100 Dark Feminine Energy Affirmations to Activate Your Inner Siren

dark feminine woman and affirmations

Are you looking to awaken your dark feminine energy?

Many women today are seeking out an alternative to the “love and light feminine” ideals that a lot of coaches and teachers seem to be advocating. They – like you? – are beginning to see through the polarity teachings of masculine and feminine energy, which at their core, place women in a subservient role to men.

These teachings would lead you to believe that women are weaker, softer, more fragile and in need of protection and guidance form their masculine counterparts.

Yet dark femininity turns these notions upside down. It’s not a new concept, but one that’s been suppressed for a LONG time – that there is a flavour of feminine energy that is strong, passionate, sensual, regenerative and wild.

I believe THIS is what so many women are craving. YEt the dark feminine is still so misunderstood, meaning many women and men find it threatening, frightening and therefore push it away.

But if you’re ready to peel back the layers of resistance, and shake off the shackles of “nice girl” conditioning, read on…

Dark Feminine woman with eyes closed

What is dark feminine energy?

Dark feminine energy is the potent, creative, life-giving and destructive spiritual essence of the feminine principle.

A stream of energy that is both infinite and imminent, it’s hard to describe in words, and best experienced through the body. It’s a feeling, a knowing, a connection with the pulse of life itself.

Contrary to what a lot of websites say online, dark feminine energy is not your shadow side. The dark feminine isn’t the wounded feminine, and it’s not bad, negative or evil.

But there’s more: Contrary to what a lot of people claim, the dark feminine isn’t “half” of the divine feminine either. The “light and dark side” of the feminine aren’t these polar opposites thas somehow combine to make a whole. In fact, this way of framing the feminine by teaching about “light and dark aspects” only serves to further fragment women, to reinforce the split already felt within many of our souls.

Dark feminine energy is –

  • Creation
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Chaos
  • Fury
  • Fearlessness
  • Strength
  • Devotion
  • Sex
  • Transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Magic
  • Destruction
  • Death
  • The void
  • The liminal
  • The unknown and the unknowable
Dark feminine woman with black paint on her fingers

100 Dark Feminine Energy Affirmations

Affirmations can be a potent tool for awakening dark feminine energy. Used alongside the many other spiritual and practical methods there are, affirmations are an easy and gentle addition to your daily practice.

Don’t try to us all of these affirmations – read through the list and see what catches your eye. Then choose 3-6 and write them down on a piece of paper, then place them somewhere you’ll be able to see them every day. Read and repeat.

  1. I am powerful
  2. I deserve respect, and receive it from everyone I meet
  3. I am the leader of my own life, I take control with ease and the right path opens up before me
  4. I embrace transformation in each moment
  5. I use my voice with confidence and certainty, positively influencing others to make a difference in the world
  6. I embrace the dark feminine qualities of passion and creativity to make a positive impact in the world around me
  7. I pursue my goals and dreams unapologetically, with courage, determination and trust
  8. I deserve every desire I have
  9. I recognize my divine worth, it’s an infinite well that continues to fuel me from the inside
  10. I am confident, decisive and unapologetic in every moment
  11. My confidence and self-assuredness make me unshakable
  12. My dark feminine power gives me the strength to face any situation with grace
  13. I am an ally for all other women walking that planet, we are infinitely strong together
  14. I am empowered to shape my own destiny
  15. I am comfortable in my own skin and follow my inner wisdom above all else.
  16. My energy and truth are a divine offering to the world. My existence is a gift
  17. My dreams and desires are aligned with the Goddess
  18. My desires are valuable. Pursuing them will lead to greater fulfilment and a harmonious future
  19. I listen to my body’s desires and meet my needs with trust and generosity
  20. I celebrate both my vulnerabilities and resilience as parts of my humanity
  21. My body is wise
  22. My body is a mistress of deep wisdom. I listen to her sensory language and respond to her words
  23. My body and my menstrual cycle is a sacred mirror of the cyclic power of nature’s wonders
  24. The Moon is my muse, in her darkness and light
  25. I drop into my body with ease, trusting her sensations in each moment
  26. I trust my senses to guide me towards experiences that nourish me
  27. I explore life’s textures, tastes, sights and sounds with openness and curiosity
  28. My senses are my truth. What I feel is a measure of my aliveness, both positive and challenging
  29. I am fully alive and present in every changing moment
  30. I embrace pleasure and simplicity
  31. I am unafraid to drop deeply into the present moment of sensation and sensuality
  32. I attract experiences that stimulate my senses in all the best ways
  33. My womb is the seat of my dark feminine energy, and I trust her wisdom
  34. My life is rich and delicious. I notice the abundance surrounding me
  35. I live in a state of gratitude, I receive life’s blessings wherever I go
  36. I am unafraid to express my sensuality
  37. The Goddess moves through me and meets each ecstatic moment with full surrender
  38. What I feel in every changing moment is genuine, true and authentic
  39. I am unshakable
  40. My body is an instrument for the mighty, creative energy of nature
  41. It is safe for me to destroy that which no longer serves me, when necessary
  42. My body is an instrument of transformation
  43. My body and my blood are holy
  44. I trust myself, I trust my body, I trust the divine feminine energy that moves through me
  45. I trust the rebirth cycle happening within my body every month, I surrender to the beauty of the Moon cycle I am embodying
  46. Mother Nature is my muse and I trust the earth beneath my feet to hold me. Whenever I feel unsteady she is my rock
  47. I am fueled by the holy fire of the Goddess that moves through me from the ground up
  48. I am unstoppable
  49. I meet the darkness within me with reverence and respect, I am unafraid to be with the intensity of my shadow
  50. I trust the dark feminine aspect within me to guide me through my unconscious landscape
  51. I trust my dark feminine power to be my guide through daily life
  52. It’s safe for me to embrace my dark feminine self
  53. My dark feminine energy is the source of strength, and certainty. I trust myself and listen to whispers of my womb
  54. Any challenges I meet help me grow in resilience, determination and self-trust
  55. There is a feminine ferocity within me, that I can call on whenever I need to
  56. I have a limitless source of inner strength, making me an unstoppable force of nature
  57. The dark feminine resides in my blood and my bones
  58. I am deeply rooted in the Earth, held in every moment by the fierce females who came before me
  59. The women around me are a source of strength and support, we care for and uplift each other
  60. There is a wellspring of dark feminine power that I can call upon whenever I need to
  61. Challenges only sharpen my determination and faith in my prowess to lead and succeed
  62. The deep, rich, fertile darkness within keeps me anchored in my purpose, I am unshakable
  63. Suffering deepens my compassion
  64. It is safe for me to say “no”
  65. My “no” is a sacred boundary
  66. Stating my “no” creates freedom from the shackles of society
  67. I am free
  68. I trust myself to chart my own course through life and I don’t need to maintain any tradition, institution, attitude or belief I don’t want to
  69. I reject any societal expectations that don’t align with my wildly seductive self
  70. My choices are empowered expressions of my unique dark femininity
  71. The world needs my dark feminine side, and I will not suppress her any longer
  72. I am free to embrace life’s uncertainties with courage and strength
  73. I release others’ expectations of me, that no longer serve my well-being and growth
  74. My true self is liberated when I follow my authentic truth, wherever it leads me
  75. I seduce life, I am the seductress of my own destiny
  76. I am a mistress of seduction and allure. The Goddess gives me whatever I desire
  77. My sensuality and passion for life are irresistible
  78. I magnetize everything and everyone I desire with effortless ease is safe for me to express my sexuality
  79. I allow the wild woman within to be seen and heard
  80. My sexual desires are unique and perfect, and feel like a divine current running through my veins
  81. I ooze sexual energy and confidence, and it belongs to nobody but me
  82. I am calling in a sacred expression of dark masculine energy with ease, and a healthy relationship is waiting for me
  83. I am worthy of a balanced and healthy relationship, with a man who recognizes and appreciates my dark feminine energy
  84. The dark Goddess fuels my sexual power and passion for creativity and love
  85. Pleasure is my birthright and it lights me up inside and out
  86. I embrace the entire range of my emotions as valid parts of my human experience
  87. My own darkness is the source of my power, my inner self guides me more authentically than any external force
  88. I lean into the fullness of my emotions so that I can learn from and be guided by them
  89. I embrace my light feminine energy and my dark feminine energy in equal measure
  90. Strong emotions rise and fall and I let them flow through me without judgment.
  91. The strength and fullness of my emotionals are a reflection of my inner strength.
  92. By embracing all that I feel, I cultivate compassion for myself and others
  93. It is an act of self-love to embrace my dark feminine energy
  94. I am activating the dark feminine energy inside me more and more every day
  95. My intuition gives my life a certainty that is unshakable
  96. I am capable of transmuting all negative energy that doesn’t serve my highest good and the good of the planet
  97. My past does not define me as I’m becoming ever new in each moment. My life is a constant evolution into the potential of each moment
  98. My innate dark feminine energy enables me to embrace the sacred cycle of regeneration
  99. I live at ease in the liminal spaces of uncertainty and unknowing, I allow the present to emerge through me in all possibilities.
  100. I respond to each unfolding moment with clarity and courage, even in the face of fear
List of dark feminine affirmations

How to use dark feminine energy affirmations

On the surface, dark feminine energy affirmations are simple phrases or sentences that you repeat aloud, to anchor the meaning, intention or sentiment into your unconscious mind.

It sounds too simple to be true, which is why affirmations tend to be overlooked by many people. But these dark feminine energy affirmations have the potential to radically transform the perspective you have of yourself and what you are capable of.

The right affirmations can help you to practice self-love, create boundaries and delve deeper into your personal healing journey, in a gentle and supportive way. Yet these affirmations can also help you access dark feminine energy, and catalyse the awakening of your authenticity.

This is because when used consistently, affirmations can help to re-programme the subconscious mind.

For many women, their dark feminine traits have been either forgotten about, rejected, or actively suppressed until they become part of the shadow self, left in the dusty corners of the unconscious.

Over time, these dark feminine energy afirmations will seep into the unconscious, eroding old beliefs and we-writing patterns, until the dark feminine is able to take her place in the light of consciousness again.

At this point, the shadow self will be reclaimed, light and dark will be integrated,

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What does dark feminine energy feel like?

So how do you know when it’s “working”?! How can you be sure that you’re tapping into the dark feminine, and not unleashing your shadow, or simply expressing more patriarchal expectations of femininity?

It’s simple, you know you’re tapping into dark feminine energy when you feel that deep, rich true connection to the divine. When you feel it in your body (and not as an out-of-body, “ascension” type connection).

Dark feminine energy feels like trust, depth, magic and the confidence that comes when you know you are held in the dark womb of the Goddess.

It’s something you need to discover and experience for yourself – words can’t quite describe it. But it’s HERE, in the moment. You only need to open up and let her in.

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