences. So when a planet or sign is astrologically active in relation to the Moon (i.e. it’s making an aspect, like a square, trine or opposition) its associated mineral will also be activated. And THIS affects our microbiology, and the way our bodies grow and renew cells.

This means that yes, a lunar transit does affect the growth of your hair! (We’ll go into the astrology and corresponding minerals later).

If you need scientific proof that the Moon affects you hair, well, let’s be honest – how many scientific studies have actually been done to definitively evidence how the Moon affects hair growth?

Most of what we know is gathered evidence and old knowledge passed from ear to mouth.

So you can take what works and leave the rest.

OK. Let’s get into the Moon phases, and how hair cutting based on the Moon’s cycle can actually generate many different results…

Cutting your Hair on the New Moon?

The new Moon phase is the beginning of the new cycle, when la Luna is mostly dark, but just becoming visible as an emerging crescent Moon.

This is said to be a most critical time for the body, as energy levels and resilience are low. No major changes are recommended. This goes for hair too – it’s a weak point in the cycle, so cutting and colouring are not recommended.

New Moon is thought to be when the most hair loss occurs too. Any damage incurred will weaken hair further, and it will take longer to recover.

As an alternative, deep conditioning treatments are beneficial during this lunar phase. This could be the ideal time to use leave-in conditioners, anti-frizz treatments, and/or hair oils as they’ll penetrate the hair shaft and you’ll really see improvements.

Cutting your hair on the first quarter Moon (waxing Moon)

The first quarter Moon phase looks like a clear “half Moon” shape. During the waxing Moon, light expands across her face for around two weeks, before climaxing at the Full Moon.

If you want to expedite your hair growth and have stronger roots, then get it cut under a waxing Moon!

The two weeks that the Moon is waxing are the ideal time to schedule an appointment if you’re growing out a short style or a fringe (bangs). This is because trimming under this lunar phase will encourage growth. That’s right – a haircut anytime before Full Moon will actually help speed up hair growth and even make your locks grow thicker.

So when lunar energy is building, get your haircare organized: Give those split ends a trim, and tidy up those bangs.

Cutting your Hair on the Full Moon?

Everybody can recognize this phase! Directly opposite her twin luminary the Sun, the Moon is fully illuminated.

Whether to cut your hair on the Full Moon really depends on your own astrology, and the current transiting Moon sign (see below).

Many people swear this is the best phase for cutting your hair – like waxing Moon energy, the Full Moons encourage growth and abundance, so a trim at this phase is ideal if your aim is thicker fuller hair.

But for others, the Full Moon can be a critical time, much like at New Moon. So anything dramatic should be avoided, as hair is easily damaged. Instead, deep, nourishing masks and treatments are recommended.

As a Moon phase renowned for high emotions and manic behaviour, it may be advisable to wait until the Full Moon has passed before committing to a drastic cut!

If you’re unsure, it’s probably best to avoid a salon appointment on the Full Moon, unless the Moon’s current zodiac sign is especially favourable.

Cutting your Hair on the Last Quarter Moon (Waning Moon)?

Forming an astrological square with the Sun, this phase is also seen as a clear “half Moon” shape (facing the other way). This time, though, light is decreasing across her surface, eventually disappearing completely at the dark Moon, and eventually the New Moon phase.

If you want to slow down your hair growth, cut it during the waning moon.

So this is a great time to make an appointment with your stylist if you want to keep a short style looking fresh for longer, and your fringe (aka bangs) OUT of your eyes!

Cutting your hair on the waning Moon can also be a powerful, symbolic ritual of letting go. If you’ve been eying up a new style and feeling like a change is on the cards, this is an ideal time. So at the waning Moon, take the plunge and go for a brand new hairstyle! Or if your hair is long, be bold, get rid of some length and let the new you emerge…

Can the transiting Moon sign help hair to grow?

But lunar astrology isn’t just about the phases.

Anyone who follows the daily transits of the Moon through the astrological signs will know how great the impact of the zodiac can be, and when it comes to hair care and styling, the lunar calendar through the Zodiac sign actually has more of an effect than the phase.

(CHECK OUT THIS Category of articles on Moon signs if you want to know more…)

So what are the BEST Moon signs for cutting your hair?

It depends on what you want…!

Let’s take a look at each zodiac sign in turn. If you know a little about astrology, you’ll know the 12 signs of the zodiac are grouped together by modality (whether they’re cardinal, fixed or mutable) and element – and it’s the element (either Earth, Fire, Air, or Water) that has the most bearing here.

Moon in Aries: a brand new style?

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries Moon offers the energy of initiation and new beginnings. So it’s an excellent transit for a brand new style! However, as a fire sign, this lunar transit brings dryness and heat.

Growth potential is good, but be sure to nourish and condition deeply, to avoid any moisture loss. Be especially vigilant when using heated styling tools.

Moon in Taurus: root treatments

Earth sign Moons are favourable for hair growth, as roots are strong making hair less likely to fall out. So a Taurus lunar transit offers a great day for a scalp massage or deep root treatment.

Under this astrology, hair will likely feel strong and hold styles well, so be bold!

A haircut under a WAXING Moon in Taurus would be highly recommended for healthy regrowth.

Moon in Gemini: beware flyaway tresses!

The Moon in air sign Gemini can often mean flyways! And if you’re prone to static hair then beware this transit.

BUT this can be an ideal time for curls. The extra volume added by this air-ruled Moon can bring a welcome lift to even the most lackluster hair.

Moon in Cancer: nourish healthy locks

The Moon in her own sign promotes healthy hair and luscious locks! In fact, a lunar transit through any water sign tends to be beneficial for hair, as this element is hydrating (obvs!) and extremely nourishing.

As long as it’s not under a critical Moon, schedule your cut or colour under a Cancer Moon and it’ll likely turn out well for you!

Moon in Leo: the “mane” event 😉

Well known as THE most favourable lunar transit for all things hair-related, the zodiac sign of Leo is inseparable from the archetypal lion’s mane.

Under this Moon, hair is most likely to feel thick, healthy and voluminous. Hair cuts are favourable, as are any colours, perms or other treatments. Styles trimmed during a Leo Moon transit will grow back strong and healthy, particularly if the Moon is also waxing or Full.

Moon in Virgo: trim and tidy

Another earth sign, the Moon in Virgo is generally beneficial for hair. Under this transit, your hair will tend to appear strong and robust.

As a clarifying, purifying sign, you may want to avoid overloading your hair with too many products during a Virgo transit. Trimming split and brittle ends is highly recommended. In fact, your hair will love you for it!

Moon in Libra: beauty and bounce

The Moon in air sign Libra can be the best transit for experimenting with different styles, especially if they need a bit of a volume boost.

Cuts aren’t necessarily recommended as under any air sign Moon, hair can behave a little erratically!

But again, good for curls.

Moon in Scorpio: deep hydration

This fixed water Moon tends to have a deeply hydrating influence on hair health. WIth intense Scorpio in the mix, hair may appear more shiny and healthy, and in many cases thicker too.

Not a bad day to schedule your salon fix!

Moon in Sagittarius: avoid the scissors!

Another fire sign Moon, a Sag lunar transit is generally regarded as unfavourable for hair cutting.

Your locks may be drier and more brittle than usual, so avoid heavy brushing or manipulating it into tight bands and clips. Hair may also struggle to hold its style altogether (hello rebel hairdo!)

Remedy this with conditioning treatments, hair oils and wraps.

Moon in Capricorn: robust styling

This is a strengthening lunar transit, so if you’re planning a beehive… your ideal day has arrived!

Another earth sign Moon, so hair will likely feel strong and hold styles well. A transiting Capricorn Moon also offers a great day for a cut, as hair will grow back robust, whilst keeping the structure of the style intact.

Moon in Aquarius: express your uniqueness!

A good transit for experimenting with your hairstyle – Aquarius is an expressive and individuating Moon!

Hair health will likely remain unchanged, yet as an air sign, your bonnet may feel hard to manage today! Cuts are not recommended (unless you’re absolutely sure you won’t change your mind!)

Moon in Pisces: slow it down

The last sign of the zodiac, the Moon in Pisces tends to slow down growth. So if you schedule a cut under this Moon, expect it to grow back very gradually. (If you’re trying to grow your length, avoid the hairdressers completely today!)

Those with brittle and dry hair will likely find their hair condition improves under this expansive water sign, but it may not enjoy holding styles.

Lunar hair care essential rules…

Please take all of what’s been written here as YOUR jumping-off point – the start of your own hair care by the Moon exploration. And remember there are many more influences on the health and growth of your hair too, from diet to environment to the products you use.

Therefore, the only essential rules are to make your own.

Experiment with getting a haircut on one particular phase of the Moon, and see how your hair responds. Try aligning your conditioning treatments with a specific lunar transit in, say, Scorpio. And over the next couple of months, track any improvements to its overall appearance, length or quality.

And as well as the lunar calendar, follow your personal rhythms and look after your health.

What are the benefits of haircare and haircuts by the Moon?

Stick to the basics of this helpful haircutting guide for at least two to three monthly lunar cycles and you’ll begin to see some incredible benefits to your bonnet – I promise!

These benefits can include:

  • Longer hair
  • Thicker hair
  • Stronger hair
  • Shinier and healthier hair
  • Revitalised growth patterns
  • More defined curls and waves

To see these benefits, there’s no need to have a full cut with each lunar cycle (whether you decide to trim at the waxing or the Full Moon, or minimize growth by snipping dry ends during the waning Moons).  Minimal frequent trims of a couple of millimetres are enough to simply refresh and seal ends.

Have a try… then come back here and leave me a comment to let me know how you got on!

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